312 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #277: Rhett Bangers Ball

  1. Bits o’ music shizz:

    The new Alice in Chains record is pretty damn amazing. Its nothing liek their last where you could tell Jerry Cantrell was trying to get a feel of how to work with and write for William DuVall (new singer). A lot of that album felt like a Cantrell solo album. This one IS an Alice in Chains record worthy of the name. The harmony, guitar work, melodies, and arrangements could be strait out of Dirt and their self titled album (albeit its still not close to the level of those 2 record’s brilliance). All in all tho, just to be able to say they SOUND like AIC again is bliss.

  2. Today my psychic radar was working. The plumber was to come around 11am today. I was about to go for a walk but, just as I stepped out the door I thought, “I shouldn’t go out just in case he comes early.” Five minutes after I came back into the house the plumber called saying an appointment cancelled so could he come over early. Strange or what?

  3. OMG JAck, VVV???

    Thats a name I’ve not heard in a long time. A long time. From what I remember, VV REALLLLLYYY needed to eat a cheeseburger or 5

  4. Speaking on Avenged Sevenfold – there’s no other band that disappointed me so very much as that fucking one. Their first two records were (near) masterpieces of hardcore punk/technical metal fusion. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet is still one of my fav albums. Then something went horrible horrible wrong with album number 3. People started calling them “the new Guns ‘N Roses”, they decided to write pop songs, and it all went to shit.

  5. I haven’t listened to the episode yet, but Jack, I think you should’ve had a threesome with Lo Pan and Rhettro on this one.

  6. *sigh*

    We are looking to do our paper to e conversions “in house”. Does anybody know of a good conversion program. I’ve tried several (including Stanza and Calibre) and am unhappy with all. Obviously I need a semi-professional program. Right now we send the books out to be converted but this is actually quite costly.

  7. The entity confined within a Sun makes me wonder if Dickinson read some ACC.

    In ‘The City and the Stars’ the Madmind entity is confined in a black sun.

    • Trapped inside a web of fiery gravity that fuels all our needs
      Chaotic energy that sucks the life from H to He
      All life withers in the sun
      I deny what I have done
      Spend my days and nights
      In roaring halls of crimson fire
      “Solar confinement
      Solar confinement, solar confinement
      Solar distress flares
      I’ve slept with many strangers
      So fission fusion fission makes good sense
      Where I laid my head my troubles
      I put down to experience
      It’s cold and lonely in the sun
      Deny what I have done
      Spend my days and nights
      In roaring halls of crimson life
      A lonely boy sits in his room
      His curtains hide the sun
      Confess to what you’ve done
      And no one understands”

  8. Well my NAS enclosure appears to be working ok, a few quirks (mkv’s cause problems with iOS devices)but no showstoppers.

    • To be fair, the word “charity” here is a misnomer. We’re not talking Red Cross or Make – A – Wish. “These nonprofits adopt popular causes or mimic well-known charity names that fool donors. Then they rake in cash, year after year.”

      These fucking leaches are a scam. Pure and simple. Moral of story, if the name of the charity sounds odd, or if you get a telemarketer calling you asking for money, dont do it. Dont do it. Cause its not not what it seems. No no its not not what it seems.

    • Dammit, China. I WANT to love you so much for stuff like this.

      “Photoshop Request: “I want to look like a hero with courage!”” HA!

  9. Help me out here Van. This story says that this BBC show will explore the “cult” of science fiction.


    Does cult mean something good across the pond? It has a pretty negative connotation here and I’m afraid this series will be “look at the freaks who dress in funny costumes and don’t have a life”. But the rest of the description doesn’t really convey that so I might remain hopeful.

    • It can have both negative and positive connotations.

      But in in terms of fantasy and SF scifi it’s usually postive (dedicated fans).

      • But it’s TV, so I won’t be surprised if cosplay is mentioned at some points.

        Heck one of fav podcasts is Time Vault that claims to cover cult tv.

        • Cosplay isn’t a bad thing and has soared in popularity recently. But it was originally part of the stereotype. Also, “cult movies” and such have a positive connotation. I just tend to be paranoid about these things.

          • I was equally concerned about the reality TV show King of the Nerds, which turned out to be pretty well done in the long run.

  10. Well Man of Steel is getting mostly shit on. Why is it DC characters dont normally translate well to the big screen? I hope this isnt already the death knell for a JLA film. Tho if it makes its 300mil at box office there may be no worries

    • I plan on seeing it anyway. Lately, it seems like there is a lot of negativity towards otherwise fun films, so I’m willing to give it a fair shot.

    • The two reviews I read were mostly favorable if somewhat lukewarm about it. I’ll still go see it. I think the problem for DC is that all the Marvel movies had been planning for Avengers for quite some time. The JLA movie will mostly likely be starting at square one.

    • I agree ditto. Im gonna see it too. But Iron Man 3 got mostly positive reviews so thats all I have so far (besides years gone by) of comparing MoS to.

      Rhett supposedly (and this is just supposedly) MoS is to JLA what Iron Man is to Avengers. That is the first film in a plan. So JLA isnt going to be square one – MoS is the square one. That being said, I do agree with you that I dont think its been “some time” for JLA planning. I think DC saw Marvel’s plan boom and said “shit, we need to do this now”.

    • I saw it last night. The people who are shitting on this movie for “too much action” shat on Superman Returns for “Not Enough Action” They are all so shitting on this one for a lack of charm and wit when the other movies that shat on for to much cheese and camp.

      It’s a good movie. It captures what Superman is about for the first time ever on film.

      Best. Superman. Movie. Ever.

      • I liked Superman Returns for what it was. Bryan Singer said it was meant to be a sort of tent-post movie to get things started and then he’d go all “Wraith of Khan” on the sequel. That said I’m looking forward to seeing Supes as envisioned by Nolan and Snyder.

      • What are you, some kinda movie podcaster or something?

        I have to acknowledge that nothing will ever be able to fully replace my childhood reactions to the Christopher Reeve/Gene Hackman/Terence Stamp films. No matter how good. I’m looking forward to this one, though.

        That wasn’t my issue with the Superman Returns film, though. That one just suffered from being crap.

      • I don’t remember Superman Returns as being a bad movie. I simply don’t remember it so I classify it as a forgettable movie. Saw it once in the theater and couldn’t begin to tell you thing one about it. I’m torn with the new one because it looks like it could be really well done, but I’m sick to death of DC forcing Batman and Superman down our throats over and over and over again. Time to start developing some other characters.

  11. It looks like we won’t get a Mirror’s Edge sequel. Instead, we are going to get an open-world reboot. I’m OK with that.

  12. Regarding Tomb Raider reboot – while Jennifer Lawrence would be compelling enough just reading the phone book in a bikini, after having finished the first season of Orphan Black, I do think the commenter who suggested Tatiana Maslany has a strong case.

  13. I just replaced an employee who left at the end of April. Another employee just told me she was taking another job today.


    • This article has inspired me. I have a boss at work that is a great guy except for the fact that he slips into O’Reille/Hannity/Beck/etc. mouthpiece mode and spouts some truly idiotic political rhetoric. To his credit, he seems to be encamped strictly for financial reasons. I’ve never seen evidence of him being racist, homophobic, or trying to force religion on anyone.

      I’ve saved this article to a favorites folder called “unbelievable” and I will start to collect others. The next time he tries to give me crap for not voting strictly Republican I’m going to drag him over to my computer and start showing him all these articles. Probably won’t help, but it will make me feel better.

      Note, the Republican party is not entirely like this (they just have a much, much higher ratio than other parties) and I have voted for some Republicans depending on the person. I belong to no party because they all suck equally.

    • Seriously, just ignore these fucks. The more people turn their attention to them the more theyre like 8 year olds who’ve figured out how to get mom’s attention in any situation.

  14. Remember tomorrow that the letters that form the word, “HEART”, can be found in the word, “FATHER.”

    Yes, this is also true of the word, “FART,” but let’s just focus on the first thing.

  15. My fav quote of the day from a podcast that was taking about the PC brigade:

    “I refused to take my pupils to see Cinderella as it’s blatantly heterosexual”

  16. Al Pacino is doing ads for broadband in the UK.

    At first I had this feeling of wrongness, but then I remembered actors are often called the whores of the entertainment industry, then all was right with the world.

  17. … aaaand caught up.

    I got to do some reading on my holiday.
    On the Kindle I read a collection of Jack Vance, short stories called “Moon Moth and other stories”

    I also read an honest to goodness, dead-tree book.
    “Ender’s Game”. Actually, I’ve another 37 pages to go.
    Maybe I can get to it tonight.

  18. Also…
    Went swimming with a shark.
    Not on purpose, that’s just the way nature rolls some times.

    Was in the ocean, about waste deep or so and I saw a “shadow”. Had that millisecond or so to think, “No. That’s not a sh…”
    and then this thing came zooming at me. It was like an arrow shooting through the water, not at all like something “swimming”.

    It stopped right in front of me, about 4 feet away and just looked at me. It was 3 or so feet long. I didn’t think it was large enough to pull me out to sea but I could envision it taking a chunk out of my calve.

    So the next thing I’m thinking is, “Okay. Should I back away or is this thing like a cat? Will moving will just make it go after me?”
    So I shifted to my left and it moved to the right (still facing me). Then I started backing slowly towards shore and it just shot back out to deeper water and was gone.

    Describing this to a local, I was told it was probably a sand shark and that they are more curious than aggressive.

    Still, it was amazed at how COMPLETELY “out of my neighborhood” I suddenly felt when this thing came up to me. It moved so FAST through the water and I was so SLOW and clumsy.

    Nature. Go figure.

  19. So the nice think about this new NAS, is that I can install and run transmission on it. SO I can leave it downloading files and keep the the computers off.

    • Other possibilities –

      “I have errands to walk. I think I’ll go for my run now then go pick up some office supplies”

      “I have supplies to run. I think I’ll go for my office now then go pick up some walk supplies”

      “I have some office supplies to walk. I think I’ll go for my pick up now then go run errands”

  20. I also have to tell you all what an amazing Father’s Day Pixie managed for me. We took a very cool 4-hour train ride through the mountains of Northern AZ.
    The good things in my life are damn good.

    I hope all of the Deadpan Fathers enjoyed their weekend. We have quite a few good ones around here.

  21. *sigh*

    I think I’ve resigned myself to the fact hubby’s going to work late every day until the end of the school year.

    He should have been home around now bot texted to say he would be late and has no idea when he will be home

  22. Well, today has been long enough at the office. I’m outta here. I’d had a good plan for a full episode tonight, but I’m starting to see likelihood of Un in the forecast.

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