Jack Mangans Deadpan #269: Bladebunny and Vandroid

Wake up, time for show notes.

Bladerutger Palooza, part II. Thanks so much to The Energizer Bunny and Vanamonde (Vanabunny?) for recording their insights and thoughts about the film, “Bladerunner” and the Philip K. Dick book, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Goathelm?”


Closing music: “Tears of Liquid Mercury” by me.

396 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #269: Bladebunny and Vandroid

    • For some time now I’ve been meaning to read up on him.
      I know he has been villainised but the guys heading up the villianising campaign are the same folks who have been salivating at the thought of get their hands on Argentina’s oil for the last 40 something years. So I am hesitant to buy into their story without doing some research.
      I guess theres no hurry.

      • Agree. Although if you think nothing but evil thoughts about the guy you’re immediately thrown into “Nazi sympathizer” category by a certain right leaning faction in our country.

      • I don’t think there are many heroes down there. On one hand you have the “pro-capitalist” who are in bed with the Mob and on the other you have the communists who like to play on the poor’s sympathies in order to get their asses into the presidential palace.

  1. This is a long story, but worth it. I promise I will also record it for the palooza.

    When my son was but a wee lad, he had a collection of video tapes called “Kidsongs”. They are crappy video quality of crappy children singing crappy songs and they were absolute torture for me. But, he loved them so I dealt with it. Then he got the tape “Cars, Boats, Trains and Planes”. Somewhere in there, as I was trying really hard to not pay attention, all the kids get on a carousel and start singing “Ride on the Carousel”. Walking around the carousel and singing right along with the kids is… Brion James. No shit. He wasn’t credited, but he’s a hard one to mistake for anyone else. It was so awkward to see him being a jovial, friendly kind of guy that I kept waiting for him to turn to one of the kids and nonchalantly snap off their head. It was so great. And being way before I had internet, I couldn’t share this moment with anyone. Now I can. Behold the splendor that is Brion James in a kidsong video.


  2. Blade Runner content recorded. Thanks for chatting with me Van. I appreciate you getting up early and having to sit through a second talk about a movie that you were disappointed in to begin with.

  3. Fitting the new RAM took two hours, mainly because the computer kept not starting. Which entailed removing all the RAM to see if anything was faulty, finally managed to get it fitted and working.

    I will now growl quietly at every bit of technology in this room where I’m typing this post.

  4. Morning Pan

    Life can be a funny thing

    Last night hubby was at an orientation for parents and kids who will be starting at the high school next year. While there, he ran into the brother of his ex wife. I gather brother has a kid who will be starting at hubby’s school next year

    And before you ask, no it won’t be awkward. Keep in mind it’s been 20 or so years since he was divorced

  5. I should be thinking of going to sleep but it’s just not happening. I have a feeling I’m going to be awake until hubby comes home at the earliest. I’m not restless because he’s not here. Just, restless

    • I had no idea M Night was behind this movie. There is now officially not a snowball’s chance in hell that I will go see it. I hated everything he did from Broken on, then gave him a chance again with Last Airbender and he failed to astronomical proportions with it. No more chances for him. He is a lousy piece of shit director.

      • See I disagree immensely but that’s ok. Unbreakable was with masterpiece IMO and yeah, he went downhill form there but I really liked Signs, Village was 3/4 great film with the worst most unfulfilling ending possible, Lady in the Water was an underrated film that unfortunately he decided to play god and make himself THE most important part of the film, and The Happening never happened. i really dont care about Last Airbender as I was never gonna see the film anyway. So yeah, while hes failed as of late I still had hope he’d make at least good if not great movies again. This one looks… just… why?

        • I liked “Signs” well enough.
          I enjoyed “Unbreakable” as well.

          Of course I know nothing about the books they came from.

          Didn’t see Village, Lady itW, Last Airbender, The Happening.

  6. It takes a lot for a blogpost to blow my mind these days, but I think Rachel Armstrong has succeeded.

    “Yet, right now, ‘the future’ is not lyrical or poetic and so, does not cater for self-expression. Indeed, it has been productized and homogenized by corporate giants. Think of IBM’s ‘Smarter Planet’, or Hewlett Packard’s ‘Internet of Things’, who have vested interests in ensuring a particular kind of reality and lifestyle to ensure our continued custom and dependence on their products. Governments, appear to be more than happy to delegate the responsibility for our ‘future’ to global businesses for the short-term gain of reducing national deficits, which are already being heavily subsidized to shape our ‘smart’ future cities.”

  7. Watching the latest Castle (the one where James Brolin guest stars) reminds of an enjoyable action movie called ‘High Risk’.

    Well worth checking out if you can find it somewhere.

  8. BTW: On Friday, I was on the phone with a work contact who lives and works in Rhode Island. He was genuinely surprised to learn that, yes, we sometimes get snow out here on the Great Plains. That was a fun call. :biggrin:

  9. Excellent link Van. Considering they had lists going back to 2005 there is way more than 7 gig there. Have to see how much of it is duplicates. Still more music than I can shake a stick at.

  10. There is a moderate mess of snow outside right now. I will have to shovel the “driveway” (that is, clear a path between my garage door and the part of the road that’s been plowed) before I go anywhere.

  11. Ok ladies and gentlemen, I give you Long Weekend (simply because it is next on my DVR)

    The write up: A vacationing couple endure a series of animal attacks in this terrifying Remake of the 1978 cult thriller. Peter and Carla are trapped in a failing relationship but hope that a trip to the beach will pull them out of their misery

  12. Was this one of the stupidest movies I’ve seen?
    Did I want them both to die right from the start?
    Am I glad it’s over?

    The answer is the same to all three of those questions… Yup

  13. Seriously? Jarome Iginla’s full name is “Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla”??? Why doesn’t it say “Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla” on the back of his jersey?

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