526 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #264: Everythings Gonna Be All Right

  1. Jack, why for your show hiccups half way through the download and I have to tell itunes to try again? It always works on the second try.

  2. Jack Mangans Deadpan #264: Everythings Gonna Be All Right

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    Amy Bowen’s airport update

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  3. Finally a show on SyFy that I want to see. The trailer for Defiance actually looks good.

    I also want to see The Last Stand. The sense of humor I see in the ads and trailers is working for me.

  4. My coffee people finally got back to me. Not only are they sending me the coffee I ordered, they said I can keep the three boxes of pecan coffee I got in error. I still don’t know what I’m going to do with 100 cups of pecan coffee. Maybe I’ll send some to work with John.

  5. Good morning!

    So today has been a bit crazy so far. This morning, we realized my car had been broken into last night. The glove compartment had been rifled through, and the light was on/door left ajar. As a result, the battery was dead.

    AAA just left after jumping the battery and now I’m waiting for the police.

    Also, for Lo Pan: http://boingboing.net/2013/01/09/sol-yurick-author-of-the-warr.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+boingboing%2FiBag+%28Boing+Boing%29

  6. Your crap joke for the day:

    Jump in and I’ll take you home.” I said to my dwarf neighbour, who was sat at the bus stop today.

    “Piss off!” he replied.

    “Suit yourself then,” I said, as I straightened up my backpack and continued with my walk.

  7. I can appreciate the suckage of having your car broken into. Was nearly 20 years ago (I know that, cause it’s the year my wife and I got married) that I came out one morning to go to work and found my car had been broken into. Bleh!

  8. Mahatma Gandhi, as you know, walked barefoot most of the time, which produced an impressive set of calluses on his feet. He also ate very little, which made him rather frail and with his odd diet, he suffered from bad breath. This made him ..(Oh, man, this is so bad, it’s good)….. A super calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis.

  9. I wish you guys could witness, firsthand, the skill at which I am procrastinating in getting my Christmas tree cleared off and put away.

    For instance … right now I am posting this, instead of packing boxes.

    I work in procrastination the way that other artists work in oil paint or clay.

  10. Crap joke of the day:

    I was rooting under my mum’s bed when i came across a suitcase. Curiosity got the better of me so i opened it. Inside was a leather mask, leather cape, crotchless leather shorts and a leather whip . . . . . . I couldn’t believe it . . . . . . . . . my mum, a super hero!!

  11. Lots of travel in the next month or so. Chicago all next week, then Atlantic City close to end of the month, Washington DC in the first week of Feb. Right now, the Phoenix trip is slated for Feb 18-22. I’m hoping to stay the weekend and hang out in Phoenix if anyone is available. Once the dates are definite, I will let people know.

  12. Reading through the company policy manual and found that “deliberately loafing” is a prohibited behavior. I think deliberate loafing would make a great band name.

  13. You know what doesn’t get you off to a good start on your new set of New Year’s resolutions? Going on vacation on the evening of Day 4. It was a FANTASTIC vacation, though. I got to see my family and several of my California friends, and finally got to go to Disney California Adventure and see all the new stuff there. Even better, I got to stay in the Grand Californian Hotel for the first time! Woohoo! :happy:

    Catching up on the Pan since I’ve been gone:

    Desert Pixie: You’re welcome! (re: the Christmas card I sent)

    Jack, J0e, Rhettro: I got glasses back in the fall after I got a not-perfect-but-still-passing score on a DMV eye exam. It’s my distance vision that needs correcting, though; I can still see things close up just fine without them.

    Jack: Thanks so much for posting the latest Oatmeal comic. I loved that. πŸ™‚

    Bunny: Nice job on the rhyming play-by-play!

    Re: Van’s link to this article:

    *jaw drops open*




    (scroll down to the May section, you'll see it)

  14. Got the new solid state harddrive installed. Currently trying out the dual booting. Posting from Linux Mint at the moment. It sure is a lot zippy-er with the correct Nvidia drivers installed.

  15. I love the small company I work for. I wrote to the head HR guy with JustaJoe’s comment about deliberate loafing being too much effort. He wrote back completely agreeing and adding…

    My question to (the person that put the “deliberate” statement in the manual)is if non-deliberate loafing is by rule now OK? So if I just zone and sit there drooling because I went catatonic, is that OK?

    Keep in mind that the head HR guy is also easily the most inappropriate person there on a social level. I keep joking with him that he needs to send himself off to go see himself for a reprimand.

  16. I need to ask the Deadpan’s resident gamers (and/or folks with kids) for assistance.

    I’m currently writing a non-original story in which two characters play a Mario Kart-style racing game, in which every character has a different special ability that only that character can use. Please, give me your ideas for what those abilities might be. They can be ones that characters actually have in Mario Kart, or ones you just made up. Go crazy! :happy:

    • The power ups I can recall from Mario Cart were:

      1. Shrink your opponent.
      2. Rush forward by turning into a rocket.
      3. Drop oil slick.
      4. Become invincible.
      5. Drop bombs.

      I don’t recall character abilities as being a factor, but rather what power ups you could pick up as a result of what character you had on your team.

    • Two things Rhett didn’t mention that I remember (also these were globally available)
      1. Ink your opponent (this caused them to go blind for a short time
      2. Shell your opponent (You’d pick up turtle shells and could shoot the other drivers)

      The only thing I recall being specific to each driver were the cars you could choose. Most had similar abilities (fast acceleration, fair handling, average speed OR average everything OR slow acceleration, great handling, awesome speed). So this was the first thing a drive had to choose from.

  17. lmao. I’m reading one of my computing magazines. An article in a previous month pissed off one of the major database gods. The response was awesome.

  18. I go away for a few days, and this is what the conversation turns to??

    I gotta say big-up thanks to my main girl, Pixie, for a great surprise Vegas weekend. In many ways, I am a truly lucky man.

  19. I’ve been so scattered of late, don’t know if my attention span has simply gone to shit, or if it is yet another consequence of working nights. I get to where I can’t even focus on a single paragraph of writing.

  20. When I got to the point where my playlist of what to listen to (podcasts) got to one day and the other playlist I’d been meaning to get to got to 5 days I had to do a bit of mass purge.

  21. Actually though, it does occur to me to ask if anyone has an interest in joining up with an Introcast I myself will be trying to get started in the coming months. There is a Canadian series based around a fictional Shakespeare festival called “Slings & Arrows. It is really quite good and I want to start up the podcast myself. I have one possible newbie lined up but I am looking for at least one more person who has never seen the series to join in.

  22. The nice thing about the series is it is nice and compact, three total seasons, six episodes each, and then it is done. So a nice, tight 18 episode podcast, possibly 22 if we do recap/predictions episodes. Think it over…

  23. Well a bit belated, but Happy Burthday Jack.

    The mini cruise dead relaxing, but my navigator by hook or by crook kept me away from any window shopping.

  24. The Toadies “Get Low” is up for the “Lo Pan’s Song of the Year 2012” award. See all the finalists at theresnotreallyasiteforthis.com

  25. Morning Pan, back in the wild and woolly country that is Scotland, a light coating of snow and thick blanket of bleakness greeted my morning view.

    Going to see Gangster Squad later at the flicks.

  26. In the personal news front, I am once again a working gal. Too bad it’s an unpaid position…for now. I actually started a few days ago but don’t officially start until Feb 1st. I couldn’t announce it until after the 15th for various convoluted reasons. I’m taking over the business side of Tyche Books (marketing, bookkeeping, blah, blah, blah). I think my official title is “office manager” but, since my cards haven’t gone to the printers yet, that may change.

    Anyway, right now I’m going over their books and getting a feel how they do things and doing a little cleaning of them which means – looking at numbers in little boxes again. Really, I don’t know how I get myself into these things.

  27. Good Morning, Pan. I’m “working” from home this morning. *snicker*

    Actually, I’m taking part of a lecture via LiveMeeting. It’s nice to attend a class, while still in my jammies and eating leftover Thai food for breakfast.

    Now, if only I could understand the Doctor who is speaking on the conference call. :-/

  28. I am massively enjoying A Memory of Light, though have several criticisms for Brandon Sanderson. I’m only 200 pages in so far, but already one huge question has been resolved – was resolved in the prologue.

  29. Tron: Uprising has indeed been a great show. Disney has completely bungled it, though. Word about it’s probably cancellation made it’s way to Reddit (/r/scifi I think). I was surprised at how many responses were that they had never heard of the show.

  30. Well it was a long time coming, but I turned in my resignation to my current company. I have a new opportunity that I’m going to pursue and it was time to move on.

    Things may be hectic for the next while.

  31. I have this new toy that I really need to use more…. so here’s my first post using it.

    I was thinking of doing an UN- birthday show, but I’ll just wait and do a full on Monday.
    Goodnight :mad chatter:

  32. I’m in Chicago for the week and found a liquor store with a great selection of beer listed online so I can have my shopping list ready when I get there. Here is what I will be buying today or tomorrow:

    5 Rabbit 5 Lizard $1.80
    5 Rabbit 5 Vulture
    Goose Island Christmas
    Cane & Abel
    Metropolitan Iron Works Alt
    Dark Horse Scotty Karate
    Founders Dirty Bastard
    New Holland Dragon’s Milk
    Boulevard Tank 7
    Tyranena Sheep Shagger
    Uinta Baba
    Deschutes Black Butte Porter

  33. Just walked 40 minutes from the airport to the beer store and an hour from the beer store back to the hotel. Got everything on my list plus Goose Island Christmas 2011. Two beers now knocked off my wish list. Now I just need to get it all in my carry on luggage to get it back home. They didn’t have the Boulevard Harvest Dance, but it looks awesome and I’ve added it to my wishlist.


  34. Catching up

    Ditto – congrats and good luck. I’ve been at my current company for fifteen years now. Unless it gets leveled by a meteorite, I expect to retire from here…in another fifty or seventy five years.

    Tron – grrr! I think if Disney wanted the XD networked to be anchored by Tron, they should have done a better job of supporting it. We get the station on DirecTV, but not in HD.

  35. Well ‘Django Unchained’ is awaiting my perusal at the cinema.

    I didn’t embarrass myself when buying a ticket for the cinema by pronouncing the ‘d’.

  36. Hi there. I am having web browser/ website issues and one of the messages i am receiving is from shockwave and it is telling me to open Safari in 32-bit mode.

    Can someone please tell me what 32-bit mode is? (Not that it solved my problem)

    • From the interwebs:

      “You can switch to 32 bit mode on Safari on a Mac running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and Safari 5.1.

      Right or control click the Safari app in the Applications folder then click Get Info.

      Select: open in 32-bit mode

      Quit then relaunch Safari.”

        • Make it run in 32 bit mode. πŸ˜‰

          The bit mode describes how wide the data path is, the wider the path the more data that can be accessed/written to in a given amount of time. i.e. wider is faster (generally).

          64 bit is the latest standard, but may cause compatibility problems with programs that want to be run in 32 bit mode.

          Clear as mud?

  37. Does anyone have apple tv? We’re considering giving DIRECT TV the finger. Also, any suggestions for internet providers and VOIP phones?

  38. Since we’re in the Deadpan Tech center tonight …
    I need help with a PC/Quicktime issue.

    Actually it’s my dad’s PC and I have done nothing effective in correcting it.

    Quicktime app won’t launch so I “removed program” and then tried to re-install Quicktime. Only I get this message telling me it can’t re-install Quicktime because a file is missing. I can’t remember the name of the file at the moment but it might be something along the lines of “QTdll” or some such.

    So I do a web search for this file and find lots of sites touting free downloads of this file including one that uses that file for it’s web address (something like “qtdll.com”). This all seemed way to convenient so I didn’t download (or even go to the sites).

    All of that said … does any of this sound familiar? Any other PC users have a missing QT file that keeps them from re-installing Quick Time?

  39. Luggage is now packed with the 13 full beers purchased in Chicago and the one empty that I drank early on. Assuming they all make it back, this will put my collection at more than 250 bottles. I used my heavy winter jacket and some other techniques I’ve learned through the years to pad the bag out well. Suitcase weighs 43 lbs. All systems are go. Now it just has to survive the flight. Statistically speaking, some day I’m going to go to get my bag at my home airport and find it in a great big puddle of beer from a burst bottle or two (or 13). Let’s just hope it’s not today.

    • I appreciate your doing this research for the rest of us.

      If your beer survives in-tacked (and isn’t disappeared by thirsty baggage handlers)and you aren’t arrested for bootlegging or some such silliness, I will be embolden to try and bring some of my homebrew with me the next time I fly.

        • I have, indeed, done this on several occasions before. Just not with this many. Usually 6 or so. I actually went out and found an old American Tourister hard shell bag ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2ZeIoLz8FE ) to help protect the beer when I make these trips. Other tricks include: if your are packing shoes, put one beer in each shoe. Roll each bottle in the thickest article of clothing possible (usually pants). Keep weight distribution in mind and try not to pack all the bottles in the bottom of the bag where they could have other heavy items pushing down on them. Pack cheap and or washable items in that bag. In other words, make sure that if a bottle does break, you haven’t lost anything expensive or irreplaceable (like a tablet or spare computer).

          As much as I don’t believe in fate, I can’t help feeling that the more I talk about this stuff, the more likely I am to finally have a bottle break on me.

        • I’m wondering about cardboard tubing, like maybe the kind that is inside a new role of carpet.

          Cut it to length, wrap the bottle in bubble wrap, slide into tubing, put packing tape over the ends to seal it in.

          That sounds like it would be both secure AND attract the attention of every TSA agent in the vicinity.

          • I once drunkenly packed a 12 pack of Yuengling in various socks and shirts and pants and sent it on its way. Came out fine. Wouldnt recommend the drunk part but the clothes seemed to work… tho your “Beer Bomb” way seems like it would be more secure.

  40. I need a “card game for two couples” suggestion.

    May have found myself in a situation with people who would be willing to play one of those swell games I am always hearing you hip couples talk about.

    Any suggestions for a maybe two hour game that could be played while drinking and socializing and generally “hanging out”?

    • Yay! :happy: Since I work Saturdays, I’m giving my day of service on Monday. I will be live-tweeting it for the fifth year in a row.

      • My schedule wouldn’t allow for committing to a “real” project so I decided to create my own. There’s this little stretch of road that I travel every day that doesn’t seam to belong to anyone as it crosses over a creak and I think the land is all just county “right-of-way” or something. Anyway, I’ve noticed the litter piling up for months now (including some large stuff like a cooler lid and a sofa cushion) and I thought this would be as good a day as any. Besides, it’s my community so if not me, who?

        I even had someone helping me!

        When we were through it looked great. Made me wish I had a working “weed eater” because the brush had grown up along the guard rail. Still, a big improvement!

        What’s your project Amy?

        • That is an awesome service project. I applaud your initiative. :happy:

          My local university is organizing a big service project to help out one of the local churches with various tasks. According to the email I got when I asked for more details: “There are a variety of tasks volunteer could be doing. Organizing, making blankets, cleaning, crafting bracelets, construction, and renovation.” I don’t know which one I’ll be doing yet. I do know that there will be volunteer T-shirts. :happy:

  41. Ironic update of the day. I and every one of the beers made it back without a single scratch. But the luggage itself now has a broken latch and will have to be retired. The big consolation is that the bag was free to begin with and probably old enough to have been in one of those gorilla commercials. It was the bag’s time.

  42. Joe, we’d recommend Gloom and Star Fluxx.

    Van, we’d use Apple TV to watch HBO and Showtime shows via iTunes.

    I was pleased with the Fringe finale!

  43. Big up thanks to Rhettro and family for helping me out in yesterday’s Skeksis-related bind! Ten Thousand Whose Line Is It Anyway? points to them all for the assist. I owe you guys.


  44. So, are there any other “Downton Abbey” watchers among the Panites? We finally started it last weekend and just finished up through series two this evening.

  45. I’m kinda intrigued by this movie.

    I’m intrigued by this too. http://living.msn.com/life-inspired/the-daily-dose-blog-post?post=7921a7ba-839c-4f54-93b1-2e9154cb5de4
    But I have to say… while I embrace progress and fuel-efficient cars and the future and electronic publication technology, I’m still alarmed by the elimination of old-fashioned printed-and-bound books on paper. Is this me being a cranky geezer?

    I’ll be sitting in my lawnchair, with black socks held up by garters, scowling and reading my smudgy, inky newspaper, awaiting your response.

  46. Hubby and I have gone pretty much strictly e in our reading. Part of it is practicality, our basement was getting overfull with 7′ bookcases. We’ve actually started to cull our paper books so we can get rid of some of our cases. When we want an autograph, we get our ipad covers signed then put the covers in the bookcase and get a new cover.

  47. Well, for the Facebook averse – at last I’m ready for the last Wheel of Time book. I’ve done pretty well to avoid any spoilers. It almost seems like an impossible task to bring this to a satisfactory end, but I go in with cautious optimism.

    Though, I am having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that, while it has taken better than 20 years to put this story into print, the main characters are only a little more than two years older than when we first came to Emond’s Field.

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