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  1. Jack Mangans Deadpan #262: Santadeth

    Last Christmast Deadpan. sadness.

    We are all friends. It’s been great spending time with you. Raise a glass to the Deadpan community.

    Secret Santa gift openings by
    The Energizer Bunny
    Vanamonde (with a movie review too!)

    Christmas Wishes by Cj

    Jingle Spoons
    Ed from Texas
    Used Hair
    Desert Pixie
    The Energizer Bunny
    Amy Bowen
    Lo Pan
    Justa J0e
    DJ Bunny
    John Boze
    JR Murdock
    Desert Pixie (first of the week)

    Secret Santa Gift Clarification by EssBee

    More Christmas wishes by The Energizer Bunny

    Send in content: 480-788-JMDP(5637) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom

    Closing Christmas Music

  2. The wedge piece of the Earth as determine by time zone will be evaporated as soon as it hits midnight local time. I’m sure we’ll notice the changes in gravitational pull through out the day. πŸ™‚

  3. Today’s movie is The Woman in Black

    The DVR write up: in this chilling tale, widowed attorney Arthur Kipps is haunted by a vengeful ghost after he travels to a deceased client’s secluded country home. In time, Arthur decides to investigate the ghost’s intentions

    • I’m wondering if something has been cut from thevNorth American release, since the ending was a bit creepy in the uk cinema release ( the ghost of the wronged women turns and looks out of the screen).

  4. The world is still here? I know there is lots of time to the day so it may end yet but I’m going to be very angry if I wake up tomorrow and the world hasn’t lived up to its end of the bargain

  5. Well, Recall was better than Bourne, but that’s not saying much. I watch this movie and I wonder why it was made.

    Then I see the answer – Directed by Len Wiseman.

    So, another opportunity for this guy to show the world how hot his wife is. That would also explain the much bigger role the Lori character played compared to Sharon Stone’s version. Though, with it being Kate Beckinsale, I can’t really complain.

    • Tiffany and I played that on Thanksgiving with Evo Terra, Sheila, Charlie the Artist Formerly Known as the Beer Guy over the summer. It was fun and wrong, even if I didn’t win a single round. :-/

  6. I meant to get to this much earlier today, but was busy with other stuff all day long.

    Today I am 15551 days old. Doesn’t mean much by itself, but half of that is 7775.5 days. I started dating my wife on 9/8/91 which means we’ve been together 7776 days. So as of today, I’ve spent more of my life with her than without her. Sometimes things that make me feel old are a good thing.

  7. Crap joke for the day:

    Dear Santa..
    Last year you sent me a sweater for Christmas,
    This year I would prefer a moaner or a screamer……

  8. I ate a lot today, too. I’m now home from an awesome party at a coworker’s house. There was plenty of food, Mad Libs, and much piano-playing and carol-singing with fun people. (Lots of people – I brought about 4 dozen cookies, and they all got eaten or taken home.) I have achieved my quota of Christmas spirit for this year. πŸ™‚

  9. Sorry to hear about your Xmas Eve Jack. Hope Xmas day is better.

    Merry Panmas to everyone. May none of our deadpans reanimate and become zombiepans.

  10. Merry Christmas, Deadpan!

    I had the most awesome Christmas Day! Sweet rolls with orange frosting for breakfast, church with Christmas carols, a nice, relaxing brunch and present-opening with the godparents, and finally, a cookie-decorating service project and dinner at a Chinese buffet with cool people from our cathedral. Also, it was officially a White Christmas (there’s still snow on the ground from last week’s storm), and while I was driving around to all those places, I listened to this year’s Christmas Deadpan episode, as well as past Christmas episodes.

    I’d also like to clarify my Deadpan Secret Santa gift this year: I got Van two pairs of gloves. One was a normal pair of gloves, the other was the kind with mildly conductive thread woven into the fingertips, so you can use a touchscreen device without taking your gloves off. You’re welcome, Van. :happy:

    Thanks to my own Secret Santa for the Amazon gift card, too! πŸ™‚

    Off to finally put decorations on this tree (I haven’t had time) and watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” or maybe some other Christmas movie I can get going via Netflix.

    Merry Christmas, all! :happy:

  11. I hope everyone had a good Xmas. Things really bounced back here, after the afore mentioned rough Xmas Eve day.
    I’m kind of in a state of shock and disbelief to be back at work today. I need a day off after all of that holiday time.

  12. Lots of R/C toys, Blu-Ray discs and computer equipment. The new video card is fast, but I think it is crying out for a new OS to truly shine.

  13. Hubby and I have lots to talk about in the next week and a half. I’m thinking of changing careers. I have a line on being a marketing manager for a small publishing company here in Calgary (http://tychebooks.com/). They currently don’t have anybody doing their marketing and are just breaking even. The big thing is, it would basically be an unpaid internship for about six months then we would discuss pay based on how successful I was.
    The big upside is I can do it from home and, if it doesn’t work out, I can still look for something in accounting at the end of the six months. The downside is, we would only have one income for six months. Which we can do, it’s just nice having the second income.

    Hubby and I are going to discuss it over the holidays and come to a decision before he goes back to school.

  14. We caught The Hobbit today and dug it, though agreed that we would’ve shaved at least 20-30 minutes off of the prologue.

    No Star Trek preview for us either.

  15. Has anyone played Quarriors? We received it as a gift yesterday and are looking forward to playing it. Lo Pan, grab the woman and get over here and we’ll play!

  16. I finally got around to doing my burn-in tests for the new system. It looks stable and no errors detected! Yea!!

    I even got around to recording some content for Jack.

    Anyone interested in an EBF?

  17. I’ve finally started… Currently watching Dr. Who – Spearhead from Space.

    My daughter has started getting into Dr. Who, so I’m going along for the ride.

  18. And, I have achieved – taken, edited, and ordered pictures for the kids passport photos. Filled out the forms on line and even have located the birth certificates.

    Come Friday, all should be in readiness to pay a visit to the local “passport acceptance facility” and get some proper travel papers for the kiddos.

  19. And, as much curiosity as anything (and it may be different in the US vs. Canada), does an unpaid internship qualify as “employment” with regard to unemployment benefits?

    • I don’t know Ed. I’m calling it an internship, but, usually, they are paid here in Canada. It’s more like an experiment as I’ve not done marketing before but have lots of ideas.

      I have to look and see if and when I qualify for EI (I was given a severance package so I won’t get anything until end of January earliest anyway)

  20. I guess I’ve joined the cast of Dead Panners whose relatives became ill this month. My 45 year old sister in law had a heart attack yesterday. Details are sketchy, but apparently she’s in an induced coma while they figure out what they can do for her. The tentative plan is for Teresa to ride back to KS with my parents on Friday and then to drive on to Omaha to see her this weekend.

    • Thanks Jack, I’ll keep you up to date on what is going on as I find out.

      In happier news, I forgot to let you know there was a CD-ROM of music in the owner’s manual I dropped off at your apartment. I was wondering if you got a chance to check out the Keith Merrow or In This Moment stuff.

  21. Crap joke for the day:

    I came home to find my girlfriend packing a case. She said “I’m leaving you. I can’t deal with your kinky fetishes and weird sexual requests any more”.

    Stunned, I replied “I can’t believe it! But if you must go, slam the door on my cock on your way out”.

  22. Sister In Law Update: It seems that we got some incomplete information, my sister in law didn’t suffer a heart attack but lost conscientiousness due to an electrolyte imbalance. The way Teresa explained it to me, an electrolyte imbalance can impede the heart’s ability to get oxygen to the brain. This is in fact good news, she will most likely recover fine.

  23. The first old Who I watched was about plastic people. Tonight we started the 2005 Dr Who. What’s it about? Plastic people. I’m sensing a trend here.

    And I think I’m in love with Rose. Mmmmmmmm.

      • It really seemed like the second episode (where they watched the end of the world) was where they were trying to truly distinguish themselves from the crappy special effects of the older series. It would have made a greater impact to start with that one. Then again, they had to get Rose into space somehow.

        I’m finding the show quite addictive. We were up until midnight watching the first 5 episodes of the season. So far I think we both like the new series better than the old. We’ll see what happens as we move along.

    • And I have received it! I’ll give it a listen as soon as I can. My folks are leaving today to return to Kansas, so I’ll more time to respond in kind.

  24. Jesus. The rough holiday season with illnesses just keeps coming.

    Love your loved ones. Tell them you love them and need them. Live up to Joy.

    Hugs to all of you!

  25. Teresa and I went to see “The Hobbit” last weekend and we really enjoyed it. After all the epic, long battles in the LOTR I like the small skirmishes and more fanciful creatures. I think it would have been better to commit to two Hobbit movies than three, to speed up the pacing a little, but I wasn’t disappointed.

      • From what I’ve seen, it depends on the game. The vita has a touch screen, touch sensors on the back, and a tilt sensor. Gravity Rush incorporates the touch screen and the tilt sensor (so far). You use the touch screen to move through the motion comic narration and for evading. The tilt sensor can be used as an alternate way, instead of using the right joy stick, for targeting. So far, it works very well.

  26. Cj, Bunny, or Pixie:

    Are any of you interested in helping me with a recording project? I’m discussing making a 30-second radio spot with a buyer on Fiverr, but it requires a dialog between two women. The spot is an ad for a contest in which you can win a trip to Japan. Please reply to this message if you’d like to record the other half of the dialog for me. (I’ll even pay you $4, if you want.) πŸ™‚

  27. We were watching a documentary on the painted caves, in France I believe, and there was TEB’s doppelganger. Very interesting, though I think she was speaking German.

  28. Pixie: Thanks so much for volunteering, but I just logged in to Fiverr and checked my messages, and I learned the buyer found another seller who specifically offers 2-woman dialogues. Therefore, I am off the hook for now. Thank you for volunteering, though.

    EssBee: Oops! :blush: I don’t know how I forgot about you. Sorry!

    Jack: I’m guessing Old Town Scottsdale puts up lots of Christmas decorations? Makes sense.

    I chose to spend my one vacation day that I’d earned so far this year doing a different kind of tech support than I normally do at work. I backed up my friend’s computer documents onto 3 separate CD-Rs and a flash drive, and imported those documents that would be needed in the near future into Pages for the iPad. I accomplished the major goals I set out to accomplish (namely, collecting all the documents in one place and making backups), and my friend was very grateful. This day was AWESOME. :biggrin: (It didn’t hurt that my friend also fed me lunch and and dinner, either. πŸ™‚ )

    • ” I backed up my friend’s computer documents onto 3 separate CD-Rs and a flash drive, and imported those documents that would be needed in the near future into Pages for the iPad.”

      … at this point I was so hoping you were going to say, “Then I folded all of the data into a crisp, origami swan and floated it with some votive candles in a bowl made out of the hollowed out chassis of an old, Dell work station.”

      I don’t know why I was thinking that’s where you were heading. Probably just the antihistamine talking.

      • LOL!!! πŸ˜† Her old computer still works fine; it’s just that it’s a company computer, which she has to turn in now that she’s officially retired.

  29. Now that Christmas is over I have to ask myself if Hubby worries I’ll turn into my grandmother or mother when I’m older? For Christmas my grandmother gave hubby a used pair of socks, Boo got a second hand plastic hanger that folds out to hang your laundry on. Her fiancee got a used wooden rack to hand on your wall for hats. I got away lucky, I got a picture frame.

    My mother however, was very nice and didn’t send her regular “care” package this year, instead she sent money. I think she might finally be getting the hint a least.

  30. Hubby and I got a show with lunch today. We were at McDonalds. This particular McDonalds happens to be in the same strip mall as our Prime Minister’s office. There was a large native group outside the office protesting… something. They were drumming and dancing in a circle and stuff like that. As we left the restaurant, hubby wanted to get closer so he could read the signs they were holding and stuff like that. The local news was even recording it so I guess we’ll have to watch the six o’clock news to see what it was about.

      • Amy, all members of parliament have a local office in their riding (aka, home). Our current PM happens to have his riding in Calgary – actually, his riding is in our area. If you are not elected as a member of parliament in your home riding, you can’t sit in parliament (however, I’m not sure how that affects being PM though). That’s how you determine who has majority in in the parliament. I believe the US has something similar in that elected officials represent their area. Being PM does not exempt you from having an area to represent here in Canada.

        It’s pretty boring but this seems pretty accurate http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prime_Minister_of_Canada

        The main quotes would be:
        “Prime ministers who are not Members of Parliament upon their appointment (or who lose their seats while in office) have since been expected to seek election to the Commons as soon as possible”… “Should a sitting prime minister today lose his seat in the legislature (or should a new prime minister be appointed without holding a seat), the typical process that follows is that a junior member in the governing political party will immediately resign to allow the prime minister to run in the resulting by-election.”

    • ….and working New Year’s Eve


      On the plus side, fireworks have been brought down from the wastelands of the North, should make midnight rather noisy.

      • My godfather warns me that it will sound like a war zone at midnight around here. Unlike in California, there’s no law against setting off your own fireworks here. We’re even going to set some off at our church New Year’s Eve party tonight.

        • I sigh every year when we see warnings not to shoot your guns in the air at midnight, because the bullets could come down and hit someone.

          Have a safe and happy NYE, whatever you end up doing!

        • I’m originally from New York where it’s way too cold to be outside on New Years Eve, so the masses aren’t really shooting off fireworks. It was also an adjustment for me moving to Orlando where it’s damn near as bad as the 4th of July.

          • Oh, yeah, I remember my 4th of July when I was living in Florida. There were so MANY fireworks! It was magical, but it was also kind of scary.

            Temperatures are probably going to be below freezing around here, but we’re going to shoot off fireworks anyway. (Between 7-8 PM, though, not at midnight.)

  31. Well, since Van has ushered in the New Year for us, I can safely put myself to be before the clock strikes midnight around here.

    Here’s your New Year’s Resolution:

    “It’s 2013, don’t fuck it up!”

  32. Watching season 2 of the new Dr Who with David Tennent. And Rose made a comment about someone being an idiot for hanging the Union Flag upside down. This started my daughter and I thinking as to how one could go about hanging a symmetrical flag upside down. Was that the joke? Finally found something for us Brit idiot Americans that explained it all. Turns out we hadn’t taken into account that the design is printed on both sides can be flipped like turning a page.


    By the way, the 1950s post war cultural shift in Britain was the absolute best drama we’ve seen yet on this series.

  33. Setting off fireworks with folks from my church was actually pretty fun, even though it meant standing outside in a parking lot in below-freezing temperatures for almost an hour and a half. Whew! Luckily, I had several good coats, my long underwear, my hat, my scarf, and my ski gloves, so I survived.

    That reminds me: I am now the proud owner of a toque. One of these days, I’m going to take a picture of myself for Bunny and Ditto. :happy:

    CD: herbal tea
    CE: cookies
    CW: the festivities from Times Square on NBC

    Happy New Year, all! πŸ™‚

  34. Happy New Year to all of tou beauties of Deadpanland.

    Spent our NYE at the theatre, watching Django Unchained, followed by grub at the local bar n grill and toasting with Mondoro Asti. (Yummo)

    To All of You, my wish is this: may 2013 be your year to shine, love, share, gain new friends and keep on loving life.

    Live. Love.

    Happy New Year 2013~

  35. Does the flickr handle NIEPADA ring a bell for anyone here? I’ve got a request to join the Deadpan flickr group, but I can’t tell who they be.

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