312 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #254: Down to Our Last Buck

  1. Jack Mangans Deadpan #254: Down to Our Last Buck

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    • It’s time for another one of those societal “move forward” moments.

      I think that it is time for employers who block internet access, to start giving “Net Breaks” in the same way that they allow “smoking breaks”.

      I now know many more people who are addicted to connectivity then I know people who smoke.

  2. So I got a press release from Geoff Tate’s PR guy about his new album.

    I’m a big Queensryche fan and in the past I would have jumped at the opportunity to get a promotional copy of his new disc, get invited to his concert (If only he was playing nearer than 300 miles away), and/or interview him.

    After what’s gone down the past few months combined with a pretty lame lyric video for a song that’s supposed to be on a METAL album… Man, I just don’t know if I even want them to send me a free copy. (Yeah, I’ll probably still get the free copy, I’m a cheap-ass that way)


  3. Begin rant\ I have a question. Have I in any way given the impression I have a problem with men and my husband in general? Is there anybody who even slightly knows me, doesn’t know I all but worship my husband? I understand when one has been a single mom for close to ten years and haven’t had much luck with men, that you may be less than enchanted with them. But, when railing against the evil that is male, there is no way, if you even slightly know me, that you should get upset at me when you ask if I feel the same about men in general and, sometimes about my husband in general, that I answer “no”. Seriously, I understand you feelings, but don’t get snarky if I don’t share them. Really, if you know me, even a little bit, you know you won’t find someone more in love with their other half, *humph* /end rant

  4. So, any Panites read “Cloud Atlas”? I see it’s coming as a movie in a few weeks and the book apparently is pretty well regarded. I must confess, I’d never heard of it until I saw the movie commercials in recent weeks.

  5. Is anyone else getting bizarre behavior when posting? When I click on reply or post, everything switches to a red/black theme and then goes back to normal after the post works. Very strange.

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  7. Rhett! Picture all of us Deadpanites standing around your table at your favorite chain restaurant, with lots of flair on our work uniforms, singing some irritating “happy happy birthday” song.

    • OMG, so good. The premise is this: what if you could go back and save JFK? How would that work?

      I’ve enjoyed the last several King novels. He’s in his sweet spot right now, imo.

  8. Christopher Walken & cast (Seven Psychopaths) reads Honey Boo Boo Child


    goodnight :vajiggle jaggle:

    • In 3rd grade, my GATE class (for the über smart kds) made model planet out of Play-Doh. We then went off campus in the neighborhood, & we spaced out each planet on the sidewalk in a single line. Each step we took equalled one light year.

      In the end, we were probably a mile or two away from the campus, including Puto.

      That experiment blew my mind & is still with me to this day.

      Those kids are going to have a blast. 🙂

      • When hubby was teaching the advanced grade six science class he would often take them outside to do “experiments”. They would do such things and make their own bottle rockets and then see who’s would go the farthest, they did the Mentos and Diet Coke thing. I’m not sure who had more fun, him or the kids.

  9. Looks like enough blood of the innocents was collected to satisfy the angry Internet Gods (aka the style sheet was corrected). :whistling in the dark:

  10. OMG!


    This is most certainly NSFW, NSFMFR (Not Safe For Members of the Far Right), NSFPAOSP (Not Safe For People Annoyed by Overly Simplistic Platitudes), NSFPWADBAEASLJSAWC ! (Not Safe For People Who Are Disturbed By A Very Angry Samual L Jackson Screaming At White Co-eds)…

    … however, if you can overlook all of that, it’s pretty damn funny in a wrong kind of way.

  11. Beginning to think that Obama/Biden are just plain sick of the White House and just wanna throw the election, go back home, have a beer, and relax the rest of their lives. Cause they’re pretty much giving the crazies the Election.

  12. Also, I dont know if anyone has been/is following the Jessica Ridgeway story, but once again this community has been shattered. I cant imagine in the least what the family is going thru. If I do ever decide to believe in a god again, it will be because of shit like this.

  13. Your crap joke for today:

    My wife asked me if I had any fantasies.
    I said “I’ve got this one where we pretend that we’re complete strangers and have never met”.
    She said “What, and you pick me up in some bar?”.
    I said “No..Just the first bit”.

  14. Pixie, I finished the S. King today, and it was worth the weight/pages. Loved it, and loved the ending, which is not something I often say about his books.

    Now, what to read, what to read?

  15. Tomorrow is the big LA day. I arrive around 9:30am and have the rest of the day to putz around. I’m going to the Santa Monica Pier, then to some parks or other (most are named … canyon park) just to the north because that’s what the guy I’m traveling with wants to go to. I Hope that he has actually done some research into these parks and that we can find one with some nice views.

      • I wholeheartedly agree with this advice.

        Sorry I didn’t give more advice earlier, UH. You’ll have fun at Santa Monica Pier and at the parks. I would have suggested Long Beach’s main attractions (the Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific) as cool places that are decently close to where you are. Whatever you end up doing, have a great time!

  16. You can grab tempest for free in the Google Chrome app store.

    After reading an article on the creation of the Tempest arcade, it was nice to give the game a quick blast.

  17. Apparently the latest updates for Zinga games (Words with friends, Hanging with Friends) no longer work with any OS under 4.3

    Used to work fine but now just crashes on start-up.

    Why would you purposefully eliminate a chunk of your customer base? Do they really think I’m going to buy new hardware just to play their game?

    I won’t, so I guess they have done me a favor.

  18. ^^^ I think I will choose not to begin my week with that kind of self-assessment.

    Now where did Bunny’s EBF segment go? I just had it a minute ago. . . Not in my pockets. . . not under the couch cushions. . . And where are my keys?

  19. Chronotic Frission tonight.

    I was reading an article about 8bit ‘Track and Field’ clones with a group of teenagers sitting behind me on the bus making a lot of noise..and thinking I’m reading about games created before this mob were a twinkle in their parents eyes.

    • I got a call from one of these types in the last year or so. He was really pushy and sure of himself. It was easy to see why so many people fall for the scam. I was even a little unsure myself … except he kept referring to corrupted Windows files and of course, I have a Mac.

      I finally started pushing him on it and when he insisted I he was looking at my “windows” files and that my PC was definitely infected I just started laughing. When I told him I knew this was all a scam because I didn’t have a PC but a MAC he very confidently ask if I was sure because his data indicated it was a PC.

      What do you do with people like that?

  20. Since I’ve been blabbering about it here too, I thought I’d post the Event Donations tally for Sausagefest 3.

    Sausagefest 1, which was held over two nights, raised $500 during the event.

    Sausagefest 2, which was one night, raised just over $800 during the event.

    Sausagefest 3, raised $1333.30 during the event! For the math impaired, that’s more than the first two combined!

    Fuck Cancer!

  21. Hubby is being strange. He wasn’t feeling well over the weekend so didn’t vacuum. Now, after dinner, he’s decided to vacuum the whole house. I don’t understand. It’s not like we’re expecting company. And he’s missed vacuuming on a weekend before and it didn’t bother him.

    I feel guilty sitting on the couch doing nothing while he cleans house

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