308 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #253: Paloozectroid. Part 2

  1. Tony, since I live in Canada, I did pay via PayPal. I added an extra $10 to my donation to cover costs.
    As for the swag, we’ll go for the t-shirts and glasses. Since we are across the border, let me know of the shipping costs and I’ll cover that too.

    • Thank you, EB! I saw the donation and email come through while on my commute this morning.

      You rock! Deadpan is the Mutha Fuckin’ Way!

  2. CD: waiting in MacDonalds as I’m too early for the appointment with the Specialist.

    This post brought to you by MacDs free wifi

  3. How sad is it that the only mail I’ve received in the last week is a notice from the car dealership saying our car is now seven years old and do we want to trade it in? You’d think my life would be more exciting than that.

  4. Good recommendation, Van and Pixie! I watched Last Resort at lunch today. It’s much better than any network 1-hour I’ve tried so far this year. Las Vegas = boo; Revolution = boo; Elementary = predictable (but with Lucy Lui).

  5. It’s interesting that even though Vincent Schiavelli died in 2005, he acted in movies released in 2006, 2007 and 2010. Now that’s a work ethic.

  6. Anyone here familiar with L.A.? I’m going to be there for a few days working on a contract with the airport. Therefore, I will be staying at a hotel close by and won’t have a rental car. I will have most of a Sunday to tool around, but funds are somewhat restrictive (won’t be doing any shopping on Rodeo Dr.). So, I’m looking for cheap things to do that are accessible by public transport and don’t cost too much. So far, I’ve found the Getty Center (2 hours away by bus), the santa monica pier (1 hour away by bus), Griffith Observatory (2 hours away by metro, bus, and a hike) and the La Brea Tar Pits (1 hour 40 minutes by bus). Any other suggestions?

    I’m also interested in good places to eat near the airport.

    And, of course, if any deadpanites will actually be in the L.A. area Sunday, October 14th, I would love to meet up.

    • China town is also about 2 hours away by public transport. Maybe I’ll kill two birds with one stone, sight seeing and fantabulous food.

      • UsedHair, if Van and Desert Pixie had fulfilled their hockey bet obligations, then they’d have watched the Cheech Marin film, “Born in East L.A.”, and would be able to tell oyu everything you need to know.

        F’serious, Pixie is a SoCal girl, although I don’t know how much she knows about L.A. All I can tell you: Hollywood is even creepier in the morning than it is at night.

    • I think Miss Bowen and/or J.R. would be the people to consult. We vacationed in LA this summer, but spent most of our time up north. We went to Zuma beach, Universal Studios and Six Flags. The tar sands are supposed to be pretty cool.

  7. I got to listen to the ep today, while I was cleaning windows. You guys did a great job. Lots of fun to listen to.

    As for the 10 hour videos… I first saw those with AMVs (anime music videos). I’m not sure if they originated the trend, but some smart ass started looping certain anime scenes to music and… well, you get the idea.

  8. So hubby keeps sending videos of where he is staying. Hey seem to have put him up in a giant ass luxury suite. He’s floored with every thin in the room. Among the amenities it has two fridges, a balcony with a BBQ, a full living room and dining room. It actually looks nicer than our house

    • It’s got a lot of great people and I would love for this to be another Kentucky Fried Movie. I’m just hoping that it stays away from the concept that “shocking” in and of itself is funny rather than the concept that something funny can also be shocking. That’s what killed Seth McFarlane’s Cavalcade of Comedy. Most of the people I see associated with have been pretty good at pulling this off in the past.

    • WELLLLLLLLL since you asked…. they played most of their Synthetica album which was great because they didnt play those songs when I saw them last because the album wasnt out yet because that was 2009 and this is 2012 after all.

      They played it pretty much safe with their back catalog of songs, playing mostly the “hits” of their previous 4 albums. Still great. Ended with a nice acoustic number of “Give Me Sympathy”. Excellent way to end the evening.

      Emily looked and sounded amazing as usual. Course so did Jimmy, Joch, and Joules…

      Cant beat that with a hipster stick!

  9. Ok Pan, you knew it had to happen sooner or later, it’s movie time

    Today’s movie is Hurt.

    The DVR write up: a family move into a junkyard owned by the late father’s reclusive brother, where they are visited by a foster child who claims that the deceased patriarch had promised to take her in.

    And if that isn’t convoluted enough, it is labeled as horror so we shall see

  10. I just listened to the debate from Wednesday night. After all the hoopla, my opinion is this:

    The losers in that experience were: 1) me, 2) Jim Lehrer.

  11. Pointless confession:

    I have the BBC Radio 3 adaptation of ‘Slaughterhouse 5’ on my phone, I listen to bits of it from time to time.

  12. Let the craft beer tasting festivus (pumpkin ales, ocktoberfest ales, stouts & porters) begin in T-minus 2 hours. Tasting notes to follow.

  13. Beer #1: Jolly Pumpkin’s “La Parcela” no. 1 pumpkin ale

    A light, bubbly beer with an overtly fizzy head. My first taste is of sour. Its a light, easy dinking beer. I’ve enjoyed ever beer previously from Jolly Pumpkin, this one included.

    The last sip was over cinnamon and nutmeg.

    On to the next round…

  14. Round 2: for him– Spaten ‘Oktoberfest’ BLEH! Two sips in & down the drain it went. I thought it tasted like Becks or Coors.

    Round 2: for me — Big Sky Brewing ‘Slow Elk Oatmeal Stout. Very roasted flavor with a smooth oatmeal finish. A decent oatmeal stout

    Round 2.5: for him — Barrel Trolley ‘Nut Brown Ale’. My thought is a mildly hoppy, rich nutty flavor. Beautiful deep chestnut pour.

    • Plus, Barrel Trolley has the advantage of being quite inexpensive.

      Went to a friends house the other day for a beer tasting and movie night and tried Newcastle Werewolf (blood red ale). I’m not sure how they did it, but it tasted as though it have been in the oven too long (burnt) or like it had ash in there. The night was saved by a bottle of Moerlein OTR that he brought back from his last trip to Ohio.

  15. At the black library expo. Currently waiting for a talk by Dan Abnett. So far today I’ve seen about a half dozen women, the test of the convention goers are male. I’m starting to feel a little self conscious

  16. So, usually during the week, I’m able to read the comments yesterday, but I’m locked down from posting.

    I just want you all to know that I was thinking hilarious comments in response to the things you were saying yesterday.

    • Beer #1. Hofbräu Oktoberfest. Bleh. Brings back memories of my first beer, Milwaukees Best

      on to beer #1.5: Jolly Pumpkins ‘Maracaibo Especial’ a special nut ale. (made with cacao & spices)

      Complex. Sour at first. I taste mashed apples. Rinds of citrus. A disappoint.

  17. Reporting back on the Star Wars burlesque.

    It was wonderful! My thoughts:

    Very Creative
    witty and funny
    not at all sleazy
    Real women of all shapes and sizes
    I laughed, I cried, I swooned
    was too short, I wanted more
    I think Princess Leia fulfilled every fantasy Hugh had from the moment he first saw her as a wee boy
    audience was a good mix of men and women all who seemed to enjoy it
    Might go again cuz Hugh wants to take his brothers to see it
    Who knew Obi Wan was so freaking hot under his robe?

  18. Crap joke for the day:

    “An Amish farmer walking through his field, notices a man drinking from his pond, with his hand. The Amish man shouts: “Trink das wasser nicht. Die kuhen haben dahin gesheissen.”

    This means: “Don’t drink the water; the cows have shit in it.”

    The man shouts back: “You stupid Asshole, I don’t understand. Speak in fuckin English.”

    The Amish man says: “Use two hands. You’ll get more.”

  19. I had two beers last night.

    1. Gulden Draak – billed as a Belgian Strong Dark Ale. At 10.5 ABV this is really more of a barleywine. Flavor is fantastic. Quite unique.

    2. Magic Hat Hex (Octoberfest) – Pretty standard Octoberfest flavor in a sea of other Octoberfest beers. Nothing to make this stand out.

    My beer bottle collection now stands at 195. By the time I finish the new brews in my fridge, I will have broken the 200 bottle mark. Woo hoo. Now I just need the L.A. trip to get here so I can find some of the west coast stuff that doesn’t make it here.

  20. CW: Bar Karma episode 12

    Finally getting round to watch the season finale (and with Current TV going down the tubes..the final finale).

  21. A year without Breaking Bad is like a year without a Santa Claus.

    Time to start Dexter. Hopefully the bullshit of the last two years is filtered out

  22. Looks like my work at the Houston airport has been moved to the Phoenix airport and will likely happen around the beginning of November (rather than next year). I would love to actually get a chance to meet the people in that area. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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