318 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #225: XMas DotF – – nice edition

  1. It’s my Friday … at 5pm I scoot out and am off work til Tuesday. sOOOooOOOo looking forward to 4 days with my kids! I miss them when they are away!

  2. Regarding my SS gift arriving to its destination…

    As Han Solo (and subsequently every other character)said, “I have a bad feeling about this”.

  3. So what alcohol is appropriate for curing me of this crud that is slowly draining into my lungs?

    Please tell me that it is Hypnotic & Vodka shooters because that’s what I just tried. Heaven knows it burned the back of my throat enough.

  4. BTW – meant to mention that I enjoyed the Holiday Ep Jack.
    It was touching.
    er, but not in that “football coach” kind of way.

    I’ll get my coat.
    and this remote.
    and this paddle-ball game.
    and his thermos.

  5. Hi there, Pan.

    Tomorrow will be interesting at my work. The owners, the office manager and the technician manager have all gone on Christmas vacation already, and one of our other guys is at an out-of-town client site for most of the day, leaving me and the remote system maintenance tech to try to keep whatever clients might be open happy. We’re hoping most of them will be closed. (Our own company will be closed on Monday.) I’ll try to do a Deadpan play-by-play of what happens tomorrow, if I remember.

    Good night, Pan.

  6. I’m still amazed at how short people’s memories are.

    Yes it was chaos last year, so why did you expect it to be different this year?


  7. My contribution to the clogging of the Interwebs.

    It’s a tree whose lights react in real time to traffic on the various social networks. Description below …

    “Each color of light represents Christmas spirit coming from a different social channel. White lights represent social networks like Twitter and public Facebook statuses, red for blog and forum posts, green for online news and blue lights for messages sent through text [directly to] ChristmasSpiritTree.ca. The more social media spirit that comes in at one time the brighter the tree shines. As well, there are a few Easter egg words (#santa, #snowflake, #magic) that you can send to the tree to make it do some pretty fancy light patterns.”

  8. Hi my friends! We’ve been running like crazy with some unfortunate family illnesses/emergencies and very scary driving conditions. We’re at my folks’ now, though, and safe and sound and warm. I hope you all are safe and healthy (sorry about the cold JJ)

    Is anyone interested in an audible subscription? I have a couple of free 3-month memberships to give.

    Okay, off to family time — xox

  9. Okay, High Fidelity the movie, yes they changed the location to the US, but bloody hell they were very faithful to the bits of the book I read.

    Faithful enough to piss on Bladerunner from a great height.

  10. And, of course, I totally forgot about the play-by-play. I was too busy finishing up several quotes and kicking them out the door, and then continuing work on another ongoing project. It was, indeed, surreal with so few people around. We did handle several tech support calls, all of which revolved around getting the auto-attendant recordings on people’s phone systems to work correctly and give out accurate information about how long the businesses would be closed and when they would be open again.

    I’m enjoying my break so far. Tonight I wrapped my final Christmas present, got both laundry and dishes done, and finally watched a movie (Christopher Nolan’s Insomnia) that had been sitting around since July, waiting to be watched. I enjoyed it.

    Good night, Pan.

  11. On the 12th day of xmas my true love gave to me
    12 dumbass memories
    11 play by play’s
    10 outrobabble’s
    9 spherical tomi’s
    8 greasy spoons
    7 highbrow-lowbrows
    6 dumb ass memories
    5 paaaa-looooo-zaaaaaa’s
    4 stolen lyrics
    3 earbus
    2 typo-tlaks
    and a Jack Mangan under my treeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. On the 12th day of xmas my true love gave to me
    12 dumbass memories
    11 play by playโ€™s
    10 outrobabbleโ€™s
    9 spherical tomiโ€™s
    8 greasy spoons
    7 highbrow-lowbrows
    6 art mash-ups
    5 paaaa-looooo-zaaaaaaโ€™s
    4 stolen lyrics
    3 earbuds
    2 typo-tlaks
    and a Jack Mangan under my treeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. After this year, I think I may need to take inspiration from Pulp Fiction and get “Santa Claus” stenciled on to my wallet. The jolly old elf is my generous to the kids with it.

  14. Hello from the patio of the Starbucks at the mall in Temecula. I have a Gingerbread Latte, pumpkin bread, and good Christmas music, and it’s a beautiful, sunny day. Life is good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Xmas cards were sent earlier this week to all non-locals (no offense, AZ DPites. You’ll get in-person hugs n cheer).
    Some will arrive late. Some will not go, because I don’t have your address.

  16. Every Xmas I’m reminded of the countless times this community has been an amazing source of support, friendship, warmth, and humor. Many times, my friends here have made me feel like George Bailey at the end of the movie. Merry Xmas, Deadpan!

  17. Merry Christmas you old Deadpan Savings and Loan!

    I expect everyone to call in with the contents of their Xmas.
    ’cause if you just walk into someone else’ house and call in with the contents of their Xmas … their might be arrests!

  18. *Christmas hugs and for everybody from me, too*

    Sounds like a great day, Bunny. We’re all hanging around the house relaxing, too. We already had an early dinner – ribeye roast, green bean casserole and rolls – and later we’re going to a friend’s house for dessert.

    J0e and Jack: I have called in with the contents of my Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Well, it’s Christmas in Texas. Dinner is eaten, the gifts are opened, and now we’re sitting about watching a football game on TV.

    And to all agood night….

  20. Merry Christmas everyone!!

    First xmas back in Chicago for us = awesome

    Hugh cancer free and working at getting back to 100%, at home with family, good food, Bulls won, lost of love and laughter, Bears lost but had their best game in the last 5 weeks, Christmas with my parents was the best I have ever spent with them since I was a kid.

    what more could I possibly want?

    I know 2011 wasn’t good to everyone, but it pretty damn ok to us. Which after the last few years I think we kinda needed a good one.
    Hope 2012 brings goodness to everyone

    Deadpan is the motherfucking way
    (yeah I am a little toasty right now) hanging out with Hugh’s fam at our house, talking and drinking. Good times ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Tornado been busy on the Add/Drop!!! Good luck sir! Hopefully Del Zotto performs for you. I dont think I gave him a real and fair chance on my team.

  22. Hey Deadpan,

    Been busy here with traveling in scary weather and tending to Sly B’s dad’s illness and visiting family for the holiday. We’re home now and very happy to be!

    Tonight: Chex Mix (I’m off to the store for ingredients next) and Portlandia marathon. Or maybe a movie. Something stress-free. I’ve still got 2 more days off after today and plan to make the most of them!!

  23. Yes. Yes, I did it. I killed Yvette. I hated her, so much… it-it- the f – it -flam – flames… FLAMES… on the side of my face…breathing-breathl- heaving breaths…

  24. I think my hubby needs a smack upside the head ๐Ÿ˜‰ He gave a guitar to Boo’s Boofriend over Christmas. This morning I saw him browsing the website of one of our local guitar stores. He said he needs to fill the viod. What void? The guitar he gave was in storage under the stairs. He hadn’t touched it in a couple of year. *sigh*

  25. Ah, Van Halen. I remember the first time I heard of them. It was at a local BBS meetup, where I met Swamp Fox and Pooh Bear and others whose tags I don’t remember. After pizza we went back to the sysops place, where he pulled out a guitar and played something or other that every one else recognized. When they told me it was Van Halen, I said “who?”

  26. Wow!

    Even though it’s technically a holiday here in Canadaland I got a delivery. Go figure. Thank you very, very, very much Lo Pan for the Secret Santa gift. Thanks to Lo, I have 15 B grade horrors to do play by plays for (so you can either love him or hate him depending upon how you feel about B horror play by plays). Unfortunately, because of month end, I won’t be able to start them until Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Your wonderful choices will be:

    Night of the Blood Beast
    Night Fright (not to be confused with Fright Night)
    Last Woman on Earth
    Horror Express
    Dies Sister, Die!
    Good Against Evil
    Invasion of the Bee Girls
    Cat O’Nine Tails
    Memorial Valley Massacre
    Messiah of Evil
    Snake People
    The Night Evelyn Came out of the Grave
    The Terror
    They Came from Beyond Space

    What makes this even greater is I’ve only seen two of these movies.

    Thanks again, Lo Pan. And for the popcorn you sent with it. Lots of torturous fun coming up for you all. :biggrin:

  27. Saw War Horse with my family tonight. It was definitely one of those movies designed in a laboratory somewhere to maximize the amount any given scene will pull at your heart strings. That considered, it was a pretty descent movie. Not one I would have gone to on my own, but considering that my wife and daughter both swoon over horses, it was a foregone conclusion.

  28. Well, hubby did it. He got a new guitar. http://www.long-mcquade.com/products/1239/Guitars/Electric/Epiphone/Les_Paul_Standard_Plaintop_-_Honeyburst.htm

    He is restringing it with the type he likes as I am typing.

    Jack, in answer to an earlier question, he did decide to go with Epiphone. We just couldn’t justify the more than double the price if he with with an actual Gibson.

    Now hubby wants to clean out the closet my Boo has a bunch of her stuff stored in so he can better store all his cases. This means my Boo has to come and sort through all her junk and decide what she wants to keep. Somehow I didn’t think him getting a new guitar would mean an early spring cleaning for me. :ermm:

  29. I’d like to hear about his experience, once he’s had a few months to play.
    My LH Epiphone Les Paul has had intonation problems from day 1. Lee, my bassist friend from the MMMmmmeetup, seemed to be of the opinion that this was easily fixable, but I’ve never taken the time to work on it.

    Other than the slightly-out-of-tune notes higher on the fretboard, the guitar always had a great sound and feel.

  30. It’s always an exercise in accounting when hubby buys a guitar. The problem is he doesn’t just buy a guitar. If it didn’t come with a case, as some of the inexpensive ones don’t, then he has to get that. Then there’s strings, a strap and a stand. This time he decided to get a stand that holds three guitars. His thinking is it will take less space if he moves a couple of his others to this and removes their individual stands. My thinking is, it’s going to become a reason to get more guitars in the future (“I can’t have two empty spaces on the guitar stand. It just doesn’t look right” ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) *sigh*

  31. Started the morning out with a funeral.
    The air was cold and crisp. The sky was a striking, clear blue.
    The gun salute from the military honor guard was as startling and hard as the sound of “Taps” coming from a solitary, muted trumpet was heart breaking.

  32. The video Ed posted last night is completely stuck in my head. The song is kind of a lovechild of Lennon’s “Working Class Hero” and S&G’s “Scarborough Fair”, but her recording and performance are still pretty beautiful.

  33. http://tinyurl.com/c9wsn4s
    What an steller douche bag!

    This is the guy from the yesterday’s email tirade link.
    Key quotes from his “I’m sorry” interview –

    “I didn’t know who that guy at Penny Arcade was,” he admitted. “If I had known, I would have treated the situation a little better.”
    – So … unless you can do something for him, expect to be treated like crap.

    “At the end of the day, I’m a human being, and it feels like the entire world was bullying me,”
    – Bullying him? Has he gone back and read what he wrote? This is a case of reaping what he hath sown.

    “They’ve pretty much ruined me in the past 24 hours,” Christoforo said.
    – At the end of it all, it’s still the rest of the world’s fault. “They’ve ruined him”. The only thing he’s sorry for is that it came back to bite him. He takes no real responsibility for creating this mess … and he claims to be a PR guy.

    BTW, some enterprising web denizen has already found (and posted a link to) the police record of the domestic violence charge against him. Not that hard to believe if you read his e-mail responses.

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