Jack Mangans Deadpan #217: J

Lazy Show Notes J.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #217:

Jack, a Black Cat

Jittery Promo – Masters of the Macabre Challenge – http://mastersofmacabre.wordpress.com/

Juicy comments on Amy’s and Rhett’s version of This is a Triumph by
Lejon from Chandler

Justa J0e’s Jingle in response to “This is a Triumph”.

Junior Paul Maki calls in

Jocose dumbass story by Andrea

Journey with a Poetry Reading by Claudine

Jaunty Hitchhickers comments by
Lejon from Chandler
Rapid Eye

Jalapin Comments by
Lost Ralph
Ed from Texas
John Boze
DJ Bunny
Vanamonde (first of the week)

Jr. Paul Maki talks about the first day of kindergarten

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Jacks Closing Music: “The Train” – by Matt Mango

288 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #217: J

  1. Just had to post as I’m listening at work. The side by side comparison of “Still Alive” would probably be a lot more effective to me if I weren’t making due at work with a set of headphones that only have one side working.

    There’s your first world problems special update.

  2. I was going to make a comment onpod this week about web/facebook distractions vs. Deadpan, comparing facebook to the food court and Deadpan to the good, local, non-chain restaurant.

    That will be heard eventually.

  3. I appreciate everyone’s “Still Alive” comments. Win I first heard Amy sing the first two lines of “Still Alive” I got chills over how similar her voice was. That was my inspiration to do the song. The excellent MIDI file I used tracked the song perfectly. I used that as the template for building the song. I did make a few minor changes to suit my taste. I really liked the synthesizer keyboard melody. In the original, it is lower in the mix, in my version I cranked it as loud as I could without it competing with Amy’s singing. The second change was the rock guitar, I wanted it to be more intense, so it is a little more loud with a bit more distortion. Overall though, what I really wanted was a faithful reproduction with Amy as vocalist.

    Lejon: My hope was for the listeners to have their mind’s blown by Amy’s singing. I’m happy that you were compelled to track down the original and that even though you were unfamiliar with the song, you would be struck by the similarities.

    jOE: Your creativity knows no bounds. 🙂

  4. While I cringe every time I see some author tweet or FB about their “seekrit project”. . .

    I can state here, in Deadpan public, that I have a pretty cool project that I’m taxiing right now, trying to get off the ground.

  5. Facebook is the $20 alley hooker. Deadpan is the $500 inside-entry-hotel-only callgirl.

    I really am sick of Facebook. If it wasn’t for my gorgeous nieces and nephews who don’t live close enough to see, I’d ditch it.

  6. I think I do Facebook to impress friends who have no idea about Deadpan.

    And of course for comments like: You entertain me everyday. I learn nothing about you, but you always make me laugh. 🙂

    Totally worth Facebook for that comment alone. (win)

    • Here is an off-the-cuff list of what troubles me about Facebook:

      -Learning that my nephew is a fundamentalist Christian
      -Finding out how ego-centric my good friend is
      -Seeing 40-something adults get all dramatic and do things like CHANGE their relationship status from “in a relationship” to “it’s complicated” to “single” and back again often

      I do really enjoy keeping up with friends who aren’t close geographically, though.

      It’s not Deadpan, that’s fo sho.

  7. So this damn woman keeps calling me as a wrong number. She hasn’t asked if she has the right number. In fact, on her last call, that she keeps pushing 5 when she wants 6. You’d think shed get it right after the first few tries

  8. So.. I don’t know how to say this out loud…

    My mom just got some test results back… positive for cancer.
    I’m in shock.

    She’s having surgery in a couple weeks. I’ll be with her for a few days next week (driving out to where she lives … taking the kids with me)..

    I’m not good at details, but think she’s going to be ok. Somehow.

  9. < Drive By >

    Howdy everyone. For those who may have been concerned, it’s looking like I will be employed very soon. I have 2 offers on the table, and an interview which will probably bring me a 3rd. It’s looking like the period of unemployment will be about 16 weeks in total. But, the end is in sight.

    Thanks for everyone’s help and thoughts.

    < Speed Bump! >

    Best to Cj’s Mom. My mom was there a couple years ago, and now she gets to complain about cataract surgery.

    < /Speed Bump! >

    < /Drive By >

  10. CJ – best wishes for your Mom.

    Lejon – While I welcome you back to the employed clique, I’m not so sure it’s wear all the cool kids are actually hanging out. But, then I suppose cool is relative.

  11. Relatively speaking, it’s hard to have a bad weekend morning. Unless, of course, you are spending it working, but then it’s not really a weekend then.

    Thankfully, I am not working on the weekend.

  12. Good Weekend, everyone!

    If anyone is interested, I interviewed Sam Sykes for Touching the Monolith. It’s on the ep that posted today. There is a recap of Doctor Who “Closing Time” at the beginning, and I’m reasonably sure that there are some spoilers, so if you haven’t caught it, you may want to skip past the first 8 minutes… then it’s all Sam Sykes…

    Here’s the link:


  13. Well, the good news is that it looks like Ender’s Game may finally come to the screen. The bad news is now they’ve got to find a cast of kids to play the roles. SyFy has some suggestions. I don’t know who most of them are, so can’t comment much.


    One thing I found interesting about the comments was no mention of Game of Thrones. All the kids roles were age advanced a couple of year from the book to TV versions. I think Ender is probably going to have to do something similar.

  14. Working on laundry now while the Misses gets ready to leave for her flight to Dallas for training. Hoping for a fairly restful afternoon.

  15. Awwwww, I now have a mini inducer of Eldritch Horror (thanks Sly B for the knitting).

    Thanks to Essbee and Sky B for the card and gift.

    • It’s actually kind of funny. He’s giving a ride to someone else. Female. They’re staying in The Fantasy Land Hotel (http://www.fantasylandhotel.com/about/). While they have theme rooms the attendees are actually staying in just the normal rooms. However, last Thursday, John and this other teacher were at a board dinner and she was telling everybody they were going to Edmonton together and staying at the Fantasy Land hotel. Both John and her found this funny :biggrin:

      To clarify, hubby is sharing a room but with another guy. I have no worries.

      • Yep, it’s out. I read the Angel & Faith this morning before work and the letters are just ridiculous! A main character was killed off in Season 8 and some people are just wrecked over it.

        I would prefer the bound copy, but I can’t wait!

  16. Well I finally got round to watching the first episode of Terranova.

    Not too bad, although I did groan at the oh so smart daughter making a science gaff..the stars are different 85Ma ago because of the proper motion of stars and not the expansion of the universe.


  17. Home maintenance hell today. Need to install a new water softener and my A/C kicked off last night. Good thing I have an in window unit.

  18. So, it’s like in the 90’s here where I live and supposed to get cooler later in the week, but where I’m driving to tomorrow is going to be in the low 70’s and raining.

    I don’t like cold.. I need to go by a jacket.

    I think that is all.

  19. It was 40ish degrees when I woke up in my tent yesterday – – in semi-northern AZ. We can find cold here too, if we want it.

    The rest of the day was beautiful, btw. If only the night sky hadn’t been so damn cloudy.

  20. Hey Deadpan!

    It’s a wonderful morning at 10C (50F) with light rain.

    The big problem is, it’s only Tuesday. Did you ever notice that the week seems to go slower on the days leading up to a long weekend?

  21. CP: Yesterday’s Fresh Air about The New Apostolic Reformation movement

    fucking terrifying

    Rick Perry

    Also, not surprisingly, based in Colorado Springs

    • We’ve been watching The Killing in Danish and think that Nordic (?) languages sound so foreign to us. Not like Romance languages that we can pick up bits and pieces of from knowing some Espanol.

  22. I may have obligated myself to do another JOCO song for the upcoming Six String Bliss 8 album. I thought I was going to be able to let it slide because of my terrible acoustic guitar playing. But an exceptional Aussie player offered to help out. Crikey.

  23. Hiya Pannites!
    I’m done with my job search boot camp, but alas no new job yet. At least I’m getting more interviews this time around.

    CJ, I’m sorry to read about your mom. Hugs

  24. We watched Homeland last night and think it’s got some potential. I’ve always liked Claire Danes and loved the show Life that the main actor on this show starred in a few years back with my girlfriend Sarah Shahi.

  25. Where’s my hubby! I don’t care if it’s a three hour drive and he’s only been on the road an hour and a half. I want him home now!

  26. Ok Deadpan

    CR: Glimpses – Lewis Shiner

    Expect to be done the book by the weekend. I have the new Terry Pratchett book on pre order as well as the new Richard Morgan. Both won’t be out for another week. What should I read in the meantime?

  27. Just saw a news text about Jobs. Love or Hate Apple (and I do both), there’s no denying the influence that Jobs has had on the world.

  28. Well Pan, I had better get to bed, I suspect I will be pissed off all day today.

    Have a look on FB profile from a few days ago as to why.

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