1,035 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #210: The Peculiar Tee and Pip

  1. Nice compositions and development there, Ralph.

    Everyone should go check LostRalph’s work to close out last week’s comments.

  2. RE: Renley Borathian

    The changes made to him in the show and the way the actor plays him make him come across as a spoiled and whiny wuss. In the book, he is affable and charismatic and it isn’t so difficult to buy into the Borathian banner men getting behind his claim. I think it’s going to be a tougher sell with the TV version of him.

    They are really going to have to make Stannis some kind of monster to make Renley appear a better choice by comparison. If they do that with Stannis, though, I think that creates other problems for continuity and plausibility.

  3. Ed, I didn’t see him as a wuss. Just the gayness was surprising.

    Ralph, I wish I worked out 30 to 60 minutes a day. And so does my ass.

    Morning, everyone!

  4. Well today’s film at the cinema is The French comedy ‘Potiche’ (Trophy Wife).

    Audience consists of 3 women pensioners, two pensioner couples, and a woman in her late 50’s (at a guess). I’m the youngest in the audience..woot!

  5. Morning Pan,
    As I embark on my journey to get back to “normal” I found a few short phrases that either helped me realize things needed to change or helped me realize the choice is the right one:
    Are you happy?
    Are you ok?
    You know that is crazy, Right?
    Why would you do that?
    and my personal favorite the jaw dropped “What? really?” as I describe something I don’t find strange

    Sokath – his eyes uncovered
    Reaper – his eyes uncovered

  6. Good episode Jack, it’s always fun to hear Pip and Tee in an interview.

    And for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet i highly recommend it. It’s a very entertaining read, with the right mix of fun and serious. I think fans of Doctor Who will be comfortable with it’s darker aspects, and be equally entertained by the novel.

    And Geist is good too.

  7. Yes, you did send show notes for last week, Bunny. Apologies for disrespecting them.

    The Show Notes for this week should be easy, anyway:

    Deadpan #210:
    Tee talks.


  8. I haven’t listened yet, but I bet I could drink a few cups of tea while listening to Tee and there’d still be more Tee πŸ™‚
    Good thing I’m a fan of both tea and Tee. I am looking forward to the episode πŸ™‚

  9. Moved into the living room currently curled up in my snuggie, drinking lemon- honey tea and reading

    CR: high Fidelity – nick hornby

  10. I’m not sure if anyone else besides me has watched Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub’s animated shorts “Blamimations!” but there are some funny ones. (Caution: Potty Mouth)

    Often in the beginning sequence they pitch bad ideas for new television shows, with the plot/descriptions being humorous and the title as the punch line. Preorders of the season 1 DvD spurred them to encourage fans to right their own versions. If you go to Twitter and look for #myblams you will find some examples. I posted mine on Twitter, but what the hell I’ll post them here too.

  11. A scientist discovers a shady food manufacturer has put out a cereal that isn’t just low in nutrition, it’s a hologram. Coming this fall, “The Trix.”

  12. Just finished watching From Within http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1063056/

    Was too wiped to do a play by play but will give my thoughts. This movie was pretty mediocre and the ending was predictable. However, given the genre, mediocre is actually not bad. I’ve seen much, much worse but, on the other hand I’ve seen better. It’s an ok movie if you’re drugged out of your gourd on neo-citron.

  13. Terrorists try to get Keenu Reeves fired from his job by putting a bomb in his car that blows up if he exceeds 15 MPH. “Commute.”

  14. I heard a quote today that I identified with. I’m not sure if it’ll make you guys scared of me or not, but here goes:

    “I drink my coffee without cream and sugar because life is fucking hard.”

  15. Another full weekend of house prep commences. Met with the “staging consultant” yesterday. My list of activities to do got a fair bit longer.

    It definitely won’t be my house by the time I’m finished, even if I still am the one paying for it.

  16. RE: Renley – Yes, it was surprising. However, I think that was done exactly for shock effect. But, a lot of the “cock and tits” through the season seems to be inserted simply for shock and titilation value and those tended to distract from, rather than enhance the presentation. I think it also tended to lessen the effectiveness where it was appropriate, such as the end of the season scene with Danerys. I think that HBO and such premium productions suffer somewhat from a mentality of feeling they need to be “edgy” and prurient to justify themselves.

    Granted, the books are pretty graphic and I do think Martin himself also strayed into excess and sensationalism at times.

    • “a lot of the β€œcock and tits” through the season seems to be inserted simply for shock and titillation”

      Really? We’re just going to let that one go?
      Is this place becoming all manor-fied and adulty?
      oh, the humanities.

  17. I got an e-mail from BioWare saying they have been hacked and I should go into my account and change my password. I believe it was real because they didn’t say “go here (link) to change password. so I changed it *shrug*

  18. Oh wait, I could mention that I enjoyed this episode and it’s interview.
    I am confused though.
    I guess T&P were talking about a book they have out … but do they also have a podcast?

  19. Was reproofer my coat earlier, that product is nasty, got some on my hands (which have felt greasy since exposure) and my eyes have been stinging all night.

  20. At a hotel for a conference. Posting using the wi-fi from the mall across the street. It’s been a very long day. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.

    Good night, tumbleweeds.

  21. Cars 2 – My mom took the kids to see it yesterday. They all enjoyed it and my kids said it was better than the first one. Of course, we actually enjoyed the first one, so take it for what it’s worth.

  22. That’s it? I sincerely hope they’re not intending to charge people for Pottermore.

    And – β€œMen always ask me about quidditch,” Ms. Rowling says. β€œThey just think it’s illogical β€” and it’s not illogical.” –

    Yes it is! Why does anyone bother with the goal-scoring aspect, when all that really matters is the Golden Snitch?

    • In fairness since the game doesn’t end until the snitch is caught means that the other points could matter. I want to say there was also a game where they held off catching the snitch b/c the team would have lost even with the points from catching the snitch.

      As for me I’m really not that interested in another book in the Potterverse, I would like to see what else Rowling is capable of writing.

      • supposedly it is all free. I did actually really enjoy the animation of the book coming alive. It was quite beautiful.

        Yes! Quidditch is completely illogical! What would Spock say if you told him the rules of the game?

        He would say: that is illogical

  23. Well, about an hour into Dungeon Siege 3 and, since I was asked earlier, these are my thoughts so far. This is NOT a user friendly game. First of all, I cannot change the controls at all and, since the default controls are really stupid, the is a big point. It took me 10 minutes to figure out how to get to my inventory screen (pressing T) and then, I cannot equip items from my inventory screen, I have to go to my “equip” screen to equip items. Why they are not one and the same is beyond me. The manual is unhelpful and as good as useless. Apparently I have special abilities but I have yet to figure out how to use them. The camera tracking is almost non-existent and having to stop moving every few minutes to change the camera view is annoying. For zoom, you have two really, really close as to be useless, or only really close. Either way, you can’t see very far in front of you so don’t have any idea what you’re coming upon.

    Even at its highest setting (1920 x 1080), the graphics are so-so. Game play is clumsy and not intuitive at all. I will continue playing it because I the type of personality that must finish what I start but I don’t think I can in good conscience recommend this game to others.

    Now… I must find missing legionnaires.

  24. Finally getting a chance to watch Season 5 of Doctor Who. First thought about the new doctor “He broke the tardis, that bastard!”

  25. I pretty much had a day of “I’m not young and invincible anymore” down time after putting in a lot of time this week working on the old house.

    Took the opportunity to introduce my kids to “The Last Starfighter”. While I know the graphics were cutting edge back in the early 80’s and could easily be freshened up, there’s nothing to be done for that 80’s hair.

  26. Damnit, FTB!

    Well, you’ll just have to cut and past that busted link above if you’re interested. Right now, I’m interested in going to sleep.

  27. Ugh, I’m breaking out into a sweat just trying to imagine that sort of heat.

    New Season of Trueblood has started, what did you think of the first episode Essbee?

    • I’m going to watch it later, but to quote ComicbookGirl:

      Pissed off faeries, MMA, necromancers and lesbian make-out sessions all in one episode? Season 4 of True Blood is off to a great start!
      web β€’ 27/06/2011 04:43

  28. CW: Trueblood S4E1

    Yeah couldn’t wait. Tara as kick ass MMA cage fighter and in a lesbian relationship.

    I can hear Lo Pan stand to attention from here.


  29. Van, I enjoyed the episode — love the new Tara/Toni twist. Sly B said that Treme is 1,000 times better than True Blood, but I really enjoyed it! We dig the British actress who plays the freaky new witch character.

    It’ll be near 100 here today.

    CW: Celebrity Rehab

  30. Locus Award list: I read Kraken, I have Blackout/All Clear in my que but haven’t read it yet. Hubby has and said it was pretty slow moving

    110!!!! Jack, Jack, Jack, you guys better get your act together and cool off in the next 10 days. Do you want me to melt? It’s only suppose to get to 23C here today (a little over 70F) but will reach 26C (pushing 80F) closer to the middle of the week.

    We’ve only just started season 3 of True Blood. Won’t catch season 4 until it come to DVD

  31. CW: Fallen Skies S1E3

    I’m hoping the scrap metal collection by the aliens is either a red herring or an attempt to deny humans attempting to recover technology…if it’s because the aliens need metal..I’m done with the series.

  32. “Puritans thought children were ‘innately sinful and that parents’ primary task was to suppress their children’s natural depravity.”

    Does this mean my children and no longer naturally depraved? Has anyone met my girls?

  33. Truthfully, I’m glad this law failed. Blind shopping tests have shown it’s easier for a minor to get into (or purchase) an R rated movie than get an M rated game (ratings are similar but for different media for those not into game ratings).

  34. Hey, the McRib is back. According to the commercial, I’m suppose to celebrate. Where’s Kool and the Gang when you need them

  35. I just want you to know the Canadian dollar is getting a little to close to par vs. The US. I’m not sue if America needs to do worse or Canada needs to do better but either way, they have 10 days to make my dollar worth more

  36. I think Bunny and I should watch a movie together and PBP together while she’s here… but I’m not watching anything scary, unless I can get a copy of Student Bodies.. that would be super fun… well, for me? lol

  37. I’m going to try and get to some long overdue recording this week, now that I have some more time & energy. I’m also debating on what to do next for “Ditto Recommends”.

  38. The DVR write-up: In this terrifying thriller, James Duke uncovers a dark family secret when he decides to visit his estranged grandparents filling the death of his mother. The deeper James digs, the more he realizes he’s made a big mistake.

    Bwa, ha, ha, ha, ha!

  39. You know, when I’m in someone else’s home, looking at the picture on the walls, I don’t usually pull them a pat to see if there are other pictures hiding behind the one showing

  40. I just don’t know what to make of this movie. It was neither terrifying or a thriller. Nor do I think it was trying to be. Although, I’m really not sure what it was trying to be.

    It was slow moving. Had a huh ending. And screamed made in Canada. But you know, I think I kind of liked it

  41. Just finished watching Troll 2 with my daughter. This is widely considered to be the worst movie of all time (although I don’t think it holds a candle to Plan 9 from Outer Space). Fun to watch and it got my 14 year old daughter to realize why I like to watch bad movies. She had a blast. Now that I have her understanding the concept of a good-bad movie, the next step will be to get her hooked on MST3K.

  42. Van – I read 100k Kingdoms by Jemesin. There were a number of things I liked about it, but it didn’t nearly fit into the major fantasy subgenres. It was a little bit epic, a little bit Gaiman, and had a touch of the urban fantasy feel.

  43. Thanks everybody! As I told Jack the other day, I’m pleased to have survived myself to the age of 40. Miracle!

    CW: Resident Evil: Afterlife; then work.

  44. So apparently Good Morning America wants the next big pop star to fail since they got the guy who helped make the “Friday” video.

    And are acting like that is a good thing.

  45. Um ‘Bad Teacher’..was so so.

    I maybe desperate enough to check out Transformers 3 this week..Aarrgghh I can feel my intestine going after my brain..

  46. I wish I could find a web site that discussed how much car insurance to carry … that wasn’t sponsored by an insurance company or insurance industry group.

    It’s like going to the national pie council and asking how much pie you should eat every week.

    • From what I have been told it depends on the laws in the state and the value of your assets.
      If you have nothing get the state minimum. the Lawyers won’t bother trying to get more than they easily can from you.
      if you have many assets you might want to go more middle of the road ($100k+) then add a Law suit umbrella policy to your home owners insurance that will kick in after the car insurance policy is exhausted. but read the fine print some times they try to exclude car accidents from an umbrella policy… bastards.

      2 cents added!

    • from my only cursory knowledge of programming what’s wrong about having a computer call the atomic clock server January 2nd, instead of worrying about adjusting to the very second at midnight December 31.

  47. What am I supposed to be singing again? It’s a Boston song, I know that. I’m thinking it was Don’t Look Back, is that it?

      • Excellent. I should have extra time on my hands tomorrow as I will be waiting for a cable guy and 2 roofing contractors that all may or may not show up. Plenty of time to get this responsibility off my plate.

  48. With a Twin Peaks rewatch I’m going through, I remembered giving Jack a bit of Cooper wisdom back when days were darker…

    Do you remember which advice, Jack?

  49. You know, there’s a good reason that tau will never catch on…

    …you just can’t make any kind of geeky eatery name with tau. Only pi are square!

  50. Tea and pie would go nicely with your tau and pi.

    Amy, get better! Hugh out with the one and only JR Murdock tonight, along with the one and only Doug Kress (Trivia Doug from the old Slice of SciFi days).

    I didn’t even have to use my AK. It was a good day.

  51. Well, I’m coming to the end of Fall of Hyperion. Looks like Dance with Dragons hits on July 12.

    Any suggestions on something fairly short to read (listen to) to bridge the gap?

  52. Dammit, why are there no good parodies of Don’t Look Back. Plenty of parodies of More Than a Feeling. Can’t even find a good mashup with Don’t Look Back. This is going to take some additional thought.

  53. Hmmm. Looks like the title “Don’t Look Back” has been done by Boston, The Temptations, Telepopmusik, Lucie Sylvas, Thalia… and that’s just the first page of search results. Maybe I’ll do my own mashup.

  54. Ed, it is YA fiction, but I just finished The Hunger Games trilogy and was VERY impressed. Dystopian near-future stuff. Really quick reads.

    I’m in the middle of Book 1 of the Malazan novels by Erikson. Really enjoying that, but know I need to finish by July 12!

  55. And I just canceled my pre-order for Dances with Dragons and ordered it on Sly B’s amazon acct. She has prime through her University gig and we’ll get it on the day of release for free!

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone. It was a great day. Sly B took me here: http://www.colterra.com/ She also gave me some great gifts: 4 lbs of Grounds for Change coffee; the last two Marla Mason novels; a SHINY bumper sticker; a Best-Of Amy Poehler dvd; and some hard-to-find hair gunk that I prefer. I also got a very mean “I am 40” gift bag from my auntie with prunes and tums and all kinds of old-people things and some nice coffee mugs and some other loot. Good day!

    Amy, hope you’re feeling better! Hope everyone out there with shit happening is better today.

  56. I got an awesome compliment last night. A co-volunteer–I don’t know what else to call her–thought that both TCat & I were in our early 30s! πŸ™‚

    • We really enjoyed that one when we went to Legoland a couple of years ago. Take a couple of industrial assembly robots, paint them black and gold, attach a seat and you shake it all about.

  57. All the gay marriage stuff is hard to comment on. Little steps . . . Second class citizenry . . . bleh . . .

    It’s bloody hot.

    I have the same birthday as Felicia Day.

  58. Stolen sentences:

    Fulfill your Wild West fetish where leather-clad lesbian cowgirls carry guns, snakes slither over naked breasts and sudden showers drench the sand. Maria Beatty directs this brooding Bleu Production with a haunting soundtrack by Lydia Lunch. 2009.

    • I’m not looking forward to work next week, Summer tends towards hell where my job is concerned (air conditioning is rare and even when available is usually faulty).

  59. Morning, Pan.

    Yesterday was one of those “no energy for anything except lying around, watching movies” days. Today, I at least have enough energy to take a shower, get dressed, and eat oatmeal sitting at the dining table. Still not well enough to go back to work, but I’m getting there.

    • funny how a website called topless robot rips on a movie that is basically robot action porn for being just robot action porn
      Maybe Bay will do Voltron next
      oh the humanity… maybe not the best choice of words

      • To be fair, it’s also being ripped on for being too much robot action porn. I guess the first half is brutally boring, then the last hour is one giant action piece – which to me would be very boring as well.

        If he even touches Voltron I’m breaking off his…anything

        • and the robots are not actually showing any naughty bit in the movie
          all the talk about porn and touching Voltron is making my mind go to bad places

  60. The Waiting Place…

    …for people just waiting.
    Waiting for a train to go
    or a bus to come, or a plane to go
    or the mail to come, or the rain to go
    or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow
    or waiting around for a Yes or a No
    or waiting for their hair to grow.
    Everyone is just waiting.

    Waiting for the fish to bite
    or waiting for wind to fly a kite
    or waiting around for Friday night
    or waiting, perhaps, for their Uncle Jake
    or a pot to boil, or a Better Break
    or a string of pearls, or a pair of pants
    or a wig with curls, or Another Chance.
    Everyone is just waiting.

    That’s not for you!

  61. So been invited to a folk festival by an FB friend who I’ve met once.

    She has said I could stay at her house (with her partner and daughter) or camp out in the garden.

    Ummm, Mr Paranoid is kicking in..

  62. The order in which Michael Bay will tackle his next movies:
    Battle of the Planets
    She-Ra Princess of Power
    Captain Planet
    Plastic Man (Baby plas shows up in Plastic Man II)
    Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
    Galaxy Rangers
    Count Duckula
    Gummy Bears
    Kwiky Kowala
    The California Raisins