Jack Mangans Deadpan #197: A Show About Nothing

Show Nothings.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #197: A Show About Nothing

Promo – Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing (http://www.adventuresinscifipublishing.com/)

Justa J0e’s head cold entertains us

Third Man comments by
The Energizer Bunny

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395 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #197: A Show About Nothing

  1. I haven’t listened to the episode yet, but I apologize in advance for my rambling on. πŸ™‚ I plan on getting all my earbud segments done this weekend.

  2. Rhettro: I was swooning over your vocabulary this morning as I beautified for work.


    *imagines an episode of just Rhettro and Van defining words*

  3. Shit, shit, shit. I’m on business travel again and forgot that it was :pan: day. I’ll have to download it tonight at the hotel and listen to it tomorrow.

  4. And I’m trying to find a decent podcast catcher for my phone since like.. it’s like a second appendage these days.

    I’ve never texted so much in my life.

    I’m a texting maniac.

  5. Not a full-length book, but a 30,000 word chapbook. I have not discussed it yet onpod, Nomad – – just because I wanted to be sure it was going to happen. This project has been in development limbo for years.

  6. The thing that bugs me about Lady Gag is that her “weirdness” doesn’t seem at all inspired. To me it seems very fake and contrived. Like she is being put together by a marketing team … sort of like “The Monkey’s” were.
    Only, some of their music is still really listenable.

  7. – Van, I’ll talk to Chris Teague about your pre-order.

    – NS, they were pretty cool about everything. I haven’t exactly been the blitz writer, these past few years. . . .

    – Cj, good french fries are a vice.

  8. You know, if I’m sending a pm to any of you on facebook, which clearly states my proper name, I still want to sign off with Van or Vanamonde.

    I’ll get my coat.

  9. Also, I think it’s important to note that this may very well be one of the worst weeks in my lifetime as an adult.

    I mean if you just add up the different things that have inundated me with suck this week. This is just simply not my week.

  10. I was going to post that I don’t really eat cake… I’d probably listen to cake..

    but, I could totally scarf down an entire cheesecake right now…

    Because yea.. then I’d go into a sugar coma and all feeling would be lost to me…


    doesn’t sound so bad right now!

  11. Froggin’ scatter shot tonight.

    Van – I’ll check the “get my coat” vid when I get home. Can’t hear anything over the roar at work.

    Jack – At least you are still writing. I essentially stopped about a year ago and haven’t been able to get anything longer than tweets down on a steady basis.

    Scry – LEARN TO ENUNCIATE. Geez, stop the mummmmmmmbling!

  12. Well Pan, I’m off to torture myself by going to see ‘Never Let Me Go’ at the cinema.

    Yes I was that desperate to get out of the house for the evening.

  13. Next week is a bit ridiculous.

    Monday is a holiday, Tuesday a dark day.

    Thursday I’m taking a day off to watch the kids in the afternoon while my wife doesn’t something work related.

    And rumor says that Friday will be another dark day.

  14. Good to know Rhett.
    If my discomfort can’t make others smile, then what’s the point!
    Special kudos (once again) to Jack whose comic genius with editing is as strong as his comic guinness is stout.

  15. That’s tough NS.
    The last corporate gig I had was like that for about 2 years. 2 years of wondering if you or your whole department was going to be suddenly “escorted out”.
    I couldn’t adequately explain the level of stress that dark cloud puts on a person to anyone who hasn’t been through it.
    I sending positive thoughts your way man.

  16. Just turned on the TV to watch last night’s daily show. OMG the show that’s on the channel is tripping. It’s called Dirtgirlworld (seems to really be all one word). It’s an animated show bot the eyes and mouths on the characters are of real people on the animated creatures. Freaky looking

  17. My boss messed up. She gave me figures for December instead of January. I think I’ll play two worlds II while I wait for the correct ones.

  18. Good morning.

    Up since 4am with a vomiting child. Washed sheets, and he was keeping down some popsicle before I left for work.


    Things are looking up!! I got a kick ASS parking spot :rock: :metal:

    I put both because I don’t remember which is the right one.

  19. Bunny – Dark days are when the plant management decides to close the entire plant rather than pay for people to come to work and not produce product.

    Thankfully, the state has a program where, rather than lay people off for weeks to months at a time, the company can have pretty much random dark days and the workers get paid unemployment benefits for those days. I lose some money this way, but it’s better than the alternative.

    I don’t know if other states, countries, provinces have a similiar program, but I am pretty sure it saved my job two years ago.

  20. justa J0e – Thanks. It’s a bit scary when the guy with seven years gets laid off. I’ve only got 10 years. And then they do dark days, randomly and suddenly decide to lay a shift off, madness.

  21. Greetings, pan.

    Going to be a long and unquiet weekend. No holidays round these parts. But, I do at least get paid well for the extra hours.

    Tangent – Though, I must confess, I’m having trouble narrowing down to which song I want to send for the earbuddies exchange. I may just have to collect four or five that I like and draw one out of a hat.

  22. Bunny said:
    “We call our holiday Family Day. We’re encouraged to spend the day with our family. How silly is that?”

    Yeah, that’s pretty silly. (Really? Somebody thought it was that important to have more synchronized holiday weekends with the US?)

  23. I’m with ya, Ed, workin’ the holiday weekend. Yesterday was a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG day, today will be just 10 hours – ugh!

    I am in sunny San Diego, though . . . wait, it’s pouring and freezing. Damnit!

  24. Pouring and freezing in San Diego?

    That is just uncalled for.

    Though, if you’re working, I guess it doesn’t terribly matter too much what the weather is like.

  25. Yep, it’s cloudy and cold here in some-ways-north-of-San-Diego.

    How long are you in town for, EssBee? Can you make a 9pm live music show tonight here in Temecula? It’d be about an hour from San Diego, and we’d love to have you. Email me or send a message on Facebook for directions.

  26. Hi Amy,

    I wish I could! I have a team dinner at 8 in San Diego.

    I’m in town until Friday and am already exhausted. I hear there are 63,000 people in town this weekend. Not a table to be had in the city anywhere unless you made reservations Wednesday!

    There was an Amy Bowen mentioned on Portlandia last night!

  27. Karma Bar episode 1 was okay up til the last few moments, where the episode was trying to wrap up and it just sort of … it felt off. Like the characters weren’t quite in character anymore.

    And after clicking the link to watch episode 2 several times and being delivered one minute advertisements for Karma Bar instead, I’m no longer interested enough to try any longer.

  28. Plants Vs Zombies reference in the latest Supernatural..cool!

    I’m actually enjoying the US version of Shameless, caught upto tonight.

    Considering what happened to Soap, I wonder how long this series will last.

  29. SPEAKING of beer …
    It is bottling day for my Bock.
    Must say I’m having motivational issues.

    Oh well … of to wash and sterilize 38 bottles and caps and a bucket and a siphon hose and a big stirring spoon and I can’t remember what else and NOT just go back to bed like a really want to do.

  30. If you excuse me a moment, I need to do some math.

    5 gallons = 768 ounces

    12 20oz bottles = 240oz
    this leaves = 528oz

    12 16oz bottles = 192
    This leaves 336 oz

    So I would need 28 more 12 oz bottles.

    okay. Math is over.

  31. Okay so that’s another 68oz of capacity, so (336 – 68) / 12 = 22.33

    So I only need to wash/sani 22 12oz bottles.

    What I really need is some friends who would come over on a regular basis and help me drink these cases of beer that are sitting in my beer shelter … thus freeing up my stash of 20oz bottles.

  32. More math.
    I remember the miracle of modern technology and called my brewing buddy.
    He is away, sailing in the Fla. Keys with his wife … but they stay in site of the shore and therefor … cell signals!
    He told me where there are empty 20oz bottles stashed in his house.

    Ah! A quest! I am off.

  33. ^So they observe President’s Day in Canada? That’s good to know.

    I plan on a little recording tonight for the 9″ Smurfs. Hopefully fortune will smile on me.

  34. Rhett, Amy. Not everything we do is about The States.

    Ours is a provincial holiday not a federal one. When it was brought in, it was thought that the time between new years and Easter was a long time to go without a break. It was decided to call this Family Day. In theory, although it died pretty quick, there were suppose to be event going on around the province the whole family could take part in

  35. I’m refusing to turn on my computer today. I’m reading, listening to podcast, and will watch a movie later today.

    Deadpanning on my phone is the closest I’m going to get to computering

  36. That must be a Clash of Scrabble Titans.

    Yes, please feel free to contribute to the 9″Smurfs. Consider it an item on your “Bunny-do” list.

    So here I am at a cafe in stupid frozen north AZ. I made the mistake of checking the social media, saw all of the Phoenix folks reveling in their beautiful day. :meh:

  37. You know, weeks like this past one make me most grateful for my college degree. I get to spend my weekends and evenings supporting a project from a computer at home instead of spending 16+ hour days chasing down unknown pieces of piping in the field like the designers have been doing.

  38. woody woody woo woo

    I wonder if Chrome will work at work today.

    I shan’t find out until after 10. This schedule is sooo not meant for me. I’m a morning person!!

  39. Van – If it’s any consolation, I don’t exactly remember what GLIAL means. I think it has something to do with the myelin sheath on nerve cells, but I’d have to look it up to be sure.

    Cj – You are only 60 down, with 50 tiles left. That’s plenty of time for a rousing come-back. =)

    No, I’m serious. One of the guys I used to play sucked the first half of the game and blew me away on the back half of every game. I had to rack up the points early because he was going to make 50+ moves at the end.

  40. The Gadhafi speech made no damn sense. I would guess the CNN translator was bollocks, but the Aljazeera one seemed as insane.

    Apparently he (Gadhafi) thinks that the protesters are A> on the pills and B> foreigners. Also, his clothes do not fit, just going by the number of times he had to put his hat back on, his shawl back on.

  41. We saw The Fighter this past weekend, btw. Good biopic stuff. That Christian Bale can act. I’m not sure if Amy Adams can act, but she’s welcome to be in any movie, thank you.

    Nomad, I understand that’s set in your part of Mass?

  42. Jack – I had to look it up, but yeah, The Fighter is local. Lowell is less than 25 miles away from where I live.

    I’ve only been here for a dozen years, so I’m not real familiar with the history of the area.

  43. Debbie Gibson was like, the first one I posted.

    # Cj Says:
    February 22nd, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    CP: Electric Youth – Debbie Gibson

    Um, thanks, Pandora?

    Where were you?

  44. And I don’t wanna fall to pieces
    I just wanna sit and stare at you
    I don’t wanna talk about it
    And I don’t want a conversation
    I just wanna cry in front of you.

    I don’t wanna talk about
    ‘Cause I’m in love with you…

    — Avril Lavigne – Fall to Pieces

  45. Well, as though Amazon Prime weren’t already cool enough with included two day shipping, now they’ve included access to about 5000 titles in their Video On Demand library.

    Much of it is television series episodes that I see so far. And, much of that is actually BBC in orgin. I expect it will grow, but it’s a nice start. The new Blu-ray player that I picked up a month ago has Amazon as one of the built in sources that it will stream.

    A bit of Fry and Laury, Black Adder, Dr. Who (recent series as well as some “classic” series), Robin Hood, Red Dwarf, several seasons of Top Gear, Primeval, Torchwood.

    There also look like a number of PBS shows and series. Farscape is on as well.

    Some I’ve seen, much I’ve meant to see. Probably not enough to get someone into Amazon Prime if they dont’ already see the value in it, but a nice addon at this point.

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