Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #140: Flash in the Pan, Part 2. Mongopalooza.

TeeMing Morris Show Notes.

(Thanks for the Show Notes, Energizer Bunny!)

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #140: Flash in the Pan, Part 2. Mongopalooza.

Special Guest Tee Morris tells us of The Crystal Maze (http://teemorris.com/)
Kurt in St. George speaks of the differences between Flash Gordon and Flesh Gordon
Tee Morris returns and talks Flash Gordon
EssBee weighs in on Flash Gordon and her favorite cheeses
Tee Morris returns
Promo – Love Long and Prosper Podcast (http://www.lovelongandprosper.com/podcast/)
EssBee with more cheese
Tee and Jack return
Cheesy EssBee
More from Kurt in St. George
Tee and Jack
Cheese, cheese everywhere
Jack Jaffee (aka Trucker Overdrive) Flashes us (http://www.jackjaffee.com)
Tee Returns
Good God that’s a lot of cheese EssBee!
More to come on Flash Gordon in future episodes!
First comment of the Week was by Cj
Send in content: 206-350-Tomi (8664) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom
Stolen from the 80’s by EssBee
Closing music

609 thoughts on “Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #140: Flash in the Pan, Part 2. Mongopalooza.

  1. Lejon: No, that was just fine. Thanks much for your input. I’ll add it to my ever-expanding Netflix queue. I think it’ll wind up somewhere around #250.

    reaper: I’m jealous. I’d love to go to a con. I’m roughly 90% positive I’m going to The Next HOPE. It’ll be my first experience of anything of the sort.

  2. Johnny Null: i would love to go to a fun con because I already enjoy going to industry/education cons so much fun stuff…
    Ooo a Windows 7 T-Shirt and an “I’m a PC” Pin…

  3. I went to a Comdex in Atlanta, one of the last times it was held there. I watched an insane demo of the power of RISC using a PowerPC chip that had four 3D videos running simultaneously. It was crazy power.

  4. Actually Scy, I do. I love watching the Orcs do the happy dance and then of course you have to sing Frodo of the Nine Fingers…

  5. I think my favorite part of the con was Listening to Dr Michio Kaku (long gray haired doctor from “The Universe” on the history channel) he was very interesting. I wish I could have gone today also so I could have heard Chris Gardner… Maybe next year I can go both days.

  6. Maybe. But it doesn’t explain why it happens every time I try to record myself talking for more than two minutes. It’s been happening all year. I’d hate to think that I had some sort of allergy to talking out loud.

    No. Wait, that might be the answer to all my problems. I wonder if I could get on the dole with that one… LOL

  7. Showed my mom my i-touch. She’s having a lot of trouble with the fact it’s not a phone. She’s constantly asking me about talking to people, using it when there isn’t a free wi-fi. Now she want me to take pictures with it.

    I’ve put my cell phone and the touch together to show her that I have both and they don’t do the same things but she’s still having trouble grasping the concept. I think that’s just an age and mom’s blond thing than an issue with my mom herself, I simply have no patience :mrgreen:

  8. What’s really funny is mom will ask me a question, then when she see’s my hubby she’ll ask him the exact same question, sometimes word for word. I asked her last night if she thinks we lie to her and she’s compairing answers just in case. She really didn’t give me an answer…

  9. I laughed and laughed. You took me seriously, which was unexpected, and had a cute and reasonable reason not to follow through. I found that hilarious. Better than “dude” “sweet” “dude” “sweet”.

  10. My cat is being extra snuggly and bratty this morning. She’s letting me know what she thinks of the fact there’s a strange person in the house.

    (this is actually not anything against my mom, my kitty hates all people)

  11. Won’t get my contracts reconciled before lunch. Mom wants to go shopping when the malls open in about 1/2 an hour. Then she wants to visit my boo and see all her reptiles.

    I’m get to play taxi. Normally wouldn’t mind but mom has a habit of not asking but telling you what the plan is. I told her I do have a day job but… she’s blond *shrug*

  12. *currently giggling at*

    Leather Goddesses of Phobos tries to guess what
    you reallymean when you don’t give enough information.
    For example, if you say that you want to do
    something, but not what you want to do it to or with,
    Leather Goddesses of Phobos will sometimes decide
    that there is only one possible object you could
    mean. When it does so, it will tell you. For example:
    (with the key)
    The door is now unlocked.
    (with the insurance policy)
    Instruction Manual 19
    You read the insurance policy to the rapist, who dies of

    What do you want to cover the body with?
    You drape the blanket loosely over poor Mrs. Filbert.


    Which melon do you mean, the honeydew melon or the casaba melon?
    The honeydew melon is ripe and juicy.

  14. whoa, my first cut and paste went all wonky.. should have said:

    (with the insurance policy)

    You read the insurance policy to the rapist, who dies of boredom.


    I’m sure it makes MUCH more sense now.

  15. Home. Took mom to the mall and spent an hour or so wandering. Then went to see my Boo and mom was introduced to all her critters (which is fine, mom likes lizards and snakes). Had Swiss Chalet for lunch. Now back home.

    Back to the spreadsheets

  16. Get a good priest for the exorcism tonight, Lejon. . .
    . . . If you find yourself in an unknown Monty Python film, then just keep an eye out for knights with rubber chickens, , waffer thin mints, the Judean People’s Front, and vicious rabbits.

  17. Whatever may be the most annoying thing to say, but “I tried everything” comes pretty close for me.

    If they -had- tried everything, then they would have found the solution and wouldn’t be bothering me. If they -had- tried everything, then they would have already seen that the reason the machine won’t start is flashing on the display panel and it is because they didn’t turn the knob from “jog” to “run”.

    For a … random example.

  18. I’ll be with you in spirit tho the body part of me has to go pack lunches and put itself to rest for the night.

    I’ll dream in numbers 3, 2, 1… home…. on your behalf!

  19. Okay, back from seeing UP, a film that generated feelings of happiness and sadness, and most non animated films can’t do that.

    Great film..

  20. CPIMM:

    Don’t break my heart, my achey breakey heart, I just don’t think he’ll understand.

    I’m not sure who I pissed off, but geez, isn’t this a little cruel and unusual?

  21. A friend of mine sent out this email last week:

    Saturday, Oct. 10th at 6pm

    I know you guys don’t go to games often but man the team could really use your support for at least the home opener. They are running a “Welcome Back Whiteout” promotion that is absolutely smoking so I thought I’d pass it on. Basically you can get lower bowl tickets for $20 or upper bowl for only $10. You can’t beat a price like that for NHL hockey and there isn’t a bad seat in that place! The atmosphere should be absolutely insane for that first game so if ever there is a time to be there this is it. Bring the whole family, I guarantee you won’t regret it!! I really think you’ll all enjoy it but if that’s not a good enough reason, man please do it for me. I’m a huge fan scared to death of losing my hockey team. 🙁 The entire hockey world will be watching this game to see if Phoenix fans will come out in support, please show them Phoenix is a great sports down. We’re only one of a handful of cities that have all 4 of the major team sports, let’s keep it that way!! Anyway…

    See you at the game and don’t forget to wear white! ow ow ooooowwwwwoooooo!!!!

    His email must have worked. The Coyotes sold out their home opener.

  22. Jack: w00t! 🙂

    My morning so far: Get up. Eat breakfast. Shower. Get dressed. Sweep house while listening to podcasts on iPod. Get headphone cord caught on drawer pull while turning away from coffeemaker to throw away old coffee filter. React by jerking arm in such a way as to tear old coffee filter. Spill coffee grounds all over kitchen floor. Spend ten minutes cleaning them up. Finally make coffee. Finally sit down to study.

    *sigh* At least it’s an amusing story. 🙂

  23. Wow, I’m very late to the ‘Pan. Anyhow . . . with a quick nipple-glance . . .

    Vanamonde: I’m happy you finally got to see “Up” and I’m glad you liked it.

    Who hasn’t heard of Baileys? It’s very common. I like a little bit now and again, but Lady J finds its milkyness off-putting.

    Nomad Scry: It appears that the two of us will also partake in the NaNoWriMo. I’ll sign up over the weekend. I’ve got a good throw-away idea in my head.

  24. Mmmmm Baileys.

    I do believe Jack had some at the Deadpanmmmm Meet, but it had been tainted by a bad suggestion (lemon juice) from Evo. Cement Mixer he called it? Damn I wish I had that on video.

    I love Baileys in my coffee.

    Amy, sorry you had such a bad experience. Coffee demands to be made and enjoyed as quickly as possible around these parts. I’m glad you were able to find the amusement in it. Coffee isn’t something I joke about! 😉

  25. I think there’s a picture of my reaction. I knew I was in for something gross, just playing the fall guy. 🙂

    I think there needs to be experimentation with coffee and cream stouts.

  26. It’s a death defyin’ life I lead,
    I take my chances.
    I die for a livin’ in the movies and TV.
    But the hardest thing I ever do
    Is watch my leadin’ ladies
    Kiss some other guy while I’m bandagin’ my knee.

  27. Well, it’s time for me to head off to that big weekend in the sky, or my living room (whatever).

    If I don’t see you before Monday, may you all have a great weekend!

    Have a shot of Bailey’s in a pint of Guinness. It’s not as disgusting as a Cement Mixer…


  28. I think I’ve mentioned this before.

    A shot of Tia Marie, and a pour in enough to cream to make a thin layer on top of the booze.

    Wait, and watch patterns develop as the cream and Tia Marie begin to mix.

  29. Just finished “Year One”

    Interestingly, a lot of the jokes require a knowledge of biblical stories to work. Like the scene where Cain gets hit with lighting. Haha. It leaves a mark on his head. Which doesn’t mean anything at all unless you know where vampires came from.

    Er, I mean… 🙂

  30. So, we let the kids play outside because the weather is freaking beautiful and what do we get for it? A fricken mouse in the house.

    Dan saw it run into and then out of the bathroom.

    A mouse.

    There are no kittens or mittens or old ladies saying “hush” and there shouldn’t be a damn mouse.

    In my house.

  31. As I stated on Twitter, Stargate Universe is reminding me of Space 1999.

    Oh and for iPhone/iPod Touch users doing a search on the app store for ‘ Chilli X’ all their apps are free this weekend…I wasn’t that impressed with the descriptions.

  32. EssBee: i’m in Wisconsin so it is no ware near as bad as you have it but I still hate Snow. I want to move back to Seattle where the snow melts by the afternoon

  33. we get all the cold with not the much snow. the snow we get is only useful for about 2 months of the year. you can hardly snowmobile unless you live on a lake but not the great lakes

  34. Usedhair: Well done! re: 6k years! I done lol’ed

    I too am alone for the vast majority of the weekend. I should have time to catch up on things. “Things” includes my new bottle o’ sake. (~39 calories/oz)

  35. So I saw Army of Crime tonight, a French film set in WW2 about immingrants fightning the German occupier.

    Too many characters, and you know from the beginning that everybody dies..interesting though.

  36. Vanamonde: You give my knowledge of history far too much credit.

    I don’t generally like military flicks, but I really liked Enemy at the Gate.

  37. Ahhhhhhhhhhh . . .

    The difference between good sake and crap sake is like the difference between a “happy ending” and a kick in the jimmy.

  38. Wow, I haven’t checked in all day and I missed all my birthday wishes. You guys and gals rock! Technically, tomorrow is my birthday aka Sunday. I feel like I’m turning 21 again, which would be correct because 42 is equal to 2 x 21. 🙂

  39. And we’re back….ok, I’m back at least. I know I’m not going to get caught up on comments. But, I am going to get caught up with this week’s show.

    Life is good, but my sleep cycle is screwed.

  40. And…this is what happens when I’m up late ’cause I can’t get to sleep yet. Apparently the “kids” may know this from one of the Grand Theft Auto games. Seasoned Panites like myself should know it from our child hoods (though I don’t know if Van would have had the chance to see it).

    Don’t cheat and scroll down to the comments.


    Sadly, cannot find it for sale through any legitimate means. But, I have found several sites that will take the youtube stream and give an mp3 of the audio.

  41. Jack, I haven’t seen Timecrimes yet, but it is 181 in my Netflix queue. It is Spanish with subtitles and I must have heard something good about it. I’ll let you know in two years when I get that far down my list…

  42. Sorry Ed I had to cheat by looking down at the bottom of the comments.

    I certainly remember watching Gil Gerad as Buck Rogers at the time, but that tune has slipped down a memory hole.

  43. I’ve been burnt so many time by combined external battery pack/cases for my iPhone, that this time I’m just going to go for a small battery pack I can carry around with me and charge the phone at a push.

    Plus the battery in my Phone is screwed again, so that will be winging it way back to Apple for repair.

    Great phone, but the non removable battery just makes me grind my teeth.

  44. morning pan, Happy bday Rhett!! today is my dog bday also. he is 8 but being a Chihuahua he still looks like a puppy.

    I have a question or the pan panel (hehe). I’m looking for Recipe Database software. I have tried “role your own” but have never been happy with the results. Has anyone used any of the options out there? so far I have used Recipe center 5.2 and it is nice, but importing recipes from web sites is a bit messy.

  45. Looks like the pan is truly dead this Sunday.

    Van – the song was from the episode where Buck goes to meet the “Space Rockers” whose manager plans to use the concert broadcast to conquer the universe by mind control of the kids in the audience.

  46. Aaarg! LLAP recording thwarted. Dan is not pleased with my inability to complete a thought without stopping mid-sentence to cough. Robotussin doesn’t work. Throat lozenges don’t work. NyQuil – well … I guess we’ll see what happens.

    I’m feeling very FAIL right now. 🙁

    I tried my best. Honest!

  47. It’s a “Oh crap, I’m not sick again” moment I’m having. Really. I’m NEVER sick and I feel like this year has been the year of the sick Cj. So lame.

    Anyway.. thus far, it’s definitely all above the neckline type coughing. I’m breathing fine. No fever. No other symptoms except the occasional sneeze and I might be a bit irritable – although, I don’t know if that’s just how I am these days or from the sick.


  48. Good. Not fun,, but good. =) I don’t have any really good advice. When my throat hurts/feels like I have coughed it raw, I like to drink grapefruit juice. It hurts, but it feels like it is scratching my throat. I think this is more psychosomatic than anything real.

    Sorry. No tricks in my pockets tonight.

  49. I’m more of a hot tea with lemon kinda girl.

    My lips are chapped too from the nose blowing so, grapefruit juice while yummy, is not going to be anywhere near my mouth right now!

    only my beloved Cherry Chapstick and Lotion filled Kleenexes..

    and maybe some chocolate.

    Coffee is good too.

    Mmmm Mocha

  50. My internet keeps going in and out. Maybe it’s trying to tell me something like.. I should get offline and go to sleep?


    The internets are trying to outsmart me.

  51. Just watched the 3 part of the SG:U pilot. That was much much better. Nothing to call mom about, but certainly something I’d enjoy making time for.

    And they did a last three seconds “hey wha!?”

  52. Stupid jet lag. Body clock remains fuxored. Slept for about four hours and now I’m awake….for now. This afternoon is going to be bad.

  53. RE: Weird Show link from NS

    Sometimes I think a world without men could be more relaxing, but if I wasn’t being driven crazy by the men in my life, I think life would be kinda boring.

    That aside, it’s an interesting concept. I might have to read up on it further. Right now all searches are basically coming up with the same text and set of photos. Hmm.

  54. Cj: Someone wrote a comic-book series exploring that very topic, called “Y: The Last Man.” I haven’t read it, but it might be interesting.

    Happy Thanksgiving to TEB, Randy, Val, and all other Canadians. 🙂

  55. My girlfriend’s car broke down so I had to run out this morning and pick her and her two kids up and take everyone home.

    My Gram is also sick again so I’m waiting for her doctor to call and let us know if she should go to emergency or if what she’s experiencing is “normal”.

    My kiddos are on vacation and home with me, but I’m attempting to get my work done while I’m “on call” for various situations.

    Aren’t Mondays the best? Whoo hoo!

  56. FYI … or Newsflash…

    I like men.

    Some more than others.

    Go figure.

    I’m sure you are all shocked by this information.
    (disclaimer: women are nice too… sometimes)

  57. The worst part of a four day work week is going back to work. So, despite being at work now, huzzah for one fifth less work this week.

    Unfortunately, I got used to taking a nap right about now.

  58. I seem to remember reading something about how the Y chromosome isn’t being recombined, simply replicated, so that degradations are building up in the code and eventually males will not function correctly due to this.

    But I’m getting this thought/memory/idea mixed up with how mitochondria are only passed down from the mothers.

  59. Yeah, I take any chance to pimp that book that I can get. IMO it should be required reading in schools. Much better than, shall we say, “Catcher in the Rye”?

  60. Cuz every time it rains,
    You’re here in my head,
    Like the sun coming out–
    Ooh, I just know that something good is gonna happen.
    I don’t know when,
    But just saying it could even make it happen.

  61. Part of the reason they changed it to climate change cos they got pissed off with people saying “Heh it’s snowing in X so much for global warming”.

    I’ll get my coat.

  62. I was suppose to go out and have lunch with my Boo today but I’m thinking it’s snowing too hard. There is always a problem with the first real snowfall of the year, silly people forget what it’s like to drive in snow from last year and it gets accident crazy for the first few days.

    Will have to think about it.

  63. The first real rainstorm of the winter has arrived here in Southern California. It’s temporarily let up now, but it’s supposed to get worse tomorrow. I’m actually kind of glad about it. It finally feels like it’s fall.

  64. I’m watching the noon news. They’re talking about flu vaccinations and were interviewing some of the nurses giving the shot. At the end of the story the newscaster turned to his co-host and said “The nurses are nice”.

    I’m not sure what to make of that

  65. The space goes
    down, down baby,
    down, down the roller coaster.
    Sweet, sweet baby,
    sweet, sweet, don’t let me go.

    Shimmy, shimmy, cocoa pop.
    Shimmy, shimmy, rock.
    Shimmy, shimmy, cocoa pop.
    Shimmy, shimmy, rock.

    I met a girlfriend – a triscuit.
    She said, a triscuit – a biscuit.
    Ice cream, soda pop,
    vanilla on the top.
    Ooh, Shelly’s out, walking down the street,
    ten times a week.

    I read it.
    I said it.
    I stole my momma’s credit.
    I’m cool.
    I’m hot.
    Sock me in the stomach three more times.

  66. BTW: Some will claim that the 61% increase in Deadpan comments can be attributed to one-time “Flash Stimulus”… Part of the new “Cash for Comments” program.

    This raises the question – Is the Deadpan considered “shovel ready” ?

  67. Not even remotely amusing answer to why the seagulls don’t fly south in a land-locked …

    (I just forgot the word for)

    … province: Land fill. All the crap a seagull could desire.

  68. I liked that tire commercial. That’ll be me in a few months.

    My MiL’s “friend” bought us brand new tires about three months ago. They spin out in the rain. I can’t wait to see how they’ll handle in the snow.

  69. Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle,
    the cow jumped over the moon.
    The little dog laughed to see such a sight,
    and the dish ran away with the spoon.

    I said a
    hey diddle diddle, the cat and some fiddles,
    they all jumped over the moon.
    the little dog laughed to see such a sight ,
    and then he ran away with the spoon.

  70. CD: Overhearing a conversation about how removal of a friend from FB can lead to threats of physical violence.

    I’m glad a lot of FB passes me by…

  71. I really don’t associate with co-workers. Mostly ‘cuz I’m blue collar and finding anyone half conversant in … well, anything I give a rat’s ass about is really rather rare. But also because I don’t like talking. Can ya tell? Thankfully, it protects me from a lot of the drama that I eventually hear about once the rumor mill gets really rolling.

  72. Is it Wednesday everywhere? Or am I dreaming? Did I fall asleep?

    snow blower….man they just write themselves, don’t they (giggle)

  73. Good morning.

    I haven’t slept much due to this nasty cough. Other than the cough I feel fine, but I can’t sleep. So… you might get to see some fun delirious posts from me. Who knows. If you are lucky!

    Also – apparently someone punched me in the eye last night while I wasn’t noticing. I woke up with a burst blood vessel and a black eye. I’m sure it happened during one of my boughts of coughing but, holy eyelids, Batman… I look totally ruff and tuff now! 🙂

  74. Feel better Cj.

    I remember, shortly after hubby and I moved in together, I rolled over at night and ran into his elbow. I came into work the next day with a black eye. I actually got quite a grilling from my boss who was concerned about me having a black eye and this, relatively, new guy I was with. I found it quite amusing 🙂

  75. heh.. yeah I came in the kitchen this morning and said, “Hey dude… Did you beat me up last night while I wasn’t paying attention?”

    I know it’s from coughing because I have a burst blood vessel on my eye. Thankfully, none of this hurts and I feel fine. Just tired and heck, I’m used to tired. I barely notice anymore.:P

  76. Me? Well I too am totally snowed under … but not in a way that can be made better with a good blowing. 🙁

    Among other things on the list, I am still trying to replace a faulty hard drive enclosure. I have finally opened the dead one and pulled out the drive.

    It is a Barracuda 7200.10 500GB drive that is proudly proclaiming itself to be “Ultra ATA”. The interface of the dead enclosure is USB and Firewire “USB2/1394A”
    Physically speaking – the drive measures about 1″x4″x5.75″
    (Model # ST3500630A)

    I finally got tech support at Maxtor who told me that they could not tell me what sort of enclosure to buy because they don’t recommend switching enclosures.
    When I described the fault, they confirmed that the enclosure was likely dead. Since the drive was out of warranty they recommended I just pull the drive out of the dead enclosure, install it in my computer and then remove the data.

    When I explained that I was using this with a LAPTOP they wished me “goodluck” and sent me on my way. 🙁

    If any of you more tech savy Deadpanites can tell me what sort of enclosure I should look for or an on-line place you’d recommend for buying that sort of thing … it would be swell.

    Meanwhile – back to “The List”™ of things to do.

  77. Bite your tongue, Jack!
    Or would that be your fingers since you typed it?
    The flu is not welcome here.

    Besides I have no other symptoms and I seriously feel fine. I don’t feel sick at all.

  78. JJ, sounds like you need an enclosure that supports a PATA interface. Depending on the physical size of the drive that could be one that supports 3.5 inch (desktop bays) or 2.5 inch (laptop HDs) HDs.

    I’m not biting on the BR article..nosiree!

  79. Van’s here! *runs and jumps into Vanamonde’s arms, almost knocking him over*

    I don’t see you around here as much. Keeping busy?

  80. JN: I really like Stross as a writer. Though I agree with him about TNG, there is also the point that it was never intended to be hard SF: it is a space opera. The majority of space operas have “fluffy-tech” and I’m OK with that so long as the characters are good and it is an entertaining story.

  81. JJ – do you have any friends with desktops in your vicinity? Your easiest option may be to stick in one of their machines and retrieve what you need that way. Depending on how many Gigs you are looking to recover, DVD’s or flash drives may then get your data back to your laptop.

    Otherwise, Van is probably right about the enclosure. I’ve not shopped for one in a while, but NewEgg is usually a good source for such things.

  82. Man, the company changes it’s blocking software recently. I’ve not been able to access any of the links posted today.

    In any case, Blade Runner, much like religion and politics, is a subject best broached very cautiously. 🙂

  83. J0e: You might want to try teching the tech. I hear that some vendors sell tech that can tech your tech. Of course, finding a new tech to insert your old tech into is probably the best way to handle your tech.

    — Yeah, I could write for TNG —

  84. ditto: I agree to a point. You can explore ideas in sci-fi without becoming very “hard” about it. The original ST series did it, at least on occasion, as did others such as The Twilight Zone.

  85. Bloody lag.

    Ooooof! TEB.

    In an ongoing situation that is taking up a lot of my spare time (which is a good thing), might all turn to ashes of course, but that’s life.

  86. Re: “Hand from Above”

    So much better then their original attempts, which included the PR nightmare that was “Penis from above”. It seemed like such a good idea in the brainstorming meeting.

  87. I’d like to offer you all the chance to be angry and/or yell at me this week because apparently all of my family members felt the need to do so. Why not invite my friends in on the fun?

  88. JN… hehe… not usually. It’s very out of the ordinary stuff and mostly revolving around me taking care of my Gram. She’s old and for crying out loud, her quality of life kinda stinks. The poor dear is blind and her hearing aids aren’t working great. She is living in a place with a few other old people, some of whom can’t walk or talk… I try to visit as much as I can, but I understand her frustration and I love her dearly.

    But why everyone needs to be all YELLY about her doctor appointments and medications is beyond me.

    I just wish she’d stop calling other family members for help. If she’d JUST call me, then nobody else would have to get involved… she thinks she’s doing me a favor and saving me grief of having to care for her, but the fact is, dealing with the other family members who get grumpy about her calling them is soooooo not worth it.

    I tell her JUST CALL ME!

    Maybe I should yell at her when I tell her that.

  89. Good evening, pan. Went to see “Zombieland” with some friends after work today. The movie is very, very wrong. But it is also one of the gut busting funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time.

  90. jJ: The drive enclosure you linked to looks pretty good, and should be fine, but double check the width of the actual drive to make sure it will fit first. There are 2.5″ (usually considered laptop hard drives) 3.5″ (most hard drive are now this size) and 5.25″ sizes. I was just poking around on NewEgg to see what kind of options you have and they have multiple enclosures to fit all three sizes.

    You could probably save a buck or two by forgoing the firewire connection too. Unless you need that. I mean, I have seen a IEEE 1394 connection in use. I think. Maybe.

  91. Corporate just mandated a reboot. I’m glad I was here to save my work notes. Pisses me off no end when they do this and I lose half a nights worth of observations and troubleshooting.