620 thoughts on “Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #125: Underrated

  1. I cannot access MP3 files from the network at work, so… someone else will have to transcribe #125 for me so I can read it tonight before I go home.

    Cj? Wanna take this one for me?

  2. I had an avocado sushi roll once and not only was it very good, it had no fish in it.

    And I detest the whole shifting time around idea. I cannot see how anyone ever thought that this was a good idea.

  3. I think I’ve just shared a bonding moment with Van regarding the consumption of raw fish. Perhaps is just goes back to my caveman lineage, but I regard the discovery of fire for cooking animals as a good thing.

    Deadpan 125 is locked and loaded.

  4. Only up for a few minutes. My Boo is taking her car in for servicing so I have to go pick her up in about 15 minutes.

  5. For those of you on FB. My profile picture is of my backyard, taken this morning. To give you an idea of what we are dealing with.

  6. Morning, Pan.

    This very long day is starting. I’ve just finished my prep work for tonight’s conference call. I’ve got new Deadpan, Wander Radio, and several other podcasts ready to go, and I’m ready for the rest of the day. Catch you on the other side.

  7. Back from the brrr. Now to warm up and do some work. Then back out to SHOVEL MY SIDEWALK.

    I’m really ready for spring.

  8. Snow is definitely over ratted
    Participating in winter sports is over rated (What do you mean you don’t ski? You live right beside the mountains!)

  9. Brrr, f’n brrr.

    Wolf, you almost need that today. Because it was semi-warm when the snow started, there is a beautiful layer of ice under the shovelled snow. Now covered in a coat of de-icer.

  10. There! I rotated and vacuumed my bed. It should be good for another six months now.

    Put the kettle on. Now to decide what kind of tea I want to make 🙂

  11. EssBee, I like to rotate and vacuum my bed every six months or so, and it was about due.

    Tip for those who have never vacuumed their beds:

    empty your vacuum, change your bag, whatever, so that it is clean.
    strip your bed, then run the vacuum over it (a vacuum with a beater bar works best)
    I can almost guarantee you’ll vacuum you bed on a regular basis after you see all the junk that comes out 😉

  12. Hmm. 3 things that are underrated.

    Accapella Music – The human voice singing is just awesome.

    Variety – Trying new things I think is underrated… How else are you going to find something new??? People find something and just hold on to it until it becomes habit…How else can you grow? Learn something new?

    Audio Dramas – Underrated because of the power of audio to tell a story that can draw in its listener and engulf the listener into a world.

  13. imag1narynumber: No problem. I’ve been working with open source for over 15 years. It’s got its good points. It’s got its demons. I just don’t subscribe to the fervor.

  14. WNDR: Yes, I know it’s not work-safe. I always listen to podcasts on my iPod with earbuds, so even if I did listen to it while cleaning (I didn’t – I listened to Contagious and Weather Child instead), no one would hear.

  15. So, what’s the big deal with “The Warriors” anyway? I recall seeing it once, but only bits have stuck with me, such as Jack’s opening with the guy using glass bottles (talk about dated) on his fingers to make his little taunting clacker. Is it just some cult status movie that I don’t belong to? Or is it something Palooza worthy that I don’t appreciate enough?

  16. I TOTALLY agree about Twitter being over-rated. I have been using it for the past few weeks to follow the trial in Greeley without streaming the video, and it is EXHAUSTING. It’s like people popping up in your face constantly. It’s too much pressure. It’s too much information.

    *writes down Snow Crash for the bookstore tonight*

  17. Rhettro: That was funny.

    imag1narynumber: Just checking. 😉

    Van: I’ve been enjoying Burn Notice too. I’m glad they went for a big change at the end of the second season.

  18. We should work the over magic more often. First time in months today they are asking me to put in overtime. Should be nice for a few extra bucks…

  19. Speaking of movies of the late 70’s, I watched “Times Square” last week. First time I’ve seen that pic. A nice example of 75% of a good movie, and 25% of studio meddling.

    Also, could hear many precursors of “Pump Up the Volume,” which the director wrote & made about 10 years later.

  20. I’ll be lucky to be home from work by midnight CDT. Evry 10 minutes I swap discs out of drives, otherwise I need some entertainin’…

  21. Hi Deadpan!

    Well, we conquered the Sushi, but missed the performance. I’m not too disappointed. We went to Borders, and I picked up Snow Crash. That guy writes some hefty books! I also got Book 6 of the Dresden Files (Blood Rites?), and noted that the newest Dresden Files was in the #1 slot in the bestsellers section. I also got the new Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs CD.

    I forgot for a second that today was my mom-out-law’s bday, not mine. 🙂

    At any rate, I’m overjoyed by my purchases.

  22. JB, his Cryptonomicon looks really interesting to me, but I figured I’d better read Snowcrash first!

    Nighty-night, Overlords of Deadpania.

  23. Yes, I liked Cryptonomicon very well as well, but you are choosing the right jumping-off point. I also think that his earlier novel “Zodiac – An Eco-Thriller” is pretty underrated.

  24. Morning Pan, I’m overly impressed with amount of books some of you get through in a week, takes all my water these days to get through an issue of F&SF.

  25. I haven’t read any Stephenson. So I thought perhaps I’d grab an “e” version and read it on my phone.

    What a headache. First off, I can get a brand new copy of the paperback version for an equivilent or CHEAPER price than some of the digital options. And then, even if I narrow it down to just the .mobi format that I know I can use, the price is still no less than $7. That is almost half the price to get the Audible version! And when I can buy a perfectly good used copy for $7 (I’m including the shipping charges) and then sell it again when I am done with it…

    Wait. Nevermind. I don’t get rid of anything. Ever.

    Maybe I’ll just grab a copy at B&N or Borders when I pick up the new Depeche Mode CD tomorrow.

  26. The only reason I would even consider trying the digital option is because of the nice experience I’ve had reading the books that Tor gave me for free. Before that, I literally railed about how stupid the idea of an ebook was. But reading them on an LCD instead of an old school CRT makes a huge difference.

  27. I just buy the big three scifi mags (Asimov. Analog and F&SF) in ebook format to read on my phone. The exchange rate makes them a bit cheaper and I don’t have to trudge around shops.

  28. I fear my consumption of dead trees has fallen quite a bit in recent years as well. I must confess I’ve not read any of Stephenson’s work either. After I get through the current audio tome, I’ll be relying on audiobooks to keep from sliding into a total literary desert. I’ll have to add Snowcrash to the extensive list of stuff I want to “read.”

  29. I’ve been helping my daughter more with her homework this week while my wife is out of town for work. I’ve learned one of the hardest things for me to do anymore is write lower case letters. As an engineer, whenever I write anymore, it’s all upper case with larger upper case letters for “capitalization.” Trying to switch to using actual lower case to write questions for my daughter to answer just about makes my hand cramp up.

    As for writing in cursive – I’ve just about completely lost that ability as well. It’s much faster for me to write in print than cursive.

  30. I missed who said it, but thanks to whomever said U2 is greatly overrated. Coldplay seems to be following in their footsteps, IMO.

  31. I’m ashamed to say I too have yet to read Snow Crash. Thankfully my wonderful woman bought me The Best of 2600, so that’ll keep me occupied for quite some time.

  32. I enjoyed Cryptonomicon, but I thought the ending was highly unimpressive and unfulfilling.

    Now to find a book to hold me by the hand so I can start to learn about cryptology. I have a hard time wrapping my head around all this public/privet key thing.

  33. Morning Pan!

    -6 today but at least there is no more snow. The sun is even trying to peek its head over the horizon

  34. Catchup post:

    I’ve tried skiing once. I think I could get to like it if I were willing to tackle the learning curve, and had enough strength in my arms to push myself up to a standing position after falling down, which I don’t.

    WNDR: YES!!! I love acappella music. It’s been a favorite in my family all my life.

    Okay, playtime over. Off to the usual Friday meeting.

  35. imag1narynumber: Agree on the ending of Cryptonomicon. I enjoy Stephenson’s earlier works better than his tomes, of which Crypto was the first. On the other hand, he packs thousands of brilliant ideas into his books. They are worth a read just for that.

  36. I still buy lots of real books. I don’t have to worry about devices, changing formats, running out of batteries, and I have a nice looking personal library to boot. 🙂

  37. – Don’t Flamenco Round Skullcrusher –

    Does anyone have a link to a site with an “Audio ripping FAQ”?
    I am trying to convert some old LPs (that’s a “record” for you youngsters) and am having an abysmal time.

    I have tried 2 differrent USB conversion devices and the audio randomly comes out sounding “over driven” and “static-ey” sounding.

    Somewhere there MUST be a collection of knowledge and troubleshooting on this process.

  38. Me too, ditto. I buy and read tons of books.

    I read mostly Fantasy and Urban Fantasy, but I also pick up the occasional contemporary big “L” Literature, and I try to read some kind of non-fiction book, at least one a month.

  39. JaJ, you’re a sight for sore eyes. I can’t help you with your problem, but my, don’t you look handsome today?

    One more book thing: I also have an audible.com account and am usually consuming an audiobook too for my commute and work-out times. Right now, I’m re-reading via audio the Song of Ice & Fire series (on book 1 now) in the hopes that book 5 comes out some time in my lifetime.

  40. Call me old, but I can’t let go of real books

    I went along with the switch to CDs and MP3s regrettably.. records sound SO much better. I think because the entire music industry has followed the trends, s if you want to keep up with music you needed to change. But books.. I need a physical paper book in hand still.

    I still can’t watch movies/tv on my computer either. If I have something downloaded, I have to burn it to disc and watch it on my TV.

  41. On the book thing. My husband and I like both audio and the written word. We have a fair sized library (which we plan to expand once my Boo moves out 🙂 ), but we both have Audible accounts.

    Currently I’m listening to A Clockwork Orange, and about to start The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman in printed. My husband is also listening and reading at the same time. (we’re reading the Hugo nominees)

  42. The LP-vs-CD thing kind of bugs me. It’s true that if you spend big bucks on a sound system the LP’s will be much nicer sounding. When Mr. Fabby had the tube amp and $700 turntable on isolation spikes, it sounded much nicer than the CD’s. But I remember the $49 turntable with belt drive and I will contend that a $39 supermarket no-name CD player sounds tons better.

  43. I may be open to reading a book on a Kindle-like device, but they’re just too damned expensive for me to test-drive one.

    +1,000 re: vinyl. The sound is just enchanting compared to a crap CD. I recall recently going into a shop and being struck by how great the background music was. Sure enough, phonograph.

  44. I still buy CDs because I have a great car stereo. It has an iPod hook-up, but if I want to listen to music in the car, the CDs sound 100x better than the iPod.

    I do still have some vinyl, including a prized first press edition of Buckingham/Nicks and a really nice Fleetwood Mac “Tusk” album. But I no longer have a turn table.

  45. The thing with CDs is they clip too much of the music. Then MP3s do it even more. MP3s sound AWFUL.

    On a side note, I bet many kids under 20 have never heard an actual cymbal crash.

  46. Oh, note for those who haven’t heard me mention Fabby before…

    When I was divorced from Darcy back in the early 00’s, I lived in Mr. Fabby’s house. Travis AKA Mr. Fucking Fabulous.

    Darcy and I are still good friends with Travis and Kristal, so we both really love Awesome on “Chuck” just for his name…

  47. Actually also reminds me of phones. Peoples’ voices are so trimmed and compressed they hardly represent people anymore.

  48. Good sounding phonographs cost big money. The lightweight cheap ones from the 80’s were worthless and I really don’t expect you could get a decent one for cheap today.

  49. Bunny- don’t work! 🙂 oh and Hugh is starting to think maybe your Calgary Flames will kick the Blackhawks butt 🙂 He feels he is destined to not have any of his teams ever win again 🙂 Kinda like the Cubs curse has spread to all of Chicago teams.

    I do have to say the joy of CDs and MP3s is how you can take your collection everywhere. The 80 gig of music sitting on my ipod.. I can’t imagine how I would either record all of that onto cassettes, and have all the wonderful playlist options. I remember the hassle of making mix tapes.. LOL.. remember mix tapes?

    I remember when I was swooning Hugh I made him a few mix tapes.. LOL.. so lame

  50. Does anyone here read Hellblazer comics?

    They did a hilarious Christmas special where they called in John Constatine to lift the curse on the Cubs. It was cute 🙂

    one last question then I have to get some work done:

    JB- still not coming for Throbbing Gristle this weekend?

  51. Mr. Fabby? Well, yeah…

    Not my story, but he got the nickname from his buddies, who noted that anytime, anywhere, Mr. Fucking Fabulous could strike up a conversation with a girl and if she was single come away with at the very least a phone number. I suppose the nickname has outlived its original meaning by now…

    Uh, unless you mean the divorce thing, heh… Yeah, there’s minor story there as well, Jack and CJ have heard the longer version, but the short version is I got married too young, with too little life experience, so I went away and got all my squirrelliness out and was lucky enough to get a second chance.

  52. Yeah, 8:30 am and the paying job is done for the day!

    Now all I have to do is clean the bathroom, go shopping and decide what kind of cookies I want to bake today 🙂

  53. Can’t clean the guest bathroom because my hubby hasn’t removed our unwanted 8 legged guest from it yet. With the in-laws coming next week, I guess he’ll be cleaning it.

    Now to do the upstairs.

  54. I have yet to pick up the new Depeche Mode album, though it is on the list. I did pick up 3 new(ish) albums from Canadian artists this weekend: Tragically Hip, Metric, and 54-40.

    As for vinyl. My ears are fairly bad, so it isn’t worth the $$ to shell out for really good equipment when I can’t hear the difference. Mp3s sound fine in earbuds, but that’s about it.

  55. What movies make you cry?

    This almost a perfect description of me: “Just like a surprising majority of our readers, I have never yet made it through Brad Bird’s animated wonder The Iron Giant without choking up at the climax, at the pride and peace on the titular giant’s face as he repeats the affirmation “Superman.” My cellular composition is at least 80 percent cynicism, and I actively resent and resist movies that try too hard to emotionally manipulate me, so I tend to be the one sitting dry-eyed and irritated in theaters full of bawlers.

  56. I’m done with work now too! I’m going to get ready to meet Hugh for lunch. Its so beautiful here today we are going to have a picnic downtown by the lake.

    New Depeche Mode album= eh.. I’m not convinced I like it much yet. I will still see them at Lollapalooza regardless.

    Some new albums i do love though: Metric, Silversun Pickups, Pj Harvey & John Parish

    l8r pan

  57. CP: Electric Feel – MGMT

    Boy these guys have more hooks than my uncle’s fishing hat.

    Though, here’s an interesting note, I liked the sound of this cut better when I heard it over FM radio when it was in heavy rotation on our public radio alternative music station than I like this MP3, which is the iTunes Plus “higher quality” version.

  58. I remember mixtapes.

    Regarding MP3 vs. CD vs. vynil – I know I’ve never had a high end enough audio setup to appreciate a well mastered vynil album, so I probably don’t know what I’ve missed. With CD’s and digital audio – I think it is a lost more dependent on what is done on the recording/mastering end. I have heard CD’s and digital audio files on stereos, on computers, and on Ipods. I can’t find plenty of examples of both that sound like ass and examples and sound sublime.

    One thing I’m certain of – a recording of ass quality is still going to sound like ass when you listen to it, no matter what you play it on.

  59. Well, another sign of my age has come to my awareness this morning.

    Bloom County went out of publication 20 years ago.

    Dilbert has been in publication for 20 years now.

    I really didn’t need to know either of those facts.

  60. Still in CCH
    CP: Asshole — Denis Leary

    I’m just a regular Joe with a regular job
    I’m your average white, suburbanized slob
    I like football and porno and books about war
    I got an average house, with a nice hardwood floor
    My wife and my job, my kids and my car
    My feet on my table and a Cuban cigar

    But sometimes that just ain’t enough to keep a man like me interested
    (oh no, no way, uh uh)
    No I gotta go out and have fun at someone else’s expense
    (woah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah)
    I drive really slow in the ultra fast lane
    While people behind me are going insane

  61. uh.. hi, Deadpan! It’s only 1:30pm and it’s been a long day. I had so much to read from you! YAY! And I have responses too, but then, I clicked on the photo bomb website and was completely distracted for about 7.42 minutes.

    Thoughts re-gathering…

  62. Going way back to this early morning –

    Van, Green is my favorite. Although I have no idea what the context of your green comment really was.

    Vanamonde Says: It’s green.

    I’m guessing bananas and healthfulness.

  63. RE: Spaghetti in hot dogs – My kids would love this. Wouldn’t you know I just found some spinach (green) spaghetti on sale at Sprouts the other day. This is going to be fun!

  64. Books on paper are my favorite.

    I just started reading “My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands” by Chelsea Handler

    It’s fluffy reading and good for the doctor’s office where I spent the morning. I love sitting there reading all of her sexy-tales while the people in the waiting room around me have no idea of the naughty tidbits I’m enjoying!

  65. Pat Benatar is awesome…

    As is Denis Leary.

    “I like to park in handicapped spaces while handicapped people make handicapped faces….”

    My old roommate learned to play that song on his guitar just so he could sing it to me.

  66. Oooh and one more thing, then I’ll shut my yapper…

    TEB’s YouTube video share about the tesla coil reminds me of a dumbass memory. Someone remind me to record that later. 🙂

  67. My contribution to your Deadpan Friday Night (Essbee – skip this post darling)

    The Slippery Nipple
    – Baileys Irish Cream
    – Sambuca

    Now, I don’t have Sambuca so I have been using Vodka.
    Pour a shot glass about a third full of the Baileys and fill the rest of the way with the Vodka.
    Drink quickly. The sweet liquor takes the bite off of the vodka.
    It doesn’t kill the pain but it sure does shove it into a broom closet and locks the door!

    The Slippery Nipple
    How could I NOT share that?!?!?

  68. I’ll have to find my slippery nipples elsewhere, I suppose . . .

    CD: Starbucks doubleshot MOCHA in a can


    I stand by my assertion that Starbucks is overrated.

  69. I third the Liz phair swoon

    I thank j0e for his slippery nipples, they sound divine. I have the fixins for them and methinks I might make em!

    and an absolutely HUGE thank you and a hug to EssBee for that Throbbing Gristle article.. that was awesome, I can’t wait for those videos. Thank you again.
    I get to see them tomorrow, I cannot be more excited for it. The memories that band brings back for me.. shit.

    ok pan

    take care of each other, its a big bad world out there 🙂

  70. Movies that make me cry:

    Things We Lost In The Fire
    The Laramie Project
    The Life Of David Gale

    That’s all I can think of tonight.

    I LOVED tonight’s Dollhouse.

  71. Movies that make me cry? Hmmm…

    I was “in love” for the first time when I saw Rob Roy and was seriously messed up afterwards.

    I got too choked up to speak the first few times I watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It still gets me a little when I take the time to watch all the way through.

    Iron Giant.

    I can’t think of any others off hand. Certain episodes of Roswell and Farscape still get me teary even though I’ve watched them multiple times. I’m sure Buffy/Angel will do the same to me when I get around to watching them.

    Which kind of reminds me, last weeks Fringe, the episode about bad dreams… The actress playing Olivia did a brilliant job in the club scene. Wow on the emoting.

  72. Catching up is fun to do:

    Ed – I started printing in allcaps with slightly larger versions for the capitals when I was a junior or senior in high school. My dad was amused/proud of me when he noticed it and said that all of the engineers and compsci folks did it that way. Of course, that cemented it for me and I’ve been learning to write illegibly in caps for years.

  73. Catching up is fun to do:

    i – I’m working through Bruce Schneier’s Applied Crypto right now and as an absolute newb, it is very simple and quite a bit over my head. It may be what you are looking for.

  74. I sez again: Movies that Make Me Cry:

    Love Story (cry from the second it starts to the second it ends)
    Forrest Gump (the scene at Jenny’s grave!)
    Dragonheart (when the dragon dies)

    I can’t watch war movies because they make me cry- all that death, all those young soldiers and what they go through. Its too real for me and it makes me sad

    Fried Green Tomatoes

    I also cry at super happy moments in movies sometimes too

    Dead Man Walking
    OH! and that movie with the chinese women.. ah crap can’t think of the name

    I cried when Spock “died”
    I cried as a little girl when Luke found out about his parentage and got his arm chopped off

    Hugh sez: she cries at almost every movie for something

    I do. I’m an emotional girl 🙂

    Hugh sez: she is 🙂 *swooon*

    why are you swooning

    Hugh sez: I love that about you. Its cute

  75. I cry at those stories during the olympics when they give the heartbreaking story of the athletes suffering to get to the games

    I cry at the commercials with starving children

    I cry at ESPN sometimes again when they give super emotional athlete tragedies/stories

    I recently cried at a story on ESPN about the recovery of Michael Vicks dogs


  76. Morning Pan, I’m a crusty old bird these days and films tend not to have an emotional impact, but I remember Schindler’s List getting tear ducts flowing in adult hood.

    As a kid, Charlotte’s Web and Watership Down.

  77. I bah’d at WordPress for telling me I post too quickly

    WordPress needs to keep up!!

    Ok, nighty nite pan

    Hugh sez: nighty nite!

    nighty nite mush!
    nighty nite cockles!

    Hugh sez: oh no, my cockles are quite awake and alert this evening

    LOL!! Thank you for sharing with the class Hughie 🙂

  78. Nomad Scry: I agree about Bruce Schneier’s books on Cryptology. They are very good. He also has a blog:

    “Applied Cryptography” is good if you know code. “Practical Cryptography” is also good but does not involve code. I think it has a better explanation of asymmetric crypto.

  79. There are a few that have been mentioned that get me (definitely got to agree on Big Fish and Moulin Rouge)

    So, I’ll fess up to one I haven’t seen – Star Wars (no stinkin subtitle) When R2D2 gets shot up during the Death Star run. Shit, I’m tearing up a bit even as I type this, dammit.

  80. Never cried at a movie….. although E.T.’s “death” got me pretty close. (shaddap)
    Requiem for a Dream is also pretty heart-wrenching……….

    OK – back to work for me.

  81. CW: Latest Dollhouse

    The bringing back the dead bit reminds of ‘The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World’ where Prof Coypu is stored in a memory module.

  82. I haven’t had a chance to catch Dollhouse from last night yet. But, the wife and I did finally watch Caprica. I must confess, I don’t really see much point to continuing on as a series. It stands well enough alone as a prequel to Galactica. But, the notion of transfering memories into a new body (a precursor to resurrection tech) is a major theme of the pilot.

  83. Every so often I scroll through the TIVO guide looking for things to record, especially off of Discovery and History channels. Recorded a show called Extreme Trains. The episode is about a 484 steam locomotive that is still in operation. My boy and I have started it over and are watching it again 🙂

  84. CW: Modern Marvels – 70s Tech

    The Concorde

    Atari 2600
    Polaroid instant camera
    Speak ‘n Spell (that’s probably how I learned to spell)
    Mr. Coffee
    Home Microwave Ovens
    The Firebird Trans Am (with a 290HP 454cu in engine – my CTS puts out more power with an engine half that size, and it can corner 🙂 )

  85. Back from commercial

    CB Radios – to combat the lowering of speed limits from 70 down to 55 mph.

    Hand held digital calculators

    Shows over, move along…..

  86. More 70’s Tech:

    Space Invaders at the local arcade.
    LED Digital watches – press the button to get a quick flash of the time.

    Morning Pan, work on a Sunday…grrrrrr!

  87. Morning Pan!

    My poor hubby is sick so I’ve spent the weekend nursing him.

    Later today I’m taking out a door downstairs (to move furniture through) and helping my with more of her packing (boy does she have a lot of stuff).

    All the time, still being very solicitous to my sick hubby.

  88. Hey, Pan.

    I’m planning on making it a productive and enjoyable day by:

    -Writing my weekly update email
    -Finishing the cleaning-out of my old school e-mail account
    -Moving ahead with the writing and audio production on “The Questors from Effpiem”
    -Participating in #writechat on Twitter
    -Working on “Soul Imprints,” at least a little
    -Cleaning up my room (maybe)

  89. Arrrgggg.

    So My daughter works part time for a place that rescues reptiles. They put on shows and birthday parties etc. Last night she brought some of the animals home (without asking) so she wouldn’t have to go get them for a show she had today.

    Of course, on of the animals escaped. Instead of doing the things I planned, so far I’ve spent all morning looking for a stupid 3′ ball python… Still looking

    I’ll be so glad when she moves out.

  90. Just had a great writing session on Questors. Rough drafts of episodes 7-9 are complete, and I feel fantastic! 😀 It’s looking like there will be 11 episodes total, which is just fine with me.

  91. Crap, I owe Amy some recordings. I shall atone for my tardiness this week.

    If my character doesn’t survive to the end of the story, I ask only that my death be something to make Scott Sigler go “Man, that sick!”

    Though, I probably don’t want to imagine what could elicit such a response from Scott 🙂

  92. In between the workdays, exactly. I got to see my first MST3K and catch up on sleep. I didn’t get to go hiking or watch “My Name is Bruce.”

    I actually slept too much. What a thing to complain about.

  93. My fiancee? fiance? betrothed suggested Netflix’ing some MST3K and randomly added a sprinkling to the queue. This one was the Wild Wild World of Batwoman with Servo, Crow, and a young dude with spikey hair. Maybe Mike.

    It started with a public service type message about Cheating. I’d say that it was pretty bad, but then the vampire batwomen, hunchback, molemen, atomic hearing aid, dance dance dance, craziness started. Wow.


    Yeah, it’s Mike, Servo, and Crow as hosts.

    Unfortunately nothing was close captioned, so I missed a lot of the dialog. Some of it was because of my everyday issues with hearing, but a good portion was obliterated by my 9 year old laughing a fit.

  94. You know, I’ve been reading different articles about this swine flu business over the last few days. Thankfully no reports in the Houston area yet, but if it’s made it up to Canada…..I dunno. Not giving me a warm fuzzy feeling.

  95. Morning Deadpan from the winter wonderland of the north.

    More snow last night. More predicted for the next few days. Expected high of only -1C. today.

  96. For those wondering, Willow the Snake has been found at about 7:30 last night. Which is a good thing since she had a value of about $1,000 which we would have had to pay if she wasn’t found.

  97. Snakes!! Eeek! It’s snowing here too TEB.

    Morning, Deadpan!

    I agree with you on Caprica, Ed. I liked it, think it could stand alone as a BSG prequel, but even so am looking forward to the series. I love myself some Esai Morales.

    I just heard Obama say something (I think last week) that I really liked: We now have an opportunity to make a habit of empathy.

  98. Thanks for the crypto recommendations! Schneier is indeed very impressive. I am subscribed to his blog.

    The two movies that come to mind that get me emotional are Top Gun and The Notebook.

    I had Tuesdays With Morey on cassette and that got me choked up every time I listened to it.

  99. Went to Cape Cod and Nantucket over the weekend. Enjoyable, nice places. Dunno how often I’d like to go back, though.

  100. The Swine Flu thing reminds me of the Bird Flu. I recall seeing mention of it on the Qi Magazine website (I used to do Tai Chi Chuan) about 12-18 months before anyone else ever mentioned it. I’m guessing it’s part of the censorship (duh).

  101. On the subject of code, I got burned out a loooooooong time ago on my Atari 800 XL. (DOS? Atari Basic? Anyone?) And I didn’t bother to learn anything apart from graphic calculators. Now I’m trying to start all over again by teaching myself C. I’ve not had much time, but it’s going okay.

  102. ditto: Wow, very cool. Thanks! I will browse.

    Languages are getting a bit out of hand, methinks. Lua, Falcon, etc, etc. Really? Seriously?

  103. Though I won’t be able to attend, I’ll vote as though I can.

    I third the motion as long as I can listen in footie pjs with hot cocoa.

  104. Off to deliver a snake – lucky me.

    re PanCon – My schedule and funds have been spoken for this year between World Con in Montreal and DiscWorld Con in Arizona.

  105. Back from delivering a snake and having lunch.

    Re: AZ con – it is Sept 4 – 7. The only thing to keep in mind is this is the same time as Dragon*Con.

    I can stay an extra day (or come a day early) if we don’t want to interfere with there convention.

    Jack, sorry, I don’t know any of the committee for this convention (perhaps Summer would know?) I was originally going because a friend of mine was going and we were going to share a room. She can no longer make it, but I’ll still be there.

  106. WNDR: My plans are to write a final draft and try to get it published while podcasting it.

    I have the proof now. I learned a lot about self-publishing from this. Namely, that if I don’t include page numbers or a title page in the file I submit, the printed version won’t have them either. :-/

    Ed: Sure, I’d love to read whenever we get together! 😀

  107. ditto, are you in KC, KS? I just found out I’m heading to a family wedding in KS in a few weeks, but on the OK border, so probably not close enough to buy you or Wolf a cuppa.

  108. I understand, Van. I am the queen of assuming people don’t want to hear from me. I have learned that my instincts on that are wrong, and know that yours are too!

  109. To balance out Van’s viewing activities, I wanted to let you all know that I started Snow Crash last night. Wow! So far, it reminds me of a good Pynchon novel, but I haven’t read very much yet.

  110. I did get the new Depeche Mode this weekend, but then I opted to pay the phone bill instead of getting Snow Crash or a sub to S&SF. That will have to wait until next week.

    Until then… EssBee, wanna read to me? 🙂

  111. From the article on beer goggles:

    Appreciating neotenous features isn’t the same as being sexually attracted to children, but at least one study has found that average, college-age heterosexual males and child molesters share remarkably similar (and deeply neotenous) attractions: high cheekbones, unwrinkled eyes, glabrous skin.

    Glabrous skin?

  112. Nomad, I will read to you, but I think my last two things Jack played on the Deadpan sounded like Sarah Palin. You sure?

    And, ew, ew, ew!

  113. This point stands out from Van’s article:

    “Today’s moguls, then, differ only in degree from the prolific breeders of the past, such as Moulay Ismail the Bloodthirsty, Emperor of Morocco, who produced at least 700 sons (people stopped counting after that) and an untold number of daughters before he died in the early 17th century.”

    Getting busy, indeed!

  114. I hear this was old Ismail’s theme song:

    People all over the world (everybody)
    Join hands (join)
    Start a love train, love train
    People all over the world (all the world, now)
    Join hands (love ride)
    Start a love train (love ride), love train

  115. There was this dance/pop song years ago, I’m not sure really when it was, but it had a little bit that jumped out at me and I’ve never quite forgotten it or figured out how badly I’ve misinterpreted the lyrics.

    But this is what I had heard:

    “My name is Essbee and I wanted to see if positive people live longer, so just be positive, don’t be negative.”

    Delivered, of course, in a charming europop girl child pseudo rap.

    I can’t seem to find it on a google search, so I probably slaughtered the lyrics.

  116. I hadn’t realized the U.K. and Texas we’re so close in geography – we’re getting hammered with storms here around Houston. We can certainly use the rain…..just not at 4″+ a hour.

  117. My schedule for this week:

    – My Boo is moving out of my house
    – My in-laws are coming on Saturday to stay for a week
    – I’m testing on Saturday
    – and it’s month end here at work so will be spending tomorrow downtown and the rest of the week in front of spreadsheets.

    I’m hoping to get a chance to breath somewhere in there 😉

  118. TEB, I assume you actually took a snake somewhere.

    ‘Cuz when I’m “delivering the snake” I prefer not to leave the bedroom…

  119. Boo is a character from the game Balder’s Gate. He is a miniature giant space hamster;

    My Boo, at 5′ even, is small (like a miniature giant)
    Not so much now, but when she was smaller, she was quite fuzzy (including hair on the small of her back) (like a hamster)
    and, being a kid, is possibly from outer space.

    Hence… Boo

  120. JB. 😆

    This snake was actually lost in our guest room. With my in-laws coming this weekend, we didn’t want to leave it there.

    My daughter works for a group that rescues reptiles and does reptile shows for birthdays, schools, etc. so we returned the snake back to its rightful owner (and no matter how I explain this, it still sounds very wrong so take it as you will 🙂 )

  121. Sorry EssBee, I guess the song isn’t by you after all. It’s Efti. Either way, I’m sure you sound nicer than I do. That’s a gender comment though, so take it as you will.

  122. See what happens when I have enough to go on…
    (Quietly thankful that I can not listen to it at work.)

    First interview edited from Conestoga still needs final Quality Check.
    Then Show Notes, Album Art, posting… crap this is a lot of stuff.

    And I have 2 other interviews that need to be posted… 1 from the Con 1 from another podcaster.

  123. Well, Pan. Must go and buy pillows. (and towels. For some reason, I seem to have to buy towels every couple of months as mine go missing 🙁 )


  124. Good Morning, Pan.

    My daughter’s nickname is also “Boo”

    Wolf is awesome for finding that song. I listened for 3 seconds and now my ears are bleeding. Awful, just awful.

  125. I shall have to check out the links later.

    Just spent the last three hours trying to get to work. Finally arrived. The parking lot is very light today.

    The worst part was I was able to get into the area off the freeway pretty easily. But, once in the area, pretty much every street was flooded and I couldn’t even turn around to go home.

    I could probably get away with a short nap right about now….

  126. Sounds like our soak is on for tomorrow. Not getting hot enough for dangerous weather, though.

    CP: Sound Opinions with Jill Sobule

    Man, when I listen to this show with an interviewed guest I just want to create.

    Shame I listen at work, where I often don’t have the opportunity to create…

  127. So, I’m trying to analyze this completely freakish dream I had this morning.

    In the dream, I’m a student at a college or some type of higher education place. I go to the school’s restroom – all the stalls are pink. I’m CLEARLY in the ladies room. It’s full of and being used by men. Apparently, while I think this is odd, it doesn’t stop me.

    There are 2 sets of stalls – some are open and have miniature child seats and some are normal closed stalls with regular seats.

    The child seats are cushioned so I choose one of those. Then I proceed to do my business while chatting with the men and women who are lounging around me on sofas.


    The, someone steals my underpants. I’m wearing a skirt so nobody can “see” anything anyway, but I’m uncomfortable without my underpants, but there’s a bomb scare or something so now we are quarantined in the bathroom.

    There were other things going on, but I don’t remember much more and really, isn’t what I do remember disturbing enough?

    Bathroom Dream Symbols:

    A need to eliminate certain burdens or attitudes. Alternatively, it may symbolize purification and self-renewal. You need to cleanse yourself, both emotionally and psychologically. Dreaming that you are in a public restroom with no stalls means your frustrations about getting enough privacy. It may also indicate that you are having difficulties letting go of old emotions.

  128. We are building up a new world.
    Do not sit idly by.
    Do not remain neutral.
    Do not rely on this broadcast alone.
    We are only as strong as our signal.
    There is a war going on for your mind.
    If you are thinking, you are winning.
    Resistance is victory.
    Defeat is impossible.
    Your weapons are already in hand.
    Reach within you and find the means by which to gain your freedom.
    Fight with tools.
    Your fate, and that of everyone you know
    Depends on it.

    CP: We are winning — Flobots

  129. life used to be life-like
    now it’s more like showbiz
    i wake up in the night
    and i don’t know where the bathroom is
    and i don’t know what town i’m in
    or what sky i am under
    and i wake up in the darkness and i
    don’t have the will anymore to wonder
    everyone has a skeleton
    and a closet to keep it in
    and your mine
    every song has a you
    a you that the singer sings to
    and you’re it this time
    baby, you’re it this time

    when i need to wipe my face
    i use the back of my hand
    and i like to take up space
    just because i can
    and i use my dress
    to wipe up my drink
    i care less and less
    what people think
    and you are so lame
    you always dissapoint me
    it’s kind of like our running joke
    but it’s really not funny
    and i just want you to live up to
    the image of you i create
    i see you and i’m so unsatisfied
    i see you and i dialate

    so i’ll walk the plank
    and i’ll jump with a smile
    if i’m gonna go down
    i’m gonna do it with style
    and you won’t see me surrender
    you won’t hear me confess
    ‘cuz you’ve left me with nothing
    but i’ve worked with less
    and i learn every room long enough
    to make it to the door
    and then i hear it click shut behind me
    and every key works differently
    i forget everytime
    and forgetting defines me
    that’s what defines me

    when i say you sucked my brain out
    the english translation
    is i am in love with you
    and it is no fun
    but i don’t use words like love
    ‘cuz works like that don’t matter
    but don’t look so offended
    you know, you should be flattered
    and i wake up in the night
    in some big hotel bed
    and my hands grope for the light
    and my hands grope for my head
    the world is my oyster
    the road is my home
    and i know that i’m better
    off alone

    CP: Dilate — Ani DiFranco

  130. Sitting on a bar stool in the middle of the afternoon.
    I’m pondering existence and exactly what it was you said to me.
    My bottle has no answers so I tell the man I’d like to ask another one.
    But this one too is of no help to me, so I kill, pay, and then I leave.

    CP: Short & Curlies — The Barstool Prophets

  131. What kind of tattoos do we have out there? I know Jeremy is covered in ’em — anyone else?

    Sly B & I just scheduled an appointment for tomorrow at 6 at the local ink shop.

  132. imag1narynumber: Rules are pretty loose for m80ost segments. WNDRWolf is correct. I would add: Stolen Lyrics was one of the very first Deadpan segments. It started off with just Stolen Rap Lyrics. Later, we added Stolen from the 80s and Stolen from the 70s. Although those types of music are traditional, I’m pretty sure any kind of lyrics are welcome now. When making your recording, identifying yourself and naming the title and artist of the song you’re quoting are preferable, but not strictly required.

  133. A little Liz Phair:

    Fuck and Run

    I woke up alarmed
    I didn’t know where I was at first
    Just that I woke up in your arms
    And almost immediately I felt sorry
    ‘Cause I didn’t think this would happen again
    No matter what I could do or say
    Just that I didn’t think this would happen again
    With or without my best intentions, and
    What ever happened to a boyfriend
    The kind of guy who tries to win you over, and
    What ever happened to a boyfriend
    The kind of guy who makes love cause he’s in it, and

    I want a boyfriend
    I want a boyfriend
    I want all that stupid old shit
    Like letters and sodas
    Letters and sodas

    You got up out of bed
    You said you had a lot of work to do
    But I heard the rest in your head
    And almost immediately I felt sorry
    ‘Cause I didn’t think this would happen again
    No matter what I could do or say
    Just that I didn’t think this would happen again
    With or without my best intentions, and

    I want a boyfriend
    I want a boyfriend
    I want all that stupid old shit
    Like letters and sodas
    Letters and sodas

    I can feel it in my bones
    I’m gonna spend another year alone
    It’s fuck and run
    Fuck and run
    Even when I was seventeen
    Fuck and run
    Fuck and run
    Even when I was twelve

    You almost felt bad
    You said that I should call you up but
    I knew much better than that
    And almost immediately I felt sorry
    ‘Cause I didn’t think this would happen again
    No matter what I could do or say
    Just that I didn’t think this would happen again
    With or without my best intentions

    And I can feel it in my bones
    I’m gonna spend my whole life alone
    It’s fuck and run
    Fuck and run
    Even when I was seventeen
    Fuck and run
    Fuck and run
    Even when I was twelve

  134. Amy Bowen: Thank you. I recall a couple taken from the ’90s. My submission will be from that decade. Just perhaps a tad longer than some I’ve heard. Just don’t want to stress poor Jack with editing. 🙂

    On a related note, since I’ll be reading lyrics I should “um” and “uh” a bit less often.

  135. Jack also frowns on you sneaking into his bedroom at 3am while he is sleeping and outlining his body on the mattress in stolen song lyrics. Using a lipstick.

    … or so I’m told.

  136. Amy Bowen: I will call. My ancient laptop has a mic but I’ve never tried it. But if it makes life easier I can attempt to e-mail a voice file.

  137. 1. Depends on the shade of lipstick, Justa J0e.

    2. Imag1 – if you sent something, I did not receive it (or spaced on it). Plz send an email so we can work out getting it played onpod.

    3. The Devils blew it. Again. Go Blackhawks.

  138. EssBee – I see that song on all the karaoke lists when I’m out singing, but I’ve never heard it. I’ll have to check it out finally. Thx!

  139. I was too distraught over the stupid Devils to call Rhett.

    So – I played a little place this past weekend, and I’ll be back there again this upcoming Saturday. I, um, really, really did not fit in with the other musicians. . . . but it was a fun gig anyway – and I got a fairly nice reaction. So – let me know if you’re in AZ and interested in going this Saturday.

  140. My views on tatoos…needles are for prescribed medications and getting blood for medical tests.

    That’s for me personally of course. I’ve seen some beautiful tattoos and crap ones but never been tempted to get one done.

    At work I see a lot old guys (and more women these days) with just a blurry mess of tattoos done 30 years ago.

  141. I was planning out an elaborate series of tattoos that I was going to start in on when I turned 30. Then I found out how much they cost and decided my boring skin was good enough.

  142. Why am I still up??

    Nomad, I’ll tell the gig story onpod somewhere, if/when work allows. Thanks for asking 🙂 Yes, Cj – you’re welcome to come out. Although you might want to hear the story about the place before you commit.

    I’d love to hear more about everyone’s tattoos. I’m also entirely unmarked (except for a permanent pencil dot on my right knee from when I was 12).

    Why am I still up?? Goodnight.

  143. Hello darkness, my old friend. Don’t you know that revenge is a dish best served cold?

    It is very warm and muggy in Houston.

  144. I have a tattoo of a guy riding a fish (from a sketch in “A Journey of the Imagination” by James Christensen) on my right shoulder.

  145. So, since Star Trek is coming soon… what songs can you think of that are either about Star Trek or mention it?

    One that comes to mind is “Never You Mind” by Semisonic.

  146. I don’t know of any Star Trek songs. Darn!

    Tonight’s tattoo will be a thumb ring, in celebration of 10 years with Sly B. I’ll share a picture tomorrow.

    My next tattoo after that will be some artsy script of the phrase “five by five”, probably on my right forearm.

  147. No ink here. I had my tongue pierced. Twice. Not at the same time, mind ya. Separate occasions. I don’t recall why . . . .

  148. I should really be able to just command at will from my brain a list of songs that mention or refer to Star Trek, but all I can think of is Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy”

    First in my class here at M.I.T.
    Got skills, I’m a Champion of DND
    MC Escher that’s my favorite MC
    Keep your 40
    I’ll just have an Earl Grey tea

    I can sure kick your butt in a game of ping pong
    I’ll ace any trivia quiz you bring on
    I’m fluent in Java Script as well as Klingon

    Only question I ever thought was hard
    Was do I like Kirk or do I like Picard?

  149. I have no tattoos and probably never will.

    My husband wants us to get matching tattoos sorta… he wants to get Super Pac-Man and for me to get Ms. Pac-Man.


  150. My tongue works perfectly well without any metal assistance…

    And really – the idea of metal in the mouth is like that feeling people get when you run your nails on a chalkboard.


  151. Van: actually, pain is not the problem for me. I think some people look good with piercings, but it just has never appealed to me. I’ve long wanted a tattoo, but I can’t figure out what I’d want to put permanently on me.

    CP: Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town — The Killers

  152. I agree, ditto, at least about the pain issue. I have a very high pain tolerance, so am not bothered by it. As victim #1 said on the Fringe episode I watched this morning before work about tats, “it’s a good pain.”

  153. I didn’t think the pain was too bad. Apparently, tho, some folks go in for the bigger-gauge piercings for the endorphins associated with the pain.

  154. What’s on Your Mind (Pure Energy) by Information Society

    Though, when queried in an interview, admitted they knew almost nothing about Star Trek, and just liked Nimoy’s sound clip.

  155. I felt very little pain. The initial idea was indeed for oral. I don’t recall why I got it done a second time. It reduces the tongue’s dexterity too much. And I overall find them extremely overrated.

  156. So watching the latest House, the episode where House keeps seeing Wilson’s dead girlfriend and thinking this could be the episode where the series jumps the shark.

  157. I’m going to go wash my children and take them to the grocery store so I can make dinner for a houseload of people tomorrow night.

    Anyone need anything while I’m out?

  158. If I have my tongue piercing etiquette right, those who pierce to enhance their, shall we say, performance, pierce toward the tip of the tongue if they are interested in women, and those who are interested in men pierce further back. So I guess straight men and gay women are the ones who deal with the risk of broken teeth when piercing their tongues.

  159. Additional note to file under: “Potential Travesty”:

    No Richard Kelly.

    Two links to original:

    The story is of the now-18-year-old Samantha Darko (same actress, Daveigh Chase)
    The title: S. Darko – A Donnie Darko Tale

    Otherwise, no other creative connection.

  160. That seems to be the newest thrust in Hollywood. Starting with The Transformers the (pseudo-)sequels have less and less to do with the originals.

  161. i1 – The people or the Oreos?

    Deep fried Oreos I’ve heard of… well, I’ve heard of people being fried too, but it’s not the same thing.

    …….. I once had a boyfriend whose nickname was “Fry Guy”

    True story… I’m not proud.

  162. Ah the oddballs of our pasts…

    I was thinking the Oreos themselves. People fry just about anything. Boggles my mind. But I try to stay pretty healthy.

  163. Cj, would you be willing to share your recipe for Oreo cupcakes? We’re supposed to be having a Cake Bake-Off here in Literacy-AmeriCorps-land on the weekend of May 8. I would give you full credit for the idea and the recipe, of course. 🙂

  164. Of course. I’d be happy to share my invention – I don’t know that I’d call it a recipe.

    I’ll e-mail you unless everyone wants me to post it here … it’ll just make you all salivate anyway.

  165. Good Moooorning Pan, one more day of work and then 11 days off..woot! and more woot!

    Another grey day and I just don’t care.

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