276 thoughts on “Jack Mangan's Deadpan #107: Nowhere Jack

  1. I too have grown to like Charlie Jade.

    The original episode’s dizzing edits and visuals was a fun ride that got old quick. Like cotton candy. Tasty for the first few bites but you never finish it.

    Then they started to put some substance too it. Still a VERY stylized show but I think they found their groove.

  2. Morning, Deadpan!

    Listened to the episode on an early walk this morning.

    Amy, wise choice avoiding Evil, Inc. Though the Demons should have been drawn to the building . . .

    Jack, I loved the instrumental at the end — wish I could get a copy of it!

  3. Wow a Supersized episode! I’ll try to check it over lunch or on my way home. Bleak days in the office, we keep getting more skinny and moral has hit the floor. =P. On the bailout, on one hand I think this thing carries a price tag we shouldn’t pass on to the tax payers. I was listening to NPR yesterday and they had an Oregon representative that explained how an alternative bill could work with out all the money. It sounded like a good idea. But for me personally, the longer the political process takes to a solution, the longer banks loans are tied up, the longer future developments are put on hold. And that imperials my current job. My hope is if this bill is defeated a better one can quickly move through the process.

  4. I’ll have to second Essbee regarding the outro tune this week. Most excellent and I would love to get a clean copy as well.

    The rest of the show was most excellent. Nice work with the music especially this week, Amy.

  5. In the spirit of Colbert, here are tomorrow’s reports from tonight’s VP debate:

    Left leaning sources – Palin clearly showed she’s unqualified and couldn’t handle herself in the debate.

    Right leaning sources – Palin clearly showed she’s qualified and handled herself well in the debate.

    Biden will barely warrant any mention from either side.

  6. LOL Ed.
    Cobert is hitting his stride!

    Re – Tonights debate
    I predict we will see –
    Long winded and condescending VS. “Yah, I’m gonna have to get back to ya on that.”

    A “no win scenerio” for the Dems I should think.

    If she knows her stuff he’ll look bad.
    If she continues as she has been doing the last few weeks and he points out that she doesn’t know her stuff … he’s going to end up coming across like a school yard bully picking on the “special kid” while she’s waiting for the short bus.

  7. I expect every press release to mention something about what Palin was wearing or the style of her hair. *rollseyes*

    There are not a lot of investors I trust, but in general, I do trust the instincts of Warren Buffet. Buffet had this to say on the bail out.

    “And Buffett said taxpayers will eventually turn a profit on the $700 billion plan if the bailout passes and the U.S. government buys mortgage debt at market prices.

    “We are not spending the money. If we buy these assets intelligently, the United States Treasury will make money,” Buffett said.”
    I just wanted to throw that out for discussion. That sounds reasonable, but the danger of mismanagement still gives me pause. I can’t say that I’m convenced one way or the other. Take it away JOe.

  8. Maybe if Buffet is the one administering it. But, I fear that corruption, bureaucracy, and general mismanagement will lead to this ultimately being a money loser. The government will overpay their buddies on Wall Street for the properties, then sell them back at sweetheart deals. You and I will be financing the spread.

    When have efficiency and government ever been in the same sentence….well, besides the one I just typed.

  9. “Take it away JOe.” LOL

    “Buffett said taxpayers will eventually turn a profit on the $700 billion plan if …”
    This is an easy one to poke holes in. The banks who ORIGINALLY bought all these now-worthless loans did so because they thought they would turn a profit.
    They didn’t. In fact everyone now calls this stuff “bad debt” and “Worthless paper” … so why is it that if the taxpayer suddenly buys it … it will make money?

    If this stuff really had a high percentage chance (or even 50/50) of making someone money … don’t you think that the BIG private investors (like Buffet) who make there millions on this sort of deal would be clamoring over one another to buy these bad debts and would be crying “foul play” in the media because BIG COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT was taking the opportunity away from them?

    If this was such a good investment, private industry would be rushing in to buy this stuff (like they did with Wacovia Bank a few days ago).

    Also … when did the U.S. government get in the business of taking tax money from you and me to gamble with on the stock market?

    AND … if we the people are OK with that and DO want our government to get into the “making money through investments” game … there are a heck of a lot of lower risk/higher yield places to invest!
    If the goal is “the taxpayer should make money” why don’t we just nationalize a few of these big oil companies!!!!

    You knew I had already been thinking about this one, didn’t you Rhettro? 🙂

  10. BTW – I don’t have a better solution then the bailout. If we don’t do it then I think that eventually private investment WILL sort things out. In the meantime though, things for our pal Rhettro (and most of the rest of us) will get very uncomfortable.

  11. Re: Science … Sweet!

    Re: Wikipedia … Are there any sites that track Wikipedia’s accuracy?
    There are several sites that keep an eye on political ads and report on falsehoods but I was wondering if there is something like that for Wikipedia.

  12. If you hadn’t heard –
    Remains of Steven Fossett plan have been found.

    “Fossett made a fortune trading futures and options on Chicago markets. He gained worldwide fame for more than 100 attempts and successes in setting records in high-tech balloons, gliders, jets and boats. In 2002, he became the first person to circle the world solo in a balloon. He was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame in July 2007.

    He also swam the English Channel, completed an Ironman Triathlon, competed in the Iditarod dog sled race and climbed some of the world’s best-known peaks, including the Matterhorn in Switzerland and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.”

  13. When the power went out the other day, it killed my vcr. Wah!

    That means my dvd player / recorder won’t work either. It wouldn’t interface directly with my tv; you had to use the vcr as a go between. This blows.

  14. Well, let’s get this over with.

    Re: V.P. Debate

    Based on who came closest to actually answering the questions that were ask … Biden won the debate. Based on who beat expectations by the most, Palin was clearly the winner.

    In summary, Biden wasn’t “long winded and pompus”… and Palin’s head didn’t explode.

    … and the beat goes on.

  15. Farkin HP!

    I get my tech goodies delivered today. This evening, I set about putting everything into the case, which, by all appearances is a standard ATX case.

    …except for the panel connector. Instead of the usual separate power, LED, reset, etc connectors coming from the front of the case, HP has stuck them altogether to make a single plug. While I’m sure that’s great for the poor soul in Asia putting the thing together, it does me precious little good as the connector doesn’t match the normal ATX arrangement.

    I’m now faced with the prospect of surgery on the cable, or getting a new case tomorrow. After this, I think I’m ready to get myself a shiny new box for my shiny new components.

  16. No, Essbee, agreement doesn’t scare me at all…..but that Wikipedia article does 🙂

    Evo’s up for deletion and Jack doesn’t even warrant a page, but a fictional debate in a fictional show has its own article. Wee doggie!

  17. I’ve never understood the logic behind the Wikriteria for having a page.

    But then again, judging by the rampant inaccuracies you find there, a Deadpan page would probably describe us as a weekly hour of yodeling on South Dakota AM radio.

  18. RE: the debate. I didn’t see/hear the whole thing. What I did see: she feigned human well, stuck to her script, and avoided her typical Bushisms. Biden started off stammering and shaky, but made a few good counters against Dick Cheney as VP and the notion that he’s out of touch with the commonfolk.

    RE: the cars. Are we going to see a Lamborghini with a childseat??

    OK, dunno if I’ll be back tonight. Deadpan is the hey.

  19. Morning Pan, it’s the dreaded G word again for the weather.

    In regards to Tabs, I’m all for keeping them tightly under control, more than 4 and I start closing them. Whether this reflect something broken in my psych I cannot say.

    Today’s old style game is a remake of the light cycles from the game/movie Tron:


    Available for most flavours of O/S.

  20. Welcome out of moderation purgatory, Nomad Scry.

    I downloaded that Tron clone, Van. I’ll give the light cycle a test drive sometime tomorrow.

    Sorry, Marlo. Only about another month to go.

  21. Jack, I’m voting in the advance poll tomorrow…wait, today, in a few hours.

    I only wish that would end the fretting. Two frickin elections, both biley, so bad for grey matter. And the blood pressure.

    Being apathetic and not giving a crap about my fellow man, that’s got to be healthier, right? 😛

  22. Marlo, for oneself, I have to imagine it’s an easier life to be a narcissist/dickwad. However, most of us manage to extend our sphere of care beyond our own egos. As a result, we suffer the stresses that come from having to think about how our choices impact others.

  23. I have to disagree Ed, most people pick their candidates for very selfish reasons.. from picking the person who looks and sounds like them, or who they would want to have a beer with, or play basketball with- to picking a candidate who upholds their own beliefs that they would like to see thrust upon all the American people.

    I have no problem picking my candidate I’m part of the 60% of American voters who always vote in their party (30% dem, 30% repub.. its that other 40% of undecided voters that all these debates and campaigning are for). My party in general supports the things I want supported.. all this mumbo-jumbo they go through in debates is just nonsense to sway the undecided voter.

    Candidate talk all their non-partisan crap, but in reality they are in a party and they will go 7 out of 10 times with their party. No person who claims they are a dem or a repub are 100% with their party. No ones record shows they always went with their party. But in general, overall, there are certain things you can count on whether you vote dem or repub and I think those things are pretty obvious. Debates and campaigning simply cloud the issue that is already there and obvious. Dems and repubs are fundamentally different and always will.

    [forest gump] and thats all I have to say about that [/forest gump]

  24. oh forgot 1 point I wanted to make in support of what I just said.. if McCain was such a Maverick to his own party, then why do all the repubs love him?
    Cuz he’s a republican.. all that talk that both candidates do is all just talk to confuse you. In a primary you look at the candidate, in the general election you Look at the individual party and what that party belives in, not the candidates.

  25. She BLINDED me with SCIENCE!!!

    ECONOMICS PRIZE. Geoffrey Miller, Joshua Tybur and Brent Jordan of the University of New Mexico, USA, for discovering that a professional lap dancer’s ovulatory cycle affects her tip earnings.

    REFERENCE: “Ovulatory Cycle Effects on Tip Earnings by Lap Dancers: Economic Evidence for Human Estrus?” Geoffrey Miller, Joshua M. Tybur, Brent D. Jordan, Evolution and Human Behavior, vol. 28, 2007, pp. 375-81.

  26. Morning Pan.

    Spent all day yesterday moving tote bags around – it turns out 900 totebags takes up a lot of space.

    Only here for a short while, then off to do more run arounds 🙂

  27. “Deadpan page would probably describe us as a weekly hour of yodeling on South Dakota AM radio.”

    You mean it’s not? Maybe you should put it out on short wave to reach a larger audience. 😉

  28. I’m at home today, and will have Friday’s off for a while. But I’m going to be using my days off to find either more concrete full time employment or some part time. Wish me luck. 🙂

  29. Thanks EssBee. I’ve had a pretty good day so far. I’m networked with about three headhunter firms and I found one architecture firm that seems to have some positions I’m qualified for. That puts me in a better mood.

  30. good luck with the job search Rhett

    Have you guys ever had the feeling that you are totally unwelcome somewhere, and even worse when you feel like no one really gives a shit if you stay or not? And worse still when its your own family.
    well, its a really sucky feeling

    sorry, been a bad day for Andrea today 🙁

    Everyone have a good weekend please 🙂

    My day is about to get better, going to go meet up with Hugh. I’m pretty sure he likes me.. he better 😉

  31. Gas down at our corner stations is $3.01 tonight. I have a friend who claims gas is cheaper in Blue states to try and lull them into thinking of voting republican.

    How’s Prices around the ‘Pan tonight?

  32. Sorry ’bout the hits Jack. Sometimes life sucks, sometimes it gets better.

    Gas prices? $3.31 about a block from my house. I’m guessing we may see $2.75 before too long.

  33. ^ The trackback post above was generated by my blog. This is the first time I’ve linked directly to the post for a particular episode of the Deadpan. All my links in previous Questors posts have been to the jackmangan.com front page.

  34. Gas prices in western Massachusetts dropped 20 cents between Thursday and Friday. Sometime around the beginning of the year my big bro started telling me that the gas prices were going to drop until after the elections in November. Ridiculous to see it coming true.

    And that Palin flow chart is seriously hilarious.

  35. Seems that Jack didn’t have a good day either. Sorry, Jack.

    Wow you all have cheap gas. Here I’ve seen a lot of variation, depending on what part of the city 3.70 (in the burbs) -4.35.

    Hugh sez: when we saw that 3.70 tonight we got so excited

    We had to stop the car and fill up. Last time we filled the beloved hybrid, we put 4.05 gas in it. Can you imagine 3.31 gas?? or 3.01?? Holy shit!

    Hugh sez: I would cum right there in the station


  36. good travels j0e 🙂

    Hugh sez: I’ll keep my eye on the markets for you while you’re gone

    Yes please, can you fix the markets for us Hughie?

    Hugh sez: I’ll try 🙂


    Hugh sez: Isn’t the Questors that story Amy sent us?

    Yeah, and we couldn’t help her out with the voices, sorry Any 🙁

    Hugh sez: sorry. We’ll have to listen to that

    we’ve got a few pans to catch up on

    Hugh sez: a few. But not tonight. I’ve got other plans for us tonight

    *swooon* 😉

    Hugh sez: how do you know its dirty? You dont know my plans

    I don’t know, Im just hoping. You do usually tend towards the perverted Hugh

    Hugh sez: guilty as charged babe. Say goodnight to Deadpan

    night pan!

    Hugh sez: night

  37. Smarty Hottie sighting!

    I’ve done a wine flight and I’m feeling it. I actually ordered the TAZI before I was even told that Maynard from Tool owns the vineyard. It was pretty darn tasty too.

    Nomad Scry, glad to see you jumping into the the community.

    OK, I gotta go

  38. So Great North Run this weekend, means I’ve got to avoid large city centre (a lot of the runners from outside the area hang around the day before)..

    The premise of 88 minutes looks good, think I’ll check that one out at local cinema where I can get some exercise by actually walking there and hopefully avoiding a lot of the crowds.

  39. Morning Deadpan!

    Sorry about your family stuff, Hottie. That is never easy, and yeah, I get it.

    Jack, sorry yesterday was rotten. Get that too.

    Welcome, Nomad Scry!

    Safe travels, JOe!

    That makes me wonder when ditto is back . . .

    Today’s plan: I don’t need no stinkin’ plan. It’s Saturday, yo.

  40. Sheesh, looks like it’s been a fairly depressing Friday at the Pan. Sorry to hear news from everyone an I hope things get better.

    After Ike came through….backup….just before IKE hit here, gas had gotten down to about $3.40. After Ike, we were pushing $3.75. Yesterdy, I found it down to about $3.28 in a few places.

  41. Good Morning Deadpan. Welcome Nomad Scry.

    I’m going to have a busy Saturday, errands to run, have to head into the office for a little while. And I owe some people recordings, and others writing. And I also need to do some cleanup around my apartment.

    RE Gas Prices: In PA we’re around $3.50. Gas prices always peak in the summer, and from late November to January. You know when everyone is traveling and creating a high demand.

  42. Thx everyone.

    You’ve seen 3.29, Rhett? I think I’ve only seen the mid 3’s for gas around here.

    ditto is back!

    Happy and safe travel wishes to Justa J0e.

    Here’s echoing the wishes for good Saturdays all around. . .

  43. [tweet] All surfaces on the left (south) side of my kitchen are now clean – countertops, cabinet faces, and the outside of the refrigerator. Tired. Taking a break, then going over to my friends’ apartment for a barbecue. [/tweet]

  44. Kind of back. Nasty migraine spent about two days crushing my skull :/ And it hasn’t let me sleep in four days.

    And I voted. I crawled in yesterday, holding in the howling, with sunglasses clamped to my face. Nothing stops me from voting. Nothing!

    We should encourage more lurkers to come out. The random is delicious!

  45. Morning Pan, torrential rain predicted for later, it’s dodge the crowds day.

    Gawd I hate crowds.

    Was this meeting podcasters at a Con Jack?

  46. Morning Pan! Lovely day here, but I’m stuck inside trying to get some spreadsheets balanced by tomorrow.

    So the question is, was work invented by the devil or God? If by God, what am I being punished for?

  47. My husband is starting to scare me. He just taped the Doc Savage oath above his desk

    ” * Let me strive every moment of my life to make myself better and better, to the best of my ability, that all may profit by it.
    * Let me think of the right and lend all my assistance to those who need it, with no regard for anything but justice.
    * Let me take what comes with a smile, without loss of courage. Let me be considerate of my country, of my fellow citizens and my associates in everything I say and do.
    * Let me do right to all, and wrong no man.”

  48. Now we have

    “Begin with the end in mind”

    I asked him why we are putting motivational posters on our wall. I guess it’s for his philosophy course he’s teaching at school.

    It’s very bizarre to me.

  49. Hey pan! I just watched the season 3 premier of Heroes. I’m pretty disappointed. It seems that they are resorting to a lot of cliches that I’m tired of.

  50. Been playing the Fracture demo today (on the PS3), looks nice and even though it’s basically Halo in third person, think I will tempted to get it when it comes out.

  51. The latest Daily Source code has a running length of 1 hour and 54 minutes…I’m beginning to detest long podcasts.

    One for the bin.

  52. Apologies, Nomad Scry, if I haven’t given a proper welcome to Deadpanland.

    BTW, Van. That Tron Light Cycles clone you linked is pretty cool.

    That Colbert link is some funny shit, ditto.

  53. You know, I’m starting to regret Vista. It does not want to play nicely with my Itunes. I’m having to fight the security mightily to get my Ipod to sync up. I think I’ve got it, but I’ve had to go and cut Vista’s balls off to do it. It really shouldn’t of had to come to that.

  54. Ed, Vista won’t let me copy and paste my own files. I’m surprised the whole os isn’t just a message that says:

    ‘We don’t trust you to use your own computer. Just shut down now.’

  55. Filled the tank this morning. Gas is down another 10 cents to 3.29 a gallon. I wonder if it’ll drop below 3.00 before November?

    Oh, and geez. Yall are a friendly bunch. Thanks for the warm welcome. I’m not used to that. Heh.

  56. Morning Deadpan!
    Morning Scry!

    Van, saw the first episode of The Clone Wars my thoughts are:

    What was with the strange fifties news reel style beginning? Then it just went down hill from there.

  57. Ed: I hear you. That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t “upgraded” to Vista yet. Oh, that, and it’s bad handling of compressed files. And a few other things as well. Vista does somethings really well, but others…. That’s why more than 1/3 of new computers are “downgraded” to XP.

  58. I really haven’t seen a need for Vista, other than Direct X10, which hasn’t been shown to be much better than 9. Plus, I don’t have a cutting edge PC to run Vista on at the moment either. I’m hoping that Vista’s successor will have less bloat and user friendly features.

  59. What was with the strange fifties news reel style beginning?

    The opening crawls that are now the trademark of the Star Wars movies were originally inspired by old serials from around that era. Maybe George (or someone) went back to that same well for more inspiration.

    I agree with what marlodianne said about Vista. It’s like an overprotective parent who uses little words to talk down to his kids because they wouldn’t understand the big words. Big words like “IP address.” *sigh*

    Another thing that Mr. Vista is always saying is, “Are you SURE you want to play with those other kids from Apple/that other computer/that other software company? You know, you can catch a bug from them… Bugs are EVERYWHERE…”

  60. Jack, there’d better be a follow-up call from Pip after that comment.

    Oh, and trust me, I much prefer the being busy to the alternative. These wallets don’t fill themselves, you know. Well, unless you’re a Wall Street CEO, of course.

  61. EssBee: I know what you mean. Season 1 of Heroes might have had plenty of comic book cliches, but the story and the characters rose above it. But so far season 3 has rolled out several worn-out cliches. And that’s only in the first episode. Right now, I’d just rather watch and rewatch Life.

  62. Everybody’s freaking out about the $700,000,000,000 one-time bailout.

    I just heard on Rachael Maddow that the annual budget for the Iraq war is $560 billion yearly. We’re spending that much money to make our soldiers in the clay pigeons and build targets for insurgents to practice their tactics on.

    As crappy as the economy is it leased its helping Obama.

    To Nomad Scry, all the Republicans want to tell you that the economics and the consumer price is too complex for us to understand. Yet, the three-year-old can follow economic trends. Republicans with oil ties get into power suddenly the price increases by $2.50 at the pump. When the election cycle comes around suddenly that price drops. It seems pretty straightforward to me.

  63. Does anyone else find the plot line to Dexter a little contrived. Brother and sister end up working in the same department as their father did. I understand law enforcement tends to run in families. I just find it odd that Dexter has a human foot sitting on his desk what looks like 17 feet away from a detective’s desk. Should me have a lab somewhere.

    I enjoy the show’s I just wonder when Michael C. hall’s going to get her role that he doesn’t have to fondle body parts.

  64. another year and no more Chicago baseball

    no one tell Hugh that secretly I am so fucking happy both our teams are out of it, I can’t stand baseball. Football unt basketball are ok with me. Baseball and hockey? Not so much. sorry to all the deadpan baseball and hockey fans.

    See really its all about the eye candy. Better eye candy in basketball and football. Hockey dudes are too covered up and baseball dudes are adjusting and spitting too mucho.

    [voice over] this Andrea sport moment was brought to you by the Men are not just pieces of eye candy for you sicko women association. [/voice over]

  65. Oh, and may I join the chorus of “hellos” to Pip. It was nice meeting you in Vegas, too, but the Deadpan is a good hangout…

  66. So apparently Fox woke up afraid of the elephant. We don’t have anything remotely elephant around, but that’s what he said he was afraid of. After further questioning, we got down to the fact it was a scary red elephant.

    Then, tonight after we watched the news Darcy figured it out… Fox is afraid of the republicans…

  67. In what way ditto? I didn’t find it that bad.

    True Blood is growing on me, Mad Men I”m still enjoying, and Pushing Daisies is the dogs bollocks (well still plenty of time for it to jump the shark).

    Welcome Nomad and Pip.

    Essbee is the 3:0 comment about the murder count in Heroes?

    Monkey waiters in Japan:


  68. Morning Pan!

    My kitty is mad at me because I refuse to feed him this morning. I’m not being mean, he’s getting his teeth cleaned today and you’re not supposed to give kitties food from 8:00pm the night before they go to sleep.

  69. I’m sure I’ll hear about it tonight, Van.

    Right now, I just got back from dropping him off at the vet. First no food, then the vet. I’m sure he really loves me now 🙂

  70. Morning, Pan!

    I’m not sure if all 3 Latinos are dead on Heroes, but they sure are having a rough go of it, Van!

    Been at work since 6 this morning — got the September accruals out just now, and now can focus on my real work.

  71. Van: There were sooo many mistakes in the show that it was impossible for me to suspend my disbelief. Even if my wife wasn’t a biologist that worked in a lab, I still would have noticed plenty of things that were wrong.

    The writers poorly researched an thought up this episode. I realize they were trying to be more humorous, but…

    1. It is impossible to confuse an oxygen cylinder with a liquid nitrogen canister.
    2. You wouldn’t be able to freeze someone solid in that way.
    3. If they were going to pay for the CGI for him shattering then they could have made him appear cold.
    4. While small objects frozen solid may shatter, big ones do not. I’m tired of seeing that crap.
    5. They have no concept of what a lab assistant does; nor what a janitor is allowed to clean up in a lab.
    6. A lab does not produce pills. They make the active ingredient. The chemists in the research lab do not determine dosage. A pharmaceutical factory actually makes the pills–which are mostly filler.
    7. How did the janitor know what was on the shredded document? Did he see her write it before it was shredded? And why would he hide it at work?
    8. If you were going to steal pills, why steal the box?
    9. Nothing is labeled poison in a lab since everything is potentially poisonous.
    10. A bottle that would have hazardous fumes would be positioned under the hood so that you could not breath those fumes.
    11. And how did he have the time to drive after inhaling all that crap?
    12. And no lab would leave people, including investigators, unsupervised.
    13. There were too few animals to be doing actual animal testing, and they would not be housed in the same room as the wet lab. And there would be dedicated technicians to care for them.
    14. Scientists don’t consider good scientists heroes just because they work on cancer drugs. The consider them good scientists.
    15. And my wife says: most importantly, scientists are not that creepy and don’t ask for bodily fluids when they are hitting on you.

    That’s probably a good enough list for now. 🙂

  72. While watching that episode, my wife asked me how I can watch shows about computers and not cringe. I told her I can’t.

    I generally treat shows as if they were in some parallel universe where our rules don’t apply. Sometimes that helps, sometimes it doesn’t.

  73. Marlo, I refuse to brush my kitties teeth. I do, however, mix some dental food in with their regular.

    Right now, my other kitty seems very happy. as if saying “aha! now I have the attention all to myself!”

  74. Friskies dental diet is excellent for their teeth, and my guys totally loved it. We had to switch food brands when Pheen was diagnosed with diabetes though.

    And, of course, now he had problems with his teeth because the new food doesn’t do crap for that. :/

  75. I use Science Diet. A little bit of wet in the morning for the one cat (the other cat doesn’t like wet food), then a mixture of senior and dental for them to snack on during the day. It was recommended by my vet way back when.

  76. My kitties have death fights when one or both gets back from the vet.

    “Argh! You smell like hospital! You must die!”

    Actually, since cats identify everybody by smell, I think they refuse to admit they know each other. So it’s really:

    “Argh! A stranger! Die die die!”

  77. Rhett, we should do a phone call tonight — sometime after you wake up.

    And hey, I actually have good news! This will even get a mainpage link. . . . I’m doing 2 live unplugged sets this weekend at a restaurant/wine bar over in Scottsdale. I’m lined up to play every weekend in October. w00t. Be there!

  78. “COLORADO SPRINGS – El Paso County coroner’s officials say a woman who fell into a chest freezer and died before a friend found her was likely in the freezer for less than 24 hours. Police say a friend found the woman Saturday and called for help. Police do not suspect foul play.”

  79. Jack: AWESOME!!!! Congratulations on lining up the gig! Be sure to play some of your own stuff. Most of us like it, so I’m sure other people with good taste in music will, too. 🙂

  80. Vex, my kitten, was playing on the back of my computer chair and decided that I was part of the game. So he bit my shirt a lot and then tried to hug the back of my head. I didn’t care to much for that because his claws were out… so I have a nice slice just above my lip now.

    But that really isn’t bothering me right now. That honor goes to my prescription safety glasses which, while no longer making me nauseous, feel like they are trying to cut a hole to China through my skull.

    Whatever. Nevermind. Back to work…

  81. I’m vexed, fumin, I’ve had it up to here
    My days of payin dues are over, acknowledge me is in there(YEAH)
    Head for the border, go get a taco
    I’ll be wreckin from the jump street, meaning from the get-go
    Sit back relax and let yourself go
    Don’t sweat what you heard, and act like you know

    Verse Two: Charlie Brown

    Yes yes y’all (yes y’all!)
    who got the vibe it’s the Tribe y’all (Tribe y’all!)
    real live y’all (live y’all!)
    Inside outside come around… (who’s that??) Browwwwwwwwn

  82. Todays useless tip:

    If you feel you can’t comment on a waitress’s new haircut cos you fear it will come over as creepy. Give up any notion of having social life and become a hermit.

    Just remember to wrap up warm, caves can be cold and damp…

  83. I wanna go to the Opeth show with Jack and Rhett 🙁
    How come you guys didn’t call me??? 😉

    then we would be the 2 old guys and the old chic.. so not cool. I do have tons of black clothes and can still do my goth makeup.. then I can look like the old chic trying to be cool. Yes!

    ps. Congrats on the wine bar show Jack!

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