I have no idea. . .

. . . where your comments are. . .
. . . what’s been happening to the site for the past 10 hours. . .

But don’t worry, I am going to take care of this. Not pleased.

Sorry. Thanks for your patience while I deal with these technical difficulties.

78 thoughts on “I have no idea. . .

  1. NO worries, Jack. Stuff happens, it’s not worth getting an ulcer over. My comment seemed to show up on the previous feed.

  2. I guess I’ll post in this thread as not to “screw up” the count in the official one. Looks like a big white out in a lot of the FPM sites. I’ve noticed the Farpoint Forums site didn’t go down for the duration.

    In other news, I’ve started running again. Two days straight so far. I’m hoping to make this a habbit.

  3. And obviously – Greasy Jelly Bean appears to have been hosed for this week (interesting visual).

    If you want to make another guess (or missed your chance yesterday) then feel free. Let’s say tonight at 12am is the prediction deadline. I guess we’ll guess at total comments in the “I have no idea. . . ” thread.

  4. I was asked as FPR Spokesperson to comment on the recent server blackout since FPR was one of the few sites not affected. I didn’t think it was worth talking about until I found the true reason for it.

    Apparently the blackout was caused by flying monkeys generated from Christiana Ellis’s cleavage.

  5. Well I wouldn’t chuck her out of bed for you TO.

    Congrats on the job ditto, I see I’ll need to buy a higer quality of curse in the future.

  6. Well, I went through the Google cache, and retrieved what I believe to be all of the Deadpan Bar stuff wrote after the set of snippets I saved a couple weeks ago. The cache was incomplete, though, and I have a nagging feeling one or two are lost to the sands of internet…

  7. Good morning pan!

    Happy post super tuesday! I voted yesterday using the touch screen… I am all for technology upgrades, but how do I know my vote didn’t get lost in the tubes somewhere?
    I knew Obama would carry Illinois and he did so spectacularly. So even though I am undecided still, my vote for Hilary didn’t hurt anyone, and I got the chance to vote for the first ever viable female candidate. That dun made me proud yesterday folks. Don’t worry all you Obama lovers, Hugh cast his for Obama, so we cancelled each other out 🙂
    But as a woman, that was a happy moment for me yesterday.

    congrats mr ditto swoooon!!!!!

    Hey JB, check archive.org in July. 😉

    Those bastardos at the board of trade are slave driving my Hugh, so I gotta take him into work early 🙁 This makes a very very unhappy Dre. But at least I can hang out with him there for a while before my photo jobs today 🙂

    Have a good day pan, time to hit the road!

  8. Yep, congratz ditto.

    JJ: Have fun in Vegas, but remember the saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” doesn’t mean staying a Vegas jail cell. 😉

  9. “Japanese Robot Monster Samurai Bikini Machine Gun Laser Motorcycle Cowgirl”

    Now that would be perfect on a poster..just to cover the cracks in the wall you understand…

  10. Sorry I’ve been mostly scarce of late. There’s been medical stuff and other life stuff. Made it to caucus and cast a vote for Obama last night before things went all pear-shaped again…

  11. Hope all is well, JB. Medical stuff is never funny. Take Scrubs, for example.

    Seriously. Keep yourself and the family healthy, JB.
    And the same goes to all Deadpanites everywhere.

  12. We’re still here and accounted for in Texas…where, sadly, it looks like I’m going to have to feign interest as the Texas primary is now going to count for something when it rolls around March 4th.

  13. Last night is over and done with, I’m worried about tonight!!

    Will Deadpan be available for download in the AM?
    Will our comments count??
    How will I ever recover my greasy spoon/jelly bean game tallys??

    these are the questions that keep me up on Wednesday nights

    except i won’t be up cuz we are going to bed

    night hughie
    night girlie
    night pan
    night mush

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