497 thoughts on “Jack Mangan's Deadpan #103: Fractura

  1. Well I managed to listen to 30 minutes of DP103 till my 3G connection crapped out.

    Not quite sure what to think of the story, weird springs to mind.

  2. I’ve been playing “Mr. Mom” this week until the Misses gets back from her business trip tomorrow. In my haste to get the kids out the door, I forgot it was Thursday! *smacks head* Perhaps I can download and listen at work. Hmmm…

  3. This was a contribution-free ep, EfT. You still have time.

    JfS, if Wizards of the Coast would pay you well and treat you with respect, then I’d say go for it. What would you be doing?

  4. I think Wolf is looking for a duel… Dead Pan style.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Two words… Monty Python 🙂

  5. I would never paint my cats. I feel sorry for those poor kitties that get painted. I’m sure it’s safe and the kitties are patient, yadda, yadda, I just know that MY cats wouldn’t be happy if I tried something like that.

  6. Thanks, Rhett and Bunny!
    It’s cool, Van 🙂 Hey, we’re all friends here. I can handle negative criticism or funny pokes at the story. (Way too much “praise me or get out” sentiment in podcasting these days, methinks) I can translate the handful of Spanish phrases for you, unless someone is already having fun looking them up.

    The Coverville 500 concert was definitely fun. I was kinda of surprised at the anti-Cheese backlash that followed. Oh well. Drama.

  7. That totally remains to be seen, JOe.

    I think tonight is gonna require the Jameson. Anyone wanna join me?

    I’ve already got the DNC on the tube — ready for some speeches.

  8. Got to listen to the episode today. Enjoyed the story, though, I must confess, I think “Bodies in the Water” was better. Then again, they are clearly different types of stories.

    I’m fairly sure some of the Spanish was “Day of the Dead”, yes?

  9. Van- in case you were wondering, the recordings of Chance and the Choir were much like listening in person. Actually possibly more detailed than what I heard. I was underimpressed…

    Jack! Loved the story. If I actually had the chops to do it I could possibly see producing that for the screen (small or big, take your pick) as one of those Linklater DV-rotoscoped-into-fantastical-animation deals like Waking Life…

  10. This could be a mini-palooza tonight.
    Watch Obama’s speech here in a few minutes and give your impressions. Usually politics bring a party to a halt but I think the deadpan has show the ability to handle such issues.

    Personally, I have avoided the convention because I see them as devicive (even if I can’t spell it) BOTH of them.

    Anyway, I will watch Obama tonight because I want to know if he can inspire me.

    … now where is that scotch?

  11. I only caught the last few minutes of Obama’s speech, which was just the same “American spirit, greatest nation in the world, hard-working people” sales pitch that McCain will say.
    But apparently there was some swoooooonworthy stuff in the earlier parts of the speech 🙂

    Should McCain and Obama be 2 more of the DotF contestants?

  12. So I watched …
    I guess I had pretty high expectations.

    I was hoping for something a little more inspirational.
    For me, I think he was speaking a little too much to the Democrats (he had them at “Hello”) and not enough to “America.” (he needs the independents and moderate Rep)

    He spent the bulk of the speech spelling out exactly what he would do in office (which I guess is a good time to do that) instead of trying to inspire/motivate the viewer.

    Still, he came off well. If I had to choose between Mccain and Obama in a casting call for “The President”, I think Obama would get the part because he certainly has the “presence”.

    2 Things I really liked about his plan.
    1) He stated that he would rid us of our addiction to foreign oil in 10 years! I have been waiting over a decade for ANY politician to have the vision and balls to publicly go down that road!

    2) He looked right into the camera and said that he would actually CUT taxes for 95% of America. For those that follow finance this isn’t news but J. Q Public has been barraged by Republican talking point says he will raise taxes. What they mean is that he is inverting the Bush tax cut. So now the top 5% will see there tax break go away and everyone else will get the break for a change.

    It’s about time THAT got straightened out!

    OK. That’s just one guys impression.
    Maybe not his most inspired speech but I think it finally answered his critics and it certainly put his cards on the table.

  13. ‘Wolf v Bunny DOF’

    I’ll have to imagine that one happening in the rain.

    Bonus points if you know the TV series I’m referring too.

  14. [sorry deadpan]

    the reason he spent so much time spelling out his plan was because his critics have been saying up to this point “he keeps saying change, but what change? Whats he gonna change”

    He needed to spell it out specifically for the American people, not the democrats.
    You are right, he had us before he even walked out on stage, that speech was for his critics, and the Hillary-ites too.

    Also, I don’t believe McCain can EVER sound like Obama.. listen to the whole speech it was a wonderful speech. He said things no politician on either side has ever said. Yes he went through the whole yay I am an american I love my country just like McCain will. But also you have to realize his patriotism has been scrutinized more than any other candidate.. is he really American? Is Michelle Obama a terrorist?
    Yes, these questions have been asked by the other side (see Fox “news”) and they needed to be answered.
    They said when Michelle Obama described all the men in her life, her husband, her brother and her father she had to because they had to show the American people that black men can be honest hard working men. Yes, there are people out there who DOUBT that.. and yes they had to show that black men are decent hard working AMericans too.
    Its sad, but its the truth in this country, Civil rights movement wasn’t that long ago. People are still alive today who thought the white only and colored people only sections were a good thing. Those poeple are still voting and passing off their ideals to the next generation.

    [/sorry deadpan]

  15. [sorry deadpan2]

    Hugh just reminded me of my favorite part of his speech

    After he spoke of government programs and shit he wanted to do he brought up accountability and said yeah I can come up with alternative energy plans buts its up to each of us to be more responsible, like turning your TV off for a while.

    Democrats have always been accused of being the crybabys of the world. That we want people to stop working and wait for the gov to take care of everything. He made that point to say yes we want social programs to help people, but its up to people to then lift themselves up. That each of us is repsonsible for ourselves and our children and our future, that the gov is here to aid us not carry us.

    ok.. I swear Im done now

    sorry my 1st return to deadpan after a couple weeks was to talk politics, but this is important.. the future of this world is up to all of us. No one person is responsible. We all do our part and we are all accountable.

    [sorry deadpan2]

  16. Morning, Deadpan.

    I’ll keep my political comments off pan for the most part, but will say that I watched almost all of the convention and found it really inspiring, which is it’s purpose. I’ll watch next week too.

    I think that the coverage on Democracy Now! has been exceptional, but will probably piss you off if you’re in the center or to the right on the political spectrum.

    At work early today — lots of crises to manage already.

  17. sorry

    I always treated Deadpan as a place we could all just speak our minds, no matter which side you were on. The debate was the important part, so sorry if I offended with my politics talk. I was just trying to continue the conversation. 🙂

    Thank you Ess Bee 🙂

    We’ll try and stop by again soon, I was just stopping by to do the political talk


  18. EssBee: I meant it is a shrewd political choice. Given her lack of experience, it is a very hypocritical choice based on McCain’s similar criticism of Obama. I expect she was chosen to capitalize on the Hillary dissent factory. In other words, sway women voters to vote for McCain. It’s the typical divide-and-conquer strategy the GOP has been deploying for years.

  19. What’s amazing: I knew very little about Biden and absolutely nothing about Palin before their VP running mate selections. Yet. I still looked at both as good choices.
    I thought Biden was a good choice because he kinda talks and acts like a FoxNews reporter, just a left-winger. And I think Palin is a good choice for McCain because he’ll pick up a lot of some feminist votes.

    How do they stand on any significant issues? Who cares?!


    Smart conversation is always welcome here. Yes, most of us lean politically left, but I think we’d all agree that smart right wing thought is also welcomed and encouraged.

    /really done.

  20. and so like Obama is all “I’m about change and shit and you’re all like the same old”
    and so Mccain gets all up in his face and says “Ha. My VP is well a woman and all that.”
    and Obama says “No way, that’s not change it’s still the same Bush policies and this and that, you know what I’m saying.”
    and McCain is all “but with a vagina isn’t it. That’s change. Well off!”

    (jaj – lowering the level of smart conversation in the Deadpan since 2007)

  21. Well, I have to say, we’re pretty excited here in Texas about McCain’s VP choice. It gives me some hope that the Obama juggernaut can be stopped.

    Though, what’s most humorous, is to see the knee-jerk reaction of so many on the left (you should see the asshat comments on DIGG) who can’t be bothered to take a close enough look at her. They’re all too quick to say “See, a Woman! McCain’s just pandering to women!”. Of course, if he’d picked anyone besides a white guy, these same voices would have cried out about the token [insert minority here] VP choice. If he picks a white guy, he’d get beaten on for having just another old white guy and keeping up the “good ole boy” system.

    I first started reading about Palin a few weeks ago. Everything suggested she’d be an ideal VP choice, as a matter of character and principle, regardless of her sex. As I read about her, I thought she’d be a good choice, but that her chances were next to nothing, especially being from an electorally insignificant place like Alaska. There are plenty of more well known women that McCain could have picked if he wanted a high profile token to attract Hillary supporters. In Palin, I see a choice who can grow to be a strong lead and inspiration for the next generation. Win or lose, I see Palin/Jindal as a dream ticket for 2012.

    My wife is particularly excited about her. Though we both strongly oppose Hillary and Obama’s ideology, she did express disappointment as a woman that Clinton didn’t get the nomination. Palin gives her someone that she can show our daughter as a role model of a strong woman of character who can potentially rise to the top of our nation’s leadership.

    No doubt, the euphoria will fade a bit as the campaigns engage in pitched battle for the next few months, but today is a bright and exciting day full of hope.

  22. Good morning, Pan.

    We had a wonderful night last night, hearing slam poet phenom Stacy Ann Chinn in Five Points, Denver, last night. It was really awesome, and I’d recommend any of you go see her if she’s ever in your city (not for kids, though).


    I had never heard of Palin until yesterday. What I know about her now, aside from the unfair sacking of one of her employees taht Van pointed out, is that she wants to teach creationism in schools, she advocates abstinence-only education, she is pro-life, anti-gay, and doesn’t believe in global warning. I agree with Ed that it’s awesome for girls to see a woman in such a notable presidential race (though women have been major party VP candidates in the past — when I was young, in fact, which today seems like a LONG time ago). It’s scary to me, though, that McCain has chosen someone even further to the right than himself on social issues. Hopefully we’ll hear more about her next week at the RNC.

    We’re busy, busy, busy today with a wedding (not our illegal gay one, mind) and a long drive to my parents’ house after late tonight. Off to walk — have a wonderful Saturday, Deadpan!

  23. Morning Pan!

    My first day of Martial Arts was a very strange experience. I went in thinking I’d watch a class and see what it was like. When I got there, the Grand Master handed me a uniform and said “you have to try it, to see what it’s like”. So I did

    They have this custom, if you see a new face you must go up and introduce yourself. It was very surreal entering the classroom and having all these people suddenly come up, shake your hand and go, “hi, my name is…”

  24. I confess my knowledge of Palin is limited only to the blurbs I’ve read on CNN. Based on what I’ve read about her though, anyone who thinks she is a replacement for Hilary is off base. My wife said it best, “Unless the woman VP McCain puts on the ticket is progressive, it’s not going to help his campaign.” I will say regardless of who wins, it will be a vast improvement over our current situation. 🙂

  25. “I will say regardless of who wins, it will be a vast improvement over our current situation. ”
    I think this would ONLY be true if McCain isn’t going to just be another puppet President of the Neocons.

    I was actually a McCain supporter until about a year and a half ago when his double talk and blatant flip-flopping on positions showed that he was a “I’ll say what ever this audience wants to hear” kind of guy. I lost all faith in him. He is either a phony or he is dancing at the end of someone else’s strings.

    While my cynicalness towards politics makes me think that Obama is also someone else’s puppet. At least I can be sure that it is NOT the same bunch of people that have brought us the military, social, economic and diplomatic fiascoes of the last 8 years.

    McCain has given me no reason to believe that he won’t be bring us just more of the same.

    One other note – McCain is 72 years old.
    While I general don’t put any weight behind a V.P. choice (a mistake when you look at Cheney!) I think you have to seriously look at McCain’s choice as having a realistic chance of becoming the President. So you have to ask yourself, “has this person shown anything in their background that indicates they could stand up to the bullying and misdirection of the Neocons that got us into this mess?”
    Very few of our current congressmen/women have shown the ability to do so.

  26. OMG!!!

    Hugh and I just finished watching Doctor Who!!


    that was awesome

    Re Palin: She’s much too conservative for my tastes, and any Clinton democrat who votes for McCain because of this doesn’t deserve to be called a democrat. Not insulting Palin, but Palin and Clinton are 2 VERY VERY different woman who care about VERY VERY different things. If you switch to McCain because of this you were only voting for Hillary cuz she has a fun box. (fun box is our new favorite word courtesy of Jon Stewart)

    Re: Michael Palin – I like him too!! I wouldn’t mind seeing him as someones VP

  27. Back to Dr Who…

    I was kinda hoping the Doctors “daughter” was going to make another appearance this season

    also.. Im not up on the gossip since we hadn’t finished watching the last season, is Martha Jones scheduled to come back next season?

    also2.. How lucky is Rose Tyler, eh? I bet Time Lord lovin is some fun fun times

    also3.. Is the Doctors daughter going to get her own series spin-off? That was the first thing Hugh said at the end of that episode

    ok, we are considering hitting the Chicago Jazz fest this evening 🙂

    hope everyone is enjoying their weekend

  28. Well next year there are only going to be three specials, so he have a different assistant for special (like Kylie in last years xmas special).

    The proper season 5 of Doctor Who doesn’t start till 2010.

    Still no HAL 9000…

  29. From the way the season ended, I got the impression that Martha would join Torchwood, however, the descriptions of Season 3 quashed that thought. Too bad.

    TSH: Dr. Donna was awesome. And the ending was very, very sad and moving. I have never seen any show tie 4 seasons together so effectively in a finale. Not even B5 which I love. I’m looking forward to Season 5 in 2010.

  30. I don’t think Deadpan had a lot of representation at D*C, unlike the previous 2 years.

    I did the local CopperCon this year, MC’ed the Masquerade, met Greg Weisman, creator of Gargoyles and MaryJanice Davidson, author of the Betsy, Queen of the Dead (Undead and Unwed) books. It was the right call, I think.

    That all I got….? Yeah, that’s about it for now. I hope My Fellow Americans are enjoying the weeekend (sic).

  31. Jack: Awesome! I wish I’d been there to see you MC the masquerade.

    It’s been a quiet Sunday around here. I just finished a long e-mail, and am now going to get up and do some chores.

  32. Well that sucks that we have to wait until 2010 for a whole new season, but at least there will be something next year.

    ditto I agree that finale tied in everything so well

    Glad CopperCon was good.. I love MaryJanice Davidson!!!! Queen Betsy is kinda annoying but her dark hunky vamp husband is mighty nice to read about. He actually reminds me of Hugh in a lot of ways :). I like her books when I am in need of mindless vampire porn.

    Now we are going to go start watching the new Eureka

    and holy shit Gustav… yikes. I can’t even make any jokes about the RNC postponing their party. I hope somehow Gustav just dies over night. I hope everyone left New Orleans this time.
    I have a friend who spends a lot of time in New Orleans but he is in Europe right now. I got a panicked email from him wanting me to call a bunch of people and find out where they are and if they are safe. I guess he has been emailing people and trying to make phone calls but not getting anywhere with it.

  33. Just popping in, super-super-super-tired……..

    Yeah, nothing funny at all about Gustav. I sure hope for the best down there. And I sure hope that this doesn’t affect you and your family too harshly, Ed from Texas.

  34. Greetings, Pan. It does look like we’re going to dodge Gustav. We had actually already “evacuated” on Saturday for a family reunion in central Texas. The question of the week was if we’d get to return home. Unless Gustav bounces off the coast, it looks like we’ll be heading back home as planned today. The reunion is also why I’ve been a bit unplugged the last few days. Just had a few spare moments today to check in.

  35. Morning Deadpan.

    While technically today is a holiday here in Canadaland, it’s also a month end so here I am sitting at my computer crunching numbers. blech 🙁

  36. /off DDW quotes/ Silly office in Burlington seems to have decided to take the day off, month end or not. I can’t do my work if they don’t do theirs…

    Guess it’ll be very quiet today, and STUPID busy tomorrow

    ok, back to your regularly scheduled quoting

  37. TEB, you are all that and more!

    I fondly remember Dangermouse, although very few details. “Penfold, shush.”

    Knock on a wooden levee, but it appears that Gustav will not hit as hard as anticipated. Ed, glad to see that you and the family are safe.

  38. Well, it’s unfortunate that not all are successful are resisting the seductive allure of a popular culture that promotes promiscuity, we’re sex is cheap and without consequence.

    At least they’re doing the right thing in not choosing to murder the child.

  39. You may have hit on something there Ed.
    I was just thinking a few minutes ago that with Halloween coming we needed to palooza something kind of creepy.
    Re-Animator is creepy in a camp sort of way so it could qualify.
    I was also thinking maybe one of the “Living Dead” movies.

    Dark City looks kind of creepy though. I didn’t read the plot though because it says the less you know the better you will enjoy it.

  40. Dark City is cool and of course has Jennifer Connelly in it (/swooooon!)

    Ed wrote:

    ‘Well, it’s unfortunate that not all are successful are resisting the seductive allure of a popular culture that promotes promiscuity, we’re sex is cheap and without consequence’

    I missed that one, can I get my money back?

  41. Dark City is excellente, and I’d anticipated eventually getting the dir’s cut anyway. My only concern is that it may be retread material for too many of us. But hey, I’ll add it to the Survey Monkey poll.

    OK, nitepan.

  42. Ok Ed is a donkus for beating me to my Darkwing Duck joke.

    Seriously though, the FDA warnings said “thoughts of suicide,” but the doc said the drug wouldn’t start working for three weeks. It’s only been five days and I’m getting some serious nerve pain too. Plus its 5:30am and I actually woke up two hours ago because sleep was futile. Should I stop taking the wonder drug the insurance company said was so much better than Lyrica because Lyrica is too new and expensive? I still got one more of these things to try. And I’m pretty sure I might kill someone on it.


    Here’s a video of Amy Goodman being arrested at the RNC for trying to figure out why the cops were beating her producers.

    Oh sorry that probably only amused Ed. Here’s a video of me drinking from an unsafe water source.

  43. Well TEB I think a lot of people in the UK would agree about Boris Johnson and your WTF thought.

    He’s a bit of a clown, and not in a good way.

  44. I’m pretty sure Dr. H was in the top ten downloads at iTunes for the first two weeks of it’s debut. I think it worked for them. It appears though that even though you can stream Dr. H for free, you still must pay for a download. Four bucks for three EP’s off of iTunes didn’t seem steep to me. I look forward to getting the DVD and it’s bonus material. 😉

  45. Me too.
    Dr. H was entertainment I deem “shelf space worthy” and I shall support the effort with $ when it is available on DVD.

    I have kept a casual look out for news on it’s financial viability but I really haven’t seen anything lately.

  46. Hrmm… I’m transitioning off the project I’ve worked on for the last year and a half. The bulk of the work is done, with a lot of end of job details to be sorted out. On one hand it’s a relief to get the bulk of the job behind me, but on the other hand, I don’t know what work is coming next. The lull makes me a bit nervious. =P

  47. Palin:

    My mom was tripping about Palin as Governor. There are weird happenings and stuff going on up there. Then the next day she is announced as VP. She flipped her lid.

    The unfair sacking of an employee is putting it mildly. Its more like a Jerry Springer episode in reality. She was putting pressure on the guy (a well respected long time manager of a correctional department if I have my facts straight) to fire an ex-inlaw of hers and fired him in retaliation for not doing it.

    The teen pregnancy in itself is a non-issue except to illustrate a point about being a mother of 5 who is really busy….but there may be some questions about her 5th kid even being hers and weather this pregnancy isn’t in fact her daughters 2nd child. Add that to the fact that the father is being shipped to Iraq as a bargain to avoid statutory rape charges it all get a little weird.

    From what I can glean, she is a small town po-dunk mayor who somehow made it to Governor. Wasilla is not a big place. She does NOT have the experience needed for VP. McCain would be the oldest president (from what I know) and she would literally be heartbeat away from presidency.

    Its a little scary, because her rhetoric and stances will appeal to a lot of people, but its all paper tiger stuff and she quite frankly was a poor choice. Condi would have been a better female role model….

  48. Heh, and if that isn’t bad enough, there is this:

    While Sarah was Mayor of Wasilla she tried to fire our highly respected City Librarian because the Librarian refused to consider removing from the library some books that Sarah wanted removed.

  49. That’s interesting insider info Jeremy. I agree with you that Conti is more qualified, but being as she is the face of the unpopular war in Iraq, I would say as far as electibility goes, an unknown would fare better.

  50. While Ed and I usually differ on candidates, and have different opinions on a few issues, I trust his political opinion more than most people. Most of us lean left, I think, so let’s not beat up on him for leaning to the right.

    But ok, I kinda suspect Palin was chosen because she still wears a tight skirt well. HOWEVER, I’ve heard the term “MILF” used, and umm . . . . no . . . . . .

    I’m just generally cynical — not looking for reasons to distrust her simply because she’s Republican.

  51. I absolutely respect Ed’s political opinions and wouldn’t beat up on him for them. The fact is that she is not qualified to be VP. There are other conservative women who are. Her views differ from mine, yes, but its the experience that puts the nail in the coffin.

  52. Well, got back from lunch and got hit with over 500 contracts to go through. Guess that means I’m here until well past supper 🙁

  53. I say we beat up on Jack for insinuating that we beat up on Ed. 😉

    LOL, okay I kid.

    I respect Ed’s opinions, he is a thoughtful conservative. In fact, there was a time in my younger years that Ed and I would probably have seen eye to eye on the majority of our political ideals. But as it turns out, my political leanings took a hard left turn somewhere around my late 20’s. I’ll spare you the details.

    I do believe in the conservative ideals of small government, strong armed forces, personal responsibility and economically responsible politics.

    But I also believe in the liberal ideals of separation of church and state, free expression and government funding of education and health care.

    Whatever party/politician that comes closest to supporting these measures, gets my vote.

  54. I concur on “…the conservative ideals of small government, strong armed forces, personal responsibility and economically responsible politics.” but when you look at the past 8 years those ideals and reality don’t match up.

    On a lighter note, this is just frakking hilarious:


    Its a theater sign from Palin’s hometown/mayor-ship Wasilla. Bad timing!! heh.

  55. IMHO – what you guys are pointing out is the travesty of our current political situation.

    In truth, the bulk of American’s from either party are really not very far apart. They all basically want the same exact things from their government.
    On the hot button issues, they are willing to find middle ground and compromise.

    This sucks power from the “party” itself so the fringes of both sides have spent a huge amount of time Demonizing each other.

    Divide the voters and remain in power.


  56. He ended up not going 😛

    He decided that it was too close to the beginning of the school year and he would be too busy to start right now (He’s an AP – school started today). He’ll probably start in a couple of months (maybe). I’ve been really enjoying them, though.

  57. So is there anyway to transfer the podcast list in iTunes to another version of iTunes?

    I’m going to get a new Netbook soon with XP (I can hear the linux fans cry out Noooooooooooooo!) and want to use the Netbook for grabbing podcasts. But dreading to have to manually enter all the feed URLs again.

  58. I agree with you, JOe, that most of us want the same things from our government and can find middle ground on almost everything. I also think, though, that the divisive social issues are SO divisive because they are so personal. For example, for someone to feel like gay folks shouldn’t have access to civil rights feels that way about ME. I think that on most issues, though, we’re all not that far away from each other.

    CP: Nothing, because my job is a nightmare and I’m running around like a chicken w/ her head cut off.

  59. Nah, he always wins and probably still will. While I’m smaller and wirer, I’m also more ticklish, ends battles right there 🙂

  60. Linux is nice and all that, but getting emulators can be a real pain in the ass in Linux (if they don’t feature on any repos and have to be compiled).

  61. CP: Il Cimento Dell’armonia E Dell’inventione, Op. 8 Nos. 1-4: Le Quattro S – Four Seasons, Berliner Philharmon/Nigel Kennedy

  62. So Google’s new browser called Chrome is out (well the beta), link on googles homepage.

    The voice actor Don LaFontaine has died, frtom his wiki entry:

    ‘LaFontaine was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California with a blood clot in his lungs on August 22, 2008, and was reported as being in critical condition the following Tuesday. His family made a public appeal on the Mediabistro.com site.[6] LaFontaine died September 1, 2008 following complications from pneumothorax.[7]

    LaFontaine is survived by his wife, the singer and actress Nita Whitaker, and three daughters Christine, Skye and Elyse.’

  63. sadness on LaFontaine. He will live on for quite some time though through his V.O.

    I LOVED Twin Peaks! It was SO odd and yet it was on network television. No laugh track and no explainations. It was just THERE!

    More then once it featured visuals that just made me and my pals scream out loud. (The “backward Talking little person in the red room ” was one of those.)

  64. One thing about being stuck at the computer all day, I’m completely caught up on my podcasts (even listened to all 4 episodes of Evo@11)

    CP: Superman’s Dead – Our Lady Peace

  65. For years, this short snippet has been offering a bit of enlightenment to geeks and engineers. Not being a regular NPR listener (hard to believe, I know 🙂 ), I didn’t get to catch it as often as I’d like. Now, the University of Houston has shown the good sense to make it available as a podcast.

    So, come learn a some interesting bits about our world


  66. Well, I suppose a happy birthday beats a crappy birthday, so yes, and thanks.

    Though, last year, I was spending it with my 30,000 new friends at DragonCon, so that’s a tough one to top. But, going out bike riding with my daughter who’s finally mastered the art of riding sans training wheels on her big bike is a good way to do it.

  67. Well, this bunny has decided she’s had enough. Tune in at seven AM tomorrow (mountain time) to see if she can clear the remaining 335 contracts by day end.

  68. Happy Birthday, Ed!

    Dub! We’re not all AZholes down here. Just me. . . . Well, and also all of the guys with the gelled frosted hair. And the deuchebags who think the freeway is the place to live out their NASCAR fantasies.

  69. Happy B-day Ed!

    I loved Twin Peaks as a 13 year old but I don’t think it dated well.

    I am back from the Vippers Nest of D*C. It was very cool! I just stayed away for the most of the jerk offs and found a lot of friends and cool people. If were there and a listener to Jack Mangan’s podcast your double plus good.

    Dub, wow “Darkwing Duck”, I haven’t heard that in years. I thought that cartoon was a cool idea that didn’t fully hit the mark.

  70. On a slightly friendlier note… rabbits are best served baked or fried, like chicken. Stew is ok, never could get my tastebuds to enjoy Hasenpfeffer.

  71. TEB – You are lucky that you are a bunny and not a rabbit.
    I could use some luck…

    Wait a minute…you’re lucky that you are a bunny…so that makes your feet lucky…

    Here bunny bunny bunny… >:)

  72. I’ve had rabbit a number of ways, I found the best way is if you pretend it’s chicken and do it that way. A roast rabbit is actually quite nice.

    Wolf, you stay away from my feet! Remember, rabbits are really good kickers.

  73. Currently doing…

    Reading: Architecture document for work (not counting commenting here)
    Drinking: Coffee
    Breathing: Yes
    Weather: Gray and raining
    Music: Note above

  74. I’ll play…

    Currently doing
    Reading – stupid spreadsheets full of contract numbers
    Drinking – Coke Zero
    Eating – Almonds
    Breathing – includes small cough
    Weather – also grey and rainy
    CP: This Week in Science

  75. I don’t actually wear those shoes very often, wolf. 1) I like being short and small. 2) They make me taller than my husband when I do wear them (see number 1)

  76. Okay:

    CD: Trying to figure out which contracts need to get out today, and trying to wrangle cats (AKA trainers)
    CR: Emails from hell
    CD: Water
    CE: Nada
    CB: Check
    W: Sunny and gorgeous
    CP: Everywhere — Michelle Branch

  77. I don’t like FEELING small, I like being small. Small is cute. People seem to be nicer to you when you’re small (perhaps a protective instinct?) Small makes it easier to hide in small spaces from you giants 🙂

  78. However, that being said, it seems to only work if you’re female. My husband is shorter than average and (while I think he’s cute), people (who don’t know him) are actually less nice to him. Very strange.

  79. Reading: The contents of my work folder, and doing a bit of planning.
    Drinking: Finished off my coffee a few minutes ago.
    Breathing: Yes
    Weather: Sunny and warm, with a light touch of haze.
    Music: None at the moment. Although I’m contemplating listening to a few podcasts.

  80. Reading: This board…umm no work procedures so planes stay in the sky.
    Drinking: Coffee Pot #2 (might be #3 not sure)
    Breathing: Dammit I knew I forgot something…
    Weather: is here wish I were beautiful
    Music: Coverville 501

  81. I played City of Heroes for a while, but I simply didn’t have the free time to devote to it to make it worth while. I much prefer, either single player games I can leave and come back to like a book, or multiplayer games that don’t require a lot of previous time investments.

  82. Better be careful with that, it will look like you have 496 contracts still to do.

    I think high heels are overrated, give me a woman in flat shoes anyday.

  83. Never Wolf, I’m not that sophisticated.

    Okay to rip off a game from another forum I read. 10 random things about yourself, can be anything. My original reply is rather boring, but here goes:

    1. I believe the idea of a loving god to be a load of bollocks, if god exists (which I doubt) it either fucks with us for entertainment or doesn’t give a toss.

    2. I’ve seen too many movies.

    3. I get pissed off at how old people are treated in the UK.

    4. I don’t conjure up mental images when I read fiction.

    5. I break easily.

    6. The ZX Spectrum (48k rubber keyboard) was the first computer I owned.

    7. I can’t forget the theme tune to the ST version of Operation Stealth (in fact I’m humming it now as I write this).

    8. I played a version of Space Invaders on a CBM Pet in a computer studies class before I played the game in the arcades.

    9. The smell of fish makes me want to puke.

    10. My fav food which I can’t eat these days for health reasons, is saveloys cooked with peas pudding and gravy (the gravy made with Comptons gravy salt).

  84. Oh what the heck, I’ll play.

    1. I’m agnostic.

    2. I was a C student in high school but managed to make the Dean’s list my final two years of College.

    3. I suck at Chess.

    4. I love avacados but hate liver.

    5. The first computer I ever owned was an Atari 800XL.

    6. I was the class treasurer of my 6th grade class.

    7. I can play the saxophone.

    8. My father used to call me “mouse” because of my meek personallity.

    9. I used to draw comics using my pets as the main characters in elementary school.

    10. I haven’t puked once over the last 15 years.

  85. okay, totally random 10 things:

    1. I played a lot of basketball before I totally destroyed my ankle. Said destruction was 20 years ago and I just spent 20 minutes today trying to find a physical therapist to help me avoid surgery to repair the damage that seems to get worse with age.

    2. I am in an inter-racial relationship. It’s the greatest thing ever.

    3. I haven’t had my hair cut for 15 months (quick at-home trims not counted). I think growing my hair long is my super power. My fingernails also grow at an alarming rate.

    4. If I don’t drink 2 cups of coffee and 1 cup of green tea by 10 a.m., I have a screaming headache.

    5. I don’t have any tattoos, but I’d really like to have at least one.

    6. There were 17 people in my graduating High School class. I was the valedictorian. Saying these two things at the same time is not as impressive, or depressing on the former, as saying them separately.

    7. I drink at least 3000 ml of water every day. The gal who’s desk I pass to get to the ladies probably thinks I have a medical condition.

    8. I am 5’10”, so would tower over TEB. My prom date was chosen solely on the basis of his height so that we would look good in the pictures.

    9. We have two cats — Jenny and Gertrude — who totally run our house.

    10. I wish I’d thought of the name “Gandalf” for a cat before Jack did. Although, it would just be wrong to name a female cat Gandalf, so I suppose that one worked out for the best.

  86. Ten totally random things about be:

    1. I’m called “hyper punctual” by a lot of my friends. The general consensus is if I’m late for something I’m probably dead. If I’m less then 10 – 15 minutes early, something must be seriously wrong

    2. I left home at 14 and therefore could not get my high school degree until I was in my twenties.

    3. We have two cats, Reeny and Caesar, but had three up until a couple of months ago (I miss my Dana).

    4. I’m not a crier and don’t understand women who do cry at the drop of a hat.

    5. (boy this is harder than it looks). While it doesn’t bother me when other people do it, for some reason nobody can figure out, it’s very rare for me to swear myself.

    6. I don’t have a favourite movie, song or book, but my favourite short story is The Last Question by Isaac Asimov

    7. When I was younger my grandmother tried to make a lady out of me (having failed to do so with my mother), so I’ve had voice, ballet, tap, Jazz dance, piano and organ lessons. I remember very little of any of it now.

    8. Before I left home, we lived on a little ranch outside of Vassar Manitoba. I hated that place.

    9. I don’t like to talk religion as I feel it’s a personal thing and nobody’s business but there own (that and I find it too divisive). But if it helps, I all but worship the ground my husband walks on

    10. A friend of ours gave me a pin that says “cute but deadly”. that says it all

  87. 1. My belly button is an “innie”.

    2. The first story I ever wrote was about a kid playing football.

    3. Brian Regan is the only comedian I’ve ever bought tickets to see live.

    4. I have a distinct memory of the Vanessa Carlton video for “1000 Miles” playing on the hospital TVs the day that my son was born.

    5. I lost my virginity on a waterbed when I was 15.

    6. I’m most comfortable composing and improvising in the keys of A or Am.

    7. I wish my palate was more sophisticated.

    8. I have a scar near my wrist (screen door) and on top of my head (corner of a dresser).

    9. I have 2 things in common with George Bush: I approve of the Death Penalty for certain crimes and disapprove of broccoli.

    10. I’m uncomfortable revealing information about myself in online lists.

  88. Happy birthday, Ed!

    I’ve spent yesterday and today training to teach at the adult literacy center. This will go on tomorrow. Tonight’s agenda: look over new textbooks, work on recording and editing my part of Questors ep. 2, maybe do the next part of that transcription test.

  89. Oh just a little evil. I’m reminded of the Sponge Bob episode where Plankton falls into the machine that measures the make up of objects dropped into it. Plankton’s reading was 1 percent evil, 99 percent hot gas. I can relate to that.

  90. 10 random facts…So, what about me is even true?

    1. My wife demanded that my children inherit my eyelashes. Thankfully, they did.

    2. I got in a wreck in my first car less than a month after it was bought. Some jackass ran a red light a slammed my front fender.

    3. I finished high school with a rank of cadet Lt. Colonel in JROTC.

    4. I was married two days after my 21st birthday.

    5. I have highly sensitive taste buds, such that I don’t enjoy the tastes of most foods. It took me a long time to figure this out.

    6. I played Yar’s Revenge for four hours straight one time and flipped the scoreboard several times.

    7. Both of my kids were born in a birthing center with my wife assisted by a midwife.

    8. As a youth I learned to play guitar, but didn’t keep up with it and remember none of it.

    9. I am terrible at remembering people’s names. Give me your name and driver’s license number, I’m much more likely to be able to remember the license number the next time we meet.

    10. The power of the buffet compels me.

  91. Ten facts about me:

    1. I have an excellent memory. Since I remember things so well, I rarely re-read books or listen to the same music repeatedly. So, I have large collections of both.

    2. I’m very good with math, but not good with probability.

    3. I’ve been playing on the Internet for over 20 years.

    4. I remember seeing Apollo 13 return to Earth. I didn’t realize what the fuss was at the time. I only figured it out after the fact.

    5. I’ve become an excellent cook though I failed at making jello when I was younger.

    6. I love scuba diving even though I don’t float. Unfortunately, I haven’t gone in years.

    7. I used to race bicycles when I was a teenager.

    8. Redheads are my kryptonite.

    9. I taught myself to play piano. Unfortunately, I haven’t kept up with it.

    10. One of my biggest pet peeves is to hear things repeated over and over again.

  92. Ten items that might be even remotely interesting… wow, dunno

    But Here goes:

    1, 65ºN to 34ºN is my furthest latitudes where I have been.

    2. I can’t swim.

    3. I’ve never been in a fight.

    4. I swear very rarely, except when I’m reading lines as “Erik.”

    5. I can’t play any instruments, nor can I sing, but that doesn’t stop me from belting like a rawkstar while doing 70 with the windows down…

    6. I’m not a podcaster, I just play one on other people’s podcasts.

    7. In 8th grade I placed 2nd in the city of Saint Paul, MN Spelling Bee.

    8. There was one time in Toronto when a crossdresser made me get naked and collect money from people at a bar., but that’s a story for another time…

    9. I stopped Boy Scouts at rank of Second Class. (See #2)

    10. I have a general inability to come up with ten facts of any particular interest.

  93. What really bugs me, is I’ve gone through nearly 500 contracts over the last two days and only found 41 cents in errors so far. Hardly seems worth my time.

  94. 10 things about me …

    1. I have worked in a volcano.

    2. I can’t operate an iron. My efforts usually instal more wrinkles then they remove.

    3. I played in a band in front of crowds of over 70 thousand people.

    4. I was a state champion polevaulter.

    5. I have gotten drunk with one of Mr. Kotter’s “Sweathogs”.

    6. I can taste artificial sweeteners no mater what they are mixed or baked into. To me they taste bitter.

    7. I like fireworks … a lot.

    8. I don’t like to casually use swear words. Partially because I don’t wish to risk needlessly offending someone but mostly because I don’t want to trivialize the effectiveness of my using the words. If you hear (or read) me publically using curse words, it might be a good time to back … away … slowly.

    9. I was in a shopping center that was hit by a tornado. I was unscathed. Nearly 2 dozen people within a mile radius of me were killed.

    10. I believe that “Being a Christian” means that you’ve made the personal decision to believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that you desire to try and live a life based on his teachings. Under that definition, I call myself a Christian.
    If I don’t remind you of any of those sanctimonious, hateful, judge-mental people who own also call themselves Christians … perhaps they have come to a different understanding of the term.

  95. JOe, awesome 10!

    So today, a giant weeping willow in our back yard split in half and fell in our back yard. I have a few pictures posted on my blog — just click my name to check em out. Kinda scary, but nothing was broken and nobody was hurt. Our meth lab neighbor sent his wife over to ask us if we’d like him to “come over with a chainsaw” and take care of the tree for us. Considering it’s hundreds of feet tall, and needs to be taken down from the top, I’m gonna go with “no”.

    I think bedtime is eminent. Have a nice evening, Deadpan!

  96. How, interesting, I now get to have another label applied to myself. Maybe I should file for disability status now, or at least get myself a handicap parking tag 🙂

    Too bad I didn’t the “decreased liking and intake of fat” part. Definitely a no go when it comes to beer and coffee. Actually, it was indirectly thanks to Charlie the Beer Guy’s efforts to help me find a beer that lead me to the realization that, what tastes watery and flavorless to the folks at Draco Vista tastes bitterly biting to me.

  97. “Maybe I should file for disability status now, or at least get myself a handicap parking tag”

    Don’t know about that but I do think you have to start with a Super Hero outfit and a catchy name.

  98. EssBee: Cool pics. I blame the cat and the sprinkler of doom for the disaster.

    Ed: Be wary of JOe. Next think he’ll suggest is that you get a cape.

    TEB: Sorry bout the contracts. That doesn’t sound like fun.

    JOe: cool list.

    Van: Thanks for the meme-ories.

    Night all.

  99. Yeah, Ed, and what happened with Dollar Bill too, definitely no capes or cloaks…

    It must Thursday, never could get the hang of Thursdays…

  100. WNDRWolf
    10 Interesting facts about me.

    1. I work in aerospace where I check the tools that check the parts.

    2. I have a working fire pit in my backyard. My wife built it.

    3. On a Normal week I work 10 hours a day for 4 days.

    4. I have a 1 hour commute to work.

    5. I listen to something like 120 podcasts/podiobooks. From the Deadpan to Wander Radio (I call it Quality Assurance) and Audio Dramas. I am constantly amazed by the number of talented people on the internet.

    6. I am currently writing my first Audio Drama Script.

    7. While producing a full cast read production of a podiobook. That contains a lot help again from talented people.

    8. I will be teaching a group of campfire kids between the ages 11-15 about the evils of podcasting. (Yes corrupting the youth) Everything from subscribing to creating there own – This is going to be interesting.

    9. I really don’t understand the phrase “Guilty Pleasure”. If you enjoy it why feel guilty about it.

    10. I work best in the early mornings…which makes my evenings short.

  101. I understand # 10, Wolf. I’m a morning person myself (despite the grumblings). I always seem to get the most work done before noon myself and am usually in bed by 8:30, read for an hour and asleep at 9:30

  102. I don’t know why, but I feel better now that you have finished your contracts TEB. LOL Good work.

    The Misses kicked my butt this morning. She woke me up at 5:30 and made me run with her, three miles. I’ve been running for about 6 months now, but she’s been active for about two years. She wants me to train with her to do a half marathon in January. I guess it doesn’t matter what I eat now. There’s no way I’ll gain any weight. LOL

  103. Way to go Rhettro! I expect regular progress reports. I think you’ll find, when working out, you’ll actually eat more and still either not gain, or actually lose weight. That’s what I discovered when I started doing major work outs, about 5 years ago .

  104. I wouldn’t fret about it, Van. I personally find my morning workouts very boring and I’m almost ready for bed afterwards. I also discovered, once I reached a certain age, if I wanted to keep my girlish figure, I had to actually work at it. It’s not fun (well, except I’m enjoying the MA classes), and I don’t get any “high” from it, it’s just something I have to do 🙂

  105. TEB: Well that’s the plan anyway, hopefully I won’t break my body between now and then. LOL

    Van: I don’t get an exercise high either, I drag myself out of bed, but I’m a bit of a masochist, so that helps.

  106. It also helps if you have a partner. My husband and I get up at 5:30 to do our workouts together. He does 40 minutes, I do an hour. I always find that last 20 minutes, when he’s gone for a shower, harder to do than when he’s there.

  107. OOO and “About Me” game:

    1. I am from Alaska.

    2. I lived in a shack down by the beach for awhile, we pooped in a 5 gallon bucket.

    3. I love Star Trek thanks to my mommy.

    4. I read the hobbit in 3 days in 3rd grade.

    5. As a kid I got into fights defending others.

    6. I am an Aquarius, and am freaked out how much I fit the description.

    7. My mommy is a Midwife.

    8. I am an Atheist, but recognize the need for religion in certain peoples lives. I have no problem with religion until it impinges on others’ rights or well being, or when it causes people to judge others.

    9. I lost my virginity at 18 and didn’t get to have sex for another year. The curse of being horny yet shy.

    10. I like to be proficient in all I do, but loose interest once I am. Short attention span for my own hobbies.

  108. I don’t have to leave for work until 7:00AM so I have time to exercise in the morning, but more than that it gets to hot outside at any other time during the summer. LOL In the spring, I changed into my running shorts as soon as I got back from work, and ran for 20 minutes. That way I didn’t give my mind a chance to fret about it. But I’ve been slacking lately, I’ve been running three times a week instead of five. I’m definately going to have to step it up. *facepalm*

  109. Hey. Sorry – I am temporarily without home computer. The new Unshow is posted.

    Looks like a lot of good stuff to read this morning on this thread, though. . . .

    I can’t get myself motivated to workout in the mornings. It’s gotta be at night.

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