Sorry. Poor time mgmt. Deadpan 95 will release tomorrow evening. Sorry. I suck. Carry on. As you were. I don’t even have enough done to put out a half-show. That was the plan, but — not this time.

Thx for your patience. In the meantime – check out what I think was a pretty decent, old-tyme, 40-minute episode:

Episode 18

Goodnight patient mush.

75 thoughts on “Deadpostpone

  1. Our comments have been deep fried in all their greasy goodness for a long long time.

    Life happens and Deadpan rolls with the punches. Now I have something to look forward to on Friday.

  2. Welcome back EssBee.

    Van: I might have to go hunt for Painkiller. I played the demo and liked it fine as an old school shoot everything that moves FPS. The flying witches on broomsticks were pretty funny.

    ditto: You can’t start singing Steve Miller when no one got my Cars lyrics from yesterday. Apparently, an entire Cars album is going to be released to Rock Band as DLC. 🙂

  3. How about these great hits!

    “It’s my comment and I can sing if I want too, sing if I want too.”
    “Now it’s Rhettro’s turn to cry.”

    Sorry, I didn’t recognize the lyrics. I didn’t have much wattage to spare from work. I’m looking forward to the Cars DLC.

  4. [another JfS Earbuds Update

    The Ting Tings “We started Nothing” Radsauce! "Great DJ" was a KEXP song of the day, check it out!

    Also checking out Ladytron's new one "Velocifero"

    [/another JfS Earbuds Update

  5. Looks like I’ll be checking Myspace over lunch. Time to get some work done. I need to finish up the second half of Six String Bliss’s episode 104.

  6. Well, with the demise if WI, I’ve been looking at other candidates to fill the time. Picked up Trucker Overdrive’s 12 Volt Theater and listened to the first few (remastered) episodes. A very intriguing concept so far. Definitely not one for for the kids.

  7. Ever get that weird feeling where you feel like its completely logical that the world would be far better off without you in it… Without actually feeling depressed… Thats kinda scary actually. Usually theres an emptiness involved, but no… Feel totally normal. Except a strong sense that everyone would be better off if you were gone…

  8. Dub: Nothing good comes from that line of thinking, so you should simply refuse to think like that. Evaluating your self-worth is an implicitly negative action. Don’t do it.

  9. Finally not traveling anymore so I can catch up on things that I’ve left unattended. 🙂

    Besides, warm weather and the semblance of coming out of hibernation since I don’t think it’ll be snowing anymore given that the end of May is almost here.

  10. Kwel. 🙂

    It was 107 here on Sunday, the high tomorrow? 68, go figure. Probably won’t do any swimming, but I do think there is a good chance of a mountain hike. And I do have to Run to the Hills on Monday, but I have to coordinate with a *cough* certain person first.

    I think I know where my Diablo disks are. I’m going to try and reinstall of of that. It’s like on 103 floppy disks or something.

  11. I’m caught up on my Zero Punctuation reviews. Awesome stuff. Just ordered Painkiller for $4.50 off Amazon. “There’s a gun that shoots shuriken and lightning!” “The only way it could be better is if it had tits and was on fire.” LOL

  12. GET NOTE

    You pickup the Note


    Scrawled in red ink are strange eldritch symbols. As you read the symbols begin to glow, the glow becomes blinding, you scream in agony as the light rips the flesh off your bones. You are dead.

    Start again y/n?

  13. Andrea: Just read your thoughts on the Deadpan community in the comments for Unshow #14. Thanks for the compliment! And no, I don’t think you’re an annoying jerk. 🙂

    Hmm, I should post more now that I actually have a job (well, internship) that involves long periods of time at a desk with a computer. Now I don’t have the excuse of running around from class to class.

  14. Ladies and gentlemen!
    Ladies and gentlemen!

    He is our hero
    Get rid of
    Step on spider
    We love you spider

    (I promise not to kill you)

    We love you spider
    Get rid of
    Must stop
    He is our hero

  15. Listening to Ep: 18

    Kelly Osborne, I think I remember hearing about her, wasn’t she on one of the 1st 100 reality shows?

    I have nothing else to say here.

    “insert comment here”

  16. “Do you smile ‘cuz I’m funny” said the Man.
    “I wasn’t joking and I meant the thing I said.”
    “Not at all, not at all,”
    Said the Woman to the Man,
    “I was thinking of an unrelated meh.”

  17. Welcome to the boards, Gil!

    If you’re looking for a new podcast and you like sci-fi and fantasy, join us at It’s been biweekly since last fall, so there’s not a huge amount to catch up on, and the writing is awesome. 🙂

  18. Alright, I’ve finally done it – I’ve bought Watchmen. I read “The Dark Knight Returns” based on a friends recommendation, though I’ve never really been a comic book person. But, I’ve heard too many good things about it, most recently from Fanboy Smackdown, to put it off any longer. Should get it middle of next week.

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