436 thoughts on “Deadpan Unshow the 15th

  1. and Steel.

    Morning Pan, new carpet arrives today, frantic movement of furniture and unplugging of electrical equipment is about to commence.

  2. I have no clue why I am still awake….

    Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

    no sorry WP

  3. Luckily,my husband and I aren’t that old (1967 do the math), I just had my daughter when I was young. And, at the risk of sounding vane, I don’t look my age. I was at the office the other day, we had a young visitor who thought I was closer to his age (28), that felt nice.

    As old as who I feel hmmm…. the next door neighbour is really cute…

  4. So next week Lego Indiana Jones is released, according to IGN.com June 3rd in the US, June 6th in the UK.

    From the previews looks like this one will be fun.

  5. Van, *ignoring vein comment* while I enjoyed Lego Star Wars I did have issues with the way it was ported over to the PC. I didn’t like the way you had to complete the level before you could save it. If I wanted a console, I would have bought a console version. I hope they change this feature in Indiana Jones

    I did like the humour, in Lego Star Wars, though.

  6. My son is a big Lego Star Wars fan. He’s got 1 & 2 for the Game Cube. I pretty sure we’ll get Lego Indy, but I’m not sure for what platform, probably either Wii or 360.

  7. I generally am not a console gaming person. We (meaning my daughter) has a Wii and a PS3 but I much prefer playing on a PC

  8. I used to feel the same way TEB, till I got a flat screen LCD TV for my Xbox 360. Playing games is much nicer when you can lounge on a comfy chair.

    Any spanish inquisition jokes will get the evil eye.

  9. I’ve had my PS3 for over a year now and apart from the games I bought when I got the console I’ve bought no boxed games for it.

    Think MGS4 is going to break the dry spell.

  10. Hopefully the rumoured 90 minute cut scene means 90 minutes in total for all cut scenes and not just one scene that last for 90 minutes (for MGS 4).

    Waiting an hour and a half to actually to continue in the game would be taking the piss.

  11. I couldn’t get into MGS games. I don’t do first person games as I get motion sickness. My husband likes them, though.

  12. Depends on the game. Someone made a good analogy on one of the computer game forums I’m on. He said if a video game is more like a movie, with a lot of visual action and simple controls, then it lent itself to being on a console with a large television. If the game was more like reading a good book, with deep thinking, such as strategy games, it was better on the PC. And that’s sort of how I do my game buying. I’ll never buy another racing game for my PC, there’s no way I’ll buy StarCraft 2 for any of my consoles.

  13. we saw half of southland tales. I will probably watch the second half this weekend – without my husband, I can’t convince him to finish it.

  14. I think I’m going to rent it from Amazon Unbox. There’s no way I’ll get it from Netflix in time. Not sure if I want to torture my wife with it or not. We both loved Donnie Darko, but if the movie touches on string theory, I doubt she’ll like it. LOL

  15. Sorry about the “No Southland tales for you!” ditto.

    Rhett – make sure you brief your wife before viewing, although this is not meant to be taken as a drama. As it is in a contemporary setting and there is no laugh track … many mistake it as a “normal” movie. It aint!

    RE: Amazon Unbox – this is the route I went (unbox to Tivo) and was quite pleased with the quality, can’t see driving to the video store ever again.

  16. *puts on “helpful guy” hat*

    ANyone planning to participate in SLandapalooza should send Jack a little e-mail saying so. I don’t know how much time he spends pre-planning his show but having a general idea of how much content to expect would surely help him out.
    That is all.

  17. Any movie that could be described as non-mainstream or experimental I warn Teresa about. So far we have enjoyed every experimental one we’ve watched. Fantastic Four 2 however gets a thumbs down from both of us. LOL

  18. I think ditto is just showing his robot side… waiting for the day when he will be one of the overlords 🙂

  19. var _oRLY = {HAI:function(){return this.KTHXBYE(); },KTHXBYE:function(){ return this.HAI();},init:function(){ this.HAI()};_oRLY.init()?'YARLY':'NOWAI';

    Taken from a sig at the design/code forum I hang out in.


  20. Snuck out at lunch and bought Mass Effect. Unfortunately I won’t be able to play it until after supper. 🙁

  21. They play Mass Effect? That’s not depressing. LOL

    I plan on picking up Mass Effect for the 360 whenever the price drops.

  22. As the e-mail moderator for World Fantasy, I get the strangest e-mails:

    “would you be interested in any of these guests for your shows?
    frank stallone, john wesley shipp, roger davis, daniel baldwin, stephen baldwin, dennis cole, heather meznies, kent mccord, tony bonner and yan birch and bill smith.

    Janette Anderson Entertainment.
    PO BOX 3164
    CA 91508”

  23. Jack is the only one I know of with certainty as a song writer. justa JOe seems to have some talent as well, but he hasn’t let on to his full ability.

  24. Systris: Welcome back! Good to have you here.

    Rhettro said:
    We both loved Donnie Darko, but if the movie touches on string theory, I doubt she’ll like it. LOL

    FYI, Southland Tales features a high-tech form of energy production and distribution whose on-screen description kind of implies that it might be based on string theory. That part only lasted about a minute, though.

  25. Amy, actually Quantum Entanglement is a very real branch of quantum physics, primarily in the area of teleportation research. (I’m not shitting you, they can transport photons… thats about it so far)

    String theory has to do with the missing mathematical gap between quantum physics and relativity and astrophysics.

    I met a person that inspired a song, but I’m struggling with it because I’ve never written one before. That and I dunno if you could say I were yet capable of playing music on my guitar… I can show you A, D, E, Em, Dm, F, C… And maybe a couple others…

  26. I would say, if you want to write a song, write it. Someday, I would like to write a song as well, but I want a stronger grasp of music theory first. I did find this link that you may find either very helpful or very flusterating.


  27. Tab correction:
    IV-IV, V-V
    IV-IV, I-I
    You make my heart sing
    IV-IV, V-V
    IV-IV, I-I
    You make everything. . . . . groovy. . . .
    IV-IV, V-V
    IV-IV, I-I
    Oh, Dubshack
    IV-IV, V-V
    IV-IV, I-I
    (flute solo)

    … Please make a note of it. Goodnight, Mushpan.

  28. … other “ill-advised” activities.

    – Playing with fire.
    – Bathing with a plugged-in hair dryer
    – Licking a cat.
    – Sticking your penis in a light socket (sticking someone else’s penis in a light socket is still under review).

  29. IN the news…

    BERLIN – A young man’s creative marriage proposal apparently triggered several UFO reports in a small town in Germany.

    Bavarian police say several people called this week to alert them of strange lights floating above the sleepy town of Plattling.

    It turns out the lights were 50 paper lanterns sent aloft by a 29-year-old man proposing marriage to his girlfriend.

    Neither the man or the 27 year old woman were identified. However, police report that the woman did say “Yes”.

    -Calgary Sun

    But did ET say yes?

  30. Skowhegan, Main – If you’re in the market for a roomy brick – and – stone Victorian – complete with some pretty impressive security features – look no further.

    The Somerset County Jail in downtown Skowhegan is for sale.

    The price: US $200,000 with no extra charge for the razor-wire fencing.

    the lockup, built in 1897, is scheduled to shut down later this year when a new 200-bed county jail opens.

    Tonya Allen, a real estate broker, says a major feature is the building is situated int eh heart of downtown and has no zoning or permit-use restrictions.

    – Calgary Sun

    If I purchase a prison, can I use it for its intended purpose?

  31. Friday! I think I have to agree with Dire Straights, they ought to pass a law banning Monday mornings and Friday afternoons.

  32. Shuffle continues to be good to me today:

    “Black Rain” – Ben Harper
    “Nicotine” – Ani DiFranco”
    “Trickle Down” – Ani DiFranco
    “Moog Marmalade” – Galactic

  33. Still good shuffles:

    “Who is he, and What is he to you?” – Meshell Ndegeocello
    “Doo Wop (That Thing)” – Lauren Hill
    “Watermelon Man” – Poncho Sanchez
    “You Famous?” – George Hrab

  34. Hey Gil,

    Dungeon Siege 2 and it’s expansion came in the mail the other day. Got it for $17.50 and I also picked up Painkiller and it’s expansion for $4.50. I installed DS2 and patched it to version 2.2. It looks beatiful, my only complaint is that the text doesn’t scale so playing at high resolution makes me have to squint to read. Diablo 2, while graphically inferior, is a much smoother game experience. I’ll have to install Painkiller tonight.

  35. “So understand,
    don’t waste your time always
    searching for those wasted years.
    Face up… make your stand,
    and realise youre living in the golden years.”

    What an awesome concert. m/ !!!!

  36. Cool Van.

    Do you have the Lord of Destruction expansion for it? If so, go ahead and install it as well as it ups the resolution from 640×480 to 800×600 as well as a few game play upgrades. 🙂

  37. “I screamed aloud to the old man
    I said dont lie dont say you dont know
    I say you pay for your mischief
    In this world or the next
    Oh and then he fixed me with a freezing glance
    And the hellfires raged in his eyes
    He said do you wanna know the truth son
    Ill tell you the truth
    Your souls gonna burn in a lake of fire”

  38. “It’s got a gun that shots shuriken and lightning!”

    Yep. LOL

    But beyond that I did play both demoes when they came out and I like them, just didn’t feel like spending $50 at the time. But for $4.50 you can really go wrong.

  39. That seems to be the way I’ve been buying most of my games for my PC lately.

    Yes it was a good review, many times his reviews are better than the games themselves. LOL

  40. The Gold Edition of Painkiller (which includes the expansion pack) is available on Steam for 10 bucks…if you can’t find it in the bargain basement.

  41. “Oh he was locked inside a room without a door
    His innocence he suffered for
    In a world of black and white, they were wrong and he was right
    Just looking for a clue, it’s a nightmare come true
    He’s going underground to track that danger down
    Oh Billy, hey why you got that gun? “

  42. They are a great group of guys, JOe, only a couple are even slightly creepy, but that doesn’t last in our club. The rest are just fun. Most you wouldn’t really be able to tell they were gay unless you were paying attention.

  43. Hmm, have we picked up a few more WI refugees?

    I will contribute something for slandapalooza. After that experience, I’ve earned it. Just not quite sure what to say that would be clean enough for a Deadpan episode 🙂

  44. 1. Cleaning house, my folks are coming to visit in a couple of weeks and I need to clean up that landfill in the kids’ rooms.

    2. Out side I have a ton of tree limbs than need to be cut and bagged.

    3. Lots of laundry, probably start that tonight.

    4. And if I can get all that done there’s some carpets that need to be steam cleaned.

    5. Hopefully there will be sometime left over for swimming, guitar playing, computer game playing and participating in the Dwaynapolosa.

  45. This weekend? Some housework, groceries, getting ready for a business trip, and going to a wine & cheese party on Sunday.

  46. 1. Power wash the deck.

    2. Re-stain deck.

    3. Complete gravel path from deck to backside of garage.

    4. Oil change for the Jeep.

    5. Fire up the Camaro and give it a car wash.

    6. Pour some concrete on the cracked garage slab.

    7. Miscellany duties that the wife has on the list.

  47. My mother is coming to visit, so we’re going to go crazy. Indy IV in the morning, flower shopping in the afternoon.

    Tonight: whatever mom wants for dinner and 3:10 to Yuma on DVD. And beer.

  48. That’s a nice combo…mum, dinner, 3:10 to Yuma and a beer!


    Mum over for dinner…

    3:10 to Yuma

    and a beer.

    Works pretty well to the tune of “10 Days oh Xmas”.

  49. So Big D, Derek not Diablo, has returned! Cool. 18th of June, so not much longer. We will all have to get online for some Diablo 2 action soon after that. 🙂

  50. makers even

    As for the weekend, I’m not working so will be taking it easy.

    Watching Southland Tales will happen at some point.

  51. “Would you come and share
    My cross, my pain, my heartbroken nature
    For this burden is too heavy to bear
    Too troublesome for one man to handle

    Since my darkness swallowed
    The last gleam of light
    I’ve been rambling in the shadows
    Hour after hour in the dark

    They who never got sorrow,
    Grinding grief in their hearts
    Never lost a thing,
    Never had a thing

    They who never witnessed beauty,
    That flamed even the all-encompassing night
    Never lost a thing,
    Never had a thing

    Now these bitter tears run ceaseless,
    And drown my hope far too deep
    It must’ve been the day we parted
    When I trapped this sadness in me

    Since my darkness swallowed
    The last gleam of light
    I’ve been clothed in mourning,
    Wearing sorrow day and night”

  52. Weird.
    I thought “Wensleydale” was what someone was calling Jack when he was in his goatee stroking, thoughtful mode.

    I pictured him also with a pipe and a Jacket with some sort of insignia on it.

    *shakes tiny fist at sky*

    since Cheyenne Wright brought Girl Genius to our attention the other day, I find that I am spending an inappropriate amount of time reading this on-line comic. Time that I SHOULD be using to do things like my SLandapolooza submission.
    Wait … maybe it’s really Cheyenne’s fault!

    YOU!!!!!! *shakes tiny fists in air again and looses all ability to form coherent thoughts*

  54. TANGENT:

    If you guys aren’t listening to WNDRwolf’s show, you’re definitely missing out. The last couple of episodes have been podcast author interviews and they have been good.

    And, on that topic, some other recommendations:

    WNDR’s most recent interview was with Trucker Overdrive aka Jack Jaffee. I started listening to 12 volt theater and I’m about halfway caught up. Jaffee is a sick, twisted mind, but still a compelling listen. Definitely something different.

    The one before that was with Phillipa “Pip” Ballentine and her new podiobook “Chasing the Bard”. I started listening to that after hearing her voice work on Tee Morris’ “Moravi Remastered”. Bard is an alternative history/fantasy about Shakespeare’s life and it’s relation to supernatural beings from another place called the Fey. That story is currently running and about 11 episodes along.

    As I posted to WNDRwolf, I listen to a lot of podcasts and I don’t go searching for new ones on Podcast Alley or Itunes anymore. The way I pick up new ones is via interesting promos or friends recommendations. And, quite frankly, I give priority to podcasters who are part of the Deadpan community when I look for new shows. No promise that I’ll stay if it’s not my cup of tea, but I will make an effort to check their shows out.

    Dubshack has also proven entertaining with the Farpoint Recap. Though, listen to episode 8 at the risk of your own sanity. Dubshack barely escaped with his life after I listened to it.

  55. So we were at Target looking for the plastic sandboxes that look like a turtle. We wandered past the electronics department and there just happened to be 3 Wiis in stock. We’ve had Target Giftcards stockpiled for just such an event, so we bought one, plus the 9 extra games/i more controller pack.

    We do plan to have a covered sandbox of some sort, Ed, but the foxes, posssible coyotes as well as large owls and eagles in the vicinity mean that our neighbors leave the cats in “non-roaming” mode. We’ve even seen a few tracks which look like they are probably bobcat. (Large toepads, no claw points)

  56. So tonight I saw the new De Palma movie ‘RedActed’.

    Harrowing in places (especially the rape scene), but an interesting experience.

    I see from the wiki entry it’s got the right wingers gunning for the director.

  57. “Poking at the dragon.”

    So this was fun. I just got a call from a campaign worker for a woman running on the Republican ticket for congress. Me? I’m an independent but this woman is almost a cliche’ of EVERYTHING the democrats accuse Republicans of being. All her campaign stuff screams of horror and danger and gives no indication of what she would do about any of this other then “fight for you in Washington”. Great.
    Even her smear ads against other Republicans or so stereotyped as to be funny to the trained observer (Lot’s of newspaper clippings with the words “scandal” and “lobbyist” and such highlighted and then the article on the top of the pile is about her opponent.
    IT has nothing to do with scandal but at a glance you’d think this guy was involved in lots of scandal. Then you look close at the other articles and see they have nothing to do with this guy. Nice.
    Of course, running from the faaaaaar right – this woman is all about telling you what YOUR family values are and how she wants to go to Washington to enforce them on you.

    So when I get this call a few minutes ago, I just couldn’t resist trying to “Out far right” the “Far right politician.”
    I let the young female campaign worker go through her song and dance and when she gets to the end and starts talking about protecting my TRADITIONAL family values I spoke up –
    Me “Traditional Family Values?”
    her “Yes, she will fight for them.”
    Me “If she truly believes in traditional family values … then why isn’t she at home raising a family instead of running of to Washington to play with the politicians?”
    Her “(pause)(stammer) Well, I guess that’s what she’s into.”
    Me (trying not to laugh) “What she’s INTO! When did THAT become a traditional family value! Good day to you mam.)

    I really wanted to lay it on thick and heavy, try to sound like Thurston Howl and make some mention about “Running around having cocktails and wearing pants-suits”! but I’m not very good at torturing random strangers for a joke.

    Still … hehehe “I guess that’s what she’s into.” hehehehe

  58. (Disclaimer)
    For those new here at the Deadpan Bar … I have no problems with a woman running for a political office.
    I do have issues with those who wish to tell me what MY family values are.

  59. (… some amount of alcohual later)

    I think that the world would be a lot better off if who ever the US President was (be that male or female) they got laid on a regular basis! I think there needs to be a law.

    Now … of off to trim the hedges (NO, that isn’t a euphamism! I just wish it was.)

  60. Ed from Texas Says:

    May 31st, 2008 at 7:31 am

    If you guys aren’t listening to WNDRwolf’s show, you’re definitely missing out. The last couple of episodes have been podcast author interviews and they have been good.

    And, on that topic, some other recommendations:

    WNDR’s most recent interview was with Trucker Overdrive aka Jack Jaffee. I started listening to 12 volt theater and I’m about halfway caught up. Jaffee is a sick, twisted mind, but still a compelling listen. Definitely something different.

    thanks Ed. I am in Laredo, TX as i send this out. That made my day.

  61. Morning Pan!

    Jeremy – for some reason the image that popped into my head was the Peanuts cartoon where Charlie Brown is playing baseball, throws a pitch, and the ball comes screaming back by him, flipping him in the air and knocking his shoes and socks off.

    Was one of the people standing around you a really sarcastic girl with dark hair who made smarmy comments about you being a block head?
    Was there a Beagle and another player that always seems to have a security blanker with him?
    Good Grief!

  62. Ed – that almost DOES make me want to sign up for Twitter. Naaaa. I’ll just keep visiting that link. I am geh for SCIENCE!!!!
    (Good heavens Miss Yakamoto, you’re beautifull !!)

  63. We had rain most of the week, Van. Of course it’s nice and sunny on the weekend – when I can’t go out and enjoy it.

  64. In Mass Effect news. I haven’t been able to play it much because it CRASHES AT ALMOST EVERY CUT SCENE!!!

    I went on the forums and it seems almost everybody else is having the same problem. I guess I’ll just have to wait until EA comes out with a patch. *sigh*

  65. Sigh.

    Didn’t write my SLandapolooza report. I’m a bad man. I also slept through half the race.
    A real snoozer.

    Went to see Indy4 tonight.
    It was okay. IMHO though, It lost all it’s steam before the ending.
    Also, I’m willing to suspend my disbelief about a lot of things if you’ll keep things moving along, keep me distracted. If you give me time to sit around and think about how improbable that last scene was though … you loose me.

    All in all, about on par with National Treasure. Not as fun or good as Iron Man.
    I’d rate it a “Matinee” film. – Not worth seeing at full price but the action scenes are probably better scene on the big screen instead of dvd.

  66. Greetings from the early morning in Texas. Couldn’t sleep, so I finished reading “Watchmen”.

    Wow! That was an amazing piece of work. How can anybody possibly hope to pull of a movie about this?

  67. Engage cynic mode-

    They probably won’t pull the movie off for fans of the graphic novel, but that maybe irrelevant to people who have never read the GN.

    -Disengage cynic mode

  68. I see somebody is claiming the ending to Indy 4 is a ripoff of the ending to the point and click adventure ‘Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis’.

    Although I bought the game years ago, I never got round to finishing it.

  69. Morning, Pan!

    Travel safe, ditto.

    I agree with your take on Indy, JOe. I’m glad I saw the first show and didn’t pay full-price for the ticket. I liked it okay. Iron Man was so much better.

  70. I just caught JustaJoe’s post about the Republican call and about shot my breakfast bar out my nose.

    For those of you who didn’t manage to get in submissions, I’m not gonna say don’t worry, but I managed to get mine in at the expense of getting my own podcast out… It was only a partial analysis but it clocked in at half an hour.

    Somehow I suspect I’m going to get labeled “The Guy that Killed the Palooza.” Which I guess if that becomes my AKA name, that might be all right.

  71. The weekend went off just as I predicted it would with 80% of my time on home mantenance.

    1. Installed hook in ceiling to hang light fixture. Check.
    2. Mopped all tile floors, cleaned all grout in tile floors, reseal all grout in tile floors. Check
    3. Cut up pile of dead tree limbs with chainsaw. Put said limbs into trash bags. Check.
    4. Watch Southland Tales. Uncheck.

    Still in the throws of the massive house cleaning prior to my folks visit next week. I’ll try and give Southland Tales a view tonight or tomorrow and possibly a few words as well. I did manage to finally watch the Cloverfield DVD that we had lying around. I liked it fine. I would rate it about the same as The Mist. Cloverfield slightly missed it’s hype level as where The Mist slightly exceeded it’s hype.

  72. Tweet – finished writing my SLandapolooza report. Now, let’s see if I can get it edited down into something that won’t make Dubshack’s entry feel like a welcome relief! 😉

  73. OK- mucho catching up to do…. w00t WNDRWolf is here!
    Bummer about Bo Diddley, though. The roster of important bluesmen continues to shrink. . . .

    I’ll have to mutli-task work and getting caught up.

    And oh, can I get a *headesk*?

  74. I keep forgetting to say that I really loved the Rich YouTube Comments

    “This is the gayest fookin’ thing I ever wasted 3 minutes on. Anyone who likes it is a homo.”

    THAT is funny.

  75. Neanderthalensis —- THAT will be the band name. Or at least the title of the first album.

    Thanks Ess 🙂 Those weren’t actual Youtube comments and commenters, but they might as well have been.

  76. Okay, one tiny, really tiny, jokey bit of Slandapalooza content in to Jack.

    If that was all I did it would be a tremendous copout, so I better do a bit more tomorrow.

    But for now collapsing in bed sounds better.

    Oh, did send my final draft of my BBtL script to Tabz today, so that’s something…

  77. S1 of BBtL was good, looking forward to S2.

    Fewer commentaries would be nice, but I suspect I’m in the minority on that one.

  78. Morning, Pan. I came home from work yesterday and pretty much crashed for a good 11 hours. Which means TONIGHT I will record my palooza comments. There is no tomorrow….Jack’s gotta have some time to put the show together 🙂

  79. I feel your pain Wolf. My newer MP3 player got washed and about two months later I dropped my older one on our tile floor and broke the battery cover off of it. =P It’s experiences like that, that make me not want to spend over $150 on a player.

  80. OUCH!
    I think WNDR gets to use the “slamsdoorshutonhead* in this case.
    That so sucks. I used to be real good about backing up my “works in progress”. Used to be. I guess I need to get back into that habbit.

  81. Recorded my SLandapolooza this morning. Now I shall go oversee the hundreds of craftsmen who are lovingly handcrafting each and every bit into an aural file for you, the discerning Deadpan listener. Because we know that you could go anywhere to get your Deadpan … but you choose to shop HERE!

  82. Ha! I have several fingers. I’m now crossing ALL of them.

    I killed my mp3 player about 4 months ago and got a 80G iPod classic, which I would recommend if you’ve got a few hundred clams to spend.

    I meant to say yesterday too WNDRWolf, that I subscribed to Wander Radio after hearing your Chris Lester interview. Van’s recommendation yesterday would have also gotten me to subscribe. Love it!

  83. No, I don’t subscribe to any podcasts, but I occasionally download and listen.
    Wander Radio is always one of the most consistently entertaining.


    How about that Petr Sykora??

  84. I think I’m wearing out the M2 card in my phone. I keep hearing snippets of old podcasts as I listen to current podcasts…haunted by the ghosts of podcasts past.

    I had to google Petr Sykora.

  85. I don’t think I’ll have time to view and submit content for the Southland Pan. Maybe I’ll have something for the following Unshow. Just to much going on during my off hours. *grumble*

  86. Vanamonde not much you can got a about nuclear war one way other the other. You can get bomb shelter… but I don’t want to live after that war. I haven seen the movies. The only one that lives is the thin chick with the butch hair cut or jew hater with a dog and kick ass car.

  87. Van- The BBtL commentaries did sometimes get repetitive, but it was either them or a week without content, given the production schedule…

  88. ‘chocolate in my peanut butter’ that isn’t a euphemism for something else jj?


    Morning Pan, the Sun is shining and looks like it will be a beautiful day.

    Don’t worry, no singing an old musical song.

  89. Morning, Pan!

    Got a sort of scary Dr’s appointment this morning, and then working at home this afternoon. That is a bad news/good news thing for me! Dr. = boo. Not being at the Evil Empire today = yay!

    Back later.

  90. I want to hypnotize you baby
    On the telephone
    So many times I called your house
    Just to hear the tone
    And though I knew you were’t home
    I didn’t mind so much ’cause I’m so alone
    I want to hypnotize you baby
    On the telephone

    I want to spin my little watch
    Right before your eyes
    You’re the kind of girl a guy like me
    Could hypnotize
    And if this comes as a surprise
    Just think of all those guys
    Who would tell you lies
    I want to spin my little watch
    Right before your eyes

    I want to hold your little hand
    If I can be so bold
    And be your right hand man
    ’til your hands get old
    And then when all the feeling’s gone
    Just decide if you want to keep holding on
    I want to hold your little hand
    If I can be so bold
    If I can be so bold
    If I can be so bold

  91. Had a nice brekkie. Also went to Staples, but unfortunately they did not have a chill pad for my laptop. Will have to go elsewhere later today.

  92. Politics aside, I thought I’d bring this up.

    On August 28th, 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and delivered what is most commonly refered to as the “I have a dream” speech. In it he said “It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment… Nineteen sixty-three is not an end, but a beginning…”

    On August 28th, 2008 a major political party for the first time ever will nominate an African American man as their candidate for President of the United States.

    45 years to the day. What I’m curious about is whether this country missed the “urgency of the moment” and took 45 years to figure it out, or if we’ve really come a long way in what could possibly be considered a very short amount of time.

    Either way, it gives me the chills knowing it will be 45 years TO THE DAY. And it wasn’t even planned. Talk about crazy timing.

  93. My pick, Kathleen Sebelius. She would be good for the women’s vote and has a better chance of picking up disaffected Republicans than Hilary as VP.

    Oh, and best wishes as well Essbee.

  94. You guys are nice — thanks! I think I’m okay. Your good wishes are much appreciated!

    I wish Obama would put Edwards on the ticket, but think it’s going to be Richardson.

  95. Glad things worked out ok Ess Bee.

    I have to go to a funeral this week, depressingly (if not unexpected), some members of the family were quick to pick over the departed’s worldly goods.

    A good advert for making a will.

    Thanks to Jack for the headsup, you were correct in thinking I wasn’t keeping count.

  96. You don’t say what type of computer you are running WNDRWolf, but if it’s a PC, you may want to give Knoppix a try:


    Download and burn an image to CD or DVD blank.

    Boot from the disk and let the livecd run, then connect your MP3 player and see if Knoppix sees the MP3 player. You might be able to get the files off that way.

  97. Baaaaaa is right, Van. I just went to the coffee shop where everyone knows my name for my fix. There is a trail worn in the pavement, I go there so often.

  98. Interestly, I’ve been trying to expand my knowledge of eateries close to my office so I don’t fall into the Quiznos/Jack in the Box rut. By way of Google maps, I discovered Spinato’s Pizza. It supposed to be one of the best pizza places in Phoenix. And I while I can’t say if that is true or not, I can say it was the best pizza I’ve had since moving to Phoenix almost four years ago. 🙂

  99. I really do like Phoenix. 🙂

    I moved from Kansas City to Phoenix so that’s my basis of comparison.

    The Pros of living in PHX compaired to KC would be: Longer stretches of good weather, less humity, less biting insects.

    The Cons would be: The two weeks of plus 114 F weather. Greater congestion and no Boulevard beer. LOL

  100. Benson, Arizona – from Dark Star

    A million suns shine down
    But I see only one
    When I think I’m over you
    I find I’ve just begun
    The years move faster than the days
    There’s no warmth in the light
    How I miss those desert skies
    Your cool touch in the night

    Benson, Arizona, blew warm wind through your hair
    My body flies the galaxy, my heart longs to be there
    Benson, Arizona, the same stars in the sky
    But they seemed so much kinder when we watched them, you and I

    Now the years pull us apart
    I’m young and now you’re old
    But you’re still in my heart
    And the memory won’t grow cold
    I dream of times and spaces
    I left far behind
    Where we spent our last few days
    Benson’s on my mind

    Benson, Arizona, blew warm wind through your hair
    My body flies the galaxy, my heart longs to be there
    Benson, Arizona, the same stars in the sky
    But they seemed so much kinder when we watched them, you and I

  101. The answer Van is, not very. LOL Especially compared to KC. 😉

    I remember when I lived in Kansas City and I had an exterior mailbox. I went to retrieve the mail, opened the door and saw one of these sitting on top of my letters.


    I came close to soiling myself. But they are relatively harmless, they just look scary.

  102. *jumps at the opportunity to prove Van wrong*

    Tickleing – like or dislike?
    JaJ answer; CONTEXT! There is a time and a place for almost eveything… tickling included.

  103. Interesting note on the tickling thing.

    Saw a science show on PBS that talked about the physiology of “tickling” and they had a neat experiment that showed how tickling is linked to NOT being in control and therefor you couldn’t tickle yourself.

    They had the test subject sit in a chair with a special robotic hand that touched their side.
    The hand was controlled by a remote glove. A hidden observer wore the glove and would move the fingers to tickle the subject. However … when the subject was given the same remote glove to wear and manipulated the exact same robotic hand it didn’t tickle.

    Remote tickling, now THAT’S science baby!

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