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  1. Next – The Americans or Homeland. That’s a tough call. The first couple of seasons of Homeland were excellent. I must confess, I’ve not kept up with the last couple of seasons. Just haven’t felt the urge to subscribe to Showtime again and get caught up.

    The Americans is an overall excellent show, but has long runs of slow burns and, admittedly, some of the paths the show goes down end with without payoffs and are abandoned. However, I consider it an essential Gen X show. We were the kids growing up then and can see that POV. Now we’re the parents raising those kids and can see that POV as well.

    • The Ukraine stuff that (maybe I should have already known about) has come out since his death is disturbing. He was a terrible politician (although one of the most human of modern day republicans), and he definitely had some views that I opposed strongly, but I still think that article goes a bit overboard with the hate. I won’t defend the horrible things he and his cronies have enabled, but I think it’s a mistake to completely demonize him. Especially as one of the strongest resistance points against the real evil in the White House.

    • I can’t even finish reading the article.

      I stopped at the use of “whitewash” and “revisionism” for the fourth time.

      I will say, GI’s are given orders. McCain (likely) did not give the order to bomb the targets he bombed. His superiors gave the orders. He was a soldier fighting in a war. That is what American military personnel do – they follow orders.

      Looking back, we all know war is awful. War is wrong most of the time; but we should not blame our soldiers who enlist, or those who are drafted against their wishes.

      I get fired up when our military are attacked with words and hatred. I am grateful that we have a military of men and women who are willing to fight for my country – I am sure as hell too chickenshit to do it.

      Now, the bosses who are in charge of our military – that’s a different story. Most of them can rot in hell.

      Also, before you say it – i do not agree with military just blowing off their wad, by shooting up villages of innocent lives. That is disgusting and there’s something wrong with a person who does that.

      • When the day allows, it’s a great passive way for us to spend a little time together at the end of the day. We rarely get through more than one episode, if we get to it at all.

        And yeah, music all the time. I miss audiobooks, but I’ve got too much music going.

  2. Teresa and I started watching “Ozark” on Netflix, which is sort of like “Breaking Bad” without the humor. Strictly a drama. But it is well written and acted and I really want to know what happens next.

    • We were around some rednecks a few weeks back who were gushing about how much they loved the show. I recall my algebra, but this still does not make Rhett and Teresa rednecks. Isn’t what’s his name in that? Interesting that they went with Jason Bateman, a funny sitcom guy for the lead role in their drama, like Breaking Bad did with Bryan Cranston.

  3. So it looks like I’ve changed jobs again. I really liked my last employer, but I got another offer I couldn’t refuse. How far are you from the Biltmore Fashion Mall Jack?

    • It’s funny, I haven’t had to show my ID card at Sam’s in years unless I’m coming in during the early business hour. And, Scan and Go is the greatest app invention in all of human history.

      And, strange at it is, at least in comparing the ones in the Houston area, the folks at Sams are just friendlier than the folks at Costco.

      I’ve tried a Costco membership a couple of times when a promotion comes along. I never manage to renew.

  4. Morning Pan

    Had a cleaning morning. Cleaned all the washrooms and stripped the sheets off the guest bed. They are currently in the washing machine
    In about a half hour, I leave for brunch with the boss and one of our authors

  5. So we did take your recommendations to heart and watched the pilot of The Americans. Very good pilot – – we’ll keep going.

    My only issue was them having scenes of the characters doing stuff in the 80s, then flashbacks to the same actors as the same characters doing stuff 20+ years earlier, looking exactly the same age. Not a big deal, but it completely pulled me out of the show.

    • Better Call Saul will really piss you off then..

      Heck Breaking Bad took 5 series to tell a story that only covers a time period of a few months.

    • I can deal with actors aging over the course of a show, or even consistently looking a certain way…. what bugged me – slightly – in The Americans episode was Keri Russell walking around in the 80s, then the date at the bottom of the screen read 1960, and she looked exactly the same.

      It’s a minor thing. I was just immersed in the story and this oddity snapped me out of the screen, back to reality.

  6. “You didn’t go out to vote — that’s the only way it could happen,” Trump said during a rally in Billings, Montana.
    “I’ll be the only President in history they’ll say: ‘What a job he’s done! By the way, we’re impeaching him,'” Trump said.

    BWAH HA!

  7. I’m going to say something that may get my Canadian card taken away, but I’m really getting tired of Bob Cajun covers, as well as Tragically Hip covers in general

    • I think this is a good choice to get started with Type O Negative, but someone should have told them to check the album version, not the chopped video single version.

  8. In other news, no one should read anything into the fact that I just finished the “Rosemary’s Baby” novel last night – – but I will say it was excellent. I haven’t seen the movie in many years, so that didn’t color my experience too much, even with knowing the ending.

  9. We are watching Blade Runner tonight.

    Was that a commercial success back in the day? Was it meant to be a commercial film; or more of an indy?

    While watching it tonight, I have noticed quite a lot of artsy-fartsy camera shots and images theoughout the film. Just curious.

  10. Non-trump current events (although he’ll surely worm his way into the story with dumb tweets): this US Open tennis story is fascinating. And disappointing. I won’t defend an athlete throwing a tantrum, but tennis’s most famous player ever is John McEnroe, FFS.
    Referees in all sports need to rise above it and let the players decide who wins.
    And apparently the crowd booed the girl who beat Williams? WTF?

    I’ll find a link.

    • I was watching at the time and was taken aback at how quickly Serena spun out of control. She is normally calm and handles controversy well. It really felt like we were seeing “the last straw snap-age” from something else.
      That being said, the umpire was very much within the letter of the rules. One wishes though, that he would have given “warnings” for the first and third infractions instead of going right to penalties. THAT option was within his power to give.

      Terribly sad outcome. It stole the thrill/joy of winning her first ever Grand Slam event from the girl who won. The crowd wasn’t booing her though. They were booing the way things had played out. They felt like someone outside the game had cheated them out of an epic tennis match. Although to be fair, Serena was not on her game before the controversy and was being beaten.

      The little girl that won is probably traumatized. This match was supposed to be her dream, the payoff for years of training and work AND she was getting to play it against her hero. Instead she had to watch as her idol had a major emotional come-apart, and the crowd turn ugly … all through nothing that she had done.
      First time I ever saw a first time winner holding a trophy and having tears -not of joy but of devistation.

      I’m sure that time and the 3 million dollar check they gave her will help to heal the pain.

  11. Ok
    Read the article and think their summations are WAAAAY off base.
    The claim that men are never penalized for mouthing off to judges is COMPLETELY off base as John Macenroe attested to on air today. Yes, you can find plenty of examples of people talking crap and not getting penalized but that is because EVERY Chair umpire has their own level of how much verbal abuse they are willing to take before deciding that is their limit.

    As for the coaching issue – it makes no sense but it IS a rule. If you break the rule and get called for it you don’t get to whine that some other kids did it but didn’t get caught.

    The rule SHOULD be changed but you DONT change it in the middle of a game after you get called for breaking it.

    Still, the whole thing was unfortunate and could have been avoided if the Umpire had been able to realize the moment and willing apply some discretion and “look the other way”.

    Btw – I was pleased to see that the prize money was exactly the same for men and women. 1.8million for the runner up. $990,000 for third. Nice

  12. I might try a PBP tomorrow

    While I’ve been watching my silly movies, I haven’t posted them. With the way the DP is now, having to type in your credentials on every post, I just know some of my posts will go into limbo when, in my rush, I type either my name or email wrong. Plus, it’s sort of a break in the rhythm.

    Tomorrow I’ll suck it up and see what happens

    • We honor your extra effort!

      Yeah, I’ve gotten used to the credentials, but I acknowledge it’s a drag. It helps if your browser caches your entries, but not every device does that.

  13. One of the most quoted movies of all time. Most of it is far too familiar. So this was your first time viewing? Did we give you shit about this in the past?

  14. Morning Pan
    I may not be able to do a PBP today. I’m suppose to be meeting with someone but I don’t know if it’s today or tomorrow. Whichever day it isn’t will be the PBP

  15. In other news, I’ve made the difficult decision to skip seeing Gloryhammer tomorrow. It’s a weeknight, they’re the opening act for a band I don’t give a shit about, the club is not my favorite, the club also revoked all press passes. . . . So I hope they’ll release a new album and come back around as a headliner in the near future.

    No further questions at this time, please.

  16. Crap joke for the day:

    SCHRÖDINGER: *Kneels down* Hey buddy, so… I have some news about your cat.

    SON: Is it good news or bad news?


  17. Today’s movie is The Conjuring 2. I did a pbp of the first one. I even read the book. Both were pretty meh. I don’t really expect any better from this one but that’s what makes these fun

  18. The write up
    A single mother and her four kids in London are being terrorized by evil spirits. Enter ghost hunters Ed and Loraine Warren.
    This husband and wife team goes where the spooks are, but they’ve really got their work cut out for them this time

    • I haven’t encountered anything like that on Amazon, yet. But if I did I think I would be entitled to a pirated version. Generally films I know I will watch over and over again will be purchased on Blueray.

    • “When people are rightly incredibly confused about just what the hell is going on with your comic book movie universe, what do you do? Explain things? Ha ha, joke’s on you, buddy. You obviously start an entirely separate, not really connected branch of movies related to Batman’s most infamous foe!”

      No one has a fucking clue what’s going on over there

    • “He is Schrodinger’s casting.” Best sentence in the article.

      And it sounds like there’s a whole glaring of Schrodinger’s cats over there messing around with everything in the DCEU

  19. It’s 1:05 pm, I’ve been out to 2 different places today, about to leave for another, and still haven’t showered. This is a rarity for me. Thank the maker for hats!

    I suppose the pants should go back on, though…

  20. Since were talking computers insecurity…

    I’ve been half heartedly looking for a VPN for about a year now. I think I may have even ask here about them. It’s just not my area of expertise and so when I started looking into it I realized I needed to do a lot of research. Turns out there are zillions of VPN out there.
    So I put off picking one out of fear of picking the wrong one. Then I’d stop thinking about it until the next story popped up reminding me that I should probably be using a VPN.
    About three months ago I got serious again, finally picked one out, went to download it – only to discover that it did in fact work on Macs … just not my Mac.
    Unless I was willing to upgrade my OS … and all the software I run on that laptop. 🙁
    So, feeling defeated again … I walked away from the project.
    So I may have asked before … but does anyone have a VPN they can recommend using with a Mac ?

  21. RE: the other thing that broke the internet today:

    I hope Captain Marvel’s role in Infinity War 2 isn’t just “Hey, I’m the most powerful, so I swooped in to beat Thanos and neatly tie up the story for all of you.”

    • Someone needs to punch the lawyers in the fourth day of July.

      I admit, I only know 3 Feet High and Rising, but it’s a major classic.

      These guys make pretty prominent appearances in Michael Rapaport’s A Tribe Called Quest documentary, filmed before Phife died.

    • Let’s just all enjoy and/or dislike the episodes on its own merits.

      And with no returning villains, be glad we won’t have another eye crust monster episode this season.

  22. So … our story as it now stands –

    The Republicans say Dr. Ford can testify in front of their confirmation hearing … but she can’t present any witnesses.
    … and while she testifies, she has to sit at the same table, right next to the man she believes tried to forcibly rape her in her youth. (Nice touch Mr. Grassley)

    Finally – Trump and the Republicans are blocking an FBI investigation of Dr. Ford’s claim. An investigation she has called for, even though it would undoubtedly subject HER to all sorts of highly invasive questions about her personal life.
    Why would they block this?
    As a former WH counsel said “The only reason you don’t ask, is that you don’t want to know the answer.”

    • Most Americans seem to be OK with creepy males preying sexually upon women. I doubt if many approve, but most seem willing to dismiss it as not a big deal.

      We need to do whatever the hell it takes to fix this mindset here and now, for future and current generations. Creeps should be shunned and cast out – – not made presidents and supreme court judges.

  23. Have a Funeral to go to in the morning.
    Family friend, the mother of a friend of mine.
    Really good human being. The whole family is that. She was in her 80’s. Her husband passed away 4 months ago. Yeh, they were that kind of couple.

      • Yeh. The service was more of a celebration. Lots of laughs actually. They were really good people. She and her husband also had a really good faith and what ever beliefs you have on that, in this instance it provided a great deal of comfort to their friends and family.

        They had a “good innings” as some might say.

  24. So Sparkle 2 (a Zuma/puzzle loop clone)was free on PS Plus this month.

    I’ve always had a bit of contempt for these sort of games but bloody hell i’m digging this one.

    • And she’d gone without a date, but spent the whole dance with a boy in her grade who she hasn’t seen since elementary school, talking about Harry Potter.

      He escorted her out the the curb after the dance for parent pickup – – and when she left him for my car, she didn’t see him make a “gee willickers” head swoon, straight out of a 50s musical. I didn’t tell her, because I didn’t want to embarass her.

    • Yeah, I read an interview with Chibnall where that was mentioned and it seemed a good idea to me.

      Plus I hope they redo the Cybermen when they finally do come back.

  25. New Metric starts strong ends not so strong. Much like their last album Pagans in Vegas it’s an ok addition to the catalog if you are already a Metric fan but def not the place to start.

  26. Gotta say….. my new podcast life with Ideas Start Here is very different from the Deadpan days, but I’m kind of enjoying it.

    Last month I talked to the reporter who exposed famous asshole, Andrew Wakefield, for his bullshit fearmongering about MMR and autism. Just today, I talked to a guy about Geomedicine.

  27. My Boo’s boyfriend works at an electronics store in Calgary. I guess they are going to be blowing out last year’s iPhone model on the weekend. I’m driving into the city today to see what they have and have him put a couple aside for hubby and I. We both have sixes but I don’t want to pay the stupid price for this year’s model.

    • For those that didn’t read to the bitter end of the article, I re-iterate this Trump tweet from 2014

      We need a President who isn’t a laughing stock to the entire World. We need a truly great leader, a genius at strategy and winning. Respect!
      2:30 AM – Aug 9, 2014

      He just literal had the world leaders collectively laughing AT him in mockery.
      MAGA indeed.

    • @realDonaldTrump
      We need a President who isn’t a laughing stock to the entire World. We need a truly great leader, a genius at strategy and winning. Respect!
      2:30 AM – Aug 9, 2014

      Sept 25, 2018
      The collective world leadership laughs mockingly in trump’s face as he gives a speech.

  28. Actual quote from female coworker just now talking about Kavanagh, “…another one came out saying he showed his junk at a college party. Where did she think she was going? A ballet recital? She’s going to a college party what did she expect?”

  29. Has anyone else noticed a trend of younger people wearing pool floaties on their arms in public? I don’t want to ask and become that clueless old person, but. . . here we are.

    • It is terrific. By far their most experimental but with all the fuzzed out rock n roll power you’d expect. Lotta tender moments too. Lerve it! I wish the new Metric would have been this good.

      Gritty approved!

  30. Speaking of Gritty, a friend in Philly (Systris, Raecquel Solomon – – for you Podcast old-timers) posted this on her Facebook page:

    “Dear Flyers,

    Let’s stop bullshittin. The teams mascot should be a drunk ass Italian American dude name Ant-nee, about 5’6″, stocky build, spiky black hair and pencil line beard, wearing a tattered Lindros jersey and he’s doing the mascot gig as community service cause of that DUI jawn last summer.

    You had ONE job. At least make sure we get a Cup to go with that Lombardi trophy this time around…”

  31. “Mr. Cosby’s doing great. He knows that these are lies. They persecuted Jesus and look what happened. Everybody who wants to say anything negative, you’re a joke as well…” -Andrew Wyatt (Bill Cosby’s publicist)

    So that was said. That was actually said.

  32. Plenty of dimwits will go along with that logic. And women (and men) will continue to suffer abuses from those in power.

    The evidence against Kavanaugh appears to be damning, and my personal opinion is that he’s an entitled rapist creep, but I do acknowledge that false accusations do happen, and that he should be proven guilty before we condemn him.

    Regardless of the veracity of the rape accusations, he’s an awful, awful, awful human, and still clearly not fit to serve as an HOA board member, let alone a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

  33. I see that “Bad Reputation” is having a premier showing in Pheonix!
    Tonight!! 7:30 at someplace called

    This is the Joan Jette documentary.
    Someone should go see that and review it for the rest of us.

  34. A note from my congressman –
    “The Kavanaugh nomination process has been flawed from the beginning and incomplete at the end. Dr. Ford was credible and courageous and I am concerned about the message our vote will be sending to our sons and daughters, as well as victims of sexual assault. I will be voting no.”

    This is the man who was ultimately elected to fill the seat that Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III walked away from to be trump’s whipping boy.

  35. Crap joke for the day:

    A few days before his prostate exam, a one eyed man accidentally swallowed his glass eye. He was worried for a while, but there were no ill effects, so he forgot about it.Once he was in the doctor’s office, the man followed instructions, undressed, and bent over. The first thing the proctologist saw when he looked up the man’s arse was that eye staring right back at him. “You know, ” said the doctor, “you really have to learn to trust me.”

  36. Dani and my daughter were lucky enough to win ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ tickets for tonite. I hear it’s the next Hamilton.

    I do love good theater.

  37. Last night’s dream was quite…

    At a theme park; Universal Studios(wish), I guess? Having a grand time, until alien dinosaurs attack the park under the control of a deranged scientist, who oversees the park. The plot, trying to escape alive with the help of a Zach-from-Save-By-The-Bell type guy, who has Jack and I swinging from trees and swimming in swamps by the end of it.

    The kicker, we had already done this one before. The alien dinosaurs were back for revenge.

  38. Five episodes into Iron Fist Season 2. I didn’t have the internet rage that everyone else did for season 1, but it was definitely flawed – – and bad – – in many ways.

    S2 is an improvement in every way, so far. Characters who dragged the series down in S1 are suddenly multi-faceted, interesting people. I hope it doesn’t hit the dreaded Marvel-on-Netflix late-series rut.

    • Me too. Tho from what I understand it just kinda goes at this speed for the whole season. So not a rut but doesn’t suddenly turn astounding either.

      And yeah.. Iron Fist is still the worst part of Iron Fist

  39. Hey, Deadpan! Twitter says Sept. 30 is International Podcast Day. I just posted my first new podcast episode since the end of this year’s Dog Days of Podcasting challenge. Featuring a promo from an old Deadpan episode!

    Related thought: Please tell me about how you listen to podcasts these days. I’m subscribed to the DDoP master feed via the Android app Podcatcher Deluxe, but I need more perspectives than just my own for the podcasting talk I’m giving on Saturday.

    • I finally gave up on the trusty iPod of your and use Castbox on my phone to stream my podcast subscriptions. Some of the ones I listen to are rather time sensitive, so waiting until the next day to get them to download and sync to my iPod was annoying at best

      It’s funny, for a long time I clung to my iPod and scoffed at the notion of streaming/subscription type services…and now I’ve pretty much fully embraced it.

      • The high-capacity MP3 player is still the most dependable way to manage large music libraries (make sure you have backups!). All of the big companies are dicks about storing your own purchased music files. And then you’re at the whim of mostly-reliable satellite connections.
        For something like podcasts – – or random radio background noise – – streaming services all the way.

        That’s my take. YMMV

      • To no ones surprise … I am like Ed.
        Although I STILL listen on an old iPod that is now dedicated just to podcasts.
        I load it using an old version of iTunes (not available any more) on an old laptop running an old iOS.

        Lots of old in that tale.

        Thing is, it all works and does so reliably.

    • These days I’m using the “Podkicker Pro” app on my Android. Works well for the occasional podcast. For music, I have a subscription to Amazon Music for streaming and download MP3 files to a USB thumb drive for my permanent collection, which I can play natively in my car.

  40. Be careful driving in the yuck! Lest ye become the yuck. 🙁

    In comparative news – – I also turned around this morning, because the rain was so heavy. Almost no visibility on the highway, with everyone driving 10 mph, with the occasional pickup truck redneck driving by at 75 mph.

  41. I still have trouble coming to grips with the fact that Tom Petty is dead.

    I don’t know why this is. I like him and his music, sure but he wasn’t one of my top 5 favorites. Maybe top 10. More likely top 15.

    Still, when I hear a Petty tune on the radio I find myself saying again … I can’t believe he’s dead.

    • Yeah, I feel the same. Starting with that “You Got Lucky” video on early MTV, he was just always there in the background. Rarely the forefront. It’s like one of the constellations is just suddenly not up there anymore.

      • Tom Petty will always have a special place for me because my sister had the “Heartbreakers” album pre-80’s/pre-MTV and I learned to appreciate his folky rock style before his videos were played 24/7. It was cool to see him on SNL and teaming up with Fleetwood Mac and the like in the early 80’s.

  42. I have been watching a show called “Lodge 49”.

    I really really recommend this one.
    It is … odd, which is fun but what I think I enjoy about it is that it has made me care about the characters. And the Characters are not just people but things and places.
    You might have to give it 2 or 3 episodes but then … hooked.

  43. Well, i dont know what to think. I hope we don’t get inindated with crappy information. And had this started when any other president was in office, i would be like, “oh okay. This is helpful.” But when I saw the alert and read this article, i thought, “hmmm. Would i become a handmade or a martha (I frickin hate cleaning), or an econowife?



  44. So there is this today from Dr Fords attorneys –
    “This afternoon, we learned of media reports that the FBI does not intend to interview either Dr. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh,” Debra Katz and Michael Bromwich, wrote to FBI Director Christopher Wray and FBI General Counsel Dana Boente. “It is inconceivable that the FBI could conduct a thorough investigation of Dr. Ford’s allegations without interviewing her, Judge Kavanaugh, or the witnesses we have identified in our letters to you.”

    This is just the height of deplorable.

    If Jeff Flake is your Senator, please call his office and make sure he knows that YOU know, the Republicans have made an absolute fool out of him now as well .
    He should vote no .

  45. There’s a lot of fuckery in this world. Especially in this county. We’ve never been more divided nor have we ever hated one another more. I have no answers. I have no solutions. The puppet masters are pulling the strings beyond their tension and we are all about to snap. That being said I know one salve for this blister…

    See more live music.

  46. So I finished reading a book yesterday…. I wanted to vent about it, but the author is well-liked in our old podcast community circles – – and actually seems to be a super nice guy (I’ve never met him in person), so I’ve bit my tongue.

    And the thing is, I enjoyed the book. It was a helluva page-turner… If asked, I’d recommend it. But, gah, there were these things that kept coming up in the writing that snapped me right out of the text. Drove me nuts. This is why I’m not naming names, because I don’t want to trash talk anyone. /venting

    • I have two different experiences with cabbage biscuits. When I was in public school the cafeteria made them and I couldn’t shake that the smell of the cooked cabbage wasn’t unlike the smell of a garbage can with rotting vegetables inside. Later on, I tried some homemade German bierocks, basically a cabbage biscuit, with spiced meat and mild cabbage that were wonderful. I think it is all in the preparation.

      • In a related note: When hubby works late, the school will often bring in dinner. Hubby brought his own dinner tonight because they are having Thai food. This is why I’m (usually) ok with him working late. I like Thai food and may have it next week when he’s working late (twice).

  47. Row Row you’re never gonna go
    Shapeless forms you didn’t even know
    Now, Lo and behold they’re taking me below
    Cast in my name in the salt and stone

    • I’m in. Although I do need a good S1 and S2 recap. Something about nazis getting away with horrible stuff in America with no real consequences? (Luckily would never happen here)

  48. So we have a proven tax fraud criminal in the White House, and now the highest court in the land is an openly partisan outfit. What this means: criminals on the republican team in the highest seats of power can now sidestep any and all consequences when they break the law. The battlecry is to vote out the corrupt, but between gerrymandering and sanctioned (encouraged, even) election-hacking, I don’t see how the intended system of equal opportunity and protections remains balanced for all citizens.

    American democracy may be over.

    • Please feel free to disagree, or point out fallacies in my comment. I mainly posted this here to avoid the inevitable trumpsplaining and nonsensical shouting that would follow, if I posted this on FB.

  49. Crap joke for the day:

    During an auction of exotic pets, a woman who had placed a winning bid told the auctioneer, “I’m paying a fortune for that parrot. I hope he talks as well as you say he does.”…”I guarantee it, madam,” replied the auctioneer. “Who do you think was bidding against you?”

  50. When the non complicit women of this country decide to rise up, revolt, and utterly destroy the men, you can bet I will not be in the way

  51. I would also like to talk to all those Bernie or bust people, as well as the folks who decided not to vote ‘in protest thats theres no third party’. Id like to ask them why this election. Id like to ask them what thier true thoughts are now.

  52. In less apocalyptic news, we spent the day at a skating competition, where a lot of the skaters routines have props and themes.

    In the rink lobby, there was a life-sized mannequin dressed as a milkman, tied up with tape over his mouth.

    Could it have been someone doing the obscure “Milkman” Monty Python skit as a skating routine? I certainly hope it was an adult skater, and that no one

    • The page is acting weird on my phone. Looks like it’s from the modern era? All the ones I’ve seen on there are atrocious, but Rifftrax and MST3K have found many worse.

    • I’ve only seen a handful of those movies and some were quite bad. I did like “Gamer” a lot, it’s premise was laughable, but I found it entertaining. There were a couple other’s that I mildly enjoyed, so “worst” must be subjective.

  53. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that the Harry Potter themed “Day of Mischief” ended up being a glorified flea market.

    The biggest disappointment is that they ran out of Butterbeer yesterday.

  54. I like spending the day with our relatives, but holy crap, the awful TVshows. Today was a marathon of some dramatic re-enactment haunted house show.

  55. There. Hubby is off to work, I have a load of laundry in the wash, and I’ve poured my second cup of tea. Now it’s time to reconcile royalties.
    All things considered, I’d rather be in front of the fireplace with a book.