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  1. Hi guys. I haven’t read any of yesterdays board posts, but did see on Ed’s FB page that Tee lost his wife yesterday. I was so sorry to hear this. Thanks for the link, Jack.

    Big *hugs* to all of your guys.

  2. Man, it’s been hectic around here. Took delivery of printing system & cutter at work and it is all business.

    Sp I haven’t been on.

    Well Fuck. I totally don’t know what to say…

  3. This is pretty much the worst thing Ive heard in a long time. Geh. No words of comfort will ever truly compensate. My heart breaks for the two of them.

  4. December ’09 numbers: 3,022 A 23% increase over December ’08

    Over all, there was a 24% increase in the number of comments in 2009 over 2008.

    However, that being said, January and February 2008 numbers are suspect due to server errors. Still, going by March – December, there was still a 21% increase in comments in 2009.

    Not bad Deadpan

  5. That lolbible comic *is* funny though. (Altho I didn’t click on past the Adam and Eve one)

    We’ve been having a quiet comment week anyway, but I do want everyone to feel comfortable to comment again naturally. I don’t think a little shared levity is in any way disrespectful or callous.

  6. Hey Amy!
    No, j0e, i haven’t finished classes yet. I think i’ve started a new program since i last spoke to everyone… I’m an English Education major these days. I should be finished with that in May of 2012… That will be a solid NINE YEARS as an undergraduate! (I should just go for an even ten, huh?)

    off to work…

  7. I’d like to point (pun intended) out that I have plenty of nipplage to offer as well.


    CD: Tab out of a collectible Uhura Star Trek glass tumbler

  8. fyi: I hit songmeanings.net yesterday for some lyrics, spent the next 2 hours scouring the “malware defense” virus from my computer. I didn’t even click anything on the site.
    Avoid songmeanings.net, and view all lyrics sites with extreme caution. They’ve apparently become virus petri dishes.

  9. I totally didn’t record a BLC this week!

    I was going to record a traveling story for Tabz too, and the performance art piece, and possibly even some prose from 1988.

    Record fail…

  10. Itunes is on strike. I’m getting errors for Deadpan, Slice, and a couple of other FPM shows that I follow.

    Though, this week, there’s no file, so it’s inconclusive as to Itunes willingness to bring us our Deadpan fix.

  11. Me neither, guys. iTunes has no love for DP.

    I am still in Dallas, and it’s FREEZING (though I guess it’s double-digits below zero in Denver – eh, Lo Pan?). I am very excited to get the hell out of here and go home tonight. It’s been a long work-week, and I’m anxious to see Sly B.


  12. True dat, Bunny. I think we were talking about the last several episodes, though — at least I was. iTunes hasn’t picked one up for me since November, I think.

  13. Jack: Those lyric sites have been rather dangerous for years. I’ve avoided them altogether for quite some time. Songbird has a neat add-on that pulls the lyrics up for you while the song is playing. Did I ever mention I like Songbird?

    Cj: Way to go!

    We’ve not made it to a waffle house yet. 🙁

  14. Today I’m in wait mode. I’m expecting a delivery somewhere between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm.

    Did my shopping yesterday since I obviously can’t go today. I’m hoping they will come early enough so I can sneak to Ikea this afternoon.

  15. My head hurts, but ya know… I am in decent spirits. I am about 423424848 hours behind on everything I need to get done today, but the 4 hours of sleep I got last night should help.

    Rock on! :metal:

    Positive thinking for the win!

  16. EssBee :Me neither, guys. iTunes has no love for DP.
    I am still in Dallas, and it’s FREEZING (though I guess it’s double-digits below zero in Denver – eh, Lo Pan?). I am very excited to get the hell out of here and go home tonight. It’s been a long work-week, and I’m anxious to see Sly B.

    Lo Pan cannot hear you over his freezedried crackling no-flesh body.

  17. So, who all is going the March meetup? I’m planning to get my flight booked this weekend. I know I won’t make Thursday dinner as I’m planning to take Friday off and fly in early Friday afternoon. Looking at flying back home Sunday afternoon. It sounds like Friday night will be a visit to EVFN and then a Saturday full of Deadpan Debauchery.

    That sound about right? 😎

  18. @The Energizer Bunny

    Thanks! I already have plans for someone else to pay for me to see Avatar in 3-D… And I had so wanted to wait to watch it through Netflix. But, as long as I’m not paying my own cash, I’m pretty cool with seeing just about anything. It did make demanding my money back after Dungeons & Dragons difficult, though…

  19. Earlier this afternoon, I heard a girl say “I like a Brazilian Cherry”.
    Now, apparently she was referring to hardwood … but once my mind has gone “there”, it’s real difficult to get it to leave.

  20. Nomad Scry :
    This episode -still- isn’t showing up on iTunes.

    Nomad – are you referring to DP# 149 or #150 ?
    I fear that iTunes will never recognize their existence with #149 it’s undoubtedly due to my “comic stylings” 🙁
    I got no idea why it would hate #150.

  21. … and just FYI –
    Unless you are prepared to see the “Full Monti” (what’s the feminine of that?) and are in a location that wouldn’t frown on your viewing such … don’t follow a “Brazilian” search link to the Wikipedia entry for “Bikini waxing”.

    I’m just saying.

  22. You know, when Tennant first showed up after Eccelston, I thought the BBC had made a big mistake. But, Tennant proved excellent, once you got used to his more whimsical take on The Doctor. Maybe this new guy will grow on me, but I’m not sure that I want him to.

  23. Well just got back from seeing ‘The Road’.

    Don’t see this movie if you are suicidal.

    Very bleak and well acted.

    I bought the book and never read it, the movie hasn’t inspired me to dig it out.

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow Lejon.

  24. Vanamonde :
    Well just got back from seeing ‘The Road’.
    Don’t see this movie if you are suicidal.
    Very bleak (snip)

    I DID read the book. Sounds like the movie was true to the original story.
    It . is . not . a . happy . book

  25. Today’s WooT shirt has some interesting reading attached. I’ll have to link to the blog for the shirt in case someone ( :jack: ) doesn’t see this until after 11pm on Sunday when the WooT changes again. I’m tempted to buy the shirt… But only because it’s pretty not because of the text in the description which reads

    Wear this shirt: if you’re a butterfingers, a butterface, or a butter-any-other-body-part.

    Which reminded me of two things:

    1. Oh Shit, I’m a butterhead (hence I should wear this shirt)


    2. “Just call me Mr. Butterfingers!” (hence Emo Phillips should wear this shirt while demonstrating how to operate a table saw on UHF’s Town Talk:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toNsPh-pxgc)

    Oh yeah, here’s the shirt: http://shirt.woot.com/blog/viewentry.aspx?id=10987

  26. CP: Dar Williams “If I Write You”

    I never thought you were the letter writing type,
    So now I see the words you chose, the way you write.
    So I started to write back about the trees in the snow,
    And I saw a bird, couldn’t say what it was
    but I thought you’d know.
    You always surprised me.

    And if I wrote you,
    If I wrote you,
    You would know me,
    And you would not write me again.

  27. So today I’ve been playing around with:


    If you have a netbook on the supported list should install fine. Worked fine on my Dell Mini 9 (even with the upgraded N draft card).

    Everything seems to work, but available apps are tightly controlled (aimed more at the beginner crowd).

    CP: Rain – Matt Mango

  28. Hello Deadpan you are being missed. I am in the process of moving into the big city of Tulsa and I am currently forced to use library internet. Hopefully that will be repaired within the next week.

    About Tee’s wife – I have donated for the upcoming auction a High Quality audio CD presentation with original cover art of the Wander Radio Production of Tee Morris’ story “Reality Check” which has the honor of actually getting radio air play in March of 2007. I will keep you guys updated on that front.

    This reverse comments thing is going to be tough to get used to… like the idea though… Off to unpack more boxes…

    Don’t worry Jack – DM is still there…

  29. Also, watched the latest Dollhouse last night. I have to say, that one has to top “Wash Dies”. I think there’s sill a hole in my mind from the two big shots that Joss Whedon put out in that episode. Sucks that there’s only two more to go.

  30. So I was going to a “visitation” earlier this evening (friend’s elderly father died after prolonged illness) and got lost (how do they always manage to have these things at funeral homes that are way out in the middle of nowhere?).
    The fact that this had turned into a 40 minute drive down dark country roads, wasn’t so bad though as I was listening to the flashback alternatives station on XM radio and had lot’s of happy bouncy tunes to keep me company (B-52’s, Devo, and such).
    Yet … as I found the place and drove around looking for a parking spot, what should come on but Shriekback’s “Nemesis”.

    Yep. I walked in side and stood in line at the open casket with my CPIMM loudly and inappropriately blaring –

    “Priests and cannibals, prehistoric animals
    Everybody happy as the dead come home
    Big Black Nemesis, parthenogenesis
    No one move a muscle as the dead come home”
    Do you ever feel like you’re living inside a Cohen Brothers film?

  31. re: Dollhouse and the two big shots. I bought the first one. Made me jump and twitch, but it worked. The second one… yeah, I don’t buy it. It feels like the character is being retconned. In other words, I am looking forward to next Saturnday.

  32. Cj: That UHF reference brought a really big smile to my face. I gave a friend of mine in high school a spatula for her birthday once. I found it more funny than she did. But that’s pretty par for the course.

  33. ditto: I’ve been doing a LOT of distro-hopping as of late, esp. on my notebook. I am sitting with Xubuntu for a while. The wireless is just a pain in so many distros. And for some inexplicable reason, Gnome-Network-Manager works very, very well with my wifi @ home, but wicd craps out, big time. Which is odd to me, since I thought they were essentially just different front-ends for the same modules/drivers/etc. But based upon the mailing lists, I’m not the only one that has had such an experience.

  34. quiet day on the :pan: I see. Geting ready to pull the trigger on the tickets and I find myself struck with a moment of paranoia.

    I do want to fly into Phoenix, don’t I?

  35. So this is the latest things going round Facebook.

    Just read the ‘offence’ and if you’ve done it, you owe that fine.
    You don’t have to confess your answers, just the amount of your fine.
    NOTE fines to be added once, not for how ever many times you have done it.

    Smoked weed — £10
    Did acid or pills — £5
    Ever had sex at church — £25
    Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you — £40
    Had sex with someone on MySpace/Facebook/Bebo etc — £25
    Had sex for money — £100
    Ever had sex with a Puerto Rican — £20
    Vandalized something — £20
    Had sex on your parents’ bed — £10
    Beat up someone — £20
    Been jumped — £10
    Cross dressed — £10
    Given money to stripper — £25
    Been in love with a stripper — £20
    Kissed someone who’s name you didn’t know — £0.10
    Hit on some one of the same sex while at work — £15
    Ever drive and drank — £20
    Ever got drunk at work, or went to work while still drunk — £50
    Used toys while having sex — £30
    Got drunk, passed out and don’t remember the night before — £20
    Went skinny dipping — £5
    Had sex in a pool — £20
    Kissed someone of the same sex — £10
    Had sex with someone of the same sex — £20
    Cheated on your significant other — £10
    Masturbated — £10
    Cheated on your significant other with their relative or close friend — £20
    Done oral — £5
    Got oral — £5
    Done / got oral in a vehicle while it was moving — £25
    Stole something — £10
    Had sex with someone in jail — £25
    Made a nasty home video or took pictures — £15
    Had a threesome — £50
    Had sex in public — £20
    Been in the same room while someone was having sex –£25
    Stole something worth over more than a hundred quid– £20
    Had sex with someone 10 years older — £20
    Had sex with someone under the age accepted by rule of thumb (half your age plus 7) — £25
    Been in love with two people or more at the same time– £50
    Said you love someone but didn’t mean it — £25
    Went streaking — £5
    Went streaking in broad daylight — £15
    Been arrested — £5
    Spent time in jail — £15
    Pissed in the pool — £0.50
    Played spin the bottle — £5
    Done something you regret — £20
    Had sex with your best friend — £20
    Had sex with someone you work with at work — £25
    Had anal sex — £80
    Lied to your mate — £5
    Lied to your mate about the sex being good — £25

  36. 435, But I’ve reformed, I swear.

    The work busy continues, finally starting to run this new printer & cutter like we know what we’re doing…

  37. @jackmangan
    DUUUDE! I wish I’d known you were here – we could have met up for food! San Diego is only about an hour away from my house. Oh, well.

    By the way, I know this is belated, but: The Deadpan Christmas episodes get better every year. The “A Christmas Carol” parody segments were HILARIOUS! 😆

  38. Aw, that would have been cool, Amy! I’ll be out there again eventually. And I hope you’re coming out for the MMMmmmarch MMMmmmeetup?

    Amy and JohnBoze – hopefully new recordings from you both this week?

    CP: Night Moves Set – DJ Utopia. Jeremy, this is fantastic stuff.

  39. @jackmangan
    My attendance at the Mmmmmarch Mmmmmmeetup is contingent upon my getting paying work between then and now, so it’s not looking very good right now. This will be one of the first places I post the news if that changes, though (along with Facebook and Twitter).

    The completion and submission of Questors #9 is contingent upon the receipt of two retake lines. However, I have been sitting on an excerpt from my ’09 NaNoWriMo novel, which I recorded but then was too lazy to edit. I’m starting the post-production work on it now. 🙂

  40. Actually, scratch that. I’m going to start all over with the production of that segment, since I originally recorded it before I became the proud owner of my own Blue Snowball microphone.

  41. I’m so glad you’re reading the Acacia books, Ed. I love Audible too. I’m CLT: Interview With The Vampire.

    I’m worked-out, and off to the showers. Have a great Tuesday!

  42. The problem with having a slight warming trend in the middle of winter is melting snow. Our house is on a bit of an incline so the snow melts and pools on the sidewalk in front. At night it freezes and we end up with a nice little skating rink on the public walkway.

    My poor hubby. Every morning, before he leaves for work, he covers the front sidewalk with de-icer and every evening after he gets home, he goes out with the ice chipper and clears it off.

    I’m hoping it will either melt completely (not unheard of in Calgary) or will cool off enough that the snow isn’t melting so fast.

  43. That reminds me TEB, a certain science magazine claimed that ice is less slippery in countries where the temp dips below -10 because the ice can’t form a water layer between the ice and the atmosphere. Has This been your experience TEB?

  44. @Vanamonde
    ummm. I don’t ice skate so I can’t really say. I also don’t travel enough to to speak about the ice elsewhere. That being said, however, when winter is settled in, there is less ice in general simply because snow isn’t melting and therefore no water to create ice. During Chinooks, snow melts, the melting freeze, the ice is slippery.

    I don’t know if that answers your question but, there it is. :wassat:

  45. Bunny:

    As of now, this is how I see it:

    Thursday: Dinner with whoever can make it. I have a couple of good places in mind.
    Friday: Probably EVFN.
    Saturday: Have Cj and Dan offered to host a 2nd bbq? I had no intention of imposing or assuming. I need to talk to them.
    Sunday: Send-offs, basking in the sun for those heading back to frozen climes. Maybe another Denny’s late breakfast.

  46. Jack Mangan :
    Saturday: Have Cj and Dan offered to host a 2nd bbq? I had no intention of imposing or assuming. I need to talk to them.

    Cj indicated to me she’d be more than willing to host Saturday again this year.

    I have a friend who makes homemade Crab-apple liquor. I’m trying to convince him to part with a couple of bottles so I can bring some.

    Should I bring ingredients to make fudge?

    I’m in on the Thursday afternoon and leave on Monday.

  47. Rhettro: That was the case for me as well, but I took the easy “points” and said yes

    There was another one that didn’t exactly fit, but I interpreted what I took to be the idea behind it.

  48. @Rhettro
    Yeah, I wasn’t sure about that question – have I had sex with someone AFTER they were on my Facebook? does the hubby count? What about an old High school boyfriend? Not that I was having sex during high school :angel: I was just curious…

  49. @Rhettro
    It would have been even more interesting to be charged PER PERSON on FB. For . . . um . . . some of us.

    Sad day today – my favorite great-uncle passed away this morning. He was a good ol’ shit, and lived to a ripe 89. He has suffered the past several weeks, so today was a blessing.


  50. RE: Deadpan meetup.

    I can pick the Bunny up from the airport Thursday.
    I cannot attend dinner that night, however…
    I CAN send Dan in my place to keep the Bunny warm!
    I am off work all day Friday and can be available for whatever happens.

    Saturday, I have offered to host a bbq/party etc.. whatever at my place. It would make me VERY happy to do this so, it’s not any imposition. Recording session is possible if desired, after Dan gets home around 7:30/8pm that evening. Just let me know if you all want to do this and it shall be done. (It would make me happy! I suggest doing this)

    I’m Free Sunday and Monday until about 2pm for Breakfasts/meetings/airport deliveries or whatever.

  51. @EssBee, extras on FB should cost exponentially more with each one you add. LOL

    @JohnnyNull, there should be a charge for trying to get as many charges as possible. 😉

  52. So by now y’all have heard that SPider Man 4 was canned and theyre gonna revamp the series with a new cast and villians and stories etc ets… much like Batman. Lo Pan, for one, approves. Garbage, those movies were.

  53. ANNNNNNNDDDD of course… James Cameron…

    “Immediately, the news brought celebration and consternation equally to webslinger fanboys who say the reboot plot puts Peter Parker back in high school. There’s also much unconfirmed speculation that this new franchise will be in 3D. And the fans also recall that, in 1991, James Cameron wrote a treatment for Spider-Man and now they’re wondering if he might helm the reboot. (Sony ended up acquiring his treatment in a legal settlement.)”

    Not that I’d be adverse to Cameron doing it… FOR ONE BILLLLLLLION DOLLARS!

  54. Alright, I am now locked in for the trip. I’ll be arriving early Friday afternoon and I’ve got a late afternoon flight back on Sunday.

    My wife would appreciate it if I managed to not add to my fines while I’m away 😆

  55. “We’ve improved Blogger in a big way!”

    Apparently what this means is that they’ve screwed around to where I can no longer long on and make entries in my blog.(http://justaj0e.blogspot.com)
    Oh, I can get them to send me my account name and link to change my password … I just can’t get google to recognize my username – the very username they just sent to me via e-mail in response to my request.

    Then again, my NOT being able to post my thoughts may very well be the “improvement” they are referring to.


  56. Okay. After poking and poking at “Blogger” it finally let me in … without even entering my login. I just clicked the “sign in” button for the bazillionth time and there I was on my dashboard page.
    Not even going to try and figure that one out … just going to post while I can.
    Anyone else have “flag waving” friends or relatives who REFUSE to check out those Urban Myth Spam letters before forwarding them to you and everyone else they know?

    Well, perhaps this post will give them some perspective.

  57. Woeke up late and barely got to work on time. Checking in from my Pre. On this screen, Cj looks more like Q. Combined with the LLAP gravitar, I thought we were getinng a visit from that mischievous space imp.

  58. I was just asked for a new calculator.
    A calculator is not at PC.
    WOW! My brain is :mush:
    I have less faith in my users than I ever have.

    Maybe I will get that new job. My interview is tomorrow. I am now more excited that ever.

  59. reaper :I know Michael Bay isn’t the only one that can take something awesome and make it suck but he might be the king of it.

    Oh agreed. I think we’ve had this discussion before. History, iconic properties, scientific fact…Bay sucks it all.

  60. EssBee :Listened to the latest EscapePod this morning on the way in, and loved the queerness of it. Did you guys like it?

    I no longer have a computer with sound…erm… so no.

  61. reaper :Van, Cool pics. I have always liked seeing things that have not been maintained and seeing how nature takes things back.

    What’ll you get a load of me…. ooop…..oop….ooop.

  62. I have a cute story about something that happened to me at work last night. I can’t post it publicly, so if anyone is interested, it’s a short story with a happy ending and it might make you giggle.

    Catch me online and I’ll share it privately!

    Holy crap. I think I just fell asleep.

  63. Oh and one more thing…
    I was picking my son up from school this morning and I get a phone call from another mom. She’s crying and asking me to sign her daughter out and put her in her car. Whhha???

    She hurt her foot and drove to pick her daughter up from school anyway. So, I put her, her daughter, and my son in MY car and took them all to urgent care. After a little waiting and some x-rays, turns out her foot is broken.

    It’s like 2010 – the year of crutches.

  64. Van: I’m good with fingernails, but not noticeable claws. Very cool link to those pics, btw.

    One more btw: Duel of the Fates finals tonight. Mingschach vs. Buzz Lightyear. If you have something to say about it or just wanna cheer on your side, then this is the final call for VMs/audio recordings.

  65. Okay, maybe someone can help me in regard to Fringe. Last Monday’s episode was billed as new, and having watched it I know I haven’t seen it before. But the presence of a certain someone who died at the beginning of this season leaves me to believe something is amiss. Was this an unaired episode for last season?

  66. Vanamonde :Rhettro it’s why I called it the ‘lost’ episode.
    That episode was from serious 1 of Fringe, but due to network shenanighans, was never aired till now.

    No, Lost doesnt start til next month….
    *jazz hands*

  67. What a ride! I’m not clicking Write A Comment again, I nearly got seasick.

    It’s all replies from here.

    – Good Afternoon :pan: !

    Thank you for the birthday wishes… it was a good weekend, as one might guess since it put me far enough behind to be halfway through the week before even touching the nipples…

    Essbee: Condolences. Sorry to hear.

    Lo Pan: Jizz hands… not quite as cool…

    I don’t watch lost anyway.

    where was i?

    Oh… We’ve canceled our cable, and hobbled our internet speed in an effort to scrape up some cash… It’s not tooooo bad…

  68. Home again, home again….

    You know, whether MingShaque or Buzz Lightyear win, I’m still a winner. Let the chips fall where they will.

  69. Oh… We’ve canceled our cable, and hobbled our internet speed in an effort to scrape up some cash… It’s not tooooo bad…

    THATS the way to go. Ive not had TV since July and ME LIKEY!

  70. Been player around with Layar, an augmented reality browser for Android and iPhone 3GS.

    It helpfully shows all people who geotag their tweets in my local area, including distance from my current location.

    engage stalker mode

  71. EssBee :
    It’s the one from the 8th of January — Union Dues.

    I did hear that one. It was interesting, but it took me a while to realize what was going on in the story. This seems to be a trend with Escape Pod stories. I actually like this because it stops me from listening half-assed and forces me to pay full attention to the stories.

    Not sure how I feel about the ending. Seems realistic enough (if you take away the super hero aspect), but I left the story feeling really sorry for the guy, sort of like how I left the story of 90% of Twilight Zone episodes, and I don’t think that was the intent of the story.

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