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    • Maybe it’s down to not being American, but the George Washington revelations did not induce an extreme emotional reaction.

    • I got a security alert from my Chrome browser and when I logged into the page there was a website asking for log-in information and stating that this website was the future home of something “cool”. Seemed like a hacker was trying to set up a fishing scam. Anyway, a few moments later, no issues at all. My only guess is there was an issue at my end or the web hosting site automatically squashed the intruder. *shrug*

  1. Speaking of which …(?)
    Last night we watched “Escape from LA”

    Amazing how much of it was the SAME exact movie as Escape from NY.
    Except they tried throwing more money at it.
    They needn’t have bothered.

    • There are many, many, many dumb parts of that train wreck of a movie. Most people cite the awful surfing scene, but I think the basketball trial is the worst.

      No context, no explanation; he just magically hits these impossible shots because the plot requires it.

      The most cynical part of me thinks that some film executive noticed that the NBA was trendy in the 90s, so they insisted on this garbage.

    • That is one of those shows that grows into itself. As it went along it seemed to become one of those “we are going to do what we find funny and if you want to come along for the ride, that’s up to you.”
      And personally, I thought it worked.

  2. Neuromancer reread. I can’t even remember how long it’s been since the last reread. . .

    Every page of this book just blows my mind.

        • Her seeing my posts isn’t the problem.

          I talked to hubby last night and he agreed with Jack, So I took the plunge this morning and unfriended her. Let’s see how long it takes her to figure out I’ve done that.
          I just don’t have time for her racist BS.

  3. Well I went and bought Black Mesa to play over the weekend.

    Time to step into Gordon Freeman’s shows one more time.

  4. I had a friend call me yesterday because they just needed a few minutes of sanity.

    Their mother had died a few hours earlier of COVID-19. A few other ladies in the mom’s church circle are sick with it now.

  5. In happier news, we finished season 3 of Mrs Maisel. Very good – – probably the best season yet.

    I’m not sure which show is up next for us. Hearing good things about Dark and also Things We Do in the Shadows.

  6. Hubby and I decided to add an extra half click to our walk and picked up lunch at Subway to take home. We haven’t done that in months.
    I actually feel a little guilty as, since is was a spur of the moment decision, we didn’t have masks on us.

    • This is the kind of thing I think a sane society can ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about.

      You should feel ashamed, though, because there are undoubtedly better sandwich places nearby.

  7. I have finally seen Hamilton.

    Today I learnt Hamilton got shot by Burr.

    I also learnt I know more about WW2 than the War of Independence.

    I blame all that fancy German tech.

  8. Just skip this post and keep scrolling if you’ve already met your daily quotient of COVID-19 dread. Pasted from a local friend:

    After a “brief” visit to a Banner ER last night, I have a diagnosis: early stage Covid-19. My symptoms are bad, bad enough to go to the ER, but not bad enough to be admitted. The magic symptoms for admission are a steady fever of 100+ and or oxygen levels below 92.

    My fever has never gone above 100 and isn’t steady. My oxygen levels vary between 96-99. I have tightness in my chest and lungs that daily asthma meds don’t touch. It feels like I’m wearing close fitting chain mail….tight and heavy but able to still take nearly full breaths. When coughing, which is most of the time, it’s unproductive and painful. My ribs hurt. I have sharp stabbing pains happening from mid to lower ribs / back. My throat is nearly raw from coughing and have almost lost my voice.

    Here’s the thing…..I know I’m in at risk group (before this diagnosis) . I’ve been home quarantining since early March. I wear masks anytime I have to go anywhere. About a month ago, just before AZ started spiking again, [husband] and I went out. We were having a little bit of stir craziness and had a list of places we wanted to go. We wore masks the entire time. We touched only those things we were interested in buying. We washed our hands and masks immediately when we got home. We haven’t been out since. That being said……masks do help! As bad as I feel right now, I am positive that I would be worse if I hadn’t been wearing one. I know that the flu like symptoms (husband) had would be this awful if they had not been wearing one. Now We are home quarantining again, this time with even stricter standards, until all of my symptoms are gone plus 4 days. Because of my diagnosis that may be a couple weeks or months. I may get better. I may stay the same same. I may get worse. The doctor doesn’t know. This is scary.

    Be safe.
    I love you.
    Wear your fucking masks!

    • Sometimes it helps to put it in a personal way to people.
      I did the math and was sharing this with some “It’s just a bad flu” folks-

      Based on our state’s 14 day, new case average and the states overall morbidity rate AND assuming something magical happens and things don’t get worse…
      By the end of August, 1080 of your friends and family who are perfectly fine at this very moment … will be dead. They will not live to see Christmas.
      This doesn’t factor in what will happen when we run out of ICU beds.

      Wear your damn masks.

    • I saw something about “Doctor Aphra” casting news, but it was just for the audiobook. Still cool, but it got my hopes up for a live action series or special.

  9. Just got a message from my sister.
    The husband of a long time friend of hers died from Covid yesterday.
    He was 50-60 years of age and in good physical shape.
    Started showing symptoms about a week ago.
    His test came back positive today. The day after he died.

  10. Watched Train to Busan over the past 2 nights.

    Yes, it’s a zombie flick, but wow – – infuriating and impressive, and it doesn’t go for cheap grossout effects. I can’t say anything more without giving spoilers.

    • I too was caught by surprise with that film.
      I had lowered my expectations because it was a zombie flick but also (I’m ashamed to admit) because who knows anything about the S. Korean film industry.
      I also won’t spoiler but would add that it is just good, solid film making.

      My daughter simultaniously loved and hated it.

  11. Hearing another Covid close to my family.

    Our county finally past a mask ordinance yesterday and for that I applaud them … but for many, I fear it is several weeks too late.

    Back in late March I read an article that quoted one researcher as saying, “It’s not a mater of “if” you will get it but “when”. And that your goal is to do everything you can to put it off long enough for the government to stockpile supplies(he never dreamed our gov would abandon us) and for the Hospitals/science to figure out how to effectively treat you.

    • History will not look kindly on us. It’s not even a lack of compassion – – it’s actually an anti-compassionate culture that’s been fostered. . .

    • Well, I can’t really argue that it would be tough to de-age her for a prequel. Though it might be nice to do a sequel first with Theron, then a prequel with a younger actress.

    • I like the fact that they have a script they really like. I’m a little puzzled why they are hyping to get Daft Punk on board, I mean I like Daft Punk, but the article spends a great deal of time on them. Also, with Legacy being so lackluster, I’m not sure why they are trying to get the old director back as well. As a Disney property, I’d like to see them get Waititi, Favreau, or the Russo’s involved.

    • I’ve heard the grumbling about it, but I think they’re rolling it out in phases. I haven’t been hit yet.

      Facebook presents an interesting challenge for me this summer. I’m going to need Facebook to promote Am I Evil? – – and I like keeping up with friends and playing on a few pages I’m connected to – – but the rest of it is just a toxic tar pit. I need to just get in and get out and avoid the scroll.

  12. I finally watched S2E1 of Legion last night. I recall really enjoying the rampant quirkiness and creativity of S1. This first episode of S2 felt like it was just doubling down on the weirdness, and trying to artificially inject some fun. The “Beat It” style dance battle nearly lost me.

  13. CW: Terminator: Dark Fate

    In 4K!! Which is overkill for my 40inch 4Ktv hard to tell the difference between this and a film in standard HD.

    Still bloody great film and pity it was a bit of a damp squib at the box office.

  14. I did something I rarely do. . . I told someone that their “live in fear…. tinfoil hats… economy…” Ted Nugent quote was irresponsible and stupid, then unfriended them.

    Only 1 of their loony friends came at me with a “fake numbers… you wanna put your head in the sand” response, but the unfriendee liked that response.

    Really, 99 times out of 1000, I unfriend and move on. The original post just caught me in a moment. Obviously, I’m not going to respond any further.

    • Their poor mental health is contagious.
      I mean that with all sincerity.
      If you spend much time in their “shallow end” of the pool it won’t be long before you have a nagging unhappiness.

      Getting clear, is necessary for survival.

  15. Cleaned two washrooms, backed up my computer, have my first of two loads of laundry in the wash, and went for a 5k walk. All in all, a good morning.

  16. Consider me confused.

    I went to the liquor store and 7-11.
    There were three or four people at the liquor store, everybody, including myself, had a mask on.
    There were eight or nine people at 7-11. With the exception of myself and the staff, nobody was wearing a mask. Also, there was a line up of three or four people waiting to use the washroom. Is there something about 7-11 I’m missing?

  17. Hubby’s watching an esport. The commentator said, “she pounced on the opportunity like a shark”
    I think that’s going to be my new saying from now on

  18. Today’s Science tidbits:

    -Scientist in Singapore have developed a small, pocket portable, solar generator that produces power when a shadow is cast across it. It is the differential between the light and dark that generate the current. It allows power production in much lower lighting situations. Enough to power a small electronic device.

    -A certain type of sea worm, when threatened, exudes a blue bioluminescent goo. Lots of things bioluminesce but that takes energy and this stuff is outside the worm so it doesn’t get “power” from the creature and it can continue to flow from 16 to 72 hours. It seems the goo emits ions that cause a blue glow. That glow causes the goo to release even more ions. So it produces more light and the cycle repeats.
    In the food chain of the ocean depths this is a devious defense. If you mess with the worm you are tagged with this glowing goo which leaves you attracting preditors to yourself for hours.

    – Excavations and airborn LIDAR have uncovered the oldest and largest known Mayan structure ever built, at a previously unknown site in Mexico. Built somewhere around 1000 BC. Lots of other stuff about that culture has been genes from this site.

  19. The 2-year-old has a temp today. This kind of thing just happens with 2-year-olds – – and 2-year-olds are generally not being affected by the big evil thing in the same ways – – but I can’t help being terrified.

    This is not the kind of conversation I intend to open up to the FB world. Just had to type it somewhere.

    • If anything, I was probably too restrained about it 🙂

      Though, not nearly as restrained as Favreau and company talking out it.

  20. I’me still moving through Legion, stopped most of the way through episode 3.

    So far, I’m not watching it full episode by full episode, just stopping when I feel the need, like putting a bookmark in a book.

    Some good stuff. I still can’t help but feel like some of the things in the show are weird only for the sake of being weird. Like the android girls with the mustaches and the autotuned voices (maybe they’ll get a better explanation later).

    • I don’t recall them ever getting an explanation. That whole show was definitely a trippy ride. I probably appreciated it more following some of the “making of” type bits that they put out for each episode.

      Man, that reminds me – he was supposed to be putting out a fourth season of Fargo. I need to go see if that ever actually came out.

  21. So…. tonight was our first movie night in awhile. Part 5 in the chronological Star Wars rewatch. Solo. I hadn’t seen it since the theater. Kinda telling that I was struggling to find my enthusiasm.

    Anyway. The first half of the movie is just terrible. Much worse than I remembered. The 2nd half redeems it, though. Mostly. The movie still serves no real purpose. It’s fine.

    Rogue One next!

  22. JW: Greyhound

    Can’t argue about the film being entirely plot driven but I enjoyed it.

    The posh English voices you never got to see were annoying though.

  23. Dammit, COVID – well, at least I haven’t missed Fargo season 4 yet:

    “The upcoming fourth season is set in 1950 in Kansas City, Missouri, and features a cast led by Chris Rock, Jason Schwartzman, Jessie Buckley, Ben Whishaw, and Timothy Olyphant. The season was scheduled to premiere on April 19, 2020, but it was delayed indefinitely after production was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

      • I think it has a kooky charm. It’s overproduced, cutesy, and predictable, but stylistically consistent throughout. A film that does it better is “Mom and Dad Save the World.”

    • The book that Cary Elwes put together chronicling the making of The Princess Bride went into pretty extensive detail about how much he and Mandy Patinkin prepared for that fight.

      Along with a lot of other great history – “As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride” is definitely worth checking out.

      He narrates the audiobook version himself.

  24. Watched the first 15 minutes of the Rankin-Bass Hobbit. I’m not sure if I should be concerned that the 2-year-old is insisting that Smaug is a nice dragon.

    • That is a large number of women.
      It seems like a celebrity/groupie situation – – except in this case, the celebrity led each of the groupies to believe there was something like a relationship there. Shitty behavior. . . no doubt, no defense.

      The article covers the whole f-ed up situation with clarity.

  25. Just stumbled across this from a few days ago. Seems to have been announced in a very low key fashion.
    The World Health Organization has expanded its coronavirus guidance to include the possibility in certain circumstances of airborne transmission, in which the virus could be spread through tiny droplets that linger in the air among people in crowded, indoor settings for prolonged periods of time.

    Sure sounds like they are describing (amount other places) a school setting.

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