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  1. As terrible as last week’s X-Files was , this week’s was a damn fine X-Files. Old school to the max. The kind that’s a joy to watch. Know why? Because it’s a one off and not part of the shitty cock knockery that the mythology episodes have become

  2. A couple of big thinkers, led by Bruce Sterling, have made an annual tradition of starting the year with “State of the World” discussions at The Well, one of the longest-running electronic gathering places in existence.

    They don’t ignore the orange disaster in the White House, but they also don’t get bogged down in his swamp. It’s a lot of reading from a number of contributors, but it’s fun to tag along.


    • He was disliked by coaches Tippet and Tocchet, but showed amazing flashes of talent on the ice, and was popular with the fans. I was eager to see him become a superstar – – but it looks like that will now happen elsewhere.

      Note to Coyotes management: he wasn’t the problem. This trade isn’t going to fix your disaster of a season.

  3. The skating rink consistently has hockey on a few TVs, Foxnews on the rest. The caption : “We are all created equal by God, Trump echoes King after s**hole comments” is there now under dipshit talking heads.

    Earlier, it was “Obama’s obsession with Foxnews.”

    • … and since we’re playing billiards –
      couldn’t help but notice that a Pennsylvania coal mine shut down today with 400 jobs lost.

      – After a big media splash 2 days ago about bonuses to Walmart employees, with no fan fare or notice to employees – overnight they shut down “Sam’s Clubs” all across America resulting in thousands of lost jobs.

      -Oh also saw where that the Carrier plant in Indiana that got millions of tax dollars in a well advertised, Trump push “to save jobs” … has laid off another 215 people. They laid off 300 shortly after they got their Trump deal. They have also announced that they plan to spend their 16 million “investment” on automation which should lead to further layoffs.

      There you go Trump supporters. Feeling the greatness yet?

      • JJ its real simple…. This could DIRECTLY (and it will) affect staunch Trump supporters and they wouldn’t bat an eyelash blaming anyone but him. They’d blame Obama, blame congress, blame other Republicans, blame Democrats, blame the Tea Party, blame China, blame “shithole illegals from shithole countries”. Anyone but him. That’s how he stays. That’s why he’s not going anywhere. That’s why they’ll never change their minds. We’ve got 3 more years of this no matter what….

  4. These old legs are feeling a big stiff this morning. Group of friends from work had our sort of annual “Great Walkabout” yesterday. Almost a 19 mile hike. Came home, had dinner and a shower…and crashed at 8pm. Now it’s 2am and I’m not quite sure what to do with myself.

  5. A bit of an amendment…while eating and gathering the strength to stumble to bed, we did watch the first two episodes of the new “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams” on Amazon Prime. Enjoyed them both. I don’t know the exact nature of the connection to Philip K. Dick – presumably inspired by writing. The first episode felt like it was inspired by Total Recall. I haven’t read enough of his work to say that it was tied to something else more directly.

    • Any list of funny words that doesn’t include “kerfuffle” just isn’t up to snuff. Someday I will name one of my dogs kerfuffle. Mrs. Asshat gets the next naming and has her heart set on “shazbot”. I’ll have to be content with “woofles” for quite some time.

  6. Lately M.A.D.D. Have been running ads about not drinking if you’re going to be operating a boat. I wonder if, in the summer, ads will run about not drinking while operating a snowmobile

    *shakes head*

  7. In other sad news I finally saw WW. I don’t get the love. Really don’t. I get the love of the character in this film as well as Gal’s portrayal ( brilliant) but this this acts just like an upper mid tier Marvel film complete with unmemorable big bad and great middle action piece.

    Just because this is light years above the other DC films don’t make it great. It’s fine and I’m sure I’ll watch it again and I know I will see any film which she’s the main focus.

    What confounds me is Jack’s (yeah I’m calling you out buddy!) love for this one while hating Captain America. IT IS THE SAME FILM. SAME! FILM! Now if you wanna say the character of WW is more enjoyable than the character of CA in that film, I could get behind that.

    But this is all just one man’s opinion. Bring on Van calling me a misogynist.

    • It’s not a perfect movie. The villain is awful (as bad as Red Skull in Cap), and her companions are straight from the “generic side characters bin.” But it’s definitely good. It also doesn’t have a guy’s big head awkwardly CGI’ed onto the wrong body.

      I think the “Girl Power” aspect is great, and a huge part of its appeal. And the scenes in No Man’s Land and in the village are fantastic. And Gal Gadot.

      • It’s that second paragraph I’ll agree with wholeheartedly.

        Like I said, they are exactly the same film in comparable quality and enjoyment.
        I think if CA was done today, that CG head thing wouldn’t be an issue. But hey it’s still light years beyond Tron Legacy’s bad young Jeff Bridges

    • I’m glad to hear someone else was underwhelmed by WW. It wasn’t a bad movie, but I’ve become very “meh” about most superhero movies anymore. Think I’ve been over saturated with them. WW seemed like every other superhero movie I’ve seen (including the same rehashed patterns I keep seeing over and over again).

      • I’m not going to call you a women hater Lo, well not over WW.

        The big thing was this was a film with a woman lead and directed by a woman. It deserves the praise it got. Hopefully it will lead to many more women superhero centred films getting the green light.

        I enjoyed WW, it was the only film (along with GOTG2 and TLJ) that I saw twice last year at the cinema.

          • I was (friendly) trolling a bit with that crack about Red Skull, although I did really dislike him – aside from his one moment of henchman mercy.

            Loki and Hela have been good Marvel big bads.

          • Disagree Van. As Jack said, Loki and Hela are great and I’d argue Baron Zemo from Civil War has been the most complex and sympathetic so far. Even tho Red Skull is a tried and true Marvel villain, he did kind of get tossed into the Marvel villain throw away pile

          • I think I said it at the time and will chime in again to say I was underwhelmed with WW. Not bad film but over all I’ve never had a desire to see it again. CA however I have seen again (on video) and enjoy it every time. It is just somehow more fun.

            AS for the “girl power” thing. Sadly, I don’t really care what the gender or sexual preference is of the people who make my movies. I just want them to make a good movie. I guess by the same reasoning … I think it’s stupid to deny someone the right to make film based on their sexual identity or preference.
            So with that as my baseline, I’ll cheer for “girl power” films getting made … but I won’t give them any more of “a pass” then I would any other film. (I’m looking at you, last THOR movie!).

  8. Justin Macumber, who some of you may know from the podcast world, passed away today. I only knew him through FB and the Podcast World, but he seemed like a good guy. One of us. RIP.

    Update: He appeared alongside me in the TOC of Dragon Moon’s “Podthology” anthology.

    • While I’m not sure which movies I’d kick out of there list (and I haven’t seen a few of them, so I can’t knock them just due to my ignorance). But these ones missing seems wrong:

      Blade Runner 2049


      Edge of Tomorrow


      Captain America: The Winter Soldier

      • I’d agree with all of these, Ed.

        The only one on their list that I haven’t seen is The Girl With All the Gifts.

        Van, you should see Attack the Block – – it’s fun. But I’m not even sure if it was in the Top 10 of films that came out in 2011, let alone a whole 10-year span.

        • It wasnt. IT was a lot of fun but not top ten. I’d actually recommend another similar film that came out around that time called Grabbers

  9. Member in the 80’s when parents freaked out about the band W.A.S.P and their overt Satanism? Who could blame them! Get a load of these unholy lyrics…

    I’m a wild child, come and love me
    I want you
    My heart’s in exile I need you to touch me
    ‘Cause I want what you do…

    *shudder* Thats eeeeeevil

    • The claims were that W.A.S.P. stood for either “We Are Satanic People” or “We Are Sexually Perverted.” The reality was probably more like one drunken band member said to the other, “Hey, let’s add dots to our name.”
      “Cool, man.”

      • I’m pretty sure I read in “Hit Parader” (looks around the room at people with quizzical looks on their faces) that Blackie Lawless was quoted as saying it stood for “We Are Sexual Perverts.”

        A kid that starts listening to W.A.S.P. is endanger of becoming a wild child.

      • I actually think one of them said that was the reason.

        “In a February 2010 interview, Lawless stated the main reason for the name was the periods. He claimed no band had ever used them before (although R.E.M. formed two years earlier) and, in essence, the periods created a “question mark of uncertainty” to make W.A.S.P. stand out more. “

    • I heard about him this morning. It’s alarming just how many serial killers are active all over the US, at any given time, especially when they’re found in your home state.

      And the guy’s name was Cleophus Cooksey. It’s like a deranged Lemony Snicket character come to life.

  10. My wife is awesome, and brought me a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf drink at work, while she was in the neighborhood. She’s done this on multiple occasions, and I will miss these little midday rendezvous when my office moves across town.

    • No. We got Escape From 100 Million BC instead. The Evolution games are on our want to buy list though. The problem is, there are too many shinies in games.
      We buy a lot less games since we’ve moved to Airdrie as there are no places here that sell games. We only buy about one game a month now. Easier on our pocketbook but doesn’t do much to shorten our list

  11. We don’t have a free weekend. Someone we were going to game with next weekend asked if he could switch it to this. We will be playing Lords of Waterdeep followed by Caverna

  12. The Last Jedi even better the second time. God damn I love this movie. And now that the government has shut down I’ll even have more time to see it! LOL hahaha

  13. And, Star Trek: Discovery proves once again to be some of the most mind blowing television being produced today. And considering what all is being produced, it is no small thing.

    Anyone else here watching the new Trek?

  14. BTW, I suppose I should also tout my defeat of the changing table. It got assembled this weekend. It was a PITA to put together, but no worse than I anticipated.

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