Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #72: But Anyway

Deadpan’s Lair (Thanks again Vanamonde)
TD-0013’s ADPOV promo
Mark Forman‘s Spherical Tomi Deadpan bumper
Rhettro original music: “Not Eruption — part I”
Alvie’s Grimlok Deadpan bumper
Stolen from the 80s
::::Justa J0e channels The Police
JR Blackwell‘s “ANNNNND. . .” story
Rhettro Deadpan bumper
Rhettro: “Not Eruption — part II”
But Anyway Lyricsmash
Magical Mystery Trek
Rhettro: “Not Eruption — part III”
Unrelated Thought
Greasy Spoon Comments
Ed f-
Greasy Jelly Bean Game
-rom Tex-
-as Deadpan bumper
premature Outrobabble
e-mail bullshit
Deadpan is the Way project
:::PoetFox “Happiness is You”
PoetFox Deadpan bumper
Rhettro: “Not Eruption — part IV”
Jack Mangan original music: “Exeunt”

La-zee Show Notes.

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