Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #69: Snicker

Stupid show notes.

Sexy intro – from 1/2 of the Smarty Hotties
The end?
Speaking of Beer promo
Living Deadpan bumper
69 Voicemail
My Parents Are Crazy
::::Mike from the We Are Not Cool podcast
Greasy Spoon Comments
Stolen from the 80s
::::Justa J0e channels The Police
::::Justa J0e channels The Police
Mark Forman Deadpan bumper
Paul Maki Voicemail
Deadpan 69 me
Stolen Paragraph
::::Tim Callendar aka Jeff Conaway channels Stephen Baxter
::::Jack Mangan channels Jack Mangan
Typo Tlak
Jeremy from Seattle 69 Voicemail
Robert Heinlein Dragon*Con blood drive is dedicated this year to Joe Murphy
More Paul Maki
Ed from Texas’s Deadpan F-Bomb bumper
Outrobablo with lots of Kirk-rythm sound effects
::::My 10 minute Parsec Awards submission::::
Mike Nelson
Richard Hatch
Heather Welliver
Stephen King?! (not really)
GYGO Deadpan bumper
Magical Mystery Trek
Jessica aka The Leather Clad Mistress of Deadpan bumper
Really Big Things snippet
Ed from Texas talk about Balls to the Wall
Justa J0e wants them to be slapped silly (um, not the balls)
Chris the Fixed Kitty
More Stephen King?! (not really)
Kilroy 2.0
Justa J0e
Ed from Texas and Alvie
Jack Mangan
Amy Bowen
Marlo Dianne
Jimmy from Denver
Deadpan Haiku bumper
Tee Morris
Brad P. from NJ
Paul Maki
Original music: “Too Good to Last” in the background

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