Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 19: Quoth Ravyn Crescent

Introbabble with false information
Thanks again to Anonymous Contributor
The Adult Space Child-Free Podcast promo
Tee Morris!
Greasy Spoon Comments d20 roll
Double-Dumbass Memories on you!
Paul from Elk River
Tee Morris!
Ear buds I from
Tee Morris!
Deadpan original fiction: Alvie in Boulder
Ravyn Crescent interview
Spherical Tomi promo
Greasy Spoon d20 roll II
Dumbass Memories: Jeremy from Seattle
Ear Buds from Andrea Smarty Hottie
Deadpan bumper from Mark Forman Smarty Hottie, One Bad MF
Greasy Spoon d20 III
Black Circle Remix
Awkward silence.
Warning!! There is an F-bomb in the “Greasy Spoon d20 roll II” segment.
Apologies to those whose submissions were postponed. You’ll be heard in episode 20.

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