Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 18: Deadpanites to the Rescue

Topical Introbabble

TD-0013/ADPOV promo

Mark Forman bumper

The deal with this week’s episode

Thank you very much for the donation, anonymous

The Day That Middle-Earth Stood Illin’: One With the Stillness

Skywalker in the Family: Karen from Kalifornia

KfK bumper

A new Deadpan Segment! Greasy Spoon Comments (as christened by ditto)

Ear Buds I: Andrea S.H. D-W

Ear Buds II: Paul from Elk River

Response and update to Episode 17’s State of the Deadpan
Double Dumbass Memories on you –
1. Andrea.
2. Mark Forman

Sixteen Pieces at a Time, episode 3 (The Wander Radio players: Jack Hosley, Tim Duncan, Mark Forman).

Greasy Spoon Comment dice roll #2.

Unrelated thought

Stolen Comedy Line: UHF
Dumb. . . . Ass. . . . Memories: John Boze
Nina Kimberly the Merciless Promo

TD-0013 bumper

Duel of the Fates (been awhile)


Our Love Is Fading Away – Mango
(links coming soon)

GSC score
— —–
Jason C.: 2

everyone else: 0

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