742 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #171: Lando Strikes Back

  1. Just listened to this ultra-fresh, streamed on the phone. Well, the phone plugged into a boombox.

    Good lord, is this thing still called a boombox? They haven’t sneakily come up with a more current term, and I’m the guy who calls the cd player a phonograph?

  2. Soon the east coast and early central timezone will be here.

    Might not happen tonight, but I’m thinking about phoning in or portable-recording some flash fiction for the Deadpan.

    Truly my creative side says it wants to drive for a while, but my practical side just tries to get enough sleep.

  3. So, on a serious-ish note, is there any place left for a fictional childless single Jack Mangan who lives above the bar he owns in a small town up a box canyon in some part of the Rockies?

  4. …and if the many worlds theory is true, somewhere, somewhen there is a:

    a fictional childless single Jack Mangan who lives above the bar he owns in a small town up a box canyon in some part of the Rockies?

  5. Won’t have time to do show notes today. Sneaking in listening to the episode now but am working so it’s more in the background.

  6. OMG. I just heard on the radio that the Calgary Stampede will have bacon on a stick this year. Yup, that’ll make me want to go… not.

  7. I told hubby last night we’ll have to tell the parents of my recent health issues. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle two weeks of pretending to be my normal perky self. Blech.

  8. Hubby just walked in as I was listening to the Lando Strikes back bit. Asked me to turn it down. I guess swearing might hurt delicate ears :cheerful:

  9. I say hell yeah to Skype, as long as it isn’t a lameass palooza topic…

    Jack’s been up to secret stuff, according to Speaking of Beer at 11.

    Okay, I’d best pass out now, Darcy needs some of the afternoon to wrap up some Stinky Cheese for final dress tonight, planning on 4 or so hours sleep.

  10. * Turns in his Geek Card*
    Going to start watching Star Trek First Contact for the first time over lunch.
    Didn’t realize all the movies I have missed till I got netflix.

  11. Lo Pan, I don’t get to choose the movie we watch very often and I feel bad kicking everyone out of the living room to watch a movie on the good TV/sound system.
    There is no way in hell anyone would have watched Moon with me for example…

  12. Actually, one day about 10 years ago … I woke up and realized that I was NOT ONLY a fictional character but that also, I had become merely a supporting character in my own life.

  13. Lo Pan, Normally when I get that reaper time I go to the gym or play a video game since the time is somewhat short.
    Maybe I should go to the Gym over lunch than I can get a larger block of time when I get home. I’m not a big fan of splitting up watching a movie over a few days

  14. I also don’t like watching movies over lunch because I get distracted and don’t really feel like I watched a movie or got anything from it.

  15. “I kinda want you to take this” <= My new pick-up line

    Jack: Great episode!

    Really good job to all, esp. the anthems!

  16. Two nights ago, the wife and I watched an old Connections episode that explained (briefly) how Edison figured out how to record Mary’s Little-lamb-ass…

    James Burke = The Man

    Edison, however is a rat bastard, apparently, because his process of invention brought us to where we are today.

    Not that I’m bitter.

  17. An example of why I love Tech support so much (when you have good users):

    Someone asked me to help them with a spread sheet that wouldn’t let them change a chart. I haven’t done anything yet but it is working. She has told at least 3 people so far how good I am and how much she likes having me here. if she didn’t have kids older than me I might be worried.

  18. JohnBoze said:
    “So, on a serious-ish note, is there any place left for a fictional childless single Jack Mangan who lives above the bar he owns in a small town up a box canyon in some part of the Rockies?”

    I can’t speak for Jack, but personally, I would absolutely LOVE more fiction set in that universe. :happy:

    Also: I agree, I would love to do another group Skype recording session. The one we did for Watchmen was tons of fun.

    “Speaking of Beer at 11”

    😆 !

    Jeremy: You are most welcome! :happy:

  19. I don’t know why I called myself the Princess of Matzoi… but I think I may run with it in the future.

    So check this out…

    My new job.

    It rocks and I’m good at it. yay for not having to sell stuff… I really really get to help people. It’s beyond rewarding 🙂

  20. Well done, Cj! Er…. Princess of…. Matzoi….

    JohnBoze, a return of your fiction would always be welcome.

    If a Skype call is needed for the next Palooza, then that’s what we should try to do.

    New secret projects?

  21. Not sure if next stuff will be Deadpan Bar, RBT, or something new…

    and I’m just repeating hearsay from over at the at 11 camp re new secret projects.

  22. *sigh*

    my niece sez: Who’s Lando Calrissian??

    I blame her parents.

    It’s 10PM, too late to sit 6 kids in front of the TV for the orig trilogy non-stop???

    Hugh sez: no. Make popcorn. We must learn them.

    nephew sez: lando ummm.. he umm.. put Han Solo in that stuff, and umm he was frozen like this: *does bad impression of Han in carbonite*

    whats wrong with kids today!!!

  23. Depressing note:

    I did some Lando research while putting the finishing touches on 60L2. According to IMDB, Billy Dee Williams was born in 1937. Lando is older than my Dad.

  24. Forgot once again to go through the notebooks where the old outlines live, and where the first chunk of somerhing new is jotted down.

  25. Did I mention I’m looking forward to returning to have a regular sleep pattern again soon? Get to finish taking two of my three prescriptions today.

    I’m also looking forward to food tasting good again. I miss that.

    Getting sick is not for pussies.

  26. NOMAD!!!!!!! demoncat just won this weeks Topless Robot contest.

    Im shocked and appalled and saddened and kinda happy for the guy/girl.

  27. I assume that everyone here already heard that Sandman’s Death will be visiting Action Comic?

    I gotta give it to Paul Cornell. I never thought I’d put Action on my pull list.

  28. Are you a little miffed that DC’s fake GI Joe tweet was chosen over yours? And would you mind explaining yours, cuz I (non-Joe) have no idea why that should be amusing.

    Or offense. Hard to tell, sometimes. =D

  29. Just a lil ;).

    Larry Hama was a famous Gi Joe comics writer. Cobra La was the worst idea in Gi Joe history (from the animated movie). Larry Hama never liked the direction the show went.

    Nevermind. If you get it you get it. If you dont you dont. I dont do dick and fart jokes for the masses.

  30. Nomad… visually Katy is always leaving me popping. I just wish shed stuick to her snarky stuff and not this formulated Cali-pop. I could at least enjoy the snark of old.

  31. Nomad – look up the Hot N Cold video by Katy. Its catchy and forgettable but its 10000% better than Caliboner Gurls.

    So this dick and fart walk into a bar and sit down. Bartender says “hey we dont serve your kind here. Dick and fart say to him “thats not what your wife said”.

  32. Lo – Tis some singer/actress called Anahi. Pretty generic, though I like Quero.

    (I was logging into Twitter and it said, “Look at the awesome people here!” And I said, who the heck is Anahi? A verified account? Huh. So I poked the internets and now I’m here spreading the disease. Err.)

  33. Lejon: With a few exceptions, Deadpan among them, if I haven’t listened to a show in a week (or before the new episode hits), I’ll delete it. I tried convincing myself that I would eventually listen to my backlog, but when my time calculations showed me that it would take well over a year to catch up, I decided it wasn’t worth it.

  34. Oh, and I had the misfortune of listening to about 15 seconds of a Bieber song. Hearing a child talk about finding a girl “fine” made me both distraught and distressed. Let’s just quit beating around the bush, release the Bieber sextape, and start publishing Teen Beat XXX and Tiger All-Orgy editions. I’ll be in my bunk. Vomiting.

  35. On a side note, I just realized that “sextape” seems to have entered the vernacular. At least mine, and I think I’ve only seen part of two.

  36. As for my pod queue, I’m actually able to catch up, but sometimes I decide it’s a good idea to catch the early shows of a cast ( or, conversely, Dragoncon podcast will drop 20 hours of content in one shot ).

    I usually just end up being a couple weeks behind, but it seems to be a perpetual couple weeks… makes calling voicemail shows useless.

  37. I am slightly over a month behind on my main queueueueue. My iPod queueueue, which is basically a Deadpan love-fest, is within a week(ish.)

    That means I am up to date with the Wolf, almost done with the latest Touching, and really enjoyed 60 lines 2.

    BTW – Karen’s Welsh was excellent. Thank you Van for getting that. I listened to BBC Radio Cymru C2 for a while. I had no earthly, but it was neat to listen to.

  38. Re: those pop tunes.
    I seem to be sensing a correlation between the level of clothing worn by the “talent” and the quality of their “work”.
    “Yes, I guess I AM singing but let’s not focus on that … just look at THESE !!!!”

  39. Oh, Jack, thats all I could come up with this morning. Ill do better next time. I promise…I…I….I promise.


  40. Thats….never happened to you before. Is it me? Was I not funny enough? I can be funny! Just give me another chance! I swear Ill change for you…

  41. The Princess of Matzoi has gone on leave. I have returned in her place to bring you joy and enlightenment.

    Children should read… lots and lots of reading is good for you.

  42. In my office – which is full of nerdy deliciousness (yes, nerds are delicious) there is one question that is always ALWAYS asked at least once every day.

    Today, it was I, Cj, who asked the question:

    “Excuse me. Hi. I’m Cj. Is that a Woot Shirt?”

    His response: “Yes. Yes it is.”

    Me: “I thought I’d seen that one before.”

  43. Note: “nerds” in my previous post does not refer to those tiny mis-shapen candies, though they are tasty, I would not go as far as to call them “delicious”

    I “love” quotation marks.

  44. Woot Shirt, Woot Shirt, second generation
    And I’m Geeky at thirty
    Woot Shirt, Woot Shirt, realization
    It’s an easy way to be seen
    An easy way to be seen

    It’s a meh, meh world

  45. Not sure which is better the fact that i’m talking to the dead ham or the fact that i’m posting to the dead and from my phone but talking to my phone book

    Dead panda
    deadpan deadpan if it took right

    Okay so it isn’t perfect but it’s good deadpan

  46. I’d like to report that I have audio of something to send to one Mr. Jack Mangan… but it will require some editing.

    It may very well be my payment, in full, for Pittsburgh’s loss to Montreal.

    Don’t tell me that I’m off the hook.

    What gives you that right?

    Just cuz it’s YOUR show? Huh? You think you can rule us, Mr. Deadpan?


    I mean… you will still play it won’t you? Right?

  47. Be an individual! Join team Android!

    -insert WW2 Propaganda Style Poster here-

    So, don’t tease us, CJ. What phone did ya get?

  48. Morning Pan!

    In-laws are out of town for a couple of day visiting other family.

    I was given a snuggle as an early BDay present so right now I’m curled up on the couch watching the Stampede parade on Tv (recorded yesterday but I missed it then) and enjoying some down-time

  49. Later today, hubby and I have a memorial to attend followed by a BBQ. I won’t know most of the people there so I’m going to bring my touch so I can sit in a corner, play games, and ignore everybody.

  50. Um, thans ditto buy I’m my regular self, just curling up cause it’s comfy. Looking back at the notes, I think it’s you and Ed that really need the get well wishes.

  51. Morning, Pan.

    I’m off to Santa Barbara for the weekend to catch up with friends and family and attend a friend’s wedding. I won’t have any computer access until Sunday evening. Hope everyone’s weekend is enjoyable.

  52. Finished Alpha Protocol. Quite enjoyed it, even if it was a little short. If anybody does decide to play it, a minimal spoiler piece of advise. Of the tree cities, do Moscow last. There’s one person you fight ther that you’ll want to be levelled/buffed up as much as possible before meeting him

  53. According to the parade commentators, one of the requirements of te Stampede queen and princesses is they have to agree not to get married during their reign. Hmmm

  54. How dopey is that. There are some women in 1800’s dress, riding horse. Silly women aren’t riding side saddle though. They look very silly sitting astride a horse with their long dresses pulled up.

  55. Recently finished reading Shutter Island. Was quite surprised how close to the movie the book was. You don’t often see a movie follow that close.

    CR: Finch by Jeff VanderMeer

  56. JFC….. Cameron is the new Lucas. Well to be fair not enough people saw Avatar so he really does need to re-release it. Jesus.

  57. Just got back from seeing Heartbreaker, all rather predicatable but fun none the less.

    Bewarned, if you are a person with a revulsion towards people with less than perfect teeth, you will find the lead actress (Johnny Depps wife in reallife) a bit offputting….

  58. As someone who is rather finicky about teeth, I’d say she is lovely, but the gap would be a bit distracting.

    However, there are times when while teeth aren’t perfect, they add a certain character to a person.

  59. Listening to the Geek Love episode of TtM. From the Love Long and Prosper promo, am I to understand that the origin of the Deadpan *cough* is from LLaP?

  60. Nope, as a matter of fact, I think Deadpan has been around longer than LLAP… I’d have to do a quick internet check on that, but yeah – number of episodes would have to to confirm that point.

    They are two different types of coughs after all.

  61. Hey DP.

    Had a good day so far. Found out my hubby actually listens to me (not that I really had any doubts 😉 )

    I sometimes complain about certain games that aren’t available on PC. For my birthday, hubby gave me a xbox 360 and the games Fable 2 and Alan Wake. Both games I’ve mentione I would have liked to play

  62. I’ve gotten a lot of games over the last couple of days. I asked hubby if I’ll have time to play them all. He laughed at me. Apparently he thinks I go through games at almost the same rate I go through books :cheerful:

  63. Thanks, Van. It took quite a while to Type in all the info they wanted. I was quite surprised. We set all our setting to closed though. I guess we’re not very social 🙂

  64. I guess there’s a birthday that I’m not aware of. Happy Birthday Whomever! YAY!

    Okay, I’m out for the day.

    ‘Night spoon.

  65. no offense, and I ain’t judging, but I don’t understand you game players..

    I mean its totally cool- everyone do what they want of course. I dom’t expect anyone to like what I like. i’ve just never been able to figure out the game fetish.

    Hugh sez: Neither of our families were ever into games. Not sure why

    I remember having an atari back in the day

    Hugh sez: and I kicked ass at Pac Man when that was big

    but thats where it ended.

    Hugh sez: but its cool, you people game all you want

    get on with your game, yo

  66. its just kinda funny how so many geeks like games and we consider ourselves geeks.

    Hugh sez: we just don’t game

    maybe it was the music fetish we had. We fell in love with music and that took the place of games

    Hugh sez: maybe. You can’t be into both or something


  67. 80s movies
    cool black dudes

    Hugh sez; I never thought about it

    LOL. Jack you are killing me with your white guy rap video rant

    Hugh sez: We should send Jack that stupid fucking video of the dumb white dudes doing that blackhawks rap

    omg it was so bad and YES everyone and their mother sent it to us

    Ok we talked over it I need to rewind Jacks rant


  68. DAMMIT! I have to keep a better eye on when the world cup games happen. I was going to watch the final when it showed up on the DVR. I should have been more on the lookout for people talking about it.

    On the other hand, looks like Spain won, and Spain was the only reason I was watching any way. Woo-Hoo.

  69. Van sez LJ’s misses foot problems
    Jeremy sez stop
    bunny sez garden hose
    lo pan sez films
    reaper sez congrats

    1st of the weak is a cold nomad scry

    1st of last week van sez wnvouawrv [qowurhv[oqwurbvhwvlqwhvbkq

  70. ahhh.. thats what it was.

    I think she told me about that town when she went to see her family in Wales when we were kids adn she learned now to say the name and she was very proud of herself. She tld me about it and i told her she was lying to me 🙂

    she got someone to send her a pic of it.

  71. [tangent]

    whats up with that? Like that guy on our team toews.. thats toews which looks like it should be pronounced toes, but no, somehow that name is pronounced- taves
    how is toews = taves?


    and byfuglian or however you spell his name is not spelt AT ALL like it is pronouned.


  72. Enjoying the play-by-play as it happens.

    Trying to avoid going out in the heat – but unfortunately this Redbox rental of Astro Boy isn’t going to return itself…

    Which is ironic if you think about it.

  73. ok, so who is all in this wonderful duet?

    I know ditto, lo pan, amy bowen and jeremy

    is that everyone?

    its totaly awesome you guys 🙂

    Hugh is crying. lol

    I am really seriously going to send this to the blackhawks and tell em about it

  74. oh boy that was too much

    great great nhl anthems from everyone.

    Van your sinatra was awesome

    the here come the hawks medley was too much

    very very well done

    GO HAWKS!!!! 🙂

    ok.. we will leave the pan back to everyone else


  75. I’m leaning toward grilled cheese sammiches myself today.

    of course I don’t have any tomato… I need tomato on my own grilled cheese…

  76. TSH! Hiya!

    TEB: Coincidentally, Michelle’s birthday is also tomorrow.

    I’m really going to need to catch up on podcasts… this ep sounds so cool, and I get to wear the “I Contributed” button.

    We do have the “I Contributed to Deapan, motherfucker!” buttons, right?

  77. Home again, home again.

    Hope everyone had a great deadpan weekend. My kids are in San Antonio, my wife is in Chicago and I’m on my own for the week, so look out 🙂

  78. So, I ran to the grocery store, acquired tomatoes, rye bread, and creamer… and whipped cream.

    Oh and paper towels.

    So, I’m now enjoying a grilled cheese and tomato on rye with a side of the rest of the tomato.


  79. Yay, a play-by-play! :happy:

    I have the house all to myself this week, too. My family is on vacation in a rented house at the beach. This is the first year that both of us young people have had summer jobs, so neither of us can spend the entire month up there. Instead, we’re each going up there to join our parents at different times during that month.

    My weekend in Santa Barbara was fun. The wedding was beautiful and joyous, and I saw a whole lot of old college friends again. It was a wonderful weekend getaway.

  80. I just finished listening to this episode. I agree: The choral version of “Here Come The Hawks” was, indeed, awesome, if I do say so myself. My favorite part is that I wasn’t the only one going “doo doot doo-doot” along with the instrumental interlude. :biggrin:

  81. We went to the beach
    Everybody had matching towels
    Somebody went under a dock
    And there they found a rock
    But it wasn’t a rock
    It was a rock lobster

  82. The TSH PBP warmed my cockles.

    The intro was excellent (sorry to anyone who felt excluded), contributed by Kurt from St. George.

    Ed Home Alone! Beware of Joe Pesci and. . . that other guy.

    Lejon, pass a Happy Birthday on to Meesh! I have some audio for her (as a birthday gift. . . .yeah. . . ). Are you in NJ?

  83. Getting Caught up on comments…
    Re: Local H
    I really enjoyed everything I recall hearing from them. I also saw them play at summer fest ( http://www.summerfest.com ) on one of the larger stages (maybe number 2? <— not a comment on the quality of the music played on that stage)

  84. Good morning, Pan!

    I’m heading out to my Monday at work. It’s nice to not dread my job… I mean, really really nice! Sorry if I’m going on and on about it already.. :blush:

  85. Happy birthday Bunny!

    TSH play-by-play sighting!

    TSH: Glad you liked the Chicago song. I think you got all the participants. I thought it hilarious that both Lo Pan & I thought of doing “goooooooal” independantly.

    CP: The Dirtiest Drunk In the History of Liquor — The Stanfields

  86. proactive and synergy are some of the words I hate the most…
    I could get a good look at a T-Bone by sticking a Bull up a butchers ass…
    wait thats not right

  87. I had a case of the Mondays, but I dropped it on my foot and it spilled out all over the floor of the breakroom. So we are fresh out of properly functioning Mondays until the new oreder arrives. Also I need some ice for this bruise on my foot.

  88. CD: Deciding weather I should Conspire to stop the shipment of Mondays so we just don’t have Mondays any more or speed up the shipment so we will get functioning Mondays.

  89. JN, I have been wanting to watch for so long I’m glad I can finely watch on Netflix. it was available on Hulu for a little while but I didn’t bother because I noticed with only a few days left.

  90. maybe a bit early but so far the only complaint I could have is he acting is a bit weak and so are the off station graphic but not enough to keep me from watching. The story is already interesting enough.

  91. Sweet pickles.

    I hate sweet pickles.
    I hate sweet pickle relish.
    the concept of sweet pickles makes my mouth pucker in a non-voluntary fashion.
    Sweet pickles were forced on me as a child.
    As a child I developed a deep abiding loathing of the sweet pickle.
    For years, I thought the only relish I could have was sweet pickle relish, and it made me retch to hear any vendors offer relish on my hot-dogs.
    If there is a soft chewy center to the universe, it is not a sweet pickle.

    In a vain effort to show awareness for the sweet pickle dilemma, some wise person devised “dill” pickles. A tart, tasty alternative. Dill relish brought me new understanding of the term “to relish” something.

    So, long winded story short: I don’t have a sweet pickle recipe for you J0e.

  92. I’m with Lejon only brought from a 10 to a 5.
    Sweet relish has it’s place just not many of them.
    Sweet pickles has it’s one place: The garbage.

    Dill is the way to go…

    (maybe I should put that in a different way but I’m lazy and that could be funny)

  93. I’m with Lejon on the sweet pickle thing. However, Lady J’s mom makes them from time to time. I can try to get her recipe for you, justa J0e.

  94. Were these fried dill pickles? Or fried sweet pickles? Oskar Blues in Longmont serves fried dills, dubbed “Bill Clinton’s favorite snack.”

  95. Lejon: I have a slightly more healthy version of it, and I make it on the occasional Sunday. It’s amazing. We use kir royale jam on them.

  96. Monte Cristos are my most favorite sammiches evAr! YUM!

    I had some fried dill pickles at Five & Diner a week or so ago and enjoyed them… they were better than the Hooters ones, but I like the Hooters dipping sauce better… which just sounds wrong, but it’s the truth.

  97. Gruyere cheese, 1/4 C sour cream, 1 T Dijon mustard, 1 T maple syrup, dash Tabasco, 3 or 4 eggs, turkey, ham or prosciutto.

    Whip together sour cream, mustard, maple syrup, Tabasco, eggs. This is your batter for dipping.

    Make sandwich. I do bread, turkey, ham, Gruyere, ham, turkey, bread.

    Dip in batter, coating sandwich. Fry until golden brown.

    Serves 2.

  98. “Pitchfork”? Great, now I’ve got “Forkboy” stuck in my head. Where’s my “Natural Born Killers” soundtrack? . . .

  99. Oh I just bought the Airheads and Beavis and Butthead Experience so Im not talking quality of t he soundtrack. Im talking thats where you find it these days.

  100. Well I picked up a few songs with a bday gift card. I can’t get the one that something’ed Jeremy’s face off though. Darn.

    “You never do til it’s in your face” LOL

  101. Soundtracks I own:

    The X-Files: The Album
    I Am Sam
    Garden State
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Radio Sunnydale
    Dave Chappelle’s Block Party (which is a doc I’d highly recommend)

  102. Okay, that’s odd. There’s a local Mexican joint we’ve been to. Good food, nice place. Thought I could maybe order some pick-up. Go to their website, and the only menu they have is their drink menu. Yeah.

  103. I’m off to make Asian meatballs – which just means balls of meat with garlic, onion, fish sauce, and lime zest – served with rice and lettuce (we make a wrap).

    COME ON!!

  104. I um..

    Well…. I was reading the above comments and …

    Long Pan is dirty.

    That is all.

    (disclaimer: that doesn’t mean I don’t like it)

  105. Oh, this is lovely.

    I’ve updated my ipod to OS4.

    Now, Itunes tells me that I need to update Itunes in order to use my “new” Ipod.

    I’ve been trying to update Itunes for the last week already and it has failed every attempt.

    I may be in for a long evening.

  106. Ed: When I upped to OS4, all of the music and videos were wiped from my phone. Pictures, contacts, apps were all fine. I have been told by my neighbor that his phone now runs faster with OS4. Mine runs much, MUCH slower. I do like being able to put apps into folders now. 10 pages of apps down to 3 pages of apps (hoopy-doopy).

  107. Well, apparently all it required was some careful surgery to remove some corrupted Quicktime references that can cause the install to crash. Found lots of useful hits on the error I was getting.

    I just hope this damn thing still plays music. Call me old fashioned.

  108. EssBee – I just finished the sixth book today. It has been called his version of Atlas Shrugged, though I must say I find his version better. Atlas Shrugged is pure depression without hope. Faith of the Fallen starts us down that road, but brings it around.

    It is proving to be a very rich world Goodkind has come up with. More than I expected. I think you will be pleased overall.

  109. Tonights odd occurance.

    So I’m on a bike ride and as I pass a neighbors house my eyes scan the neatly stacked pile-o-stuff at the curb. Seems someone has done some major house cleaning. I am doing my best to avert my gaze (just like at garage sales, you have to keep repeating the mantra “IT”S OTHER PEOPLE”S JUNK!”) but something about the box on the end catches my eye and I stop and look in.

    There in the fading light of day I see someone’s entire baseball card collection.
    What’s a boy to do?
    It followed me home of course. 5 albums full of 1990 – 92 baseball cards in near mint condition … including several “special” cards in their own hard plastic sleeves.

    It all feels very wrong. The people who threw this stuff out have lived in the house less than a year and I really haven’t had the chance to meet them. I have never seen any kids about so I suspect they kids have moved off … but who throws out their kid’s baseball card collection?

    I fear there is a bad story involved here … but I couldn’t leave these things out to get rained on.

  110. Hell, it happened often enough in the 50’s and 60’s, that’s the whole reason there is a market in the first place. Hundreds of moms entirely ignorant of the potential value.

    Slightly odd that they weren’t more aware now, but…

  111. The “Great Expectations” sdtk is excellent.
    As is the “Cruel Intentions” sdtk.
    As is the “A Life Less Ordinary” sdtk.
    And of course, “Singles”.

    J0e, there might not be a sad reason for the baseball card sale, the thirty-something could have moved out long ago and told the parents, “yeah whatever, I haven’t looked at those cards in years”. You’re probably not profiting from someone’s misfortune.

  112. Morning Pan, on the sound tracks you own theme:

    The Black Hole (LP and audio tape)
    Reservoir Dogs
    Pulp Fiction
    2001 (audio tape)

    Off to see the doc about the results of my X-ray.

  113. Sooo X-Rays shows I have the first signs of osteoarthritis in my back and knee.

    If I was a horse I would be heading to the gnackers yard.

  114. Oh dear, it would be a bad idea for me to type out the whole list of movie scores/soundtracks that I have. I don’t think Jack’s host has that much space.


  115. I’m with you Ed. Far too many sound tracks to list them all. Some highlights though would be:

    Heavy Metal
    Flash Gordon
    Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas
    A Clockwork Orange
    Team America
    The Ultimate Pink Panther

  116. justa J0e: I asked Lady J to get the recipe. It’s apparently her aunt’s. It’s pending, but I have no timeframe for you.

    re: Ayn Rand: I’ve done no additional research past when I first learned about her. My biggest complaint, and certainly the easiest target, is her belief that some nice chap will make roads for the common good.

    re: cards: I had quite a few baseball cards, all mint, growing up. When I finally turned my thoughts to selling them, I found that I would be lucky to get something like $5 for them. Tossed.

    Vanamonde: That’s shit. Hopefully there’s some PT kind of thing that helps?

  117. Our soundtracks:

    Animatrix – decent, couple gems
    As Seen on TV – does this count? I think so. Some really good stuff
    Beavis & Butthead Do America – good
    Garden State – excellent
    Gladiator – great, if you’re into that sort of thing. We are.
    Lost Highway – excellent
    Spawn – really good
    Matrix – good
    Matrix: Reloaded – disc 1 is good, 2 is shite.
    Natural Born Killers – good
    Robotech: Battlecry Game Soundtrack – sucks ass
    Scream 2 – I’m not sure I ever listened to this. But here it is.
    Trainspotting – Huh. We do have this. Looks good. My memory is slipping.
    X-Files – I don’t remember. I think it’s decent.

    I had:
    Eternal Champions on CD – music is recorded in Red Book audio, and it’s decent to listen to once in a while if you enjoyed the game.
    Hardware – if in the mood, pretty decent. Must replace.
    Johnny Mnemonic – Another crap movie with a really good soundtrack. Must replace.
    Lords of Thunder game – also with Red Book audio. Awesome guitar, fantastic music. On my to-replace list.

  118. Here are soundtracks that come to mind (I’m sure I own more):

    Until the End of the World
    Natural Born Killers
    Lost Highway
    Purple Rain (LP)
    Mulholland Drive
    Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me
    O Brother Where Art Thou

    And Motion Picture Scores:
    The Crow
    Dances With Wolves
    American Beauty
    Fight Club
    Twin Peaks TV Score
    The Player

  119. Good morning.

    Soundtracks I have off the top of my head.. hmmm

    Rocky Horror Picture Show
    The Other Sister
    Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey
    American Pie
    Purple Rain
    The Little Mermaid
    Mamma Mia
    Daddy Daycare
    13 Going on 30
    Electric Dreams

    And with that… I’m off to work.

    Hope you all have a magnificently stress-free day!

  120. No love for the ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?’ ST? Surprisingly downhomey wonderful.

    J0e Id have done the same thing with the cards. If for no other reason I’m a packrat and I hate seeing things go to waste.

  121. We really like soundtracks, especially movie scores. I don’t have all of ours on my iPod, but here’s what I have right now:

    Babylon 5
    Babylon 5 Volume 2
    City of Angels
    Chronicles of Riddik — Escape from Butcher Bay
    The Crow
    The Crow: City of Angels
    Godzilla — The Album
    The Postman (Il Postino)
    Star Wars SE (IV, V, & VI)
    Titan A.E.

    Ones that I know we have:
    10 Things I Hate About You
    Batman Begins
    The Commitments
    Grand Canyon
    How To Train Your Dragon
    Iron Man
    Lord of The Rings (all 3)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Tears of the Sun
    X-Files: The Movie (score and soundtrack)

    I’m sure I’m missing plenty from my list.

  122. Oh, I do also have Dr. Horrible and Oh Brother. COME ON

    justa, you got it babe. Recipe coming.

    Van, thinking about you. I just had a mess of labs to figure out what horrible thing I have that makes me cranky and sore and puffy and bleh. We can be in this together.

  123. Re: Sound tracks. Me likey. I get some good music I would have never picked up. And some of my favorite bands get some exposure. One problem I have is some of the music I recognize form movies doesn’t make the sound track.
    Guess that is what I get for not listening to much new music for about 10 years, liking classical music and liking Christian rock.
    If it weren’t for the kids I don’t thing I would have downloaded music made this century. I have to many podcasts/books to listen to.

  124. Soundtracks? How did I know that the three I own would already be mentioned by the other Deadpanites?

    The Matrix
    City of Angels

    I’d really like to get:

    A Clockwork Orange
    Star Wars
    Fight Club
    The Lord of the Rings

  125. Lo: That score is pretty good, especially if you like Horner’s work.

    The only Matrix album I have is the score to the 3rd movie, which I like quite a bit.

  126. I also own the Crow sdtk (excellent), Natural Born Killers (good), Pi (pretty good), plus a bunch of others. The 3 I mentioned last night really stuck out in my mind as being good.

    The Crow sdtk may be my fave though. What a great album.

  127. Jack, I agree The Crow sdtk never left the 12 disk changer in my car other than when I ripped it and just just because it was hard to get to and I should have installed it in a better place.

  128. Jack, The joy of have a highschool job and lots of disposable income. The next car I had (94 t-bird) I installed the changer in the glove box. It took a little modifying but it fit. I would have rather put it in the center console but it was a little to small.

  129. with out having the sound tracks in front of me I can remember off had having
    The Crow
    Tank Girl
    Maximum Overdrive
    Interview with a vampire
    Set it off
    Batman forever
    I know I had a lot more some as a result of the highschool job again, some from the kids and some from my late brother.

  130. I’m starting to find the out of station graphic in Babylon 5 charming. It makes me thing of Tron everything I see them. I like it!

  131. RE: Knee

    For the moment, nothing to be done and it’s ok for now, but will get worse in the future.

    Thanks everybody, I know I often joke about feeling old, but today it sort of hit home that I’m getting on a bit …

  132. Van, I feel your pain. I have osteoarthritis in my knees also. I was on crutches for it… gruesome pain!

    They injected me with Synvisc – has that been suggested/mentioned to you? It worked!

  133. Today’s bike ride discovery.
    Someone was throwing out a used but PERFECTLY GOOD drafting table! Complete with the up and down straight edge thingy and a tilting surface … I couldn’t fit it on my bike and have absolutely no place to put it but I mean … Come ON!!

  134. justa J0e, if you had a pencil and some paper you could quick draw up some device made from things available on the side of the road so you could get to home…

  135. Interesting reaper, I’ve never heard of any on that list. So far I have read four graphic novels total. If I were to rank them it would be something like:

    1. Watchmen
    2. Kingdom Come
    3. Batman: Return of the Dark Knight
    4. Batman: The Killing Joke

  136. Exactly what Rhett said about the Graphic Novels, although I’d rank Dark Knight Returns #2. Never heard of any of the titles in that Top 10.

    I’d also add Frank Miller’s Elektra miniseries (the one with the demon and the Kennedy).

  137. Joe: Gah! I’ve been wanting to get a drafting table for a long time now. 🙁

    reaper: Nope. I don’t like that list at all, and I’ve heard of most of those. I agree with the suggestions that Rhettro made. I can make a bunch of suggestions, but it really depends on what you like to read. For instance, “Blankets” (http://www.powells.com/biblio/1891830430) is awesome, but not everyone would like it.

  138. reaper: If you liked “Watchmen” you’ll probably enjoy a lot of Moore’s other works such as “V for Vendetta” and “From Hell”.

    Miller is also good, but sometimes he can really go astray, like his most recent works. Most of “Sin City” is good, and “300” is excellent. “Batman: Year One” is also very good.

  139. To be fair, the list that reaper posted wasn’t bad. Hellblazer tends to be a good series, though I haven’t read the one on the list. And I know that “Daredevil: Born Again”, “Alias” and “We 3” are highly regarded. I just don’t think that the items on that list are really great. Good? Yes. Great? No.

  140. ditto I think other novels from Moore is a good place to start. I tend to get comfortable with an author and read a lot of there stuff.

    I had a feeling that list had things there were not very well know here at least because I didn’t remember anyone saying anything about them.

  141. And then there is manga…. 🙂

    I have quite a few graphic novels and manga, even though I’m pretty picky about what I buy. If you are ever looking for something “different” let me know.

  142. Someone posted Die Antwoord? I was just gonna!

    Blade 1 and 2
    Matrix 1 and 3
    Last of the Mohicans
    ST2 TSFS (vinyl)
    ST TNG 2 First Contact
    Karate Kid 2 (vinyl)
    Fame (vinyl)
    Saturday Night Fever (vinyl)
    Grease (vinyl)
    American Grafitti (vinyl)
    The Crow
    Blade Runner

    I know there are a bunch more

  143. I think the world needs a DJ Utopia Die Antwoord remix. . .

    ATTN: Quick FYI: RE: Future Deadpan participatory projects: (That’s 4 colons)

    -60 Line 3: Return of the Yub Nub. First Draft is writ.
    -Summer Palooza 2010. Voting closes tomorrow!
    -Unnamed fun musical idea that I intend to pitch soon.


  144. I have Grease on 8-track but no more player.
    I had a 70 Challenger for a number of years that came with an 8-track player if it wasn’t $50 to buy a replacement I could have been jamming out to Aqua Lung in all it’s 8 track glory.

  145. Some soundtracks I forgot to list:

    Appleseed (score and soundtrack)
    BSG Season 3
    Children of Dune
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    District 9
    The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
    House of Flying Daggers
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Requiem for a Dream
    The Usual Suspects