Jack Mangans Deadpan #151: Duel of the Fates Season 3 Finale

Mingbuzzschach notes.

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #151: Duel of the Fates Season 3 Finale

Deadpan Dies Laughing

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Promo – Lilith’s Love (http://www.liliths-love.com/)

Duel of the Fates – Buzz Lightyear Vs. Ming/Rorschach

Justa J0e cleans his pantry

Duel of the Fates continued
Guest announcer – Philippa Ballantine

Love Long and Prosper orders fast food (http://www.lovelongandprosper.com/podcast/)

Duel of the Fates continued

More from Justa J0e

Duel of the Fates – Finale

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348 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #151: Duel of the Fates Season 3 Finale

  1. Limbaugh: Obama will use Haiti to boost credibility with “light-skinned and dark-skinned black community in this country”

    I think Rush was just trying to buy the St. Louis Rams to boost his credibility with the light-skinned and dark-skinned blacks in this country.

  2. I think I have to go out and get a pair of slacks. We’re going to the CPO tomorrow and all I have are skirts and dresses. I don’t know if I’ll be warm enough in a dress, considering I’d have to wear open toe shoes.

    Off to spend money.

  3. Wouldn’t Limbaugh think that Obama would get a negative public reation for helping Haiti? You know because of the demonic pact the Haitians made with Satan to defeat Napolean the 3rd. According to that master of history, Pat Robertson anyway.

  4. HA!!!!!!!

    In a statement on its Web site, the Christian Broadcasting Network said Robertson was speaking objectively about Haiti’s history that has led “countless scholars and religious figures over the centuries to believe the country is cursed.

    “Dr. Robertson never stated that the earthquake was God’s wrath,” the statement reads. “If you watch the entire video segment, Dr. Robertson’s compassion for the people of Haiti is clear.”

    Oh oh yes it was. Crystal. Also by “countless scholars” they mean 1. And by “scholars” they mean Pat Robertson.

  5. Of course that also means I’ll be taking some time out tomorrow morning to hem the slacks.

    Why are cloths made for average size people? *shakes fist in general direction of the world*

  6. DJ Bunny :What’s a “track back”? I see a count at the top of the DP page beside the comment count. Even though it says 0 I’m afraid to push on just in case.

    Its just used to show when another website author links to the page.

  7. jackmangan :I think the trackback means if someone at a blog links to a particular comment. . . ? I don’t think it’s related to this blogpost.

    No I think its the blogpost…Mr. Burr

    *prepares pistols for duel*

  8. jackmangan :You could definitely be right, LP. I’m just speculating with zero knowledge and expertise.
    We can still have the duel though. Nerf pistols?

    I LEARNED IT BY WATCHING YOU ALL RIGHT!?!?!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    *loads Nerf Raider Rapid Fire CS-35*

  9. Happy Birthday Jack!

    I think this new work thing is settling in and I will have the brains left at the end of some night soon to record some content, including the recently-recovered performance art piece.

  10. Yes, a trackback is when a post on someone else’s blog contains a link to this specific blog post. Here is an example of a Deadpan episode with two trackbacks: Nomad Scry and I both made links to the post for that episode on our own blogs. Clicking on “Trackbacks (2)” displays links to the entries we made that contain the links. 🙂

  11. Joe,

    You do know what the I in IED stand for, don’t ya? You just need some spare Nerf gun parts, foams bullets, and maybe some shaving cream.

  12. Brilliant!
    I could hide it under the Banana seat of my Schwinn Stingray, leave it laying in the front yard and they would never suspect … and when they walked by, “BLAMMO” !!!

  13. Gah! Getting home in the middle of the night is for the birds. Seriously. There is never anyone to talk to.

    Echo Echo Echo….

    Fine. I’ll just go read the posts I missed in the last 9 hours.

  14. Flagglemoggle! I was trying to kill a mosquito and it was hopping around my keyboard and now I’ve jacked up all my toolbar settings.

    Darned it to heckinback! I want my toolbars!

    make them come back.

    frak frak frak

  15. @Cj

    Oh for crying out loud. Who are you? Why are you typing like that and don’t you have some sleeping you should be doing.

    aaaah! What’s wrong with you? Are you talking to your self?

    CPIMM: Sanitarium – Metallica (this song has been stuck in my head for 3 fricken hours. What is it trying to tell me?)

  16. GAH! Keep fuckin forgetting to get the show off my computer and into my MP3 player sos OI can actually listen to the show. Oh DAMN you IT. Why must you torment Lo Pan with a super fast computer with no sound? WHY???? Was it the Black Blood pr0n? Was it the WOW? Was it the dealing on ebay all day instead of work? WAS IT THE DEADPAN????????

    Lo Pan’s inquiring minds want to gnow.

  17. CP: The entire “Good Health” album by Pretty Girls Make Graves.

    It receives Lo Pan’s highest approval. ditto, methinks youd dig big time.

  18. It is morning. The sun is up… apparently so am I.

    Didn’t I JUST go to bed?

    I have a multitude of fun things to do today – one of which might include a nap – NONE of which include going to work.

  19. Busy day today. Normal stuff to begin with. Work, grocery shopping, cleaning the bathroom. Then must hem my slacks. Must think about dinner. Then it’s Star Trek at the CPO with John DeLancie and Robert Picardo followed by a reception with the same said guests.

    It’s going to be a late night, at least by my standards. :kissing:

  20. CDrinking: Lipton Tea.
    There is tea I like better but when I can get 100 bag for $2.50 VS. getting 10 bags for $3.50 My cheap side kicks in.

  21. So, TEB gets to hang out with John DeLancie and Robert Picardo?

    That is most certainly *swoon* worthy.

    (Methinks we need something good to go with a :swoon: code.)

  22. My hubby has informed me that sometime in March he is getting his head shaved for some event at school. He hasn’t given me an actual date, but I worry he’ll have hair when I go to Arizona and not have any when I return.

    It’s true, he doesn’t have a lot of hair but what he does have, I’m kind of fond of.

  23. @jackmangan

    I’m not sure, Jack. I’m sure I’ll get more details tonight when he gets home.

    I’m assuming it’s either some school spirit thing or some charity thing. Either way… I’ve never seen hubby’s scalp before. (the bit where the hairline is receding doesn’t count 😎 )

  24. Morning Pan!

    Star Trek at the Symphony was a lot of fun. Didn’t get home until after midnight, though. I know that’s not too late for a lot of you but for me it’s waaaaay past my bedtime.

    Unfortunately both hubby’s and my brain seem to be a little fuzzy this morning, we were defeated by the puzzle on the Lucky Charms box. Isn’t that thing supposed to be catered towards a four year old? Humph. :dizzy:

  25. Leaving in an hour for MA. It’s testing day today. Not for me but I have to attend all the testings. Anyone green belt and higher gets to be one of the lucky ones the testees beat upon to prove they know their stuff. :ninja:

  26. :jack: , The making of the gift is like 1/2 the fun. Glad you enjoyed it!

    I just spent 4 hours celebrating another birthday! One of the kids in my kids’ playgroup turned a whopping 5 years old. We had a pirate party! I think my kids (and I) shall sleep well tonight!

  27. No fair! Lazy Town SUCKS.. it SUCKS, I tell you. Any links to Lazy Town content should have a warning label attached to it.

    Warning: your brain will turn to mush if you stare straight into this product for more than 30 seconds.

    And just why does Robbie Rotten look so much like Bruce Campbell?

  28. I just finished Doctor Who season 4 episode “Midnight”. My comments were directed at the two part library story. I guess, in a way, I’m glad that it was the 10th Doctor for that story line. I think it would have been too much if 9 was still around.

    I have 3 episodes left on Netflix instant play feature, and then the final set of specials to finish catching up.

  29. @Nomad Scry

    Thankfully, the youngest of my children was old enough to have missed sid. I looked it up though and it looks like it suffers from the uncanny valley. The movements are not quite right and it looks more rotoscoped than motion captured.

  30. So back from seeing Book Of Eli, it came over as very old fashioned to me, ripping off themes in films from the 70’s and the end reminded me of the end of Fahrenheit 451. Another one for the list of films never to watch again.

  31. Morning Pan

    Feeling a little bruised and battered this morning. Did some sparing yesterday and, as much as I hate to admit it, my opponent was better than me. She even managed to throw me once. What the hell was that about? However, we both walked away from the encounter with more than one bruise. :ninja:

  32. I shall be recording tonight for Sage Tyrtle. I may also do Deadpan work if time and energy permit. Do people want to hear the final from Performance Art class more? Or a return of BLC?

  33. Thanks everyone! Bittersweet weekend, but the people who matter stepped up to make me feel like my birthday still mattered. That includes you.

    And how about those Jets? Dirty Sanchez has had a helluva rookie season.

  34. Hi, I’m a listener / lurker since the original Duel of the Fates up through the current episode. One of these days I need to get around to contributing…

    Anyway, I noticed the ITunes feed seems to be down…. or… am I just doing something silly?

  35. Those Jets just took my local team out of Super Bowl contention. 🙁

    Hi, Pan. No time to catch up, but just wanted to say that I’m super-excited about tomorrow. I will be participating and reporting on a special MLK Day volunteer event for the second year in a row. My reporting will be via Twitter, if you want to follow it.

    Night, Pan!

  36. @Amy Bowen

    Amy, I also sent WNDR stuff, but he’s a little bit occupied with other stuff. No gloating over Chargers fans, just excited to see the Jets finally get back to the Conference Finals.

    Thanks also for the content emails, everyone – and for all of the birthday wishes. No MLK Day off for me tomorrow (cue up Public Enemy’s “By the Time I get to Arizona”), so I’m off to bed.

    Goodnight, Flav.

  37. 2nd place in sales tonight … 2 dollars lower than the dude on my team who took 1st place.

    I still feel pretty good about it what with me being a n00b and all still.

    Creepy guy on the phone who wanted to know if I was 20 and single… could have done with him. ewww – just sayin’

  38. @Vanamonde

    We aren’t allowed to hang up on anyone. He was only creepy though, not offensive or rude. Basically, just flirtatious. I’m ok with flirting, but only if *I* am the one doing it and it’s going to lead to a sale in the end. :angel:

  39. On another note… this is my Tuesday (for those of you experiencing a Monday) and I overslept and am irritated at myself because of it.

    I have three major projects that need to be done and 2 hours in which to complete them.

    If I keep moving at this pace, I will fail.

    Shopping will have to be split into 2 days it would appear.

  40. Hey Swishtail! Thanks for popping in (and the lurking is appreciated too).

    Sorry about the feed problems. This might be a week of Unshows to troubleshoot and fix the problems :fingerscrossed:

    Sorry this issue is testing everyone’s patience.

  41. Warm welcome to Swishtail.

    It is a quiet morning and I’m having difficulty completing tasks… due to the fact that I have yet to begin them.


  42. Cj :

    I say that, but in actuality, I have showered, dressed 3 people, made the bed, put away about 4 loads of laundry, and cleaned a surface (which sounds like less work than it was), and created a shopping list.

    I should now go to the store.

  43. Welcome Swishtail.

    I have to send in some content. I’ve been so swamped that I just can’t find time to do ANYTHING. I’m going a bit batty. I think I may be somewhat caught up soon, but it’s like draining an ocean with a teacup.

  44. I have a strange request.

    Well, I think it’s strange anyway, because self promotion is really not my shtick…

    I’m putting out a call to those who have iTunes accounts to leave a review for Touching the Monolith

    My partner is disheartened that we just don’t have any.

    They don’t have to be good reviews. Just something to say people listened and responded.

    It’d go pretty far even if we get bad reviews.

    I WILL take anything at this point. (Who me, desperate? Nah.)

    Anything will help… Will ya?

  45. Welcome and well met to Swishtail! There’s plenty of room in the :pan: so don’t be a stranger.

    For some reason, Deadpan hates Android. Tried accessing the site today with both the Google built in browser and the alternative Dolphin browser and both locked up trying to load the main page.

    Though, I noticed they are trying to load the full web page. Is there something I can do in the URL to force it to show the mobile form?

    Other than that, my new DROID is the shiznit…and I don’t throw that kind of word around lightly.

  46. Odd, Ed, my HTC G1 running Android does OK with the Pan. I offer the option of Opera Mini, which seems to do better where others often fail?

  47. Morning Pan, well the seasonal bug has finally caught up with me and I’m feeling rougher than a badger’s arse…and no I haven’t personally checked on the accuracy of that statement as I don’t using a shaving brush.

  48. Hey pan,

    Just wanted to ask if anyone knew a good way to comment here using the droid phone. Whenever I try to log onto the site with the default android browser or the dolphin browser, the site tends to lock up after it loads the name of the latest blog post. Just curious if anyone else was having that issue.

    Managed to use Google Reader to at least read the comment feed, but haven’t found a good way to reply yet from my phone.

  49. If you had a bunch of lil blue guys running around on grass shooting themselves with foam darts would you have a Smurf Nerf n’ Turf?

    THANK YOU! Ill be here all nite.

  50. @ditto
    I have long DREAMED that Jack would do an acoustic cover of the Talking Head’s cover of “Psycho Killer”.

    Hmmm. Perhaps I would have been more successful in realizing my dream if I had actually asked him to do that cover.

  51. justa J0e :@dittoI have long DREAMED that Jack would do an acoustic cover of the Talking Head’s cover of “Psycho Killer”.
    Hmmm. Perhaps I would have been more successful in realizing my dream if I had actually asked him to do that cover.

    Uh oh Jack, looks like the gaunlet has been thrown down, and by gaunlet I don’t mean the 80’s arcade game.

  52. Thank you James Cameron for making a pretty movie that looks good in 3-D.

    Now, to the tooth, Couldn’t you have spent a couple of those $500Million to get a good script writer and beef up the story?

    And what were you thinking about when you told George Lucas “Yeah, you could make Star Wars even cooler with my tech.”

    <Cathy scream>


    </Cathy scream>

  53. Please make the tears stop…

    “• Hustler is making an Avatar porn, titled This Ain’t Avatar XXX. That sound you just heard was thousands of furries orgasming inside their fox-person outfits. Don’t worry; they’re used to the mess. (Via SciFi Wire)”

  54. Well, that’s dissapointing. I tried to make some posts today using Opera Lite, which did fine at loading the page. Even let me fill in my info and looked like it posted a comment….except for the actually putting up the post part.

    Alas, the quest continues.

  55. nulloperations :
    Hey pan,
    Just wanted to ask if anyone knew a good way to comment here using the droid phone. Whenever I try to log onto the site with the default android browser or the dolphin browser, the site tends to lock up after it loads the name of the latest blog post. Just curious if anyone else was having that issue.

    Yes, I’m having the same issue, Null. I tried the Opera Lite browser today. That at least got me to Deadpan, so I’ve been able to follow comments. Posting….not so much.

  56. Lo Pan’s dilemma is wondering how he walked home after 10 drinks. OMFG the place was jumpin! And I STILL went home alone! BWAH!!!!BWAHBWAH!!!!

  57. Swishtail: Hello and welcome! I go back almost that far, too – not to the original run of Duel of the Fates on Wingin’ It, but to the Podiobooks versions of DotF seasons 1 and 2, which I listened to in early 2006.

    Yeah, iTunes seems to have declared this podcast an “unperson.” Hasn’t stopped the community from downloading and listening, though.

    Lejon: Thanks for the “way to go,” and for sending me the thing with the stuff. 🙂

  58. Well, here we go again – my wife is heading out of town today for a week long business trip. Neither of us have been looking forward to this one. Her group is going a major software rollout this weekend and there’s little optimism that it will go smoothly.

  59. @Vanamonde

    I’ve bought and completed both Reign of Swords and Reign of Swords 2 (The first is available on PC as well, the second I believe is an app exclusive). Good games if you liked the old Shining Force style of turn based strategy. Wish multiplayer was real time instead of planning your attack ahead of time then letting the AI hash it out.

    Still, great game, I recommend the first episode. The second episode is okay, but really short and was almost the same price.

  60. So NO, did you download Opera Mini from the link I posted or did you already have it?

    I was sure I posted first on the test unshow thread, but it’s not there…wonder if my memory is playing tricks on me.

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