Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #143: Flash in the Pan, Part 4. Mongopalooza Part 3

143 is 1 episode, part 4 and part 3. Whoa.

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #143: Flash in the Pan, Part 4. Mongopalooza Part 3

Final Flash in the Pan

Amazing comment count. In one day approximately 800 comments were made. Total over 1,400 comments

Look at comments of episode 142 and call in favourite from the “Deadpan is” meme

Special Guest Tee Morris (http://teemorris.com/) on Flash Gordon continued. Conversation follows more than Flash Gordon

Greasy Nipples by
The Energizer Bunny
Johnny Null

Tee Morris Continued

RapidEye talks Flash Gordon

Tee Morris Continued

Greasy Nipples by
Lejon (From Chandler)
Ed From Texas
Justa J0e

Tee Morris Continued

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Closing music: “Nobody Home” Pink Floyd cover.

835 thoughts on “Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #143: Flash in the Pan, Part 4. Mongopalooza Part 3

  1. I just scared tears out of my self.

    A bug flew in front of my face and I swiped my hand at it, thinking to be a fly.

    I missed. And realized it was a giant wasp of some sort that flew up and up until I couldn’t see it anymore.

    I’m going to go hide now. Crap.

  2. Got my copy of book twelve of the Wheel of Time yesterday. I’ve vowed to myself that I won’t reread the series until it’s finished. Though, I think I’m going to have to at least reread the last few chapters of the last book. It’s been so many years since the last one came out, that only a few things remain in my mind about it.

    It has definitely been an up and down journey with Jordan, may he rest in peace. The first four books or so were some seriously compelling dramatic fantasy. Books five through nine became more and more bogged down. As my fuzzy memory recalls, book ten started to get things back in gear.

    Jordan’s biggest problem, IMHO, was that, he’s developed so many subplots and small parties of characters scattered across the land that it is difficult to keep up with people. You can literally go a hundred pages with out seeing a return to the main character and some of the others can’t even manage to get an update at all in a 700+ page book. It has also definitely hurt the flow. The first books would cover several weeks to months of adventuring. The later ones have sometimes barely manage to move the timeline forward a few days because they’ve had to bounce all over the planet to check in with everyone.

    Few people of note ever get killed. Yet, Jordan continues to introduce more and more secondary characters (though I think he’s finally managed to stop that one). Theoretically, this book twelve was supposed to conclude the series. But, when the chosen successor got into all the notes, he realized (quite correctly in my opinion) that it was going to take him three books to bring the story to a close. It’s hard to imagine that writing a 700+ page ending to a series would make it a rushed ending, but in this case, it most certainly would.

    After following the series for well over sixteen year myself, I’ve become invested in it enough that I want to see what happens to these characters. Mr. Sanderson probably faces a task at least as daunting Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert did in trying to bring a close to the Dune saga. I hope Sanderson can do a better job.

  3. I agree with you, Ed, on Jordan, as I do on most media stuff it seems. My concern with Sanderson is his own activism as (from my opinion) a religious kook. How will that effect the story?

    I love the series. Love, love, love it. I’ve read it twice, and will likely reread it when all the books are out.

    Eeeek! I’m nervous to read the new book! I really don’t know how I missed its release.

  4. True, but I think the game was getting a bit old by the end of the day. I can’t imagine what a week would be like, but I’d expect we’d get pretty bored and start some other meme.

  5. So wait, I’m pretty sure Robert Jordan wrote the Wheel of Time books. So he died? And someone else has been writing them since? Huh.

    Sounds like I would need to write flash-cards to keep track of the characters. As I’ve mentioned, I’m terrible with names. And this applies to characters in a book as well as bags-of-mostly-water. I’m sure I miss both some subtleties and some glaring errors this way.

    Nomad Scry: I too find the Dragon Reborn knowledge anti-climactic. But perhaps he figured, “Well, how the hell would I hide THIS?”.

  6. Good morning.

    Coffee brewing and itunes downloading.

    Comments were fun.

    Today is picture day for Sarah and costume and pumpkin carving day for Fletcher.

    I’d better wake them up.

    I love deadpan.

  7. By the way, I wouldn’t have gotten the Jonathan Coulton reference if he hadn’t been the spotlight artist on Wander Radio back in July. Thanks, WNDRWolf!

    Off to a skills test for another library position.

  8. Weird. Well, once it is released you’ll know I was listening to Jack’s song at the end and added the appropriate comment to that part of the song.

  9. Essbee, don’t feel bad. I think it was just released on Tuesday. I think I’m on a mailing list for TOR and they’ve been dropping bits about it for a while.

    I must confess, I’m not a hard core follower of Jordan and I know pretty much nothing about the new guy who is finishing the series, other than he was pretty much hand picked by Jordan’s wife. Rand has pretty much been set up as a messianic figure in a world that unambiguously has powers of light and dark operating in it. So, maybe a religious kook is the right man for the job, in this case 🙂

    Back in the 90’s, I did follow the jordan discussion group back when Usenet newsgroups were king. I remember making a comment that it was hard to keep up with things because there were so many characters and Jordan kept adding more with each new book. I was admonished by one of the faithful that I need to keep a better notebook with me while I read. I’ll never forget that one 🙂

  10. Back when we pulled of the mother of all weeks of comments, we went through many many memes (did meme even exist as a term then? I don’t remember that word coming into vogue until fairly recently) as well as a number of alphabet games and challenges.

    I’ll have to leave it to the crack Deadpan research team (i.e. TEB) to figure out which show we did that for, but I’m pretty sure we broke 2400 comments that time.

    Still, 1400+ is a mighty fine showing, especially since The Smarty Hotties and Alvie can’t play like they used to.

  11. Ed: As I recall it was back when WI3D was trying to compete with us for comments. It was a good 2 years ago. I can try and figure out the date.

    As for term meme, it has been around for quite a while.

  12. I’m sure memetics as a concept is plenty old, but in terms of internet usage I know LiveJournal used to track top memes back before it got too large, maybe 2002/2003-ish?

  13. Sooooo …
    Does anyone (CJ ? TEB?) have a “flicker” type account that they would be willing to volunteer to post Deadpan Halloween photos? I so infrequently use mine that I can never remember the password and it’s becomes an ordeal to use 🙁

    If we had a volunteer though, we could e-mail you photos of our pumpkins/costumes etc and they could all be posted in one joyous place! I thought of the Deadpan facebook page … but then those of us who are “no account” couldn’t see them.

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  14. Ed: There was a problem with th board some time ago. numbers prior to February 08 were messed up or lost (an example is the Repo Pan episode on Jan 08 shows ther were only 25 comments)

  15. Between feb 08 and now, the month with the most posts was April 09 with 3,504. The week was episode 124 in April 09 with 1,140 comments

  16. Yeh for the Bunny!

    I shall take a picture of my rapidly rotting pumpkins (not a euphemism) a little later and send them.
    Right now, I am off to do a few hours of charity work (ALSO not a euphemism).

  17. I thought we hit 2600-something in the summer of ’07? I think everyone had more time and freedom to play on a daily basis.
    We also had more comments at the time from Alvie & Addie (life), The Smarty Hotties (life), Rhett (work web clampdown), EssBee (work web clampdown), JohnBoze (life), Kris and Thomas (drama – – not theirs), Leann (cough), Dubshack (?), Jeremy (rugby?), Trucker Overdrive (?), etc.

    I enjoy the conversation here. Big numbers are fun, but it’s more about the good times and the connections, ya know? Like yesterday. And it’s great that we have a bunch of new, cool folks in the fray, adding to the fun and good conversations.

  18. DJ Bunny: Oh yeah. There’s so much crap out there now, I keep forgetting stuff. Or perhaps my old age is finally bringing about senility.

    Jack: Amen.

  19. So back from seeing CIRQUE DU FREAK: THE VAMPIRE’S ASSISTANT (you can tell I copied that from a website can’t you?)

    Fun vamp movie, I haven’t read the books, so no baggage to effect my view of the film.

  20. Van, depends what time Jack decides to be putting up shows. Once my schedule is in effect, I’ll be working 3:30pm to midnight.. so chances are, firsties will happen before I get home to my computer.

  21. Ok, Windows 7, installed fine, boots faster, and makes me hanker after that 4gig ram upgrade.

    No I won’t start sighing with nostalgia when computers came with 48K of RAM.

  22. ditto, your comment is freed from its unfair detainment.

    The Australian Pink Floyd Show did “Nobody Home” beautifully live, with the singer in a chair before a TV set onstage. And yes, I was tickled that the “surprise, surprise, surprise” soundbyte was perfectly in place.

  23. I think the wordpress FTbot doesn’t like to release comments with repetitive words because I had one yesterday where I said cheeburger and pepsi repetitive times and it captured that one too…

  24. JB: I don’t think he created the concept, he only gave it the name “meme”. The idea had been around for a while before that. I can be wrong, however.

  25. I’m usually our house maid.

    ditto: I agree largely. It can be good for a laugh, but it doesn’t paint us in a good light. At least if a theist complains, we can point to all their pedophiles.

  26. We’re going to a Halloween party this year. I can’t wait. I can’t tell you the last time I did anything fun for Halloween. And it’s a close second to Xmas as my favorite holiday.

  27. JN: I agree. My major complaint with the uber-athiests is that they present themselves as the sole group of truly rational and logical people. Some of them actually believe it as well.

  28. Re – extreme Atheists.

    Ed and I attended a discussion led by George Hrab at Dragon Con a few years back.
    The thing that struck me the most, was that the really vehement Atheists were acting/talking just like the theist they despised except from a point of view on the other side of the mirror.

    I have several other interesting (?) observations from that function but they should best be shared in another forum … or even over beers somewhere. 🙂

  29. Impressive pumpkins indeed, Rhett!

    I’ve found that some atheists can be as closed-minded as religious fundies. I sleep well in the certainty that someday Lord Cthulhu will devour them all.

  30. I think winter’s co


    ming. I feel kind of sluggish, sleepy, and… Hmm there was another symptom, but I can’t remember just now…

  31. reaper: Yes, winter is definitely upon us. This morning was the first time this winter we’ve had to turn on the heater in our house.

    Cj: WOOHOO! Congratulations on your employment! 🙂

    Oooh! If we’re sharing Halloween photos, I’ll be sure to have my dad take one of me in my costume. 🙂

    Off to choir practice.

  32. My costume is all boots and cleavage. Nobody should take pictures of that.

    Well, unless Halloween is supposed to be scary!…


    I’m just teasing… ya know .. since I’m usually oh so serious here.

  33. And thank you thank you a million times, all of you.. for putting up with my daily “woe is me” crap.

    Things are, will be, continuing on as… better.

    I am a happy girl like 97.55542% of the time.

  34. I missed a chunk of the movie due to something weird happening online. I won’t go into details here. Maybe privately someday..

    Now Dan and I are watching the movie Helvetica.

    About the font.

  35. Waiter: Sir?
    Lt. Frank Drebin: Gimme the strongest thing you got.
    [Waiter brings over a greased-up muscle man. Drebin flounders]
    Lt. Frank Drebin: Uh… on second thought, how about a black Russian?
    Waiter: Very well sir.
    [raises eyebrow, looks at camera, shakes head and walks off]

  36. Could someone please explain to me what exactly that Bootsy Collins image is supposed to be telling me? ‘Cuz all I’m getting is “ugh.”

    It is just so busy that I can’t really pick out what the message is.

  37. If you have an iPhone/iPod Touch, do a search on the app store (on the actual device) for Ezone.com – the game Scarecrow is free for today.

  38. Wee doggie – watching the news this morning. Parts of the area to the north of me got 8″+ of rain yesterday and are looking at more today.

    But, enough of that. It’s Friday. You will be happy, dammit!

  39. Morning pan, still listening to Anon Time in hopes it got better. I’m on 8 of 10 and it still sucks. there is a lot of talking but nothing happening. I only have 2 hours left so i’ll finish it because i have lots and lots of leaves to rake…

  40. Johnny Null, I like traditions/customs like that. From the day after turkey day till Christmas I listen to Trans-Siberian Orchestra and other Christmas music like it.

  41. Good morning, DP!

    Ed, we got 11 inches of snow, but 8 inches of rain?! My gosh!!

    Also, Ed, I agree with you about Sanderson. Very funny . . . And, the guy who told you to get a notebook was probably my brother-out-law. He’s crazy for the WOT.

    I am ready for a Friday. What a week, what a week.

    Cleavage and boots. *swooooooon*

  42. Yea Bunny !!!

    Sorry about the multiple copies. Sometimes the interpipes get tangled and give me false feedback. 🙁

    Now that I know it works though. I shall send some other pictures of the freeze ray!

  43. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Bootsy Collins.

    I think I’ve said it before here, but I actually like Krull quite a bit. There are very few decent sword-and-sorcery movies out there. Sure, it’s got some cheese, but what doesn’t?

  44. done with my cable punching and I just realized I don’t mind it as much as I used to because cable:
    doesn’t lie when you find the real issue
    doesn’t need to be told the same thing over and over and over
    doesn’t reply to tell us what we told you is happening is happening
    doesn’t attach 1/2 the company on every email no matter how trivial
    doesn’t spill soda on it’s laptop & yell at me when the keyboard not working
    doesn’t call when a print doesn’t start in 3 seconds after it is sent
    doesn’t forward me an email about a delayed email message asking if it need to resend the message when the message tells you not to

    I’m sure i’m missing something…

    Maybe i should stop punching the cable and doing something nicer to it

  45. Those are swell!

    I need an app that quickly shrinks high quality, camera pics down to an internet friendly size. I have photoshop but once you open that up there are just too many options. I need a one button solution.

  46. I thought the beer was called “Milwaukee’s Piss”

    And what about zombie Daleks? Think about it! Wait, they’d pretty much be the same. . . .

  47. CP anonTime 10 last epp.
    I’m no longer inundated with things to read and people to talk to so i’m going back to the book.
    I Like Symphony’s when reading. no words to distract me.

  48. What would you call the funny bone area equivalent on your knee?
    I just hit it and it hurt. I’m just not sure what to cures at other than my file cabinet.

  49. Bunny, E-mail about restoring a database, error messages about update the SAPGUI, emails about a a printer card in our other plant that is most likely smashed (I don’t like external network cards on printers). nothing fun… till now since i’m reading the nipples

  50. Wow. Kull got a 4.4 out of 10. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of it. Sounds like it may be mindless fun. Consider it queue-ified.

  51. <DRIVE BY>

    We made it to World Fantasy, and we’ve hobnobbed with some Authors.

    Don’t feel envious, it’s mostly people we know.

    OK, it’s mostly people Michelle knows, but one of them gave me a friendship bracelet (seriously).

    I’ll drop in again later

    </DRIVE BY>

  52. First jump into reaper’s leaf pile! I called it!

    Glad to see a drive-by from Lejon and Michelle at WFC. Kinda wishing I was there.

    I pretty much feel that way about a couple of recent years, Bunny. If you go back to bed now, you’ll wake up and it will be Halloween.


  53. I think I saw 15-20 minutes of Beastmaster. The only thing I can recall is it was basically an excuse to put out a homo-erotic fantasy film. Reverse sexploitation?

  54. Took Sarah to school and all the students walked around the school in a parade! It was so cute! I’ll post pictures in a bit. I need to get some work done around here.

  55. Thanks Amy.
    I’ve been away in a basement all day. bah
    missed lunch but I did finally catch up on my Escapepod’s – including “Sleepy Joe”. It was kinda OK.

    I see that Jack has been Jonesing for Howard.

  56. <DRIVE BY>

    Have officially met Tee Morris – In – The – Flesh –

    Also have met Philippa Jane Ballentine (next to Tee, strangely)

    And, Mary Robinette Kowal

    Modesty prevents me from saying which author I’m sleeping with.

    </DRIVE BY>

  57. Re: Escape pod – I guess not enough change to make me think “Hmmm, something has changed.”
    I do miss his snappy repartee’. No, seriously.
    There are still production issues but those seem to be prevalent for like the last 6 months. If I had the time, I would volunteer to edit the shows for them. Missing edits in the stories has become (unfortunately) common place.
    It’s amazing how quickly a little gaff like that can make the feel of a piece go from “professional” to “amateur”.

  58. Got a few minutes before I start getting the leaf pile is ready for Jack to jump in and just wanted to say in regards to Escape pod:
    I think the Story choice is still very good but I miss hearing Steve. I don’t like the story bumper as much but I guess it always was about the stories. I’m not going to stop listening. The content is still just as good and the new people don’t have annoying voices.
    Just to add a little more credence to that. If I can stand the way someone talks I won’t listen IE. If Nichole Lee is on BOL or CNet weekly Tivo video I Skip it. on the other hand I’m also the guy that will listen to a bad book and finish it. so my comments with a grain of garlic salt…

  59. Ah, in the little break we’ve taken after lunch, I have caught up.

    The con has been cool (sorry, Convention – sooo not just a little fan thingy)

    Hotel is very nice – it’s the first hotel we’ve ever stayed in that supplied bathrobes – teh Swank, I must say.

    I’ll be back with more… but I’ll leave you with this:

    These came in the swag-bag


  60. Nomad Scry: I always thought IHOP was cheap, but I was told they raised their prices. Glad to know it’s still an inexpensive jaunt.

  61. I’m making pork chops for dinner and then may or may not go to a girlfriend’s house after the kids go to bed.

    I wanted to go out, but now I’m tired and just want to curl up in a woobie blanket and go sleepies…

    Am I getting old? Whut?

  62. NS: We love love love IHOP. Right now they are letting kids eat free a lot, but we are sadly not going out to eat much. “Sadly” is because I like to eat out.

    I do love to cook, but mostly when I’m making something special or cooking for guests. That’s really my favorite.

  63. My opinion on the stop-making-fun-of-fat-people story: Quit whining. Why oh why is there now yet another group that wants special protections? We’ve heard all the cries of the Puerto Ricans, the Mexicans, the Blacks, the Middle-Easterners, the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims, on and on and on. The “official figures” they site have 60% of the adult population overweight. So what’s the likelihood that someone assaulted will be overweight? Yeah. And what about someone that would assault another person regardless of reason? What about someone who’s pissed off and wants to hit someone? He could just pick an insult to shout during the attack. This is blatantly obvious. None of this bleeding-heart knee-jerk crap. A few months ago I pissed off a black guy. He began yelling at me and calling me a honky. So surely this is a race issue now! I need special protections! Of course, were the roles reversed, I could be arrested for a hate-crime. And the exchange was never race-based. It was anger. (And Fat is a Feminist Movement? Pathetic. Surely MEN don’t feel any pressure to not be obese.)

    quote: “The government and the press have created an atmosphere where people think they have a legitimate right to go up to an overweight person and tell them how to live their lives,” says Ms Coupe.

    No. No they don’t. In general it’s overall healthier to not be overweight. That is fact. No where are we encouraged to find someone heavier than ourselves and chastise them.

    The story ends geting into the border of mate-selection. Perhaps Denise Winterman thinks we should choose our partners solely based upon something that has no impact on life, like what colors we choose for our Twitter avatars. Does she think we need “I Don’t Love Fat People Enough” camps?

    I’m short and I don’t whine, fuss, and make insane demands to protect my right to be short. I don’t demand that people learn how to accept short people.

    I’ve also been overweight for most of my life. I’ve been straight-up fat for a few years. But never have I had this weak victim mentality that this stupid, stupid story presents.

  64. People are assaulted and harassed all of the time because of their backgrounds, religions, sexual preference, pocket protectors, etc. We’re gradually evolving into a more tolerant culture, but secular humans will probably always bear some degree of bigotry.

    Regardless, Lord Cthulhu will devour them all indiscriminately.

  65. On pocket protectors: Yeah, these whipper-snappers today calling themselves “geeks”. You can wave that flag thanks largely to us who got whupped quite often for trying to learn. You are reaping the benefits earned from our basement-dweller blood! Now get off my lawn!

  66. Johnny Null: AMEN! you can have my soapbox i wont need it today. Everyone wants to blame any problem they have on something they can’t control so they can’t be held responsible. own your shit!. I am the way I am because either i like the way i am or i get something out of it.
    I was fat as a kid and I decided I didn’t like it so I changed. I have made sacrifices all my life to keep from being that person again. I’m not a victim and I detest being treated like one. I’m dyslexic and can’t change that but again I’m not a victim!!!

  67. reaper: I’m glad we agree, and I’m glad you’ve taken charge in your life. Even if you live just one more year, you’ll have LIVED more than most people, it would seem.

  68. Bunny as a cupcake…I’m not going there..

    Insomnia tonight, I’m trying to take charge and will myself to sleep but it ain’t happening.

  69. What’s the matter Van? You don’t want to talk about Bunny’s delicious creamy center?

    (disclaimer: I did not actually say that. I’m not myself. I have ecstasy type delirium happening right now. In other words.. I’m a happy girl)

  70. LOL
    The Weather Channel = Fail

    TWC decided to not show the weather tonight and instead, show “The Perfect Storm”.
    So I had TWC on in the other room and happened to be passing through at the climax (hey, stay focused) of the film. Having battled increasingly insane seas, they suddenly see THE wave. They turn into it, furiously working there controls, giving it full throttle. The ship is straining as it attempts to climb this monster wave that appears hundreds of feet high. Clooney is out of his mind, screaming at the wave or maybe just screaming in terror. They are clearly vertical, traveling nearly straight up but are now within a boat-length of the crest … and then … TWC cuts to a commercial break!
    I couldn’t believe it. Three seconds away from what the last 70 minutes of the movie had been leading up to and they went to commercial!

    Maybe they should stick to the weather.

  71. He’s gotta have a catchphrase. He’s four. Get a catchphrase into the mind of a four-year-old and suddenly it’s “Saturday Night Live.”

  72. Morning. You guys have been busy!

    Re Fat article: There are laws for this already. It’s called assault. Call the police.

    Re “The Perfect Storm”: The book was so much better.

    Re making it hard: lmfao

    I’ve decided not to carve a pumpkin this year. I have to deal with fixing a problematic computer today.

    And *hugs* to EssBee.

  73. BTW: HUGE props to CJ for the “Existential Blues” link!
    I hadn’t heard that in years. Always a favorite of mine, I had that on a cassette tape (cassette – look it up in wikipedia you kids!) that I made from a Dr. Demento show waaaay over a decade ago and the tape finally gave up.

  74. JohnBoze: the first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one…
    oh wait you said geek… never minded… move along nothing to see here

  75. I know I should call my parents and see if they are ready to start moving because the sooner I start the sooner I finish. but its cold and windy… and my back is sore from all that raking yesterday. yes i’m whining (and killing time:) )

  76. Ditto – how is Night Castle? I have it just haven’t had time to rip it.
    Their Christmas makes me happy! and everyone who stops by my cube.

  77. reaper: I’m really enjoying it. It is not a Christmas CD; it is more like “Beethoven’s Last Night”.

    This year will be the first year we haven’t gone to their Christmas concert. We’ve been going ever since they started touring. “Night Castle” is 2 CDs! I think they feel guilty for teasing us all these years with new material at the concert but not releasing a CD.

  78. CD: browsing the comics at Forbidden Planet.

    That Do Androids comic that ditto posted the link to wayyyy back (or was it jj?) looks very cool. If it comes out in one volume I’m getting it.

  79. “To dream the in-POSS-ible dream…”

    The publishing company for “Man of LaMancha” made him remove it. My copy from the Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary CD is sans LaMancha…

  80. Speaking of ditto –
    RE:”I’m thinking of cooking something asian tonight, but haven’t decided what.”

    Why not wait and see what comes to the door? MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    /evil laugh mode

  81. Oh yeah, I DO remember that! I can recall thinking that when he did that he sounded a little bit like Steve Martin. The same for when he said “Little People. Little People all around me.”

  82. hehe.. I love your costume! Nicely done. I’m about to go make sure mine still fits after eating all those blue cookies.

    Just kidding.. I haven’t eaten any!

  83. Bunny, I don’t think I have your email, do I?

    Drop me a quick message at (the name of my serial) at gmail k?

    I will reply with cute kid pics.

  84. Jack, had I been drinking anything when I came across your Perry comment, it would have exited my mouth and nose with such velocity from the intense burst of laughter, that my computer monitor would now be a shredded piece of wreckage.

  85. Rhettro: Yes, that’s right. Tonight, I’m Dr. Cameron. 🙂 I’m not going trick-or-treating, of course; however, I have been giving out candy, and I am going out to our town’s weekly country music show in costume in a little while. I also went to our Nanowrimo Kickoff Party in costume earlier today.

    Ed: Thanks! Your kids are adorable, and that’s a good picture! I absolutely love the Jedi costume. 🙂

  86. Great pictures, everyone!

    We made mummy meatloaf yesterday – when I’m back home (we’re visiting in S. Colorado) I’ll email Bunny w/ a picture.

    Happy Sunday!

  87. Amy Bowen: Cute costume. And good luck in NaNoWriMo. I don’t think I knew you were participating.

    Ed from Texas: The kids look really great!

    Rhettro: All very impressive! I can sculpt alright with clay, but the couple of times I tried to up my pumpkin game, they came out laughable. My hat’s off to you.

  88. I will be sending out pics (and they’ll be posted on Facebook, either my account or Lady J’s. Or both.) from (some) of our Halloween hijinks. Lady J took the camera to work today to show folks there, so they will be forthcoming later in the week. I hope to get pics that others took as well.

    I have a < enter witty term for large > amount of cleaning to do. Maybe give my lawn one last cut. No rest for the weary, but it will give me NaNoWriMo contemplative-time. So I’ll be popping in and out.

  89. My kids spent the night at a friend’s house. So, in order to thank her I want to bring her a batch of my famous French Toast Casserole – or Candied French Toast as my friends like to call it. I had to get up and spread the topping on and throw it in the oven. Otherwise, I’d probably still be sleeping.

  90. Cj: Unfortunately Lady J has to work today. Otherwise I’d be cocooning.

    TEB: Thanks for being the pic-hostess!

    JohnBoze: Very cute.

  91. Amy: I was wearing boots. I’d have taken more pictures, but I left my camera in my purse and then I dunno. I forgot about it.

    My boots probably would not have made my feet hurt had I not walked a mile or so (in other shoes) prior to the party. Trick-or-treating + a migraine. I just wasn’t feeling entirely great. It was nice chatting with you on the stream, Amy! 🙂

  92. Break time!

    Hubby’s going to the mall to get a new CD so I decided to take a break from spreadsheets and go with him. Maybe we’ll have lunch there at the same time.

  93. So, for the future, could we create a Deadpan flickr group? That way, everyone could upload to their own accounts and add them to the Dead(pan)pool. It could serve us down the road for Deadpan cons and other such deadpanny things.

  94. I’ve done a little looking on Flickr. Doesn’t appear to be too difficult. I’ll set one up for us and start sending invites. I figure it can be open to everyone for viewing and commenting, but members only for adding pics.

  95. Sounds good, Ed.

    Meanwhile, I am not NaNo-ing this year, but I have a 28-point broad strokes outline for book one that comes before RBT…

  96. ..and a Dirty Harry film JN.

    But I suspect in this case it meant a pool of photos from the deadpan crowd..hence deadpool.

    Maybe Cj could clarify.

  97. I don’t think my brain is working. But I finally have a pic of me from Halloween. More and a great couple shot is forthcoming. I shall attempt to send now.

  98. Cj: Ah. That makes sense. It was nice chatting with you, too! 🙂

    NS: w00t!

    Ed: Yes, we definitely need a Flickr group. We’ve got lots of pictures of Deadpan-related people and events on there already, and it would be nice if they were all in one place.

  99. Boo!

    OK, so we missed all the Halloween hijacks – er – hijinks

    We did swing by and see some interesting steam-punked people at a release party for Soulless (by some author… HEY, there was booze, how can I be expected to remember!)

    At the same time, it would seem that T-Bone had a sequel to his much beloved Existential Blues – it’s good for A listen. ONE.


  100. BRAINS – I don’t know who made them but they were a giant jell-o shot.

    “deadpool” was a play on words. Flickr has a “pool” function where you can let people upload pics to it. I think it was covered in someone else’s post.

    Speaking of brains – mine still hurt. I’ve spent the majority of today in bed with an icepack on my head. I’m really not well. Looks like I’ll be spreading sheets tonight instead.

    I REALLY want pizza right now. REALLY REALLY

  101. Those of us who were watching the Evo@11 Ustream channel last night could hear the song playing in the other room. Also, those of us who were following @tdhurst on Twitter could see the video clips he posted of the Time Warp. Good times. 🙂

  102. So, I spent this entire day thinking I had a hangover, but really, it’s something else. I have a weird fever and horrible headacheyness. I’ve been sleeping on and off all day with a big ice pack. My hubby has taken wonderful care of me. I’m so thankful.

    I’ll probably go to bed early. Looks like my EOM spreadsheets will start tomrrow.

  103. Wow, I’d never heard of movember before… I think it is best if I don’t attempt it either, I do know Darcy wouldn’t be into it…

    In other news I’ve just completed my last recording I currently owe someone else…

  104. So I have a character in my novel this year named Ryan. I’ve just discovered that EVERY DARN TIME I try to type his name, my fingers automatically type “Ryah.” (It even happened when I was typing this post!) 😆 Obviously, I’ve been working on “The Questors from Effpiem” for so long that that’s become a habit. It doesn’t help that the ‘n’ key is right below the ‘h’ key, either…

  105. Ed: I sent a request to join the DB Flickr group

    Amy: That problem with my name is common. I’m willing to bet at least half my mail comes to “Ryan”. Another problem is some people, when they see my name printed or written, assume the h is actually an n with an extra long tail. Because Mrs. Ryan makes more sense than Mrs. Ryah :mrgreen:

  106. (Nice. Idiocracy, here we come.)

    “The Nielsen Co. says in a study released Monday that children ages 2 to 5 watch more than 32 hours of television each week.
    The findings alarmed children’s health advocates, who warned that increased television watching is linked to delayed language skills and obesity.
    A 2007 study by researchers at the University of Washington found that babies who watched videos geared to them learned fewer vocabulary words than infants who never watched the videos.
    When kids are plunked in front of a screen, they’re also missing out on opportunities to learn from their parents and develop imaginative play, experts said.
    “Once you start hooking babies on media, it’s harder to limit it,” she said. “If we start children early in life on a steady diet of screen time and electronic toys, they don’t develop the resources to generate their own amusement, so they become dependent on screens.”

  107. … and I just saw this bombshell –

    (snip) … the news that the Walt Disney Company, which owns the Baby Einstein brand, is offering refunds. The unusual move is for the millions of American parents who bought Baby Einstein DVDs that did not make children into geniuses.


    Seems that the research that said this sort of “hothousing” you child (planting him/her in front of a TV to grow the brain) was more marketing then research. The actual research was done by the millions of parents who bought these videos and the data shows … not so much with the smarter and in fact maybe the opposite.
    Next week – Asbestos. Miracle substance or deadly carcinogen? Will let the public find out for us! (oops. we already did that one)

  108. Justa J0e, you mean to say there isn’t an easy answer. I can’t just not interact with my kids and let the smart happen? carp there goes my whole plan

  109. Seriously? Refunds?

    Because the American public are too stupid to realize that watching TV won’t turn your baby into a genius – but… oh damn! That never occurred to me.

    I’m the proiud owner of pretty much every Baby Einstein DVD, but I can’t get a refund because *cough* mine were from Netflix originally – if you know what I mean!

  110. I would think the point of a learning DVD was to interact with your children while watch it with them. info with out context is useless.

  111. Those Baby Einstein videos were soothing, full of compelling imagery, colors, words – – used properly, I don’t see how they could be detrimental.

    I suspect there’s something ugly going on behind the scenes between Disney and the Baby Einstein lady, and this is their way of blackballing her.

  112. I agree with Jack – on all counts.

    My favorite is the Baby Galileo video. That one puts me right to sleep. It’s so pretty and relaxing and ya know.. kinda sci-fi.

    I should pop it in next time I’m having insomnia.

  113. Bunny, when I first started reading that I though your birthday was today but it was a significant number for some reason.
    getting distracted in the middle of comments is a pain and some times funny

  114. There are stickers all over the box “TIME SENSITIVE. Do not Sell untIl Tuseday November 2009 – SEVERE PENALTIES FOR STREET DATE VIOLATION”

    So, according to Wolf, I’ll be penalized if I try to install it a day early? Actually I never thought of it, but it might not let me register until tomorrow.

  115. While I do get a few games from Steam and therefor don’t get a manual, there is something to be said for having an actual book to read. And I’m the type to actually read the game manuals from cover to cover. Sometimes you get cool back story.

  116. Bunny I would not worry about it – It’s not your fault they delivered it.

    So go ahead and install it.
    The site has already been notified through iTunes and UPS… If there is a chance they are going to go after you – they already have it.

  117. I’m not too worried Wolf. The special edition came with a DVD with lots of extras on it (making of, concept art, videos, etc). I imagine hubby and I will look at that tonight, and since I’m (supposed to be) working I can’t install it now anyway because I won’t be able to give it the attention it needs or I want to.

  118. No, what hubby told me is he can get my messages, but he can’t reply. This is what he gets when he tries to reply to me now:

    “Your message wasn’t delivered because of security policies. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator.”

    Works out to the same though, Jack. Parents still don’t know if they get a reply.

  119. I have 3 people in my life who share tomorrow as their birthday! One of them in my son. He’s turning 4! Whoo hoo!

    Tomorrow is also a very special day for me – I’m not divulging why just yet – but I will say that it’s a very good thing!

  120. I could srsly go for some Red Vines right now.

    Why the heck do people think that it’s acceptable to put little mini-packs of Twizzlers in my kids’ treat bags? I mean… that’s not what *I* want.. I want Real Red Vines.

    Twizzlers are NOT THE SAME

    waxy strawberry Red Vine Wannabes. That’s what Twizzlers are.

  121. I’m done with the big spreadsheet. Can I get a round of applause?

    I’m going to run to the store now and decompress before starting on my last set of 3 little bitty spreadsheets.

    Sorry for the f-bomb outburst but really.. you’d say the same thing if your kitchen was covered in canola oil spray.

  122. Twossibly . . .

    I get like 1 or 2 new followers a week.

    I’m not twomplaining. A guys gotta do what a guy’s gotta do. I just wonder what makes a person say, huh, last post November 2008? I’d like to follow her!!

    Okay, time to go twead. I’m starting my next Dresden book — w00t!!

  123. I don’t recall where I ran into Succu Dry. If it was deadlink, well, it deserves a reposting. Especially in light of the following comments after the post:

    Todd – October 23rd, 2009 at 6:42 pm GMT+5

    The need to make a mount for the bottom of your laptop.

    Dave Freeman – October 23rd, 2009 at 8:00 pm GMT+5

    only if it’s a mac. then they can add a black turtleneck and the fanboi’s wil be REALLY happy.

    Facebook User – October 24th, 2009 at 12:22 am GMT+5


  124. Cj: Back when he was really little, Rom took a dozen eggs and decorated the kitchen.

    I still think I am very lucky because I never even saw the mess before Jade had it cleaned up. And that was years ago. LOL

  125. Morning Pan, from the latest Ansible, a clue to James Cameron’s inspiration:


    James Cameron’s sf film Avatar seems strangely reminiscent of a Poul Anderson classic from Astounding, April 1957: ‘Like Avatar, Call Me Joe centers on a paraplegic — Ed Anglesey — who telepathically connects with an artificially created life form in order to explore a harsh planet (in this case, Jupiter). Anglesey, like Avatar’s Jake Sully, revels in the freedom and strength of his artificial created body, battles predators on the surface of Jupiter, and gradually goes native as he spends more time connected to his artificial body.’ (Lauren Davis, io9.com)

  126. I think last night’s Castle was the first disappointment of the show for me. As usual, the character banter was excellent and carried things, but I thought the story became bogged down in the convolutions with so many legitimate suspects.

    But, with all the hype that they’ve been putting into it, V had better not suck tonight.

  127. Morning Pan, Taking a 1/2 day (Yay) to do yard work (Boo). I would have done it over the weekend but I was helping my parents (Yay) move to the UP of MI (Boo) 4 hours away (Boo)

  128. ITouch/phone people – is there a way to type notes up on my laptop and then have those available on my iTouch?
    Yes, the iTouch has a notepad app but it doesn’t seem to have a counterpart (at least not synched) on my desktop. :/

  129. morning Pan!

    I see reaper’s life is full you ups and downs or yey’s and boos.

    Cj, yuck! and *hugs* for your mess.

    Now for breakfast and then to take my car in for its regular servicing and to have winter tires put on.

  130. TEB, sounds like your having as much fun as i am today. I’m glad roads in WI are good enough we don’t need to change tires for the season. well provided you don’t spend a mint performance tires, but in that case i guess you can afford winter tires.

  131. reaper, we don’t need winter tires at the moment, it’s supposed to get to 14 C today, so it actually feels a little weird putting them on today, but since the car is going in anyway…

    Calgary has a very strange road clearing policy. It will, occasionally, clear the main roads but won’t clear any of the side roads at all. It tends to rely on Chinooks to melt the snow. There are many days that I would not be able to get out of my neighbourhood at all if I didn’t have snow tires.

    Ok, I’m off. Back in half an hour or so

  132. JOe, yes, we’re enjoying Mad Men this season. What a breakthrough last week, huh? How long did she sit in the car, anyway? Doormat much?

    Today might be a day of boos at Evil, Inc. I have major issues in Providence, RI to deal with today. Big UGH. I really hope I don’t have to go there. Although, I could go for a fresh lobster . . .

    Don’t forget to vote, US Deadpanites! Especially you folks in WA and ME (if there are any besides Jeremy). Lots of important human rights issues out there this round.

  133. I have my snow tires on already. When my garden freezes, I have my tires changed out. On Mother’s Day, I change them out again.

    Bunny, I say “yes” to the Halloween pics!