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  1. So on that long trip to Kansas in 2017, Lo Pan alerted me to the existence of the WTF podcast.

    In the latest episode, Tim Blake Nelson was getting interviewed and he name drops Mark Wing Davey…the original Zaphod Beeblebrox!!

    I’m feeling the warm glow of nerdism or I may have just peed myself..

  2. Yay, I get to get in on the ground floor of one of these for once! 🙂

    FYI, I’m participating in the Dog Days of Advent challenge. There’s a “Podcast Feeds” page at ameliabowen.com to subscribe to just me, or, I’m included in the master feed at dogdaysofpodcasting DOT com if you want to hear everybody.

  3. I walked into the break room, one of the TVs was tuned to ESPN, where the headline was “10 HS Football Players Suspended for Running onto Field Nude with Oreos in their Butts.”

    Completely changed my coffee experience.

  4. For the next 10 hours, Udemy are having a sale on their classes. Most of them are $199, but these are $10 on sale today. They have everything from web development to learning an instrument to making spitlballs in their course catalog (doublecheck on that last one). I’ve heard positive feedback. I signed up for one on Selenium through the dayjob today.


    • Udemy is new2me.
      Soooo many interesting courses!
      How does this work? (the web page seems to be short on explanation)

      How long do you have to take the course after you purchase? I can’t possibly study everything I am interested in, anytime soon. 🙁

      • You may have missed the big sale – – but they have them pretty frequently.

        I’ve never done a Udemy course, but I’ll be taking one next month. It won’t be anything fun, like Wire Kung Fu or Irish Riverdancing, but I can give some feedback then.

      • JustaJoe,

        You have the course available to you indefinitely after you purchase. I have a couple sitting on my account I’ve been meaning to finish.

  5. RE: a strange phenomenon on the Deadpan Facebook page:

    Tiffany posted a link, but only 2 people saw it. Anybody understand the algorithm? It was a fun image about ballsacks!

      • Ah, the “Privatize Everything” crowd. They’re back at work on the USPS again too.

        My best guess: the idea trickles down from mechaneurozillionaires who want every human activity to be exploitable for more massive profits to add to their zillions.

        • Without doubt that is the driving force. Unfortunately they enlist lots of misguided people that think they can reason about unfamiliar things using “common sense”. Common sense is a crappy reasoning tool for almost all situations.

  6. So.. my daughter saw Space Jam and is now overly obsessed with Marvin the Martian. Makes Christmas shopping easy for at least one of my kids.

    Why are teenage boys so difficult to shop for? *sigh*

    • I had a cat named Marvin the Martian. He was the most awesome cat ever!

      He played fetch with his little furry fluff ball toy. He would leap into the air and catch it, then bring it to you and sit and wait for you to toss it in the air again. He was a tuxedo cat and he was an amazing pet.

      Unfortunately, he got diabetes at the age of 3 and died within six months. It was devastating.

      Okay.. enough of that blubbery nonsense. The point is, Marvin the Martian is one cool dude.

    • Maybe. This question led me to the following train of thought: “Who am I supporting on Patreon? Let me go see. … Patreon still has my old CC number. Whoops! Fixed now.”

      Anyway. I am already paying for access to bonus episodes of a couple of podcasts via Patreon.

    • That is an interesting philosophical question for me.
      Probably not. I definitely am trying to eliminate any more “monthly payments” from my life.
      Caveat – if it was a spectacularly good podcast that had someone or some info that I couldn’t hear anywhere else … maybe.

      ON THE OTHER HAND – I do a yearly donation to Escape Artists because I regularly consume and enjoy their episodes.
      I also throw some coin at DeadAir.net because I listen the heck out of them every October.
      Some would say these count as a subscription … but I had to listen for free for quite some time before I decided that I REALLY valued what they were providing enough to pitch in.

  7. I think the comment filter ate my first attempt at this comment. Let me rephrase: Your comment made me go and actually check my Patreon user account for the first time in quite a while. I am using it to pay for bonus episodes of a couple of podcasts created by people I care about.

  8. Your post made me go check Patreon for the first time in a while. I did use it to sign up to support a couple of creators I care about, which gets me access to bonus episodes of their podcasts.

    (Jack/Tony, please disregard my first two attempts at this comment. I had ‘Amelia Bowen’ autofilled in the ‘Name’ field, forgetting that I only ever use ‘Amy Bowen’ on here, and the comment filter ate them.)

  9. Morning Pan
    Amazon says my sis recipient will get their gift on Saturday.
    I don’t get Saturday mail service. I don’t even get door to door service.

  10. If I go by my community facebook page, I think the world ended when the power went out. Not sure if life was revived when it came back on an hour later.

  11. Mine is still pending shipping. Get out of the warehouse! It’s right there on the shelf, next to those other things. Put it in a box and ship it!

  12. Thank you, Santa From Texas for the super fun Princess Bride Playing Cards and collector’s coin!

    I love playing cards & have a few different fun decks!

    • I finally found those and knew I’d struck something. You’re actually lucky that they shipped directly without getting “lost” at my house 🙂

  13. Stupid postal labour dispute. I ordered something on Monday with two day expedited shipping. I wanted it for a Christmas exchange on Saturday. It’s still not here so we had to scramble Saturday morning and find something locally.

    (Yeah I know, first world problems. Right to strike. etc. but it’s all about ME, you know)

  14. Dear DP SS recipient,

    I know you don’t know that you’re you, but I couldn’t directly ship the gift to you. I have to be my own middleman and therefore I’m not even revieng it til the end of this week and therefore LATENESS ABOUNDS!!!!!

    Me. Lo Pan. Apologize

  15. Oh my.
    The “special report” I just got from Wired Magazine, on this past few day’s court filings, seem to indicate that things are going to be going down for realz.

    “The investigation is now entering the worst-case scenario: Russia intelligence definitely targeted and penetrated the Trump campaign. In fact, contacts between Trump associates and Russia began earlier, and were more extensive, than we have long believed.”


    Trump could best be described as “unhinged” when he thought all was going well. Now? Best fasten your seat belts.

    • The real question, though: no matter how egregious his crimes are proven to be, will he face any real consequences? It was reported last month that he’d committed tax fraud amounting to millions, and that news was met with a shrug.

  16. Sitting I. A restaurant after seeing Mortal Engines at the cinema.

    It was a pleasant surprise, heavily influenced by Star Wars/ Dam Busters

  17. I admit I squeed when I found out that Liz Fair is playing a small show here next year. Problem is, which part of her career will show up? I’m hoping it’ll be very Exile in Guyville friendly as it was just reissued.

  18. Watching a “Frontline” about Facebook.
    Becoming more convinced that the strange ad Pixie got WAS due to that one sentence she had in a FB post she had made some weeks before.

  19. In less cranky news, it was nice to get a shoutout from Mottow Soundz on their FB page for my MetalAsylum.net review of My Diligence.

    “High praise for the My Diligence upcoming release Sun Rose. Journalists who can listen, analyse and write are going the way of the Dodo bird, which makes this review even more enjoyable. Thank you MetalAsylum.net”

    • “The data also found films that passed the Bechdel test, meaning two women characters had a conversation about something other than a man”

      Wow, what a concept. Most entertainment that really tries to break the mold seems to be on the small screen these days.

      • Interesting that the latest Star Wars films – – along the highest-grossing of all-time – – didn’t count, because the geezers were billed above Daisy Ridley.

        This is encouraging. I still believe that social progress is slowly erasing the small-minded types. That’s just not the news that sells.

  20. Speaking of intrigued …
    My progeny are all home for the Holiday and they, being “hip” and “tuned in” and what ever – they had me watch “Stranger Sings” with them.

    It is the backing track that would go with episode 1 of Stranger Things … if Stranger Things were actually a musical. You turn the TV audio off – then go to Netflix and start the show at the same time you start the youtube track.

    Some very funny moments but impressive for the sheer amount of work that had to have gone into it. Has a MST3K feel to it.

  21. News is saying semi trucks are toppling over from the wind.
    The amusing piece is how it’s even too windy for the wind turbines and they had to be shut down. Who knew?

  22. Had a huge scare yesterday. Tried playing the iPod in the car, but it kept crapping out. I looked at it, and the battery was on the brink of death. But I’d just charged it the night before! :O

    I charged it again last night, and it worked OK this morning – – but I’m still nervous. Thoughts and prayers accepted at this time.

  23. This week I’ve watched some episodes of two new sci-fi tv series, Nightflyers and Origin.

    The first episode of NF I found very offputting, Origin is better even though it’s trying to be ‘Lost’ set in Space.

  24. So Into the Spiderverse sounds goddamn amazing. And at 97% fresh after a whopping 232 reviews it’s most def one of the best reviewed films of the year. Think I’ll give this one my cash over Aquaman

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