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  1. Pika, Pika, Pikachuuuuuuu!


    Detective Pikachu was funny, sweet, and full of pokemon! Everyone should have a pokemon buddy!!! Wht a cute movie. Ryan Reynolds can do no wrong. (Although, I never saw Green Latern)

  2. I’ve always disliked golf games since the Leaderboard days.

    So you can knock me over with a feather now I discovered Golf Blitz (available on iOS and Android). Arcade Multiplayer 2D golf game, give it a go!

  3. And, no school for the kids today. Most area school districts have canceled classes due to the heavy rain and flooding going on. Thankfully, we’re still high and dry.

    • :muah:

      What a lovely day it was today, thanks to my favorite man – Mr. Jack Mangan! And to my spunky little fast walker and fast talker – Holly!

  4. I know, as husband and wife, we are suppose to share everything, but I would have been happier if hubby didn’t share his cold with me

  5. Halls have little motivational saying on their lozenges. Personally, the last thing I want to see when I have a cold is “you can do it and you know it”
    *channeling my inner Van*

  6. As our jaws drop every time a record is broken please never forget the true all time list…as ajusted for inflation
    1 Gone with the Wind $1,822,598,200
    2 Star Wars $1,604,857,600
    3 The Sound of Music $1,283,791,309
    4 E.T.: The Extra-terrestrial $1,278,107,600
    5 Titanic $1,221,303,800
    6 The Ten Commandments $1,180,310,000
    7 Jaws $1,153,990,200
    8 Doctor Zhivago $1,118,460,500
    9 The Exorcist $996,498,500
    10 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Dis. $982,090,000
    11 Star Wars: The Force Awakens $974,117,00

    • That is almost exactly my feelings. I have no problems with Dani turning evil, but considering how long GOT spent on other minor character’s (I’m looking at you King Robert), it is a bit jarring to go full storm of Death, after only so recently defending Winterfell. Pacing and a bit of sloppiness are a bit disappointing for these last few seasons, but the cinematography has been epic. Plus there have been a handful of scenes that are among my favorites of the series. I still find it entertaining.

    • While the compressed schedule these last two seasons has made things feel more rushed, and the long break from season 7 dulled a lot of memories, I’ve seen a number of takes on this episode that callout that Daenary’s instincts have always been toward destruction and it has taken the combined efforts of her advisers over the years to resist them.

      Now, with all of them dead, traitorous, or stupid (looking at you know nothing, Jon Snow) she’s been unleashed to be what she has always been trying to become.

      Though, as a general continuity problem, I would be want to argue that will all the traipsing back and forth along the length of the seven kingdoms, it should be many months between the Battle of Winterfell and the Burning of King’s Landing. But, if that were true, Cercei should have been a lot closer to giving birth than she appeared in this episode. The passage of time on this show has definitely been problematic for a while now.

  7. Ah man … Tim Conway.

    That man brought my family and I so much joy when I was growing up. My father didn’t watch much TV but I can remember watching the Carol Burnett show with him and Tim Conway would leave my dad in tears.

    • Sad news.

      Yeah, it’s easy to forget what a huge deal he was in the 70s. I recall being starstruck by the elementary school janitor because he was Mr. Conway.

      I’m sure the Apple Dumpling Gang are in mourning today. RIP

    • One of the commenters suggested they adapt the original Knights of the Old Republic game story into a movie.

      That would be utterly fantastic. Revan and Bastilla given a proper movie adaption. for D&D, it would have the advantage of the story pretty much laid out for them to follow.

    • Knights could be cool. Wasn’t there a rumor that one of the television shows would be in that era? Don’t know.
      Much like the video game “Tron 2.0” I’ve found the Jedi Knight games and X-Wing / Tie Fighter games with characters and plot structures better than many of the movie sequels. Star Wars is such a rich world, it has a lot of avenues to be explored with characters other than the known ones.

  8. It’s a trainwreck…

    “Another especially weird angle here is that San Jose has been the beneficiary of the biggest questionable calls throughout this postseason, from a phantom major penalty call on Vegas’s Cody Eakin, to an extremely bullshit offside call on Colorado’s Gabriel Landeskog, to this. There’s no conspiracy—why on earth would there be one, and for the Sharks?—but try telling that to a team that ends up on the wrong side of the latest bad call.”


      • It’s not because only if you literally threw the puck into the goal could a hand pass be reviewable. That’s what the NHL says. Here’s a great quote from the article pertaining to the “offside” goal review that went against the Avs …

        “This is an unsatisfying explanation given that, just one week ago, the War Room in Toronto was allowed to review and overturn a goal because of something that had absolutely zero to do with the actual play. Meier’s, on the other hand, was a damned secondary assist.”

        There’s gotta be consistency

  9. So there’s a gang going through the area here systematically shoplifting clothing in size order. The police believe they are still at large.

  10. I talked to Brian Tatler of Diamond Head this morning! Super nice British guy. Did not remind me of Van this time.

    In a strange, fun unplanned turn of events, I ran a quick errand afterwards, and Metallica’s “Am I Evil?” came on my playlist.

  11. Just got through the first two episodes of Chernobyl. Superb drama, but brutally depressing to watch it all unfold from the perspective of history.

        • lol. True, I’m just waiting for Rose to let Jack fall into the core and, years later, the diamond is thrown in as well. 😉

          I’m more interested in the book, but I have to admit the series has intrigued me.

  12. RE: Chernobyl

    My Dad was taking the dog out and got caught in the rain, we later learned the fallout from Chernobyl had hit the UK that day and the rain had made the contamination worse.

  13. I have missed you beautiful people. I think I had to take a beat after losing my mom in several facets of my life. The beat ended up lasting 2.5 years in this case!

    I’m not sure how much I’ll be around, but felt compelled to drop in today! Loved reading the GoT discussion above.

    Anybody here watch The 100?

  14. ‘What Remains of Edith Finch’ was one of the ‘free’ games on PS plus this month.

    I’m not a great fan of walking simulator type games (although this does mix it up with some gameplay elements) but I found this one to be great. So good I had to play through it twice in case I missed something.

      • I assume more for the hair than the nose. qqq“““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`

        This last bit was bab’1s contributio`n““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`

  15. The niece watched the baby for us to see John Wick 3. The least of the trilogy, but still a pretty great action flick. Some fun casting choices – – and one meh one.

  16. I just bought 4 tix for two nites of Electric Six shows and spent less than I did for 1 ticket to Ghost. WTF. THIS is why I usually skip big well known shows in favor of those smaller bands and smaller venues that make me happy

    • I don’t have HBO, so if I want to watch live I go over to a friend’s house. His wife is a comically stereotypical person that yells at the screen throughout any show. She was absolutely flipping out upset at the ending. I’m surprised I even heard enough of the dialogue to know what happened. However, I am in agreement with you that I thought it was pretty solid. Looking forward to some spoileriffic discussion. Probably wait another day or two to let others catch up.

    • BTW. I don’t think there is a way to end a series like that without pissing people off. No matter how it ends, there will always be a camp that’s pissed off. How is it that people liked this show for so may years because they couldn’t predict where things were going, and they get mad at the ending because it wasn’t exactly as they predicted.

  17. Temp went up to the mid 80’s … and our HVAC system died.

    Looks like a week before anyone can give us a new unit install.

    Should hit 90°F by mid week

    Still waiting for the cost bids to come in.

  18. For having a day off, I seem to be doing an awful lot of work. Why can’t you Americans take the same time off as us? Then I wouldn’t be getting phone calls from US vendors.

    • A case of:

      That’s the guy from Vanilla Sky

      That’s actress that sleeps with a sea monster

      Ooh she’s from humans and Captain Marvel..

  19. Crap joke for the day:

    A couple, both age 78, went to the office of a sexual therapist. The doctor asked:
    – what can I do for you?
    The man said:
    – will you see us having sex?
    The doctor looked puzzled but agreed
    When the couple ended, the doctor said:
    – there’s nothing wrong with how you have sex. – and charged them 50 €.
    This happened several weeks in a row The couple was going to an appointment, had sex without problems, paid the doctor, then leave.
    One day the doctor asked:
    – exactly what are you trying to find out?
    – we’re not trying to find anything, – he answered.
    – she’s married and we can’t go to her house. I’m married and we can’t go to my house. Holiday Inn $90. The Hilton Cobra $108 . We do it here for $50 and I still get $43 back from Medicare.

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